Full Press Bears Podcast

A Chicago Bears centric podcast hosted by Kyle George and presented by Full Press Coverage.

Episode 52: Bengals @ Bears Game Mini-Preview
Can the Bears withstand the "Average Joes?" (Mixon and Burrow)
24 min
Episode 51: Rams 34 - Bears 14 Game Recap
That game was a mixed bag of hot garbage and luke warm garbage.
38 min
Episode 50: Bears @ Rams Week 1 LET'S GO. (w/ M...
53 min
Episode 49: Mad at Matt, Jumpin' for Justin.
Just start Fields and stop being so secretive, MATT.
25 min
Episode 48: We're Back! Offseason in Review
Justin Fields is closing the gap. OOOOOOOOOHHH MAAAAANNNN!
33 min
Episode 47: Minicamp, Who's the Starter?, Chris...
On this very divisive episode....
50 min
Episode 46: Updates on OTAs, Fields, Dalton, an...
The Bears D is a no-show. Dalton likes to throw to the other team. Fields likes to make our hearts go pitter-patter. Rodgers likes to play heartbreaker up in Green Bay.
33 min
Episode 45: Aaron Out Rodgers' Grievances (with...
What is going down in Green Bay?
39 min
Episode 44: The Way Too Late But Also Too Early...
When will Fields start? That's all we care about!
72 min
Episode 43: Draft Results Deep Dive (w/ Jay Ste...
In case you haven't watched any film on any of the Bears draft picks, Jay and Jeremy have you covered!
65 min
Episode 42: Bears Draft Day Review with Joey an...
I still can't believe we landed Justin Fields!
69 min
Episode 41: Pre-Draft Discussion and Crossover ...
Prepare for the worst outcome possible.
84 min
Episode 40: I Just Don't Know What To Think
Don't trust what anyone says about the draft.
34 min
Episode 39: The Bears and the Quarterback Posit...
Kyle's back and he brought some quarterback opinions you may not like.
37 min
Episode 38: Offseason in Full Swing: Dalton, A-...
Red Rifle Time.
46 min
Episode 37: The Kicker Special
Cairo Santos and Pat O'Donnell both get extended!
15 min
Episode 36: A-Rob Tagged, Kyle Long Returns, Up...
Superfan of the show and Da Bears, Joey, joins me to talk the latest news of the Bears!
42 min
Episode 35: All Aboard Train Russell
Russell Wilson has the Bears included on his teams he would like to be traded too!
33 min
Episode 34: Carson Wentz is off the Table, Sean...
I'm excited the Bears didn't go for Wentz, and I'm excited about Desai's promotion!
23 min
Episode 33: Hellbent on Wentz? Trade Discussion...
When it comes to the Bears quarterback situation, is it Wentz or bust?
42 min
Episode 32: Stafford/Goff Trade, QB Carousel, S...
Implications for the QB market, and thoughts on the upcoming Super Bowl!
33 min
Episode 31: Championship Weekend, The GOAT, Des...
So much news!
46 min
Episode 30: NFL Playoffs, Bears DC Search, Good...
Feelin those offseason blues.
45 min
Episode 29: An EmBEARassing Press Conference, R...
The Bears are doomed. Go Rams.
60 min
Episode 28: Bears/Saints Wild Card Weekend Reca...
Being a fan of the Bears is embarrassing sometimes.
58 min
Episode 27: It's Time for the Playoffs! Bears-S...
Playoffs?!?! You kiddin' me? I just hope we can win a game!
47 min
Episode 26: Bears Lose Big, BUUUUT Are in the P...
Super Bears. Super Bowl.
33 min
Episode 25: Bears/Jags Recap, Playoff Implicati...
The Bears win and are in.
31 min
Episode 24: A Holiday Fireside Chat - Bears/Vik...
Put on your robe and slippers, light the yulelog, fill your mug with hot chocolate, and join Kyle for a holiday-themed fireside chat.
48 min
Episode 23: Bears @ Vikings Game Preview
Can the Bears keep the ball rollin'?
36 min
Episode 22: Bears 36 - Texans 7 Game Review. WH...
This means Trubisky is better than Watson, right???
34 min
Episode 21: Texans @ Bears Game Preview "The De...
Bears fans finally get to see Deshaun Watson play at Soldier Field.......just not how they always imagined it.
27 min
Episode 20: Lions 34 - Bears 30 and the Circle ...
F.I.R.E. P.E.O.P.L.E. N.O.W.
39 min
Episode 19: Lions @ Bears Preview (Feat. Shane ...
Can the Bears summon up enough offense to win a game?
47 min
Episode 18: Packers 41 - Bears 25 (IT WASN'T TH...
The Bears suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
35 min
Episode 17: Bears @ Packers Game Preview (Feat....
Every game for the Bears this season is now a "must-win." Can they pull off a win versus the hated Packers?
45 min
Episode 16: Ryan Pace's Job is Safe?
Per Michael Lombardi, Ryan Pace has "endeared himself to the McCaskey family."
25 min
Episode 15: The State of the Bears with JJ Stan...
JJ Stankevitz joins me to discuss the bleak realities that await the Bears at the conclusion of this season.
35 min
Episode 14: Vikings 19 - Bears 13 Game Review
This game was a waste of everyone's time.
28 min
Episode 13: Vikings @ Bears MNF Game Preview (F...
A skidding Bears team meets a rising Vikings team. Can Cousins claim his first Monday Night Football victory?
46 min
Episode 12: Titans 24 - Bears 17 Game Review (1...
What an atrocious game!
26 min
Episode 11: Bears @ Titans Game Preview - 11/8/...
Two teams with consecutive losses and playoff futures in question meet in Music City!
51 min
Episode 10: Game Review| Saints 26 - Bears 23 (...
Javon Wims totally sucker-punched that dude.
35 min
Episode 9: Game Preview: Saints @ Bears (11/1/2...
The Bears beat "Old Man Brady." Can they do the same against "Old Man Brees?"
40 min
Episode 8: Rams 24 - Bears 10 Game Review (10/2...
WOOF! Was that bad.
34 min
Episode 7: Game Preview - Bears @ Rams (with Al...
The 5-1 Bears head into Los Angeles to take on the 4-2 Rams on Monday Night Football!
49 min
Episode 6: Bears 23 - Panthers 16 Game Review (...
The Bears defense dominates the game and delivers the victory. 5-1.
36 min
Episode 5: Bears @ Panthers Game Preview (feat....
Everything you need to know about the Bears upcoming matchup against the Carolina Panthers.
40 min
Episode 4: Special Episode (The "State" of the ...
With the Bears on a "mini-bye" after a Thursday night game and the game review having posted on Friday, it's time for a special episode!
31 min
Episode 3: Game Review: Bears 20 - Buccaneers 1...
Nick Foles has a son and his name is Tom Brady.
29 min
Episode 2: Game Preview: Buccaneers @ Bears, 10...
What should the Bears expect from the Buccaneers on a short week?
61 min
Episode 1: Game Review: Colts 19 - Bears 11 (10...
For everyone ready to see something different from the Bears' offense, we saw more inaccurate passing, suspect play-calling, and missed opportunities.
37 min