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Chapter Tactics #8 Eldar 101
80 min
Signals From The Frontline #476 LVO News and More
Reece and Pablo talk latests releases and LVO News.
51 min
The Ninth Realm - The Free Peoples Pt.2
The gang talks about the second half of the free peoples.  The new mic is on the way so the sound quality is on its way up (yaaay) 
52 min
Signals from the Frontline #474: Adeptus Custod...
Frontline Gaming turns five today and Reece and Frankie celebrate the only way they know how. Talking about 40k!
21 min
Chapter Tactics #7: Trolling TOs
91 min
Signals From the Frontline Episode 474
Signals From the Frontline Episode 474
42 min
The Ninth Realm - The Free Peoples Pt.1
The crew talk about the free peoples in the first part of this age of sigmar podcast.
50 min
Signals From The Frontline #473 Magnus the Red ...
Reece and Frankie talk about Genestealers and Magnus the Red while getting pumped about Heavy Gear,
36 min
Chapter Tactics #6 Genestealer Cult vs Deathwatch
Which is more competitive?
71 min
Signals from the Frontline #472: Genestealer Cu...
As the title implies, Reece and Frankie talk about gene stealer cults and weather they are OP.
36 min
The Ninth Realm - Skaven Battletome
Reece, jason, and Mariana are back to talk about the Skaven Battletome. 
54 min
Chapter Tactics #5: Champ Talk
With Nick Nanavati
68 min
The Ninth Realm - Battle Banter
We talk about our favorite units in the game
55 min
Signals form the Frontline #470: Brand New F.A....
Grassy Plains 2 in 4×6′ size is now available. We are pretty stoked about this everyone in the office loves the design so be sure to check it out. Reece and Frankie talk news and rumors.
30 min
Chapter Tactics #4: Beating Battle Company
W/ Brandon Grant!
53 min
Signals from the Frontline #469
New Primarch: Leman Russ
21 min
The Ninth Realm - Battletome: Fyreslayers
Jason Mariana and Frankie talk about Battletome: Fyreslayers and some AOS news.
45 min
Signals from the Frontline #468: Angel's Blade!
Join us for a discussion on the new Angel's Blade Blood Angels supplement. Oh also the bosses off in Mexico, Frankie is relaxing on the beach and Reece is still sending emails from the cabana. So Jason and Pablo are filling in.
39 min
Chapter Tactics #3: Traitors Gonna Hate
Today Pablo and his special guest go over the tactical merit of the Traitor's Hate book. Does the Chaos Space Marines faction have the tools now to compete on the top tables? 
65 min
Signals from the Frontline #467: AoS ITC is a GO!
Angel Blade is the new release and the guys are talking about Best Coast Pairings, new models and kickstarter updates.
40 min
The Ninth Realm -Seraphon Battletome Review
Reece, Jason and Mariana talk about the Seraphon Battletome. 
53 min
Signals from the Frontline #466: Traitor’s Hate!
Join us for a discussion on the new Traitor’s Hate Chaos Space Marine supplement! Also we are referring to this book as the tater's hate, in the office.
34 min
Chapter Tactics #2: Matt Root and The Top Nova ...
The current #1 ranked ITC player Matt Root and PeteyPab go over War Convocation lists and rate the two winning NOVA lists from the open, and the invitational. 
50 min
Signals from the Frontline #465: Chaos Levels Up!
Plus an interview with the ITC Scottish Open
57 min
The Ninth Realm - Archaon and Battletome Everch...
Jason and Pablo steer the ship on this one and talk about the gore chosen and the Battletome Everchosen.
58 min
Chapter Tactics #1: Dealing with Alpha Strikes
Special Saturday Episode
44 min
Signals From The Frontline #464 We're back, baby!
Reece and Frankie are back and even though they are beat from their trip they are exited to tell you all about it, as well as cover the important news stories of the day.
30 min
The Ninth Realm - Death Alliance ft. Brandon
Sorry we keep changing the line up but this week its Jason, Pablo, and Brandon one of the top painters in our FLG paint studio. They are talking abut the death alliance and hobby time.
56 min
Signals From The Frontline #463 Deathwatch codex
Jason and Pablo talk about .
48 min
Signals From the Frontline #462 Special Intervi...
Stay tuned till the end to hear Frankie's interview with Rich from BattleHaven.  Oh also Pablo and Jason are filling in for R&F while they know what? I'll just let them tell you when they get back. 
