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I Can't Stop Doomscrolling
This week, Angela Watercutter joins us to talk about why it's hard to unglue your eyes from bad news on social media. Plus, we share our tips for putting down the phone.
29 min
Home Bodies
As the necessary shelter in place restrictions continue, we’re joined by WIRED’s Alan Henry and Adrienne So to talk about the technologies helping us pass the time.
36 min
Arrested Developer Event
This week, we discuss Apple’s big news, and we admit why we’re hoping tech conferences happen in real life (and not just online) sooner rather than later.
35 min
Inside the eBananas Scandal
This week, we discuss the harassment campaign allegedly carried out by six former eBay employees against the owners of a news website critical of the ecommerce industry.
28 min
When Can I See You Again?
In some ways things are getting harder, not easier, as shelter-in-place orders lift worldwide. On this week's episode, we tackle tough new corona-questions.
48 min
Tech and the Police State
This week, we discuss how tools developed in Silicon Valley are being used to erode the privacy and safety of citizens protesting police brutality.
31 min
Trump v. Twitter
This week, Gilad Edelman joins us to discuss the White House’s move against tech platforms, and how talk of the November election led us to this moment.
35 min
Remote Desktop
This week, we measure the impact of Silicon Valley’s shift to remote work. Also, we crash the Clubhouse.
34 min
The Dark Secrets of a Hacking Hero
This week, Andy Greenberg talks about his profile of hacker Marcus Hutchins, and we get an update on contact tracing programs helping to slow the pandemic.
30 min
On the Road Again
How Will We Dine and Uber in the Post-Pandemic City?
29 min
The Argument for Making End-of-Life Decisions E...
This week, Stewart Brand and Ryan Phelan tell us why they are planning their own critical care decisions now, well before Covid-19 forces them to do so under pressure.
28 min
Open For Business
This week, WIRED senior correspondent Adam Rogers talks about how we could go about reopening the country.
34 min
Will Contact Tracing Work?
Some players in the tech industry are pivoting hard to address the global health crisis. But in many ways, business continues as usual.
27 min
The Race to Make a Vaccine
On this week's podcast, we talk with staff writer Megan Molteni about the efforts to eradicate the virus. We also discuss Covid-19 testing in the US.
31 min
Supply Demand
This week, we discuss the nationwide shortage of ventilators and protective equipment, and how we’re going to deal with it amid the coronavirus pandemic.
33 min
Pandemic Panic
This week on Gadget Lab, we discuss how misinformation about the pandemic is being handled by the government, the media, and social platforms.
28 min
The Generation Gap
This week, we discuss why Italy has been hit so hard by the coronavirus, and we have tips for how parents can keep kids entertained as schools close.
23 min
Socially Distanced
This week's episode explores what happens when schools, conferences, and even offices shut down. Also: tips for working from home.
35 min
Is Facebook Forever?
Steven Levy joins the show to discuss his new book, “Facebook: The Inside Story.”
38 min
There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
32 min
The Anti-Bias Bot
Textio CEO Kieran Snyder talks to WIRED about training computers to make human language more inclusive.
33 min
Smartphone Launch Events Are Silly
This week, Samsung hosted an event to show off Galaxy S20 phones, "Space Zoom" cameras and a new fold-y Flip. How seriously should we take these extravaganzas?
29 min
The Virus and the Vote
On this week's podcast, we discuss the coronavirus outbreak's impact on the economy, and the scary state of mobile voting security in the US.
26 min
Everything Old Is New Again
On this week’s show, we talk about the Vine reboot Byte, and the Razr smartphone reboot, which now comes with a folding screen.
26 min
Open Wide for Mouth Tech
On this week’s podcast: hacking our oral hygiene with technology, and hacking espresso with science.
33 min
One Wheel, Zero Buttons
This week, the hosts debate whether one wheel is better than two, and whether a few buttons on a smartphone is better than none at all.
33 min
Best of CES
The Gadget Lab hosts look back at a show filled with fake-meat sliders, AI everything, and an ocean of electric scooters.
34 min
Sex Toys and Toothbrushes
This week’s Gadget Lab podcast looks forward to CES 2020, where we expect to encounter facial-recognition tech in everything, the promise of 5G everywhere, and sex toys for everyone.
32 min
Our Favorite Stuff from 2019, Plus Our 2020 Pre...
The Gadget Lab crew highlights their favorite things from this year, and then points ahead.
