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Join Amy Nicklaus, the owner and managing partner of Nicklaus Marketing & PR, and host of Full Time with Amy, in an informal work week ‘wine down’ podcast discussion about current events and what happened that week related to careers and coworkers, often within manufacturing, and its mental intersections with life in general, to engage the audience intellectually and emotionally rather than have them listen, nod, and politely tune you out as can happen with family and friends. It’s real, revealing and occasionally maybe a little raucous. Jacket Media Co. Podcast

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#26 Defining a Clear Path to Success with Lisa ...
This week, host Amy Nicklaus interviews Lisa Peskin, an author, entrepreneur, and visionary. In this episode, Lisa discusses the importance of having a clear and defined path in any career,...
25 min
#25 Democratizing Leadership with James Kelley
What differentiates leaders is not always their philosophy of leadership, their personality, or their style of management. Often, it’s how they interpret their surroundings and react in...
37 min
#24 Hope Loves Company with Jodi O'Donnell-Ames
As a trained teacher, child care provider and mother of three, Hope Loves Company's president, Jodi O'Donnell-Ames, knows that many children today lead hectic lives. For the most part, both parents are working, there are
18 min
#23 Running a Kids’ Gym During the Pandemic wit...
The coronavirus pandemic has affected so many small businesses and franchises during the year of 2020 in a variety of ways. Today we are joined by Danielle Carreau Mikolay, the owner of The Little Gym of Roxbury in Ledgewood, New Jersey to talk about
14 min
#22 How Companies Gain Loyalty with Morgan Carter.
Today’s episode was supposed to feature a guest, however, due to COVID-19, we were having some difficulties getting that going. So instead, for this episode, Morgan decided to take what she had planned for the intended guest and asked a couple of college...
12 min
#21 Working Women and Hazard Girls with Emily S...
On today’s episode of Full Time with Amy Nicklaus, we are joined by Emily Soloby. Some listeners will be familiar with Emily from listening to her on the WAM podcast — these listeners know that they’re in for a treat. Emily and I first discuss her story ...
13 min
#19 Keeping It Clean During Covid
This week join Amy and Morgan as they revisit one of the hottest topics, sustainability. How are people staying clean with their products during COVID? Stay tuned to find out!
11 min
#16 Corona Crazy
This week host Amy Nicklaus and guest Morgan Carter shed light on the current state of the US during the pandemic. Tune in to see how businesses are handling it as well as how you can see the silver lining during all this. New Episodes available Fridays ...
27 min
#14 New Products In 2020
This week Amy and Morgan take a look at all things far out. Products in 2020 are taking an interesting digital shift. Stick around to hear about all the latest and how manufacturers are keeping up.
36 min
#13 A Political Year: How It Affects Our Econom...
This week Amy and Morgan dive into how an election year can affect business, relationships, and their thoughts dealing with the uncertainty from each of their point of views.
35 min
#10 What's Trending and Why It Matters
In this episode, host Amy Nicklaus talks with her team about everything from how consumer choices influence the manufacturing of hairdryers, to talking about Cardi B's outfit at Fashion Week.  Listeners will learn about current trends, news, and the sign...
18 min
#9 Communicating Through Change
Full Time With Amy is BACK with an ALL-NEW episode. Amy dives into the many changes that have been happening at Nicklaus Marketing & PR, including moving into a new office, as well as changes occurring in her personal life. It is so important to be in tu...
11 min
#8 Law Partners & Life Partners
Today on Full Time With Amy, Amy is joined by Jennifer McAndrew-Vuotto, Esq. Jen is much more than full-time though, as she balances being an attorney, mother, scout leader, and immediate past President of the Bar Association of Morris County! And that d...
22 min
#7 Navigating The Overwhelm Of The College Plan...
Amy had the pleasure of chatting with the founder of UGuide, Dana Schlotterer, who is also the assistant principal of a private school where she guides seniors through all aspects of the college planning process. 📚🎓Under her guidance, students attend all...
31 min
#6 Blessings And Better Beauty Products
On this week's episode of Full Time With Amy Nicklaus, Amy sits down with Maryclare Cirigliano Haubruck. As a teacher and a director of Beautycounter, she uses her knowledge of beauty products and her education background to help women learn exactly what...
33 min
#5 Balance: How You Can Still Have It While Ach...
This week, on Full Time with Amy Nicklaus, we welcome Elizabeth Barry. With many successes of her own and her more than 20-year career, Elizabeth is now a coach and consultant for some of the most successful entrepreneurs, as well as C-suite level busine...
21 min
#4 Changing The Perception Of The Manufacturing...
This week, Amy sits down with the CEO of Prag'madik, Andrea Olson, who is also one of the hosts of The WAM Podcast, which is another Jacket Media Co. podcast.  For more, visit fulltimewithamy.com
31 min
#3 Get Real
This week on Full Time With Amy Nicklaus, Amy sits down with real estate relocation specialist, Laura Ana Blanche, the founder of Knecht Properties, to discuss her reasons for going into real estate, the qualifications required to be a relocation special...
22 min
#2 Thread's Not Dead
This week on Full Time With Amy Nicklaus, Amy sits down with the President and Founder of Made Here New York, Karyn Villante, who shares her story about getting back into the clothing manufacturing industry after taking some time off and about the import...
16 min
#1 The Potato Episode
Get to know your host! Amy is sharing a little bit of her crazy life— managing a family and a marketing company, having ADHD, and some of the everyday challenges that she faces, along with some ridiculously funny stories that most of her listeners will b...
13 min