Game Fix Show

Gamers can get their fix from a gang of radio personalities who’ve spent their entire lives gaming, from the Atari to the latest and greatest consoles. GAME FIX also broadcasts the show LIVE every Monday nights @9PM est. Game with us adding us on XBL-UNPWN and PSN-SixStringer57.

Video Games
PlayStation Showcase...Meh
PlayStation Showcase, Powerwash crossover, Mortal Kombat 1, Legend of Zelda
82 min
Video Game Hall Of Fame & Overwatch Fails
Video Game Hall of Fame inductees, Overwatch 2, Fallout 5, Mortal Kombat 1, PS Showcase
91 min
PS5's Help Parents Conceive
PS5, Nano Tech, VR, Sandbox, writers strike, star wars, jedi, starfield, xbox, unity
83 min
Soon Everyone Will Be A Gamer
Disney Speedstorm, PS5 makes history, Twisted Metal, half the population plays video games, Star Wars Survivor
66 min
Microsoft Retaliates Against Twitter
Microsoft is mad at Twitter, Bowser owes Nintendo, Diablo 4 Beta, candy crush, Space Cadet Pinball
91 min
Ubisoft Plus Will Save Us
Ubisoft Plus, Suicide Squad, PS VR2, Sega trying to buy Rovio, The Mandalorian, The Boys
99 min
Steam gets Nintendo, E3 Gets Cancelled
Sonic is dead, E3 is dead, Game Stop crying, Nintendo on Steam, Free games of April
86 min
MultiVersus Takes A Break & Suicide Squad Can't...
MultiVersus, Suicide Squad, Last Ronin, Mandalorian,
91 min
Nintendo Games Are A Ticking Time Bomb
nintendo, toxic crusaders, insomniac, willow, video game hall of fame, ghostwire
72 min
Sony Cries, Suicide Squad Dies, & Ellie Lives
Sony is paranoid, Suicide Squad delayed, Blizzard loses VP, Mario Kart 8 is relevant, Starfield delayed
107 min
Big Rumors and Lot's Of Playstation Hulabaloo
microsoft, playstation, zebra, teenage mutant ninja turtles, LeBron James, Funko, mario, dead cells, castlevania
90 min
Happy Pokémon Day!
Pokémon day, Mortal Kombat 12, PS VR 2, Last of Us, mandalorian
91 min
CEOs On President's Day
Valheim, Last of Us, PSVR2, Dead Island 2, Metroid Prime Remaster, Disney, Nintendo
93 min
Subscriptions & Live Service Gaming
Live service gaming, Netflix, Nick Offerman, Ubisoft, Star Wars, Nintendo, Xbox, PS5, DCU
96 min
What Is Sega doing?
Sega gets cryptic, Spider-man 2, house of the dead, xbox in 2022, The Last of Us episode 3
101 min
WTF, Ubisoft?
Ubisoft, The Last of Us, new switch controller, Discord on PS5, Digital over Physical games
101 min
2023 Kick-Off Show
CES, Activision Blizzard, Hitman, PS5 car, PS5 availability, Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us
90 min
Non-Christmas Christmas Spectacular
Fortnite sued, Nintendo free game, Metzen is back with WoW, Horizon intros multiplayer, Spider-man 2 and Die Hard is a Christmas movie
97 min
The Game Awards Is A Joke
the game awards, marvel's avengers, microsoft patent, cyberpunk pulls multiplayer, diablo 4 release date
86 min
Nintendo Is On Another Rampage
Nintendo cancels more, the game awards, Microsoft charges more, Elder Scrolls IV update, toejam and earl movie
76 min
GTA 6, PS6, & 6 Other Things
Activision Blizzard, god of war, PS6, GTA6, DCU, Nintendo does Nintendo things
80 min
God Of War Impresses & Game Pass Doubts
God of War, Game Pass, Overwatch 2, Kevin Conroy RIP, PSVR 2
76 min
An Activision Takeover...Sorta
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Overwatch 2, Marvel teams with EA, Witcher remake, TORG
73 min
Bastion, Silent Hill, & Twister All Making A Co...
Bastion is coming back, Silent Hill is coming back, Twister is coming back, tons new controllers, update on Bayonetta
94 min
Stop Messing With Our Voice Actors
Bayonetta, Overwatch 3, G4, Silent Hill, Dead Space Remake, She-Hulk
102 min