Frau Pow

Frau Pow was started by two roller derby teammates wanting to tackle uncomfortable conversations. They feature discussions on topics that you typically do not want to bring up at the dinner table, with the goal to normalize issues like depression and chronic illness. The hosts share the empowerment and support that they have found in the roller derby community. No prior experience in the sport required!

Mental Health
Leadership Goals In Roller Derby w/ Erica Vanst...
This week Odd and Rags have the pleasure of interviwing, Double H, better known as Erica Vanstone to the world, and the Executive Director of WFTDA. Erica and the hosts talk about plans for Roller Derby durring the pandemic and the joy that it brings to players and fans alike. They also discuss what it would take to get Roller Derby in teh Olympics and the future of the sport.
47 min
Rollerskating Is For Everyone w/ Rebel Rouse (Q...
Rebel Rouse, Youtube creator of Queer Girl Straight Skates, comes on Frau Pow to discuss her Youtube channel, bringing skating to people of all races, sizes, needs, and skatestyles, and learning from the skaters who have come before you.
52 min
Don't Get Me Started [Glimmers]
This week is a little switch on DGMS, where Rags and Odd are talking about Glimmers : the opposite of triggers. They discuss the importance of finding the moments that bring joy and comfort, and how to use them in building your self care routine.
10 min
Racism in Healthcare with Ebony
This week the guest is the incredible Ebony, who discusses her experience as a black woman and her work as a nurse, explaining the presence of racism in the healthcare system along with the rest of society.
52 min
Don't Get Me Started [Corporate Transparency]
Odd and Rags discuss how important it is for corporate policies and practices to consider transparency. They examine how destructive it is to encourage hiding salaries and not fully explaining promotions, especially to women and BIPOCs working those spaces.
20 min
My Diagnosis Is Velvety Soft Skin w/ Sam!
This week's guest is the incredible Sam! They identify as a non-binary lesbian, which Rags and Odd discuss their gender identity and recognizing gender euphoria. Sam also discusses life with disability from relationships, to acess, to getting an education. Check out this episode for some really great stories from Sam and insight on life in general.
58 min
Don't Get Me Started [Self-Diagnosis]
This episode of DGMS is about self-diagnosis. After a visit to Reddit, Odd is interested in whether or not self-diagnosis is helpful. Odd and Rags dicsuss the merits of self-diagnosis in an unequal helath care system, and some fo the dangers of it.
27 min
Pushing The Skate Community To Evolve with Oliv...
42 min
Don't Get Me Started [Sustaining Anti-Racism]
This week Odd and Rags follow up last week's DGMS about Black Lives Matter with a discussion about anti racism and keeping up the fight while it continues on against what feels like very slow change.
24 min
Let's Talk About Our Feelings with Demanda
This week's interview features Demanda, who's studying psychology and is a real life therapist working to help people manage their mental health during quaratine and the current protests. Demanda helps to explain helpful ways to address the feelings of right now, depsite how much Rags HATES talking about their feelings.
36 min
Don't Get Me Started [Black Lives Matter]
In light of everything going on, of course Odd and Rags are talking about, acknowlegding, and putting work towards Black Lives Matter and the response to the murder of George Floyd. They discuss the mental health aspect of being an ally and the bets ways to offer support. PLus they rant abou racists, because we all need to do that right now.
35 min
The System Wasn't Built For Us with Rachel Rotten
71 min
Don't Get Me Started [Triggers]
27 min
Shadow Work, ADHD, and BPD w/ Revicki
Trigger Warning: This interview does mention suicidal ideation and sexual abuse. Please take care with yourself. If you skip this one we love you anyway. This week Odd and Rags are interviewing vigilante librarian, Revicki! Revicki talks about her experience with trauma and a new diagnosis of ADHD. It's a genuine, funny, and heart felt interview all from quarantine. Revicki even has some advice about self-isolation. Reach out with your own tips on managing time during quarantine at
41 min
Don't Get Me Started [Horoscopes]
We're back! Still in quarantine but making episodes for you, dear Frau Pow fans. This week's DGMS is a surprise for Rags, a dive into horoscopes. Are they real? What's Rags birthchart? Are they a virgo or a leo? Enjoy!
20 min
Don't Get Me Started [Quaratine!! UGH]
11 min
Living With Pain Everyday Like A Boss with Rags!
45 min
Don't Get Me Started [Not Talking About The C W...
14 min
Playing Roller Derby With MS with Bambi
34 min
Don't Get Me Started [Being On Different Derby ...
18 min
Sis Got Tea with Arielle
The guest this week is Arielle, founder of Sis Got Tea in Louisville, Kentucky. Odd and Rags talk to Arielle about her idea to provide a safe sober space to the LGBTQA+ community in Louisville.
39 min
Don’t Get Me Started [Prude Shaming]
This week on Frau Pow, Odd and Rags are getting started on Prude Shaming, the opposite of slut shaming. Mainly, just let people do whatever they want with their bodies!
15 min
T, Top Surgery, and Cannabis with Ace
This week's guest is Ace, an old friend of Rags, to talk about getting top surgery, the experience of taking T (testosterone), and working in the cannabis industry.
35 min
Don't Get Me Started [Toxic Positivity]
This week Rags and Odd get all started about toxic positivity!
13 min
Don’t Get Me Started [Neo Pronouns]
17 min