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Welcome to Mindspace, where each week veteran journalist Geoff Boucher along with guest appearances from notable stars, creators and influencers will help you reach a state of Nerdvana with fascinating conversations, never told stories and trivia about all corners of pop culture. Boucher is well-known to audiences for Comic-Con's biggest Hall H panels and during his three decade career he's interviewed the biggest names in film, television, music, and comics - some of whom will be dropping by the podcast week to week.  

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Episode 54 - Nick Pitarra
Indie creator NICK PITARRA gives us insight on his brutal, fantastic crowdfunded comic, Ax-Wielder Jon.
66 min
Episode 53 - Michael Uslan & Batman
Writer/producer/Bat-scholar Michael Uslan gives us the scoop on Batman lore and how DC has transformed its caped crusader.
53 min
Episode 52 - Aardman Animation with Mikey Pleas...
Directors Mikey Please and Dan Ojari discuss their Oscar-nominated ROBIN ROBIN and the evolving art of stop-motion animation.
72 min
Episode 51 - Alberto Mielgo
Veteran animator and director Mielgo discusses his artistic philosophy and edgy animation.
90 min
Episode 50 - Erick Oh Discusses Animation
Oscar-nominated animator/director Erick Oh discusses his groundbreaking short NAMOO and the future of animation.
77 min
Episode 49 - Christmas Carol Special (w/ Michae...
GILTZ IS BACK! To talk about the myriad adaptations of Dickens' classic Christmas novella.
50 min
Episode 48 - Jim Shooter on the History of DC's...
Writer/editor Jim Shooter discusses how he created Ferro Lad, a Black character who was whitewashed in the 60s.
80 min
Episode 47 - The "Fairfax" Crew
The creators and writers of "Fairfax," the technicolor new animated show on Amazon, discuss their inspiration and creative process.
105 min
Episode 46 - Walt Simonson
Comics legend Walt Simonson discusses artistic techniques, his storytelling career, and his contributions to the new reprinting of John Paul Leon's 'The Winter Men.'
92 min
Episode 45 - Emily Armstrong of Dead Sara
Emily Armstrong, singer of the rock band Dead Sara, talks about crafting lyrics, creating albums, and inspiration from The Doors.
57 min
Episode 44 - Tarzan Special
MICHAEL GILTZ swings back in to give us a crash course in Tarzan's multimedia lives and afterlives.
58 min
Episode 43 - Mike Kerr of Royal Blood
Bassist and singer MIKE KERR talks about the creative journey behind Royal Blood's thrilling new album, Typhoons.
64 min
Episode 42 - Eddie Muller
"Czar of Noir" Eddie Muller delves into the history of noir, America's grittiest and most original genre.
65 min
Episode 41 - Michael Giltz
In this two-part episode, entertainment writer MICHAEL GILTZ commemmorates the late Dick Donner, and reveals how you've been looking at box office lists completely wrong!
106 min
Episode 40 - Ray Morton
Writer and film historian Ray Morton gives us an insider's look at Spielberg, creature movies, and more.
126 min
Episode 39 - Matthew Robbins
Writer and director MATTHEW ROBBINS celebrates the memories and struggles of making Dragonslayer (1981) - and how the movie's technological FX changed filmmaking.
125 min
Episode 38 - Chris Strompolos
Chris Strompolos chats with us about re-creating Raiders of the Lost Ark as a teenager in the 1980s.
91 min
Episode 37 - Jordan Plosky
What's a ZOOP? Jordan Plosky describes his new platform, ZOOP - a creative space for comics fans.
99 min
Episode 36 - Mike Rianda
Mike Rianda shares the influences and process behind his directorial debut, sci-fi comedy hit "The Mitchells vs. The Machines."
102 min
Episode 35 - Seth Green and Matt Senreich
Comedians/directors Seth Green and Matt Senreich talk their upcoming "Bleepin’ Robot Chicken Archie Comics Special," airing next week.
89 min
Episode 34 - Don Hahn
Veteran Disney producer Don Hahn discusses
85 min
Episode 33 - Robert Kirkman
Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman talks about the series finale of Invincible, a show based on his superhero comic.