25 min
The Case for Cassava
Computational biologist Laura Boykin collects cassava DNA with a pocket-sized gadget, then uses the data to fight the pathogens that threaten the vital staple crop.
32 min
Going Places
Alex Davies helps us unpack the latest Tesla developments, and we share our favorite travel trips.
31 min
Life After Facebook
Former Facebook executive Chris Cox talks about his 13 years at Facebook and who he’s working with now.
24 min
Finally, We Can ‘Like’ Apple’s Keyboards Again
Instagram and Apple made small changes to their products this week that could affect customers in a major way.
25 min
When Big Tech Buys Your Darlings
On this week’s podcast, we talk about Facebook rebranding, Google buying Fitbit, and what happens when big brands take over small, disparate products.
25 min
Deep Listening
This week, we talk about Apple’s new AirPods, and the privacy challenges of smart speakers.
29 min
YouTube Creators Want More From YouTube
Independent video creators are seeking to unionize in a play for more transparency from YouTube. Emma Grey Ellis has the story on this week’s Gadget Lab.
33 min
Facial Recognition Tech Is Coming to a School N...
WIRED Editor in Chief Nicholas Thompson joins us for a special edition of this week’s podcast, to discuss Facebook, Google, and facial recognition technology.
29 min
It's Time to Put Down Your Phone
Webby founder and filmmaker Tiffany Shlain joins us to talk about her weekly tech Shabbat, a day in which her family abstains from any modern technology.
41 min
Panos Panay Says Microsoft’s New Phone Isn’t a ...
The company’s hardware chief discusses the state of mobile productivity, dual-screen devices, and why the Surface phone isn’t a phone.
43 min
Spot, the Robot Dog, Learns New Tricks
Matt Simon tells us how the famous robot's deployment into the workplace could alter the future of human-robot relations.
35 min
Your DNA Belongs on the Blockchain
Megan Molteni tells us about the gene-sequencing startup Nebula, and how its privacy practices could have a positive impact on the way we share personal information on the web.
34 min
iPhones to the Max
We ask WIRED senior writer Lauren Goode to give her impressions of the iPhone launch in Cupertino this week.
30 min
How Uber Went Down in Flames
New York Times reporter Mike Isaac charts the rise and fall of the ride-hailing company in his new book, Super Pumped. He joins us on the podcast to tell us everything that went wrong.
47 min
Why It’s So Hard to Unlink Yourself From Facebook
WIRED’s Paris Martineau joins the show to explain all the ways Facebook tracks your activity across Instagram and the rest of its mobile apps—even if your accounts aren’t linked to Facebook.
36 min
You’ve Got Microplastics
WIRED’s Matt Simon joins the show to talk about microplastics—what they are, why they’re a nightmare, and whether you should fret about eating them.
40 min
How Google’s Secrecy Lead to Company Turmoil
WIRED senior staff writer Nitasha Tiku takes us behind the scenes of her September cover story about inner turmoil at Google, the so-called happiest company in tech.
36 min
Amazon's Quest for World Domination
Jason Del Rey, host of Land of the Giants, a new podcast all about Amazon, joins the Gadget Lab to talk about the company’s quest for world domination.
36 min
Bumps in the Road to Our Robo-Car Future
WIRED writer Alex Davies joins us to discuss the challenges companies are facing as they race to get self-driving shuttles and delivery vehicles onto our streets.
38 min
Why New York’s Revenge Porn Law Is Flawed
The state of New York finally signed into law a bill criminalizing the spread of nonconsensual pornography, but Wired’s Emma Grey Ellis tells the Gadget Lab team that this new law is only a partial victory.
40 min
Twitter’s Redesign Is Impressive. Is It Enough?
Twitter has launched its first major redesign in several years. The question is whether it’s enough to make a dent in the hate and harassment.
48 min
Facebook's Libra and the Future of Money
WIRED writer Gregory Barber explains the intricacies of Facebook’s ambitious plan to and how Libra is poised to rattle the future of crypto.
33 min
Rebalancing Our Relationship With Tech
A conversation with Aza Raskin of the Center for Humane Technology. Also, we discuss Jony Ive’s departure from Apple.
60 min
A Genius Move
Emily Dreyfuss joins us this week to discuss the larger implications of Genius’s fight with Google over song lyrics. Also, we get all tingly with ASMR.
