Funky Crypto Podcast

Hosts Ben Askren and John Kim sit down to educate the masses about Bitcoin, Litecoin, and cryptocurrencies simply.

#104: Dr. Saifedean Ammous The Author of The Bi...
Let's go!
52 min
#103: Layah Heilpern Joins To Discuss Politics,...
Let's go!
58 min
#102: Rising Star Hailey Lennon Talks Bitcoin a...
Let's go!
44 min
#101: Jason "Going Parabolic" Williams and John...
Let's go!
43 min
#100: Bitcoin and crypto weekly update.
Let's go!
42 min
#99: Bitcoin weekly update.
Let's go!
51 min
#98: Patrick Stanley of miami city coins.
Let's go!
49 min
#97: Alex Mashinsky founder of Celsius.
Let's go!
54 min
#96: bitcoin blast off?
Let's go!
44 min
#95: bitcoin news and WTF is up with Shib?
Let's go!
39 min
#94: UFC legend Kenny Florian
Let's go!
54 min
#93: Ben, Jason, John talks bitcoin and crypto.
Let's go!
47 min
#92: Jamie Stuckert, from figure skating to bit...
Let's go!
53 min
#91: Emmy Winner, Podcaster, And Bitcoin Educat...
Natalie talks bitcoin and traditional finance.
47 min
#90: Young Phenom Will Clemente III Shares Bitc...
Will shares his market analysis on bitcoin and traditional markets.
49 min
#89: The Author Of Undressing Bitcoin Layah Hei...
Layah Heilpern talks about her new book undressing bitcoin.
41 min
#88: Playboy Playmate And Writer Jessica Vaugn ...
Jessica Vaugn on why the pandemic opened her eyes to bitcoin.
49 min
#87: Vijay Boyapati, The Author of Bullish Case...
Vijay discusses fundamental bullish case for bitcoin.
46 min
#86: Going Parabolic, Ben Askren, and John Kim ...
Weekly update on bitcoin and crypto.
52 min
#85: Weekly Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Update W...
Bitcoin is out of reach of 99% of the people in the world. You can however stack as much SATOSHIS as you can now.
44 min
#84: Professional Baseball Player and World Ser...
Matt Szczur talks bitcoin and NFT world.
47 min
#83: Steve Ehrlich CEO of Voyager Digital.
Steve Ehrlich CEO of Voyager Digital talks crypto.
48 min
#82: Carol Roth, Author Of The War On Small Bus...
How the government used the pandemic to crush the backbone of America.
57 min
#81: David Burkette Talks Mimble Wimble on Lite...
David the developer of mimble wimble talks privacy and scalability on litecoin.
66 min
#80: John and The Parabolic Guy Talks Inflation...
Jason and John talk current events on bitcoin and crypto.
42 min
#79: Weekly Bitcoin Update With Ben, John, and ...
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news.
44 min
#78: Weekly Bitcoin Update With Ben and John.
Ben and John talks current breaking news.
34 min
#77: Nascar Driver Landon Cassill Gets Paid In ...
Nascar Driver Landon Cassill talks about getting paid in litecoin.
50 min
#76: Tyler Spalding Founder of Flexa Network an...
Tyler talks about Flexa Network vs Lightning Network.
66 min
#75: Unpacking Bitcoin Conference Miami and The...
Bitcoin Conference Miami one for the history books.
45 min
#74: CEO of Swan Bitcxqsoin Cory Klippsten
Cory talks bitcoin and it's inevitable domination as money.
53 min
#73: Bobby C. Lee, Co Founder Of The First Bitc...
Bobby Lee talks about the China FUD and recent bitcoin crash.
48 min
#72: Sean Culkin of the NFL Asks For Salary In ...
Sean Culkin joins us to talk about why he asked for his salary in Bitcoin.
47 min
#71: Aubrey Strobel From Lolli In Funkytown.
Ben, John, Jason sits down with Aubrey to tal bitcoin crypto and current news.
44 min
#70: The Brilliant Bitcoin whale Jason "Going P...
Jason, John, and Ben talk current events on bitcoin and crypto.
39 min
#69: The Social Media Phenom Amanda Cerny In Fu...
Amanda Cerny talks bitcoin, laser eyes, and her journey into cryptocurrencies!
44 min
#68: Ben and John Breaks Down Breaking Bitcoin ...
Ben and John talks current breaking news.
33 min
#67: Lisa Davis AKA Litecoin Lisa Joins Us To T...
Litecoin Lisa joins us to talk crypto communities, censorship, and her life.
42 min
#66: Misha Lederman Of, The Fastest G...
Misha shares how Klever $KLV wallet works and how the community grew so fast.
41 min
#65: Pierre Rochard, Outspoken Bitcoin Maximali...
Pierre Rochard shares his view on the state of bitcoin in 2021.
44 min
#64: Ben Askren California Trip Update And Bitc...
Ben visits California to meet Freddie Roach, Logan Paul, Brandon Schaub.
36 min
#63: Lisa N Edwards, Cryptocurrency Technical A...