80 min
Episode 32 - Victoria Labalme
Victoria Labalme, author and speaker, shares techniques for unleashing creativity from her bestselling book, RISK FORWARD.
59 min
Episode 31 - Ashley Eckstein
Voice actor Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) gives an insider's look at how the character was created.
77 min
Episode 30 - Julie Taymor
Auteur director Julie Taymor joins the Mindspace to discuss how creatives can draw from folklore, mythology, and anthropology.
84 min
Episode 29 - Ed Zwick
Writer/director Ed Zwick gives us a masterclass in constructing simple, but compelling, stories.
92 min
Episode 28 - Nicholas Meyer
Director and writer Nicholas Meyer discusses his inspirations, and breaks down the iconic characters he's written, from Sherlock Holmes to Spock.
110 min
Episode 27 - Bear McCreary
McCreary discusses his work scoring films and video games, and lessons from his mentor, Elmer Bernstein.
134 min
Episode 26 - Kyle Newman
78 min
Episode 25 - Clark Gregg
43 min
Episode 24 - Danny Fingeroth
87 min
Episode 23 - George C. Romero
70 min
Episode 22 - Rainn Wilson
This week, Geoff sits down with actor, writer and producer Rainn Wilson
83 min
Episode 21 - Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick
Geoff interviews screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick
72 min
Episode 20 - John Densmore
Geoff sits down with rock n roll drummer, John Densmore
60 min
Episode 19 - Eddie McClintock
This week, Geoff sits down with actor and artist Eddie McClintock
74 min
Episode 18 - 2020 RECAP
Geoff and Evan recap episodes
72 min
Episode 17 - Mark Voger & Michael Giltz
Mark Voger and Michael Giltz join this week to talk all things Santa Claus
73 min
Episode 16 - Christmas Songs with Michael Giltz
Geoff and guest Michael Giltz speak on the Christmas songs of pop culture.
70 min
Episode 15 - Mike Mignola
Geoff sits down with HellBoy creator Mike Mignola
80 min
Episode 14 - Chris Lee
Geoff sits down with fellow journalist Chris Lee of Vulture to discuss Van Halen
54 min
Episode 13 - Kyle Higgins & Michael Giltz
Geoff sits down for a discussion on sidekicks with writer Kyle Higgins and journalist Michael Higgins
71 min
Episode 12 - Ethan Sacks
Geoff sits down with journalist and comic book writer Ethan Sacks
97 min
Episode 11 - Ken Janssens
This week, Geoff sits down with comic and film writer Ken Janssens
82 min
Episode 10 - Brad Meltzer
This week on Mindspace, Geoff sits down with comic book writer and TV host Brad Meltzer
72 min
Episode 09 - Mindspace Roundtable with Matt Med...
We have a Mindspace roundtable this week with Matt Medney and Patrick Smith
69 min
Episode 08 - Steve Niles
This week on Mindspace, Geoff sits down with horror legend Steve Niles
74 min
Episode 07 - James Monroe Iglehart
This week on Mindspace, Geoff sits down with the Hero of Two Worlds: James Monroe Iglehart
78 min
Episode 06 - Dylan Sprouse & Dan Fogler
This week on Mindspace, Geoff sits down with actors/creators Dylan Sprouse and Dan Fogler
107 min
Episode 05 - Brann Dailor
This week on Mindspace, Geoff sits down with drummer and lyricist of Mastodon, Brann Dailor
71 min
Episode 04 - Liam Sharp
This week on Mindspace, Geoff connects with comic book artist, writer and publisher Liam Sharp
102 min
Bonus Episode: Suzanne Vega
On this bonus episode, Geoff sits down with Grammy and Peabody Award-winning artist Suzanne Vega.
31 min
Episode 03 - Wayne Coyne
This week on Mindspace, Geoff reaches through the void to speak to Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips
100 min
Episode 02 - Marc Guggenheim
This week on Mindspace, Geoff sits down with writer/producer Marc Guggenheim!
80 min
Episode 01 - Malcolm McDowell
Geoff sits down with Malcolm McDowell to discuss A Clockwork Orange ahead of its 50th anniversary.
88 min