29 min
The Ninth Realm - Stormcast Eternal Battletome
Still switching up the cast since we've got people out sick today. Its Jason, Mariana and special guest Frankie. Talking about the storm cast eternal. "The fact that I'm a noob is pretty evident in this episode but I'm learning!" -Mariana
36 min
Signals From the Frontline #461 Cruisehammer 2016
Reece and Frankie are back from vacation and ready to hit the ground running, today they talk about Cruisehammer, rumors of a new Raven Guard focused mission for a solo operative, and more.
26 min
Signals From the Frontline #460 Necron Draft FAQ
Jason and Reece catch up on some news and go over the Necron FAQ.
23 min
The Ninth Realm Ep.6 Beastclaw Raiders
Today on the podcast we have special guests, Jeff Sas and Pablo, as well as the ever present Jason! Talking about the battle tome Beastclaw Raiders. Sorry for the occasional clicking in the background, some of our podcasters were unaware that their...
48 min
(ReUpload) Signals From The Frontline #459 Deat...
The audio on the last version of this podcast was too low so here it is fixed. Pablo and Jason talk about the news and let some jokes go on for a little too long. Reece and Frankie are still off on their 5 year anniversary cruise haha aka cruise...
40 min
(ReUpload) Signals From The Frontline #458 End ...
Hey everyone is a double signals today because the audio form Friday had some trouble uploading. (hurray random glitches) but were back on schedule for an epic week of streams and podcasts.
38 min
The Ninth Realm: An Age of Sigmar Podcast Ironj...
So an unedited version of this podcast went up earlier, a lot of you downloaded it so sorry about that but to those of you who haven't heard it here is the real version!  We talk about the Ironjawz battle tome, and news.
39 min
Signals From The Frontline #457 Back from Gen Con
(But leaving again soon)
32 min
Signals From The frontline #456 Switching it up
Pablo and Jason take over for some banter and the usual 40k news! Also as a side note sorry about the occasional loud noise, the building next to us is being renovated and the noise can be unpredictable. 
19 min
The Ninth Realm: An Age of Sigmar Podcast Ep.4 ...
We go over the Season of War and the Battletome: Bonesplitterz.
47 min
Signals From The Frontline #455
Analyzing The BAO Champions List
33 min
Signals From The Frontline #454 FAQ's and Rumors
Fresh Rumors! Get your rumors here!
45 min
The Ninth Realm: An Age of Sigmar Podcast Ep.3 ...
We talk about our first thoughts on the generals handbook and Reece goes over his Sylvaneth list for competitive play.
49 min
Signals From The Frontline #432 ATC Recap
57 min
The Ninth Realm: An Age of Sigmar Podcast Ep.3
Talking about ghouls but not goblins
52 min
Signals From The frontline #450 Headed to the BAO
We're trying to get out of the studio quickly today so that we can beat the traffic to the BAO! But that won't stop us from giving you all the latest new and rumors.
32 min
The Ninth Realm: An Age of Sigmar Podcast Ep.2
We delve into the Sylvaneth Handbook and do our very best with summarizing some of the Lore. This podcast features Reece, Jason, and a much louder Mariana.  Leave us a comment on iTunes or the blog at and let us know what...
47 min
Tau First Draft FAQ Review
We go over the first draft FAQ, what we like and what we hope changes. As well as a few errata that are going to be changing the game up for some upcoming tournaments.
27 min
Signals From The Frontline #448 Team Tournament...
Meta Busting Monday
42 min
Signals From The Frontline #447
The episode where Reece geeks out on the new Sylvaneth Models
50 min
The Ninth Realm: An Age of Sigmar Podcast!
We are so excited to bring you a new podcast on our channel. Signals will still be going up on schedule but we will just be adding The Ninth Realm on Thursdays. Because this podcast is so new we will be relying on our listeners to give us feedback,...
40 min
Special Episode! GW FAQ Draft - All Eldar
Eldar, Dark Eldar, Harlequins
22 min
Signals From The Frontline #446
The guys are pumped about the LVO sales coming in so fast, between when we started the podcast and ended it we sold 10 more (really!) We cover new releases, and we go over the ITC Championship Rankings. 
48 min
Signals From The Frontline #445 LVO Reg Now Open!
33 min
GW Blood Angels/ Dark Angels FAQ Review
Things are crazy here at Frontline with all the stuff we are about to release, the LVO 2017 tickets are going on sale in 1 day (July 1st) and the rooms are already available to start booking. Also the BAO is happening soon and we are working on videos...
20 min
Signals From the Frontline #444 ITC Poll Results!
The guys go over the ITC Poll results.
36 min
Signals From the Frontline #433
You can find the show notes here:  Thank you for downloading our podcast! We work hard to bring you the most relevant and interesting information of the week. 
