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Video Games
Overwatch Is Relevent & New GTA Could Be Ground...
Overwatch 2, GTA 6, Persona 5, Obi-Wan Kenobi, NCAA 23, Valve VR
87 min
Cheating Doesn't Pay
Cheating gets you trolled, Overwatch 2 new characters, Dragon's Dogma 2, its Nerf or NOPE, Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 2.
100 min
Xbox Showcase Delivers & Obi-Wan Does Not
Xbox Showcase, TMNT Shredders Revenge, Resident evil, Sonic Frontiers, and episode 4 of Obi-Wan Kenobi
94 min
State Of Play & Spanish Is Psychic
Sony's State of Play, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Palworld, Spanish is psychic, street fighter 6
89 min
A Game Fix Special Episode
Special episode, the fellas talk about their favorite video games of all time.
76 min
We Want New Capcom, But We Are Getting A New Sm...
Playstation to PC, Evo gets new Smash, Raven Studios unionizes, New Daredevil series, Death Stranding 2
88 min
Super Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat 12, & A T...
The boys talk Evil Dead: The Game, discuss what to believe with the latest Mortal Kombat 12 rumors, and Verlane tastes Coke's attempt at the flavor of a pixel.
82 min
Fortnite & World War II Are Back
Fortnite on iPhone again, Activision blames WW2, AEW game, smelly people, Moonknight
96 min
Mercy From Overwatch Joins The Show
Lucie Pohl, Mercy, Overwatch, Activision Blizzard, free games, Moon Knight
89 min
Twitter, Ubisoft, & FromSoftware Let's Talk Bus...
Nintendo in hot water, Diablo Immortal, New Star Wars game, TMNT update, Sonic Origins, Moon Knight
98 min
Portal 3 Is Happening, Right?
WoW expansion, Diablo 2, Overwatch 2, AEW game, Portal 3, Horizon 3, Moon Knight
87 min
Activision Blizzard Does Good
Games with Gold, Sega NFTs, Unreal Engine 5, Activision Blizzard, Reggie audio book, Moonknight
76 min
Lawsuits, Premiers, & Cookbooks
Epic lawsuit, Nintendo lawsuit, E3 cancelled, Witcher cookbook, Overwatch 2, and Moonknight
98 min
PlayStation Could Have An Answer For Xbox's Gam...
PS Spartacus, GTA Plus, Unions are a thing again, Nintendo take down
66 min
The Portable Xbox Is Here
Witcher 4 announcement, Overwatch League, Hogwarts Legacy, New info on AEW game, and Reggie is back again
92 min
Lots Of Dates To Remember
Sony's State of Play, Reggie's back again, Free nintendo game, overwatch 2, Obi-Wan Kenobi
94 min
New PS Game, New Switch Console, New Reason To ...
Steamdeck, Activision blames everyone else, Star Wars game delayed, no smash at EVO, Nvidia
99 min
Bethesda's Back, But They Really Never Left
PSVR 2, Free March games, street fighter 6, MGK, New Vegas sequel
86 min
Call Of Duty Cheaters Welcome
PS5 is too fast, Capcom countdown, EA blames Halo, CoD updates, Horizon Forbidden West
102 min
Love "That Guy" From Fortnite & Whisky Shots
Cyberpunk 2077, Overwatch brings an old favorite back, hacker goes to jail, LotR for sale, and that guy from Fortnite
104 min
Delays, Reveals, & Not So Great Deals
Sony acquires Bungie, Mobile WoW game, Shredder, new Wii U games, and Boba Fett
97 min
Apparently Anyone Can Make A Star Wars Game
All upcoming Star Wars games, Hyper Scape, Activision Blizzard, new possible console, return of the Fandalorian
108 min
Microsoft Powers Up & PSVR 2 Is Annoying
Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard, COD to end annual releases, PSVR 2 is annoying, Microsoft crossovers, Boba Fett
98 min
The Xbox One Is Dead
sony makes more ps4s, twisted metal reboot, mario kart 9, xbox one is dead, and the book of boba fett
98 min
PSVR2 Announced & Mario Goes To PlayStation
Activision/Blizzard, PSVR2, gamer massages, E3 2022, food subsciptions, and the Return of the Fandalorian
106 min
A New Year With Eyes Swelled Shut
Goldeneye 007 leaks achievements, new possible Tony Hawk game, game pass' future, warzone anti-cheat, Hawkeye and Boba Fett
105 min
PS4 Gets Jailbroken, Commemorate Red Ring Of Death
PS4 Jailbroken, Sonic on a new system, Twitch for rats, Activision/Blizzard, Hawkeye Episode 5, Take-Two cancels more
108 min
Game Award Takeaways & Nintendo Gets Nintendoed
The Game Awards, Halo Campaign, GTA 5 DLC, Nintendo gets sued, Activision Blizzard update, and Hawkeye episode 4
84 min
Fortnite Hits Rock Bottom & Say Goodbye to Oculus
Activision Blizzard update, PS1 turns 27, Halo fans want cuvier characters, Meta Quest, The Game Awards, and The Hawkeye Final Shot
72 min
Epic Gets Rockband & Microsoft gets Nintendo's ...
