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AOWdu 30.1 Dark Angels Codex Review P2
Adam and John Lennon complete their journey through the amazingly powerful Dark Angels codex
110 min
40k Game Changers Ep 7: Rick Priestley. How 40k...
When Rick Priestley created Warhammer 40k in the 80's he gave birth to a monster! But back then, no one knew that until it was too late.
46 min
Chapter Tactics #195: "F" is for Frolicking Fun...
Today the guys talk about what it really takes to have fun at tournaments
115 min
AOW - 79.1 Tyranids Dominate 9th Edition ! Wou...
49 min
Signals from the Frontline #723: the Age of SIg...
38 min
AOWdu 29.1 Dark Angels Codex Review Part 1 with...
Adam and John Lennon sit down to dissect the latest addition to the space marine lexicon Dark Angels!
69 min
40k Game Changers Ep 6: Controversy! Nick Hayde...
Steve speaks with Nick Hayden, crusader for the good of the game and breaker of (often) big stories in the world of Warhammer 40k.
36 min
Chapter Tactics #194: How the Imperium of Man C...
In this fluff episode Peteypab brings on an ancient history professor to talk about 40k lore!
98 min
AOW - Ep. 78.1 LVNOPEN ? No Problem
57 min
Signals from the Frontline #722: Drukhari Rules...
40 min
AOWdu 28.1 Deathguard Codex Review Part 2
Adam is rejoined by the imposing Don Hooson to complete their review of the Deathguard Codex!!
85 min
40K Game Changers Ep 5: A Winters wonderland. W...
Steve speaks with Winters from Winters SEO and Deployment Zone TV about going full time, filming on his phone, and Liam.
39 min
Chapter Tactics #193: How We Can Change the ITC...
Today the guys get the head honcho of the ITC on to talk about potential new changes to the format.
87 min
AOW - 77.1 Terminating Your Foes with Chaos
50 min
Signals from the Frontline #721: Dark Angels Br...
Today the guys talk about how good the Dark Angels codex is going to be and more industry news!
46 min
AOWdu 27.1 Deathguard codex review Part 1 With ...
Adam draws in the mastadon himself, Don Hooson to review the first half of the Deathguard Codex!
86 min
Signals from the Frontline #720: Dark Angels In...
Today the guys talk about the new Dark Angels and what they love.
46 min
40k Game Changers Ep 4: Nick Nanavati. The Brow...
Steve speaks to Nick Nanavati about charging $3 to write lists and how he earned the name 'The Tom Brady of 40k'.
39 min
Chapter Tactics #192: What The LVNo Means For t...
Today the guys talk about the results and takeaways from running the largest streamed collaborative event in competitive 40k history.
92 min
Signals from the Frontline #719: Deathguard are...
This episode is an older episode recorded 2 weeks ago
44 min
AOW - 76.1 Things Will Get Loud Now
64 min
AOWdu 26.1 Poland WTC legends
Adam sits down with Polish Legends Typhus and Kuba to talk about what makes Poland so sucsessful at international 40k
68 min
40k Game Changers Ep 3: Get me Val and The Falc...
Val Hefflefinger and Peter the Falcon Colosimo talk origins, crazy passport stories and how they get stats to 40k folks.
44 min
Chapter Tactics #191: Breaking Down the Top Lis...
Today the guys get hyped for this year's LVnO and talk about the cutting edge lists and top players in the meta
83 min
AOW - Ep. 75.1 Death Guard on Display
52 min
AOWdu 25.1 International Identities and WTC cha...
Art of War Down Under Episode 25.1 Talking different national identieis on the world stage and amazing WTC journeys with Neil Kerr
58 min
40k Game Changers Ep 2: Tabletop Titans Go!
All three of the Tabletop Titans join Steve to tell their origin story, talk about salt in the game, and give us the secret to rolling hot!
36 min
Chapter Tactics #190: Breaking Down What The Go...
Today the guys go over the FAQ and how they think it is going to affect the 40k meta.
83 min
AOW Ep. 74.1 Dominating Marines post FAQ with ...
51 min
Signals from the Frontline #718: GW is Making M...
43 min
AOWdu 24.1 Player Spotlight, Sean Nayden
Adam is joined by competitive 40k legend Sean Nayden to discuss what it takes to play the finals at the LVO for 6 years running.
95 min
40k Game Changers Ep 1: Tabletop Tactics Supers...
Steve speaks with Lawrence Baker about launching Tabletop Tactics, quitting Apple, and the secret to rolling sixes!
