Free Lunch by The Peak

Free Lunch by The Peak breaks down what’s happening in the economy and markets, and why it matters to Canadians. Join us every week for deep-dive interviews that go beyond the headlines with the country’s most interesting minds in economics, business, tech, and finance.

Best Of: Why Is Canadian Housing So Expensive
Mike Moffatt explains what's driving our out of control housing market
50 min
Does Basic Income Make Sense For Canada?
Lindsay Tedds explains what a basic income is, and why she thinks it's not right for Canada.
50 min
How Policing Works—And Doesn't—In Canada
Kent Roach on the problems with policing in Canada, and why you should care
49 min
Should We Be Worried About The Office Market?
Brian Rosen from Colliers International explains what's going on in Canada's office market.
50 min
Airbnb's Co-Founder On What's Next For Travel
Nathan Blecharczyk shares his view on how travel—and Airbnb—is changing in a post-pandemic world.
41 min
What The Heck Is Productivity, Anyway?
We dig into Canada's productivity problem with DeGroote School lecturer William Huggins
59 min
How Are Companies Setting Prices In The Inflati...
Inside the decision-making process retailers face when it comes to setting prices.
51 min
Can Canada Compete With Biden's Clean Energy Plan?
How Canada can respond to the Inflation Reduction Act
49 min
Why We Don't Build Affordable Housing Anymore
How come the government can't seem to build affordable housing anymore?
50 min
A Disturbing Conversation About AI
AI safety researcher Jérémie Harris explains why AI risks are a real problem.
64 min
Why Canadian Banks Don't Fail (Anymore)
John Turley-Ewart explains how Canada got its banking system and what makes it more stable than the American model.
47 min
Bonus: Why Silicon Valley Bank Failed And What ...
Murad Hemmadi from The Logic explains why SVB collapsed and its impact on Canada's tech ecosystem.
50 min
Should Canada Go Big On Nuclear Power?
Dr. Chris Keefer makes the case for nuclear energy.
66 min
How Streaming Is Changing Sports
Playermaker Capital's Adam Seaborn breaks down the business of sports in the streaming era
55 min
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Inflation
Trevor Tombe explains what's next for inflation in Canada
53 min
Kurt Reiman Explains Why A Recession Is Still L...
Why a mild recession is still in the cards with BlackRock strategist Kurt Reiman
49 min
What's Next For Canada's Housing Market
What comes next for Canada's strange housing market, featuring Daniel Foch
57 min
The Policy That's Made Grocery Cashiers Million...
How employee ownership trusts could work in Canada with Dan Skilleter
55 min
How The Tech Downturn Is Impacting Canada
What the tech bust means for Canada's economy with April Fong
36 min
A Baker Explains The Local Food Supply Chain
How locally-grown food supply chains work with Dawn Woodward
49 min
Why Canada's Healthcare System Is Breaking
The root causes of our healthcare meltdown with Dr. Saad Ahmed
63 min
Could Canada Become An Electric Vehicle Powerho...
What Canada needs to do to start making more EVs with Erik Reed
49 min
Why Artificial Intelligence Is Suddenly Everywhere
AI technology is advancing rapidly. We dig into what's going on behind the scenes with Ryan Khurana.
57 min
Why Is Canadian Housing So Expensive
What's driving prices in the housing market with Mike Moffatt
50 min
What's In Store For 2023
Looking back at 2022 and predictions for what's to come.
35 min