On the Wavelength

FRQNCY Media is a first-of-its-kind podcast production and audio innovation company that meets you where you are – whether you want to learn how to produce a podcast yourself or need a full-service production partner to do it for you. Tune in to "On the Wavelength" to meet the FRQNCY Fam, get an under-the-hood look at how FRQNCY makes audio magic, and follow along with us real-time as we navigate life, growth, and purpose as a podcast production startup. Learn more and work with us at frqncy.media.

The Secret to Success? Embrace Your Feminine Side
7 min
Behind the Wavelength: Evolution Embodied
12 min
Behind the Wavelength: When Purpose Aligns
16 min
Behind the Wavelength: The Great Rewind
25 min
Behind the Wavelength: Meet the New FRQNCY
Listen to our four-part "Behind the Wavelength" series to hear from Michelle and FRQNCY OGs Jessica Olivier and Enna Garkusha about some of the milestones and never-before-shared memories that have shaped FRQNCY.
4 min
Meet the Fam: DonTaé Hodge, Sound Engineer
Get to know FRQNCY Media's sound engineer, DonTaé Hodge
0 min
Meet the Fam: Becca Godwin, Executive Assistant...
Get to know Becca Godwin, executive assistant to FRQNCY Media's CEO, associate producer of The Cultured Podcast, and all-star researcher on the content strategy team.
1 min
Meet the Fam: Enna Garkusha, Producer
Get to know FRQNCY Media's producer, Enna Garkusha
0 min
Meet the Fam: Jessica Olivier, Content Strategist
Get to know FRQNCY Media's content strategy lead, Jessica Olivier
0 min
Meet the Fam: Michelle Khouri, CEO & Founder
Get to know FRQNCY Media's founder and CEO, Michelle Khouri
0 min
What We Do & Who We Are
2 min