32 min
Chapter Tactics #189: How to Turn Your Goals in...
Today Adam, The Falcon, Colin and Peteypab talk about what it takes to tune your goals into a winning tournament mindset.
101 min
Signals from the Frontline #717: Get Ready for ...
32 min
AOW - Ep. 73.1 In the Dojo Discussing Death Watch
60 min
AOWdu 23.1 End of year Faction Ladder
Adam and the Falcon update the AOWdu faction ladder, incorporating all the data from the last 3 months!
68 min
AOW - 72.1 Sisters of Battle Wrecking the Land ...
51 min
Chapter Tactics #188.5 XXXHeffelmas Returns! Me...
Listen for a chance to win a free trip to a tournament in 2021-2022 or another amazing prize!
6 min
AOWdu 22.1 This is your hobby life: Reece Richa...
Adam sits down with the co-founder of Frontline Gaming and the ITC, Reece Robins to discuss his joruney through the hobby
65 min
Chapter Tactics #188: How to Get the Most Out o...
Today we talk about some uncommon lists dominating the tabletop and how they have been having success against top factions.
83 min
AOW - Ep. 71.1 In the Dojo Diving Deep into the...
54 min
Signals from the Frontline #715: Win Your Dream...
54 min
AOWdu 21.1 This is your hobby life, Adam Abramo...
Adam enacts a new podcast format in leu of content to review, he brings on his own personal podcast inspiration, the amazing Adam Abramowicz
63 min
Chapter Tactics #187: The Future of Technology ...
Today the guys talk pros and cons of tech in competitive 40k and cover an Orks vs Custodes game.
85 min
AOW - Ep. 70.1 Ghaz and the boyz are Back in to...
51 min
AOWdu 20.1 Imperial Armour Compedium Review
Adam is joined by the wonderful Peter 'The Falcon' and Val 'Simon' Hefflefinger for a review of our standout FW units from the new compendium!
147 min
AOW - Ep 69.2 How to play Magnus like a Boss !
67 min
AOW - Ep 69.1 Winning with Magnus !
58 min
Signals from the Frontline #713: The State of t...
52 min
AOWdu 19.1 Blood Angels Codex Reivew
Adam is joined by the Legendary Paul Murphy to review his favourite faction for over 20 years, the Blood Angels!
169 min
Chapter Tactics #186: Terrain Troubles in 9th E...
Today Pablo, Skari, and Sean talk about the ideal terrain setup and terrain tactics in 9th edition.
81 min
AOW - Ep 68.1 Robots On Robots ? Richard Siegle...
54 min
AOW - Ep. 67.1 Chaos on our minds
64 min
AOWdu 18.1: Space Wolves Codex Review
Adam sits down with Art Of Wars newest member to review the new Space Wolves Codex!
163 min
Chapter Tactics #185: A Snapshot of the 9th Edi...
Today the guys go over the best and worst performing factions of 9th edition so far.
93 min
AOWdu 17.1 Deathwatch Codex Review
Art of War Down Under Episode 17.1, Deathwatch just got a new codex! We are reviewing it cover to cover to see where they are at for the foreseeable future in 9th edition!
151 min
Chapter Tactics #184: How to Use Momentum to Yo...
Today Pablo, Sean, and Brandon talk about momentum and the hot hand fallacy in your games of 40k.
87 min
AOW - Ep 66.1 Admech Dominating in Europe and e...
52 min
Signals from the Frontline #710: A Brand New FL...
Join Reece and Frankie for a discussion on something awesome and new we’ve been working on, the new Space Wolf and Deathwatch codexes, and what’s new this week in the Warhammer hobby!
67 min
AOWdu 16.1 Necron Codex Review Part 2
Adam is re-joined by amazing metal heads Michael Timpe and Danny McDevitt to complete the cover to cover Necron Codex review.
207 min
Chapter Tactics #183: Going Over Unit Roles in ...
90 min
AOW - Ep 65.1 How to Play Salamanders with the ...
57 min
Signals from the Frontline #708: Space Wolves, ...
Join Frankie and Reece for a discussion on what’s going on in the Warhammer hobby this week!
48 min
AOWdu 15.1: Necron Codex Review! Part 1
Adam is joined by Necron Luminaries Michael Timpe and Danny McDevitt to begin a cover to cover treck through the brand new Necron Codex
164 min
Chapter Tactics #182: What Forgeworld's New Rol...
