Full Press Bears Podcast

A Chicago Bears centric podcast hosted by Kyle George (@FuriousGeorge94) and Joey Plotkin (GoBearsDeep) and presented by Full Press Coverage.

Episode 39: The Bears and the Quarterback Posit...
Kyle's back and he brought some quarterback opinions you may not like.
37 min
Episode 38: Offseason in Full Swing: Dalton, A-...
Red Rifle Time.
46 min
Episode 37: The Kicker Special
Cairo Santos and Pat O'Donnell both get extended!
15 min
Episode 36: A-Rob Tagged, Kyle Long Returns, Up...
Superfan of the show and Da Bears, Joey, joins me to talk the latest news of the Bears!
42 min
Episode 35: All Aboard Train Russell
Russell Wilson has the Bears included on his teams he would like to be traded too!
33 min
Episode 34: Carson Wentz is off the Table, Sean...
I'm excited the Bears didn't go for Wentz, and I'm excited about Desai's promotion!
23 min
Episode 33: Hellbent on Wentz? Trade Discussion...
When it comes to the Bears quarterback situation, is it Wentz or bust?
42 min
Episode 32: Stafford/Goff Trade, QB Carousel, S...
Implications for the QB market, and thoughts on the upcoming Super Bowl!
33 min
Episode 31: Championship Weekend, The GOAT, Des...
So much news!
46 min
Episode 30: NFL Playoffs, Bears DC Search, Good...
Feelin those offseason blues.
45 min
Episode 29: An EmBEARassing Press Conference, R...
The Bears are doomed. Go Rams.
60 min
Episode 28: Bears/Saints Wild Card Weekend Reca...
Being a fan of the Bears is embarrassing sometimes.
58 min
Episode 27: It's Time for the Playoffs! Bears-S...
Playoffs?!?! You kiddin' me? I just hope we can win a game!
47 min
Episode 26: Bears Lose Big, BUUUUT Are in the P...
Super Bears. Super Bowl.
33 min
Episode 25: Bears/Jags Recap, Playoff Implicati...
The Bears win and are in.
31 min
Episode 24: A Holiday Fireside Chat - Bears/Vik...
Put on your robe and slippers, light the yulelog, fill your mug with hot chocolate, and join Kyle for a holiday-themed fireside chat.
48 min
Episode 23: Bears @ Vikings Game Preview
Can the Bears keep the ball rollin'?
36 min
Episode 22: Bears 36 - Texans 7 Game Review. WH...
This means Trubisky is better than Watson, right???
34 min
Episode 21: Texans @ Bears Game Preview "The De...
Bears fans finally get to see Deshaun Watson play at Soldier Field.......just not how they always imagined it.
27 min
Episode 20: Lions 34 - Bears 30 and the Circle ...
F.I.R.E. P.E.O.P.L.E. N.O.W.
39 min
Episode 19: Lions @ Bears Preview (Feat. Shane ...
Can the Bears summon up enough offense to win a game?
47 min
Episode 18: Packers 41 - Bears 25 (IT WASN'T TH...
The Bears suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
35 min
Episode 17: Bears @ Packers Game Preview (Feat....
Every game for the Bears this season is now a "must-win." Can they pull off a win versus the hated Packers?
45 min
Episode 16: Ryan Pace's Job is Safe?
Per Michael Lombardi, Ryan Pace has "endeared himself to the McCaskey family."
25 min
Episode 15: The State of the Bears with JJ Stan...
JJ Stankevitz joins me to discuss the bleak realities that await the Bears at the conclusion of this season.
35 min