Gaia GPS Offroad

The Gaia GPS Offroad podcast brings you thrilling stories and top tips from offroad and overlanding experts from around the world. From the best gear reviews to rig modifications, backroads navigation, and trail reports, host Wade May dives deep with each guest to reveal hard-won insights from the dusty trails.

This is a Gaia GPS podcast, sponsored by Trails Offroad. 

Places & Travel
14. Overland Lady - Monique Song
Overland Lade Monique Song rejected all cultural expectations and societal norms by traveling solo in Australia and across Canada to the Arctic in her 100 series Toyota Landcruiser.
67 min
13. TrailRecon
TrailRecon pull back the curtain on YouTube fame, the benefits of offroad trailers, why the Jeep at home sometimes and travel in a full-sized pickup, and how you can get on an overlanding trip with Brad in 2022.
59 min
12. Adventure Riding with Tim and Marisa Notier
Adventure riders Tim and Marisa Notier are living proof that adventuring as a couple can be done - even when you share a seat on a motorcycle for five years.
63 min
11. Desk to Glory, Richard and Ashley Giordano
International overlanders Richard and Ashley Giordano explain how they went from Desk to Glory in just 4 months flat.
63 min
10. Gaia GPS Best Overlanding Features of 2021
Two Gaia GPS experts, Matt McClellan of Ozark Overland and Christ Kracht of 4X Overland Adventures, weigh in on new features in 2021 and how they use them into their own overlanding adventures.
43 min
9. Dan Grec's Never-Ending Road Trip.
Dan Grec hikes along a flowing river of lava, faces off with a silverback gorilla, and beats Malaria twice in this never-ending road trip around the globe.
59 min
8. Sat Comm with ZOLEO founder Morris Shawn
Morris Shawn, president of ZOLEO, explains how satellite communication works, what happens when you press the dreaded SOS button, and how this palm-sized device could save your life.
42 min
7. Overland Vanlife with Primal Outdoors
Jason Darrah of Primal Outdoors shows us that you don't need an expensive vehicle to get started overlanding.
52 min
6. Around the World with Hourless Life
Eric and Brittany Highland explore the world with their 4-year-old son, Caspian, on this epic, decade-long road trip.
65 min
5. Marco Hernandez, Camp Cooking with Ovrlndx
Camp chef Marco Hernandez of Ovrlndx shares his cooking set up, his favorite recipes, and the details of his brand new Jeep 392 - dubbed the "quickest, most powerful Wrangler" ever made.
41 min
4. Mountain State Overland, the Perfect Build
Build the perfect overland vehicle with Jason Specht of Mountain State Overland.
55 min
3. The Rimrocker Trail with Trails Offroad
Get a complete trail report on the 160-mile Rimrocker Trail with John Lumia of Trails Offroad.
36 min
2. Dirt Sunrise, Offroad Recovery Gear
Expert overlanders Tim and Kelsey Huber of Dirt Sunrise weigh in on the most important pieces of recovery gear and what skills will give you confidence to explore deeper off the grid.
49 min
1. Casey Kaiser: Jeep on Fire
Casey Kaiser recounts the night his Jeep suddenly burst into flames, leaving him stranded in Eastern Oregon's remote backcountry.
47 min