Today Pablo, Sean, and Ben talk about the forgeworld compendium and it's impact on 40k in 9th edition.
106 min
AOW - Ep. 64.1 Tilting your opponents with Chao...
57 min
Signals from the Frontline #708: Space Wolves, ...
34 min
AOWdu 14.1: Space Marine Codex Review Part 2
Adam is joined by his Australian Big Brains to continue and complete their review of the Space Marines Codex for 9th Edition
147 min
Chapter Tactics #181: Zoning Techniques and Tom...
Today the guys talk about zones of influence and how to control space on the tabletop. They also talk about the FW announcement, and answer some pretty silly patron questions.
83 min
Signals from the Frontline #707: Last Week’s Ho...
34 min
AOWdu 13.1 Space Marine Codex Review Part 1
Strap yourselves in for over 3 hours of Marine Codex review, Adam draws in his Aussie best to deep dive this new Codex and all it goodness.,
194 min
Chapter Tactics #180: Balance and the Future of...
Today Val, Peteypab, and Skari talk about balancing your hobby and how GW can handle the future of competitive 40k
93 min
AOW 62.1 How to Dominate with Aeldari in 9th
60 min
AOWdu Bonus Stats Ep, Pre Codex Faction Ladder
Adam drew in the amazing Joshua Diffey and Peter the Falcon to create a living comprehensive Faction Ladder prior to the release of 9th edition codexes.
90 min
Signals from the Frontline #706: What Lists are...
47 min
AOWdu 12.1: Return of the Tsons King, Jim Vesal
Adam is joined by the legendary Jim Vesal to disseminate the goodness for Tsons in their latest rules release
76 min
Chapter Tactics #179: Analyzing the New 9th Edi...
Today the gang talks about how they break down a new codex, and what they look for to determine it's power level.
86 min
AOW - Ep 61.1 How to Wreck Space Marines (and e...
54 min
Signals from the Frontline #705: Space Marines ...
75 min
AOWdu 11.1 Scions with a hell of a Normal Bloke
Adam is joined by Dineeth from The Normal Blokes podacst to devle into the little loved faction called Scions
82 min
Chapter Tactics #178: What The New Codices Mean...
Today the guys break down the good bad and ugly about the Space Marine and Necron Codex, and discuss the future of 9th.
95 min
AOW- Ep. 60.1 White Scars Win Iron Halo
56 min
Signals from the Frontline #704: Space Marines ...
57 min
AOWdu 10.1: Soulbursting with Skari
Adam is joined by the Skared one, Skari from Skared Cast to deep dive the Ynnari release in White Dwarf and Phoenix Rising
76 min
40K Stats Centre: White Scars Keep Their Hands ...
And Other News From the Tournament World of Warhammer
82 min
Chapter Tactics #177: Breaking Down the Largest...
Today the guys go over the top 11 lists from the biggest major of 9th, and speculate about the future of the edition
104 min
AOW - EP 59.1 Chaos Strategy in a Team Event
51 min
Signals from the Frontline #703: 9th ed 40k Nec...
49 min
40K Stats Centre: Harlequin Clowns Go To Pound ...
84 min
AOWdu 9.1 Matt 'The Plauge Hulk' Morosoli and t...
Art of War Down Under, Adam is joined by Matt Morosoli to discuss all this Chaos Daemons from Psychic Awakening and 9th edition.
96 min
Chapter Tactics #176: Why Combat Patrol Could B...
Today Peteypab grabs two TOs to talk about an alternative way to play 40k.
67 min
AOW - Ep. 58.1 Optmal Strategy for Harlequins i...
54 min
Signals from the Frontline #702: 9th ed 40k Cod...
55 min
AOWdu 8.1 Mitch Pelham and Space Wolves
Art of War Down Under Episode 8.1 Space Wolves Psychic Awakening with Mitchy P
106 min
Chapter Tactics #175: How to Revamp the ITC Tea...
Peteypab goes on two rants and the guys discuss ITC Teams and GW's direction for marines in 9th
79 min
AOW -.Ep. 57.1 Necrons Dominating in #NEW40K
44 min
AOW - Ep. 56.1 The best options for Eldar in 9th
54 min
40k Today - A Visually Impaired Wargamer, a War...
36 min
Signals from the Frontline #701: Lumineth Realm...
69 min
AOWdu 7.1 Talking Orks with Jeff Poole
Adam is joined by LVO 2020's dreamboy Jeff Poole to discuss the Orks Psychic Awakening and where they stand in 9th Edition
87 min