Activision Blizzard update, Microsoft tries to buy Nintendo, Reggie gets hired by Microsoft, The Hawkeye Final Shot
94 min
Xbox Ends A Legacy
Activision Blizzard, Star Citizen, Shaggy in Multiversus, Xbox backward compatibility, Black Friday deals
61 min
Celebrate PS5's Birthday With New Halo
PS5 turns 1, Halo drops today, Jump force goes bye bye, Battlefield 2042 had a rough start
71 min
Overwatch Delayed, Fortnite Shuts Down, & Skyri...
Blizzard, fortnite, square enix, skyrim, back 4 blood, harry potter app, morbius
80 min
A Very Horror Video Game Future
xbox imagines the future, Wu-Tang and Dr Dre going into games, PSVR2 backward compatible, BlizzCon cancelled
94 min
Blizzard Did Something Right & Wrong
Neatherrealm multiversus, fortniteXResident evil, Payday 3, Cole Cassidy, EA loses FIFA, thing or not a thing.
82 min
Blizzard's New Game, Fortnite's New Movie, & Ot...
79 min
Peta VS Ubisoft, Xbox VS Fashion
grand theft trilogy possibly being released on the switch, The final smash Bros character revealed, God of war best game ever?, the final What If review.
77 min
Is There too Much Hollywood In Our Video Games?
Mario movie, Apple v Fortnite, Dreamcast easter egg, sonic sells high, gas station simulator, and What if...?
97 min
Poppin' Off With Them Lawsuits
Activision Blizzard presented new lawsuit, Splitgate seems to be getting better, PS5 update, God of War to PC, What if..., what do you miss about load screens?
99 min
PlayStation Has The Goods
PlayStation Showcase 2021, NexGen scalpers becoming less and less, Apple Vs Epic ruling, and the What If... Fan Riff.
73 min
Sony Has No Plan
Sony's plan, No Man's Sky meats Star Wars, Game Boy on the Switch, Nickelodeon gets a fighting game, What If... Fan Riff
80 min
April O'Neil Working Hard For The Money
Overwatch, Gamescom, April O'Neil, Microsoft could gaming, free games of September 2021, What If...
88 min
Soulja Boy Lies, Fortnite Copies, and Crossover...
Soulja Boy is very confusing, WWE's relationship with 2K, Scallop DLC, Splitgate delayed, and What If...Crossovers
89 min
NDAs, Movie Delays, & GTAs...Remastered
Activision Blizzard still in a hole, EA NDAs violated, GTA getting a remaster, Movie news, and What
95 min
Blizzard, Mcdonald's, & Mario Walk Into A Bar...
Back 4 Blood, Evil Dead, Sony has some work to do, EA is celebrating, Splitgate, and Waterworld.
92 min
Bans, Mods, & Donuts
PC's are banned, Skyrim in VR, Activision Blizzard, delayed games, free games, and a Marvel/DC crossover.
90 min
Aloy Is Everywhere
Playstation dominates the news, Steam Deck review, Sonic team has a regret, HBO Max talk
83 min
No New Star Wars, Steam Deck, & No LEAKING CLAS...
Valve handheld, leaking military documents, block PC gamers on Warzone, and why video game delays are killing the industry
85 min
Sony's New Games & Nintendo's New Screen
Sony's State of Play, Switch OLED, Zelda makes waves, New Robocop game announced, Loki Rewind
89 min
Nintendo Loses Netflix & Playstation Loses Kojima
Overwatch leagues undergoes an investigation, xbox cloud gaming no available, Gamestop's scummy promotion,
89 min
Ubisoft's IPs, Cyberpunk's Playable...Kinda
Ubisoft holds their IPs close, Cyberpunk 2077 is playable, movie news, Loki Review
74 min
A Nintendo Switch Taste Test
Spanish actually tastes Switch cartridges, Xbox loses an exclusive, GTA Online goes bye bye, Sony crossplay, and the Loki Review.
