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Introducing: Hot Money
12 min
Gadget Lab: WTF Is an NFT?
This week we talk about non-fungible token, digital art collectors, and what it's like to sell one of your tweets.
39 min
Gadget Lab: Facing Our AR Future
Even with breakthroughs like HoloLens and Pokemon Go, we are still a few years away from fulfilling AR’s biggest promises.
35 min
Gadget Lab: Gadgets on Mars
The Perseverance rover is positively packed with tech. We talk about the cameras, mics, and sensors doing science millions of miles away.
45 min
Gadget Lab: How to Get a PlayStation 5
This week, we share our horror stories about trying to procure Sony’s elusive new gaming console. We also share tips for testing your own luck.
33 min
Gadget Lab: Who Let the Doge Out
This week, we discuss crypto’s role in the future of shopping. When can we use it to buy everything from Nikes to Teslas?
34 min
Gadget Lab: Clubhouse’s Elon Moment
This week, Gadget Lab discusses the boost Clubhouse got from a drop-in by Elon Musk, and how the platform is weathering its growing pains.
34 min
Letter to My Pandemic Baby
Back in March, WIRED’s Zak Jason discovered something that would forever change him. He was going to be a father. On the season finale of Get WIRED, a reflection on the past year through the eyes of a parent-to-be...
32 min
Can the Orgasm Be Optimized?
Reporter Lux Alptraum lays out the story of an overhyped sex toy and the fascinating history that got us here.
35 min
The High-Stakes Data-Driven Poker Takedown
Mike Postle became an online sensation through the world of livestreamed poker. But how did he suddenly become a cheating pariah without any material evidence? Reporter Brendan Koerner takes us on a journey into the crowdsourced investigation that brought Postle down.
40 min
Pitchfork Review: 100 Gecs and the Mystery of H...
This week we’re presenting an episode of The Pitchfork Review podcast. Pitchfork Editor Puja Patel interviews Laura Les and Dylan Brady of 100 gecs, a band that’s polarized pop audiences and become figureheads for the elusive genre of hyperpop.
35 min
Can Pepe the Frog Ever Be Redeemed?
Pepe the Frog was a meme that white nationalists used to radicalize people on the internet. WIRED Senior Editor Angela Watercutter talks with the filmmakers of the new documentary Feels Good Man about Pepe’s transformation into a hate symbol, meme magic, and the future of Pepe the Frog.
33 min
That Election Was… Something
We knew it might be an Election Day unlike any other. But after last Tuesday, it soon became evident that this year’s US presidential race would culminate in an election week. On this week’s Get WIRED podcast, we talk to Gilad Edelman, Lily Hay Newman, and Emma Grey Ellis about why the forecasting polls were so wrong (again), how we know we can trust the election results, and why people keep spinning up conspiracy theories online. Also: Election Memes.
34 min
TikTok the Vote
TikTok is a place where DIY videos regularly go viral, featuring everything from drinking cranberry juice on a skateboard to opening a banana with one hand. But does the app have political power? WIRED Senior Writer Arielle Pardes takes us into the TikTok world that’s organizing through memes, mashups, and dance videos.
26 min
The Robots Are Coming
Boston Dynamics Founder Marc Raibert comes on the show. The company has changed the way we think about robotics. Now after years of uncanny demonstrations, their robots are on the market.
25 min
The Science of Fire Tornadoes
America’s best fire researchers have been trying to learn more about what causes fires—especially extreme fire events like fire tornadoes. Reporter Daniel Duane talks to Get WIRED Host Lauren Goode about his November cover story for Wired magazine, which goes deep into the cutting edge of fire research.
30 min
Archive and Survive: How Radio Lives On
WIRED Senior Writer Jason Parham stumbles on a trove of archived radio broadcasts that take him back to his 1990s coming of age. Then he speaks with cultural critic Jace Clayton, also known as DJ Rupture, about how the move from analog to digital has changed our relationship to music.
26 min
The Secret History of Video Game Music
Dia Lacina recently went on a journey to find out more about the group of women who composed a lot of the iconic video game scores of the 80’s and 90’s. Conductor and composer Eímear Noone shares how she brings 8-bit video game music to the symphony.
34 min
WIRED 25: Sarah Friar, Nextdoor CEO
In another special episode of Get WIRED, join WIRED 25 as host Lauren Goode sits down with Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar. They talk about human vs. AI content moderation, how Nextdoor is measuring its efforts to prevent racial profiling, and the importance of knowing at least six neighbors.
19 min
WIRED 25: Nia DaCosta
Filmmaker Nia DaCosta speaks with WIRED senior writer Jason Parham about her upcoming film, Candyman, the horror genre, and how the pandemic will change the future of the movie industry.
22 min
Voting Machines Suck. These Texans Might Have t...
In this week’s episode of Get WIRED, host Lauren Goode and reporter Ben Wofford introduce us to an election clerk and computer scientist who spend years warring with each other over election security. Then they decide the real enemy is the private election tech industry—and they set out to build something new.
30 min
Coronavirus and the Future of School
Adrienne So, WIRED Senior Writer, shares the chaos of raising her kids and figuring out her daughter’s first day of kindergarten amid the pandemic. Later, Education Technology Specialist Regina Schaffer tells us what her district is doing to address the digital divide and discuss the future of our schools.
29 min
Gadget Lab: Alexa, Play My Alibi
We're sharing the latest episode of our sister podcast, Gadget Lab. WIRED senior writer Sidney Fussell joins us to talk about the strange murder case where a smart speaker became the star witness.
31 min
Animal Activists, Part 2: Ventilation Shutdown
In Part II of this two-part series, WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg joins WIRED host Lauren Goode to talk about Direct Action Everywhere (DxE)’s quest to use everyday tech to expose a controversial practice in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
25 min
Animal Activists, Part 1: The Slaughterhouse
In Part I of this two part story on Get WIRED, we take a look at Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), an animal activist group that performs sting operations using high-tech methods such as full VR camera rigs to expose the oftentimes overlooked cruel practices of factory farming.
27 min
Bill Gates on Covid-19, TikTok, and Antitrust
A conversation between WIRED Editor Steven Levy and Bill Gates--co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
27 min
Virtual (Being) Insanity
26 min
The Racist History of Surveillance Tech
19 min
Citizen and the Bizarre World of Live-Streamed ...
21 min
Teaser: "Citizen and the Bizarre World of Live-...
This is a clip from upcoming Get WIRED episode "Citizen and the Bizarre World of Live-Streamed Crime"
3 min