Lisa shares her bitcoin and crypto journey and shares do's and don'ts of trading.
45 min
#62: Bitboy Shares His Fast Rise in Crypto And ...
Bitboy Shares His Fast Rise in Crypto And His Top 5 Coins Of 2021.
45 min
#61: Peter Saddington The Doge Lord Talks Bitco...
Peter saddington the first man to buy a lambo with bitcoin and a Dogecoin whale joins us.
35 min
#60: Jason Williams, Mega Bitcoin Investor and ...
Jason @GoingParabolic Williams shares insight on bitcoin investments.
44 min
#59: Chael Sonnen From ESPN and UFC Joins Us To...
The American Gangster Chael Sonnen Talks Crypto and Jake Paul.
27 min
#58: Phil Demers of The Walrus And The Whistle ...
#58: Phil Demers of The Walrus And The Whistle Blower Talk About His Fight And Love For Bitcoin.
46 min
#57: Phil Geiger And Parker Lewis From Unchaine...
How to custody Bitcoin securely and get loans through Unchained Capital.
40 min
#56: Layah Heilpern Joins Us for Current Events...
Layah Heilpern joins the podcast to talk about current events surrounding Bitcoin and crypto.
37 min
#55: Jimmy Song: Bitcoin Maximalist/ Developer/...
Jimmy talks about Bitcoin dominance and his new book thank God for Bitcoin.
51 min
#54: Pro Crypto Trader AKA The Wolf Of All Stre...
What cryptocurrency Scott is trading and his outlook for 2021.
40 min
#53: Michael Saylor, Bitcoin Was Designed To Be...
Michael Saylor talks bitcoin and why it's the best investment for individuals and corporations ever.
52 min
#52: Hotep Jesus Is Back With A Vengence!
Hotep Jesus shares his perspective on bitcoin and money.
48 min
#51: Charlie Lee, The Creator of Litecoin is Ba...
Charlie Lee and Jon Moore gives an update on Litecoin development.
56 min
#50: Dan Held From Kraken Explain How Crypto Ex...
Dan Held breaks down crypto exchange, Bitcoin all time high, and how it's different this time.
43 min
49: The Lovely Jessica Walker Is In Funkytown
Jessica Walker joins us to talk about bitcoin and current events in cryptocurrency.
37 min
#48: Ben Askren And John Kim Discuss Grayscale'...
Bitcoin surges past $17k and legendary hedge fund investors and institutions are flooding in.
37 min
#47: Isaiah Jackson, Author of Bitcoin and Blac...
Isaiah Jackson, shares how Bitcoin can help the black community to build wealth.
43 min
#46: Tyler Spalding Founder of Flexa Network $A...
Tyler an expert in payments breaks down how the payments space works and the future decentralized systems.
49 min
#45: Didi Taihuttu of The Bitcoin Family
Didi Taihuttu of the bitcoin family joins us to talk about going all in and living on bitcoin.
45 min
#44: Riccardo Spagni AKA @fluffypony is In Funk...
Riccardo Spagni AKA @fluffypony discuss bitcoin, )l)llpmonero, and privacy.
48 min
#43: Nicholas Merten of Data Dash Talks DeFi, N...
Nicholas Merten on all things decentralized finance and it's significance for the future of crypto and shares his thoughts on NFT'S and crypto.
44 min
#42: Vision For Global Adoption, Richard Ells f...
Richard Ells of Electroneum take on banking the unbanked and hiring work through with Electroneum.
40 min
#41: Layah Heilpern, Current Events in Bitcoin ...
Layah joins us again to talk about current events in the crypto space.
41 min
#40: Martin Floreani CEO/Co-Founder of The Rokf...
Martin Floreani shares his thoughts on creating content on the Rokfin platform.
30 min
#39: Daniel Polotsky CEO and Founder of the Fas...
Daniel Polotsky talks about his journey into bitcoin and growing from one ATM machine to 900.
34 min
#38: Udi Wertheimer on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and D...
Udi Wertheimer Joins to talk about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dangers of DEFI.
37 min
#37: Anthony Pompliano, The King of Podcast Dro...
Anthony Pompliano, the king of podcast shares his view about Bitcoin.
51 min
#36: Charlie Lee, The Creator of Litecoin Dropp...
Creator of litecoin Charlie Lee shares his thoughts on physical gold, bitcoin, and litecoin.
48 min
#35: The American Gangster, Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen joins Ben Askren and John Kim to talk about Bitcoin, Crypto, and MMA.
34 min
#34: The Insane Crypto Bull Market And Current ...
Ben and John discuss the excitement in the crypto market as the bull market commences.
32 min
#33: Layah Heilpern, Journey Into Becoming The ...
Layah Heilpern joins the podcast to talk about interviewing the best in the industry and growing in the cryptoverse.
41 min
#32: Hotep Jesus Speaks on Race, Life, Money, M...
Hotep Jesus speaks his mind about life and current events.
41 min
#31: Camila Russo, TOPIC: - Living through actu...
Camila Russo sheds light on Ethereum and the DeFi movement
40 min
#30: Pierre Rochard: 4 Value Proposition of Bit...
