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Free Lunch by The Peak breaks down what’s happening in the economy and markets, and why it matters to Canadians. Join us every week for deep-dive interviews that go beyond the headlines with the country’s most interesting minds in economics, business, tech, and finance.

How Canadian Banks Are Using AI Today
BMO's Data Science & AI group lead talks about how the bank is thinking about using AI.
44 min
Why This Investor Thinks The Loonie Could Fall ...
Jean-François Tardif says the divergence between the U.S. and Canadian economies could crush the loonie.
34 min
Tyler Meredith Explains How Budgets Get Made
Everything you've ever wanted to know about how governments create their budget
41 min
Why Statistics Canada Doesn't Know How Rich Peo...
The author of a new report on wealth inequality joins us to break down what he found.
28 min
Best Of: Why Public Transit In Canada (Mostly) ...
Reece Martin (aka RMTransit on YouTube) explains the real reasons Canada's public transit is so frustrating.
48 min
How Batteries Work And The Innovation That Coul...
Dr. Michael Metzger from the Canadian Battery Innovation Centre breaks down the latest research into making batteries more efficient, powerful, and affordable.
48 min
How Indigenous Communities Are Taking A Stake I...
Mark Podlasly explains how a growing number of Indigenous communities are becoming equity partners in major development projects
47 min
Best Of: Why The World Is Embracing Industrial ...
Réka Juhász shares her research on industrial policy around the world and explains why it's increasingly in vogue.
44 min
The World's Big Election Year (And What It Mean...
Graeme Thompson from the Eurasia Group takes us through some of this year's biggest elections and what they mean for Canada.
55 min
Meet The Canadian Chip Company Challenging The ...
Untether AI's CEO explains why his company is betting on specialized, energy-efficient chips
51 min
What We Can Learn From Tokyo About How To Build...
Joe McReynolds, co-author of Emergent Tokyo, explains what lessons we can take from Tokyo's urban development
54 min
The Case For A Bull Market
Why Brian Belski is betting on a bull market this year
50 min
Will The Sports Streaming Bundle Kill Cable?
Adam Seaborn talks about the implications of the newly-announced sports streaming bundle from Fox, Warner, and Disney.
37 min
How Companies Are Responding To New Supply Chai...
A supply chain expert explains how companies are responding to the latest wave of supply chain disruptions.
47 min
Why Does It Cost So Much To Build Housing
We talk to the editor of construction trade publication SiteNews about why it's so expensive to build housing.
41 min
The Tech Revolution Happening In Brain Health
Dr. Allison Sekuler on how innovation in medicine, AI, and AR/VR can be harnessed to improve our brain health.
52 min
Economic Lessons From 2023 For The Year Ahead
24 min
Where The Housing Market Is Headed In 2024
Daniel Foch talks about what he's seeing on the ground in the housing market and his bets for the year to come.
60 min
Our predictions for 2024
We check our forecasts from last year and predictions for 2024.
39 min
How Craft Breweries Invent New Beers
Adin Wener from Henderson Brewing Company breaks down the craft beer business.
46 min
How To Sell a Province with Vic Fedeli
The "chief sales rep for Ontario Inc" talks EVs, supply chains, industrial strategy, and more.
35 min
Brian Armstrong On The Future of Crypto
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong shares his vision for crypto after a long winter for the sector.
27 min
What The OpenAI Shakeup Means For AI
Jeremie Harris breaks down the OpenAI drama and what it means for the space.
57 min
Free Lunch Goes Deep On Competition In Canada: ...
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Canadian competition law.
37 min
Free Lunch Goes Deep On Competition In Canada: ...
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Canadian competition law.
47 min