50 min
Official ITC 2nd Quarter Poll Podcast!
This is the official ITC Podcast. We had a rehearsal podcast accidentally get posted earlier but this time its for real. So listen and get informed because the ITC vote will affect all of us! Oh man, so exiting. Also we love iTunes reviews but this...
37 min
Signals From The Frontline #441 ft. Life After ...
ITC voting will be opening soon!
59 min
GW Space Wolves Daft: First Impressions!
Just talking about the new GW Daft for Space Wolves Like the podcast? Consider giving us an iTunes review and we might read it on the podcast.   
25 min
Meta Busting Monday's #440 Preparing for Tourna...
Bookmark these show notes and go back to them before your next Tournament because the guys are laying down some solid advice today. Decades of tabletop experience is headed your way.  Oh also the audio is a little "background noise"y sorry about...
64 min
Signals From The Frontline#439
Frankie and Pablo take over signals with Reece away at lock n load in Seattle.  You can find the show notes here:
20 min
GW Space Marines FAQ First Impressions! Special...
Whoa whoa whats this? A new episode in the middle of the week? Well the guys delve into the new GW FAQ Draft. Some of these questions are pretty great and the answers might just be better.
41 min
Signals From The Frontline: Defeating Battle Co...
You can find the show notes here:  Oh and stay tuned for the interview at the end of the podcast today!
53 min
Signals From The Frontline #437
You can find the show notes here:     
67 min
Signals From The Frontline #436 F.A.T Mat Exclu...
You can find the show notes here:  And if you like the podcast leave us a comment/review on iTunes! 
46 min
Signals From The Frontline #435 How to Defeat D...
You can find the show notes here!  
46 min
Signals From The Frontline #434 News and Death ...
You can find the show notes here!  Oh and consider leaving us a comment on iTunes! We are always looking to improve our podcast and we love hearing from all of you!  
47 min
Signals From The Frontline #433 Meta-busting Mo...
Death From The Skies
49 min
Signals From the Frontline #432 Ft.Frankie and ...
You can find the show notes here:
29 min
Signals From the Frontline #431 Pt.2 Angels of ...
Reece has gone to become a bull fighter and will be back sometime next week, until then Pablo and Frankie are coming at you with all the news, updates, and corny jokes you love! You can find the show notes here!       
46 min
Signals from the frontline #430 Hang over special
Enjoying the show? Please consider giving us a review on iTunes!  Here are your particularly funny hung over show notes 
46 min
Signals From The Frontline #428 Special Guest: ...
74 min
Signals From The Frontline #427 Angels of Death...
45 min
Signals From the Frontline #426
GW is engaging the community?
52 min
Signals From The Frontline: Meta-busting Monday!
Playing With and Against Stormsurges
52 min
Signals From the Frontline Episode 424
In this Episode we discuss BAO, Forgeworld, ITC, and Space Marines.
51 min
Signals #423 - Killing Warp Spiders
46 min
Signals From The frontline #422 New ITC Terrain...
Warping to a webcart near you today!
43 min
Signals From The Frontline
Back from AdeptiCon!
51 min
Signals From The Frontline #420
51 min
Signals From The Frontline #419
You can find the show notes here: GW is making moves in their tank to get back into organized play, Total War: Warhammer features some gameplay footage, and is TTGITG line coming out with a game? 
41 min
Signals From The Frontline #418
You can find the show notes here! BAO tickets up for sale! We’re looking for feedback on our Twitch stream, if you have a few minutes and wouldn’t mind giving us your opinion, we’d appreciate it.-   
49 min
Signals From The Frontline Ep 417 -AoS Audio Jo...
The guys spend some time talking about the Age of Sigmar Audio Book they listened to, cover the news, and get into some sweet sweet tactics.You can find the show notes here!   
58 min
Signals From The Frontline #416
In this episode the guys talk rumors, wonder just what GW might be thinking, and cover the latest news. As well as make a special announcement about the BAO! 
34 min
Signals From The Frontline #415
New FW Thousand Sons contemptor Dread, the Primarchs may be getting their own novels, and Betrayal at Calth sequel rumored.You can find the Show Notes here:
37 min
Signals From the Frontline #414
You can find the show notes here: guys are back in action, giving you the news and all the color commentary you need to stay updated on the 40k world. 
51 min
Signals From The Frontline #413
You can find the show notes with the poll numbers here:With the help of good ol' phatjaysleeze aka Jason the guys go over the poll results and talk about their effect on the itv moving forward. 
60 min