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Gamers can get their fix from a gang of radio personalities who’ve spent their entire lives gaming, from the Atari to the latest and greatest consoles. GAME FIX also broadcasts the show LIVE every Wednesday nights @9PM est. Game with us adding us on XBL-UNPWN and PSN-SixStringer57.

Video Games
Sony Has Peripheral Vision
Microsoft, Xbox, Amazon, Playstation, Deadpool, patent, Halo, Astro, Overwatch
76 min
Xbox Minus The Box
Xbox on Fire TV, Game Pass, temperature controllers, Nintendo will make consoles, Double Dragon 3D, Palword to PlayStation
87 min
Robots Grow Skin
Backwards compatibility, PlayStation 3, free games, dataminer Mortal Kombat 1, Street fighter movie
80 min
Helldivers Gives Hell
Nintendo, Lollipop Chainsaw, Nvidia, Metroid Prime, Spaceballs 2
91 min
Xbox: The Episode
Xbox Showcase, Max Payne, Prince of Persia, Doom, Diablo 4, State of Decay 3, Gears of War, Indiana Jones
92 min
Sony Invests In The Future
Atari, Intellivision, Homelander, PSVR2, free games, Overwatch 2, future PS controller
72 min
Team-Based Shooters FTW
Overwatch killer, Meta Quest, multiversus, Microsoft pushes toward PS, M-Rated Jackbox game, venom
86 min
EA Goes AI
PS5, Microsoft, Game Pass, EA on AI, Free Nintendo games, Mortal Kombat 2
84 min
VR Is Expensive
Helldivers 2, Ghosts of Tsushima, Bethesda, Redfall, Nintendo Switch 2, Facebook VR, Tetris
88 min
What Is Live Service?
Batman VR, Apple Vision Pro, Suicide Squad, Live Service Games, Tron, Max Payne Remake
84 min
Everyone Is Playing Fallout
Fallout, Helldivers 2, Fortnite, GTA 5, Yars Rising, Atari, Halo
83 min
Things That Make You Go "Huh?"
PalWorld, Take-Two, Golden Axe, Paramount, Kotaku
88 min
The New Retro
New Xbox console, Retro games, Fallout, Matrix, Star Wars Outlaws, Helldivers 2
92 min
Here Comes Marvel Watch
Marvel Rivals, Overwatch 2, Fortnite, Xbox, Epic, Katamari, Spotify
80 min
This Years Video Game Nominees Are...
Video Game Hall of Fame nominees, Marvel 1943, Alien Romulus, Fortnite update, Helldivers 2, AI created game
81 min
Now They Are Canceling Good Games
Canceled Spider-Man Multiplayer game, MultiVersus, Activision Unionizes, Warner Bros canceling a bunch of games, Fallout show, Helldivers 2
90 min
This Is Our Live Service Episode
Live service games, Helldivers 2, Fallout show, sling tv, PS VR2
88 min
The Cancelations Have Begun
Sony and Respawn layoffs, smell-o-vision, Helldivers 2, free PS games, New Pokémon
88 min
Helldivers 2 Is A Quadruple-A Game
Helldivers 2, Borderlands movie, Skull and Bones, Nintendo console, free games, quadruple-a games
92 min
Console Lives, Exclusivity Dies
Microsoft exclusivity, PS5 gets more games, Helldivers 2, Xbox mobile controller, Peacemaker in MK1
79 min
Get Paid To Play Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad, State of Play, PS5, Metro, Death Stranding 2, Blizzard, Microsoft
75 min
Brought To You By The Letter "R"
Take Two, Remedy, Topspin 2k25, Ubisoft gets comfortable, Overwatch update, Hellblade 2, Street Fighter 6
92 min
Game Fix Presents Steamboat Willie, Because We Can
Steamboat Willie, Tetris, What If, Switch 2, Mario Wonder, Alien, free games of January
88 min
PlayStation Doesn't Like It Hard
PlayStation, Xbox, Insomniac, X-men, deadpool, batman, skull and bones,
90 min
Stop Huffing Your Console
Game Awards, spider man 2, balder's gate 3, hasbro, steam deck, no man's sky
84 min