Full Press Buccaneers Podcast

A semi-daily Tampa Bay Buccaneers Podcast hosted by Ian Glendon and presented by Full Press Coverage

Ep 4: Instant Reaction to the Bucs Draft
John Carey of FPC Bucs joins host Ian Glendon to discuss the conclusion of the NFL Draft and what it means for the Buccaneers.
27 min
Ep 3: Gronk to Tampa Bay; Fantasy Talk w/ Kyle ...
Ian discusses Rob Gronkowski, the NFL Draft, and Bucs fantasy football relevance with Kyle Senra.
34 min
Ep 2: Suh Re-Signs; No AB in TB
Ian reacts to the re-signing of Ndamukong Suh and Bruce Arians thoughts on Antonio Brown possibly reuniting with Tom Brady in Tampa.
25 min
Ep 1: The G.O.A.T is in the Building; Mike D'Ab...
Host Ian Glendon talks Tom Brady to Tampa Bay with Mike D'Abate of FPC Patriots and Locked On Patriots Podcast.
38 min