110 min
E3 2021 All Up In Your Face
E3 and all the gamers announced to this point, Godfall to PS4, Evil Dead, and The Loki Rewind
100 min
Nuggets, T-Shirts, & Cyberpunk Oh My
Nintendo sues, God of War pushed back, Tesla car console, chicken nuggets, t-shirts, and PSVR news.
87 min
Memorial Day Movie Madness
Lots of movie news this week, Cyberpunk 2077, New Switch, New Valve portable, free games, Horizon Forbidden West
68 min
New Overwatch Game, Same Overwatch Problems
Overwatch 2, Epic games sues again, Netflix tries gaming, Ninja is trash, Returnal trying to add save feature
77 min
Warzone Gets Expendable & Target Bans Pokémon
PSVR 2, Ubisoft clarifies comment, Switch gets a game no one is waiting for, Target bans Pokémon, and eSports betting could eventually become a thing.
91 min
Rambo, Lawsuits, & Sega Dreamcast
Epic vs Apple, Epic Vs Sony, Epic Vs Google, Rambo to Warzone, Def Jam, 50% of PS Plus
79 min
Epic V Apple & Sony V Crossplay
Epic v Sony, Sony v Crossplay, Discord, golden wii, the future of the MCU
87 min
Metaverse vs The Cloud
Epic is creating a Metaverse, Microsoft and Sony are working together for the Cloud, Metal Gear Remake, Jaff Kaplan leaves Overwatch, Mortal Kombat, and Falcon & the winter soldier.
102 min
Cancellations, Crossovers, & More Cancellations
Sony changes their minds, Roblox is a bog thing, Xbox cloud gaming, Avengers still a thing, and Falcon & Winter Soldier
100 min
Team SCU Talks Prime 2D With Us
Team SCU talks Prime 2D, The Last of Us remake, Epic loses lots of money, new Uncharted IP, and Falcon and the Winter Solider.
91 min
Xbox Finally Beats Out Skittles
Hololens, xbox mini fridge, MLB the Show, xQc, counter strike plyer gets 119 years in jail, falcon and winter soldier episode 3
86 min
The Most Expensive Episode Ever
Nexon gives $874mil, Super Mario Bros $372K, busted $760mil cheating ring, Video game HOF, #foreverphysical
100 min
Mario May Die, EVO May Live
Mario dies, Animal Crossing farts, PSVR2, resident evil multiplayer, Sony buys EVO, black panther, falcon and the winters soldier
83 min
Frank Grillo Joins The Show
Frank Grillo interview, paid to Minecraft, Animal Crossing on Mobile, new TMNT game
75 min
Sony Goes Bananas & WandaVision Just Goes
Happy International Women's Day, Sony has a new patent, the Switch in 4k, Avengers XP progression, and the series finale of WandaVision
100 min
Semiconductors & Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg, Semiconductor shortage, State of Play, Skyrim new release, Warzone changes, Free games of March, and WandaVision
100 min
BlizzConline, Epic, & DualSense Drift...SMH
Animal Crossing/Mario Crossover, Fortnite/Street Fighter crossover, DualSense Drift, Marvel Avengers, Valheim, and WandaVision
94 min
Halo 3 Finally Gets A New DLC
Celebs in video games, Halo 3 gets new DLC, PS5 Drfit, CD Projekt Red gets attacked, movie news, as well as Wandavision episode 6.
95 min
Overhype & Monkey Games
Are games too overhyped? Prince of Persia, Anthem, Elon Musk, NCAA Football, Diablo 4, and Wandavision
96 min
Gamestop Stonks & Cyberpunk Gets Unsexy
Gamestop stocks, Cyberpunk omits something, Stadia is hanging on by a thread, Switch sales continues to amaze, and episode 4 of Wandavision.
109 min
Xbox Apologizes, Konami Dissolves, & Game Boy R...
Cyberpunk 2077 still broken, Xbox apologizes to gamers, Konami disolves pruduction staff, someone made a new Game Boy, and episode 3 of Wandavision.
88 min
Lucasfilm Games, AEW Games, & WandaVision Mind ...
Lucasfilm Games is back, AEW Games, WandaVision, eSports code of conduct, Tony Romo
89 min
Penny Pinching Nintendo & Netflix Shut Down
PS5 consoles cancelled, netflix shuts down, Duracell deals with Xbox, Scott Pilgram, Cyberpunk 2077 gets more bad news.