51 min
The Biggest News From E3
Peter Rubin joins the show this week to tell us about the major announcements made at the videogame industry’s big conference.
50 min
Everything From Apple’s WWDC
The Gadget Lab team breaks down Apple’s annual software shindig, and tells you all you need to know about forthcoming updates for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.
52 min
Making Surfing More Sustainable
An interview with Firewire Surfboards CEO Mark Price about how to make a surfboard without ruining the ocean.
55 min
Samsung’s Innovation Dilemma
David Eun, president of Samsung’s innovation arm NEXT, says younger consumers are shifting towards experiences, not things. What does that mean for a company that makes devices?
55 min
YouTube’s Latest Beauty Scandal
WIRED’s Emma Grey Ellis joins this week’s Gadget Lab podcast to explain the latest YouTube drama and discuss the implications of “cancel culture.”
36 min
If You Build It, They Will I/O
It’s software conference season! In the latest Gadget Lab podcast, the team shares their takeaways from Facebook F8, Microsoft Build, and Google I/O.
51 min
The Making of Adam Savage
The host of the new Discovery show "Savage Builds" and author of the new book "Every Tool’s a Hammer" joins us to talk about the joy and agony of making things.
51 min
Preserving Your Right to Repair Your Gadgets
We talk with right-to-repair advocate Nathan Proctor. Also: Samsung’s Galaxy Fold woes, and a preview of the next Sony PlayStation.
68 min
What Happens to Uber After Its IPO?
WIRED Transportation reporter Aarian Marshall joins us to talk about the Uber IPO and what it means for the future of ride-sharing ... and everything else Uber does
45 min
Introducing Citadel Dropouts: A Game of Thrones...
Game of Thrones is back––and so is the Citadel Dropouts podcast. Listen to Laura Hudson and Spencer Ackerman preview GoT season 8 in this new podcast on Wired.
46 min
Reporting From Syria
An interview with war correspondent Kenneth R. Rosen, who is reporting from Syria for WIRED this month.
21 min
The Case for Male Birth Control
Contraceptives for men have been explored in some way since at least the 1950’s, but there haven’t been many viable options. A new sperm-reducing gel could change that.
47 min
Game On at Google
Google’s just-announced cloud gaming service, Stadia, holds the promise of seamless, multi-device gaming. Is it too good to be true?
48 min
Flickr Cofounder Questions Big Tech
Caterina Fake says it’s time to ask whether tech should exist, rather than asking if it can exist or if funds are available for it.
67 min
How to Quit Your Tech Job
Former Google communications exec Jessica Powell joins this weeks Gadget Lab podcast to talk about Facebooks manifestos, quitting Google, and why she absolutely refuses to get a brand-new phone.
53 min
Alex Kipman’s Holographic Tendencies
Microsofts second-generation mixed reality headset has made a significant leap. But youre probably not going to buy one.
52 min
You’ve Got to Know When to Fold ‘Em
Samsung revealed not one, not two, but five new smartphones this week - including a folding phone. Axioss Ina Fried joins on this weeks Gadget Lab podcast.
42 min
The Treacherous Allure of OG Usernames
Product designer Chris Messina snagged @chris as his Instagram name. Its been awesome -- and terrible. Plus: Amazon splits with NYC, on the Gadget Lab podcast.
59 min
The App Smackdown
Apple temporarily booted Facebook (and Google!) from its enterprise app program this week. You werent really surprised, were you? Plus: Details on Teslas new Model Y.
49 min
Amazon Delivery Bots Are Here
When it comes to delivery robots, design is almost as important as function. Matt Simon and Arielle Pardes discuss Amazons new robot, Scout, on this weeks podcast.
42 min
Nike’s Truly Smart Sneakers
WIREDs Peter Rubin joins the Gadget Lab podcast to talk about his experience wearing Nikes newest self-adjusting sneakers. Plus: Nitasha Tiku weighs in on mandatory arbitration at tech companies.
46 min
The Best of CES
WIREDs Gadget Lab team kicks off the new year with a wrap-up of the years biggest electronics show. Plus, an interview with Reddits Jen Wong.
52 min
The Year in Tech, in One Word
Wireds Gadget Lab team sums up this year in tech. Plus: An interview with the CEO of a futuristic fitness company.
49 min
Apocalypse Now
Climate change is real, and its impacting us right now. How much of it can be fixed by personal responsibility versus policy?
56 min