Bitcoin maximalist Pierre Rochard shares his thoughts on value proposition of bitcoin, twitter, sh*tcoin narrative, and importance of liquidity.
45 min
#29: Ben Mezrich: The Movie 21/Facebook Scandal...
Ben Mezrich joins us to discuss writing Bitcoin Billionaire, episode 3 of the show billions, the movie 21 and traveling to vegas with the MIT team.
40 min
#28: Jason Williams, Co Founder Morgan Creek on...
From bagging groceries to building a business and exiting with $500 million and mining and buying Bitcoin.
42 min
#27: Dan Held, Bitcoin the Savior Of the Financ...
Bitcoin expert Dan Held goes deep into money, economy, and the need for Bitcoin.
49 min
#26: Zuby Shares His Thoughts on The Protests, ...
Zuby goes in deep behind the recent tragedy of George Floyd and the protests.
49 min
#25: Samson Mow CSO of Blockstream on Bitcoin, ...
Samson Mow talks to us about Blockstream's role in Bitcoin, who Satoshi is and his new game Infinite Fleet.
39 min
#24: Torsten Hoffmann the Director of the New B...
We discuss with Torsten about Bitcoin and his new film Cryptopia.
34 min
#23: Former Presidential Candidate and Texas Co...
Former Presidential Candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul Joins us to talk about The FED, Liberty
34 min
#22: Jameson Lopp on Bitcoin and Importance of ...
Jameson Lopp Shares His Journey Into Bitcoin and Protecting Personal Privacy and Best Security Practices.
42 min
#21: Up close and personal with Alex Adelman th...
Alex Adelman Talks About How to Stack SATs by using lolli.
34 min
#20: The State of Crypto and the Economy w/ Nic...
We discuss crypto and the economy with Nicholas Merten, a 22 year old YouTube sensation with 338k subscribers.
47 min
#19: Up Close and Personal With Zac Prince, CEO...
Zac Prince shares his story about Bitcoin and building a strong business model that can withstand financial crisis and making customer experience a priority.
41 min
#18: WTF is the Bitcoin Halving?
Data on past Bitcoin Halving and what to expect in May.
46 min
#17: Our Top 5 Most Influential People in Crypto
Who are Ben Askren and John Kim's top 5 most influential people in crypto to follow?
46 min
#16: The trade of the century is coming up, Bit...
Ben Askren and John Kim talk to Jason Yanowitz, the Co-Founder of BlockWorks Group
44 min
#15: Bitcoin, forever 21m vs Dollar, unlimited ...
Ben Askren of the UFC and John Kim of the Litecoin Foundation discuss major crypto news and the monetary policy of Bitcoin’s 21 million supply versus the unlimited supply of the dollar.
34 min
Funky Crypto Episode 14: Coronavirus and the FE...
Ben Askren of the UFC and John Kim of the Litecoin Foundation discuss crypto news and how the Coronavirus spread so quickly in South Korea.
40 min
Funky Crypto Episode 13: Real talk with Martin ...
Ben Askren of the UFC and Martin Floreani Founder and CEO of Rokfin discuss a better solution for content creators.
30 min
Funky Crypto Episode 12: So you wanna be a cryp...
Ben Askren of the UFC and John Kim of the Litecoin Foundation discuss crypto news and how to avoid scams and pitfalls during the bull run.
42 min
Funky Crypto Episode 11: Who is Satoshi Nakamot...
Ben Askren of the UFC and John Kim of the Litecoin Foundation discuss who Satoshi Nakamoto is and his contribution to the world.
38 min
Funky Crypto Episode 10: Does crypto really mat...
Ben Askren of the UFC and Tyler Spalding former MIT alum, NASA, and founder of FlexaHQ and SPEDN APP talk truth about crypto and real world adoption of it. "Our Entire defense budget in the US is little more than 3 percent of GDP, total social cost of...
37 min
Funky Crypto Episode 9: A case for Bitcoin: 202...
Ben Askren of the UFC and John Kim of the Litecoin Foundation discuss a case for Bitcoin. Bitcoin Halving happens every four years. Ben knows about it because he is an olympian. We discuss what a great opportunity have before us. Don't wait another...
36 min
Funky Crypto Episode 8: The real global epidemi...
Ben Askren of the UFC and John Kim of the Litecoin Foundation discuss the real global epidemic. "Patience is being hijacked by the high speed, instant gratification culture. A deadly virus can spread but with time can be treated and stopped. But the...
44 min
Funky Crypto Episode 7: Mainstream adoption of ...
Ben Askren of the UFC and John Kim of the Litecoin Foundation discuss the progress of adoption of bitcoin, litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies in the real world right now.
42 min
Funky Crypto Episode 6: The truth about gamblin...
Ben Askren of the UFC and John Kim of the Litecoin Foundation discuss the history of gambling and its effect on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
44 min
Funky Crypto Episode 5: Bitcoin and Crypto Bull...
Ben Askren of the UFC and John Kim of the Litecoin Foundation discuss the return of the Bitcoin and Crypto Bull Run.
41 min