93 min
Looking Forward To 2021
2021 release games, Cyberpunk seizure, portable N64, GTA remaster, free ps plus games of January, plus movie news.
80 min
Game Fix's 2020 Year In Review
Last show of the year we do our Year in Review...what a year 2020 has been.
99 min
Unwraping A Patreon Challenge & The Mandalorian
Cyberpunk 2007, USSF, Mandolorian, Boba Fett, eSports
89 min
The Game Awards, Cyberpunk, & 6 Year Olds
We talk Game Awards, Cyberpunk 2077, and 6 year olds. Plus Star Wars!!
116 min
2020 Game Fix Awards
The 2020 Game Fix Awards plus video game talk, and another Mandolorian review, with a Brucie B Movie review.
103 min
GTA 6 Rumors, Sony Bans Gamers, & SUPER MARIO W...
GTA 6 rumors, PS5 gamers getting banned, Red Dead online, new Kojima game, and The Mandalorian.
98 min
PS5 Sells While Nintendo Sues
PS5s are sold out, The Saga of Billy Mitchell continues, lots of game leaks, Vision has a purple member, and Chapter 12 of the Mandalorian
92 min
Cleveland Gaming Classic & The PS5
PS5 and Xbox Series X is out, Tom from Cleveland Gaming Classic joins the show, AEW Games, Ubisoft taken hostage, and Fortnite still sucks.
90 min
The Last Current Gen Show
83 min
Episode 213: The Fandalorian Returns
Activision has a lot of 'splainin' to do, Sony gives away adaptors, AEW's video game is becoming more real, free games of November, and the Fandalorian is back as we review Season 2 Episode 1 of the Madalorian.
97 min
To Switch Or Not To Switch
97 min
Kojima Still Fired From Konami
PS5 update with voice chat, Microsoft is funding Gamestop, Sega has gifts, and NES turns 35 years old.
82 min
Nintendo Does the Suing & Apple Takes A Seat
Nintendo is suing again, Smite gets TMNT, Apple takes a seat for now, Rambo takes on Scorpion, and Star Wars with a big Obi-Wan announcement.
71 min
Cyberpunk, Sony, & Nintendo...SMH
101 min
Xbox Gives Lots, PS Gives Less
Xbox Series X review, Metal gear speculation, Amazon goes cloud, Kirby is back, Farmville is gone, and Tom Cruise plays Iron Man.
87 min
Microsoft Buys Bethesda, Spanish Buys Sony
Microsoft buy Bethesda, PS5 updates, 3DS discontinued, Activision does nothing about the hacks, and Brucie B reviews The New Mutants.
90 min
Apple Cancels The Future
Xbox drops A LOT of info, Ubisoft shows off, Gamestop closes more, Apple C blocks your games, and Sam Elliott.
95 min
Doom: Gets Pregnant
92 min
For Chadwick
Dedicate this show to Chadwick Boseman. Rest in Power. Wakanda Forever.
106 min
DC Marvels Us With A Dome For Fans
DC Fandome, PS5 Duelsense controller. Avenger leaks, Overwatch exploits, streamers not happy with Burger King, plus more movie news.
97 min
Epic Vs Apple: Round 1
Epic vs Apple, Fall Guys support charity, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us getting an update, NES cartridge worth 1 million, and poeple play video games...lots of em.
93 min
Spider-Man On Playstation Is Not News
Marvel Avengers Beta, Sony's State of Play, Mortal Kombat 11 leak, Blizzard's employee problems, and reboots galore.
98 min
Professional Gamer N0M4D Joins The Show
Pro-gamer N0M4D joins the show this week he a the only quadriplegic gamer/streamer, after the interview Verlane nails a prediction from over a year ago, PS5 and Xbox info gets broken down even more, Ice T pushes a classic, and Battletoads is back!
100 min
Game Of The Year Predictions & Joe Rogan
Jack from The Canned Air Podcast joins the show to talk Star Wars: Squadrons, Game of the Year candidates, Blizzard news, Joe Rogan, an Xbox Sereis X leaks, and some fun movie news.
94 min
PS5 Pre-orders, Xbox Discontinues, & Nintendo T...
PS5 Pre-orders are about to happen, Microsoft is discontinuing multiple things, Nintendo trademarks new IP, Rumor from Apple and a possible new console.
70 min