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Frau Pow
<p>Frau Pow was started by two roller derby teammates wanting to tackle uncomfortable conversations. They feature discussions on topics that you typically do not want to bring up at the dinner table, with the goal to normalize issues like depression and chronic illness. The hosts share the empowerment and support that they have found in the roller derby community. No prior experience in the sport required!</p>
Mental Health
Winna, Liberia
It's the final episode of the Immigration series! Thank you for listening. We were so proud to be able to put this series out there. Odd and Rags talk to Winna, who's background and experience with coming to America shed light that not all immigrants are treated the same, that the US is still a place for opportunity, and that you can love your new home through the flaws of it.
22 min
Fransisco, El Salvador
In one fo the final installments of the Immigration Series, Odd and Rags speak with Fransisco from El Salvador. Unlike some of the other interviews, Fransisco came to the US later in life, which created different obstacles for his story.
17 min
Jerlyn, Dominica
21 min
Mike, Ghana
In this episode if the month long immigration series, Odd and Rags speak with Mike from Ghana. He tells the story of his family's move to the US, his experience with school in the states, and the test to become a naturalized citizen.
26 min
Toto, Bulgaria
29 min
Luiz, Costa Rica
35 min
Immigration Law in the US : Broken and Misrepre...
51 min
Immigration Interviews - Preface & Why We're Fo...
11 min
Tattooing and Owning a Business as a Badass Wom...
40 min
Don't Get Me Started [Mansplaining]
The Don't Get Me Started for this week has a special guest, Zoe Bean! As a woman business owner and heavily tattooed person, Zoe shares how often she gets manplained how to do things that she's essentially an expert at. Rags shares her own experiences with being mansplained when she could truly kick a person's ass, and Odd gets started over when they get mansplained at work in a way that is so annoying!
15 min
Feeling Everything and Stimming Out with Black ...
38 min
Don't Get Me Started [Diet Talk w/ Black Eyed B...
This week, Rags and Odd have a guest for the Don't Get Me Started segment. It's Black Eyed Betty! They all cover "diet talk" and how putting calories on everything can be a trigger for people with eating disorders, not to mention the frequency to which people comment on how many calories something is or being good on their diet. It's exhausting! Food is energy, people. Just love what you eat and stop shaming people for their bodies!
18 min
Finding a Voice in Roller Derby with Nox
Odd and Rags get to talk to Nox, host of Nox Talks, roller derby player, and all around a funny, incredible woman! They get into the importance of the roller derby community and how Nox got started making Nox Talks.
35 min
Don't Get Me Started [The Right Time For FaceTime]
This week, Rags and Odd discuss people who use FaceTime in public, while walking, even in the car! Maybe there's a good reason for it, or maybe it's an obnoxious habit. Or maybe we're just weird.
10 min
Don't Be Someone Who Makes Anyone Want to Quit ...
Odd and Rags talk with Kilt Trip with week, Derby Official based in South Florida with the Gold Coast Derby Grrls about race and inclusion in Roller Derby, and specifically about an event at ECDX (East Coast Derby Extravaganza), which Kilt Trip made a reaction video about on Facebook here. They touch upon micro aggressions, encouraging inclusion, and requiring apologies for mistakes or offenses based in racism and bias.
28 min
Don't Get Me Started [What About Wrath Month]
In this week's Don't Get Me Started, Odd and Rags get wrathful! With Pride Month now over, Odd prompts the question from this Washington post article that there should be a follow up month all about wrath and ultimately, activism. They discuss the need for celebration for LGBTQ+ people, but also the need to continue standing up for rights that are still being challenged. Rags also proposes that the whole year should be dedicated to the seven deadly sins and supporting the cause all year round.
15 min
Bi-Polar Disorder and Finding Your Way with Mou...
This week on Frau Pow, hosts Odd and Rags talk to Roller Derby Player and powerful woman, Mount Tushmore! She talks about her experience with her own mental health, specifically with finding the diagnosis for Bi-Polar Disorder and navigating elements of it, including hypomania.
37 min
Don't Get Me Started [The Amazing Women of the ...
7 min
Managing Depression and Drawing Cute Animals wi...
Odd and Rags are going international! This week, their guest F'nick, calls in all the way from across the pond to talk about being a comic book artist, a derby player, and managing depressions and mental health. They touch on the fear of being turned down for a job based on mental health needs, and some advice on helping friends that might need immediate attention for their mental health, even though society may not consider these needs as medical. F'nick is also writing a comic about depression and mental health, along with drawing roller derby player as powerful and cute animals! Check out Sloth Comics for more of F'nick's work as well as other artists that he helps publish.
33 min
Don't Get Me Started [Self Care]
This week, Odd and Rags dish about "self care." They discuss the differences between really making time for self love and just plain capitalism.
13 min
Hormones, Sex Ed, and Being Amazing with Hannah...
This week's guest is the amazing Hannah Witton, Sex Education YouTuber and Author, and new Podcaster! Hannah talks with Odd & Rags about the differences in sex education in the states and the UK, and what it's like to live with a chronic illness and navigating sexuality around it.
47 min
Don't Get Me Started [Supporting ALL of Pride]
Happy Pride Month!! It's June which means a Don't Get Me Started about Pride and what it means to support the LGBTQ+ community. Odd & Rags cover transphobic and biphobic language and discuss the best way to be truly supportive of this month and the people it's meant for.
20 min
Indigenous Peoples in Sports with Daryl
Daryl, form Team Indigenous, which includes 20 athletes from indigenous communities in Canada, the United States, South America, is an incredible Roller Derby player and former Jingle Dress Dancer. She joins Odd and Rags to talk about her indigenous background, specifically Taus Peublo, her experience getting into roller derby, and about how representation in sports matters.
27 min
Don't Get Me Started [The A Word]
This episode of Don't Get Me Started gets real deep real quick. Now don't worry, there's still room for laughs. Odd and Rags talk the "A word" with guest Daryl, meaning the word Abortion. They cover how the abortion law is argued in their own circles and how often the new legislation in Georgia and Alabama is truly only affecting the most disenfranchised people.
10 min
Everyone Should Play Roller Derby with The Litt...
In the studio this week, Odd and Rags interview Texas Roller Derby player The Little Murdermaid about playing Roller Derby on a Men's team, how Roller Derby needs more representation, and being a good example of self love for her daughter.
29 min
Don't Get Me Started [Why Roller Derby Matters ...
This week in Frau Pow's Don't Get Me Started, our hosts and Roller Derby teammates, Odd and Rags, talk about why they have decided in this podcast to talk to other Roller Derby players, why the sport matters to them, and why anything you're passionate about should be shared with the world.
11 min
The Real Merle with Captain Safety
In a special interview on Frau Pow, Odd and Rags, Roller Derby teammates and hosts, speak with Merle (AKA Captain Safety) and NSO in Milwaukee, who tells his story about being a musician, his love of supporting Roller Derby, and his own issues with mental health. Merle's outlook on life is charming and loving. Odd and Rags loved talking to him about his life and his GUINEA PIGS!
28 min
Don't Get Me Started [Wedding Traditions]
This week in Frau Pow's Don't Get Me Started, our hosts and Roller Derby teammates, Odd and Rags, talk about Wedding Planning! It's stressful, filled with silly traditions, and expensive. Who do you invite? What do you feed them? At the end of it all, is it easier to elope?
9 min
You Belong And You Deserve To Win with Kate Ser...
In the studio this week, Odd and Rags interview Roller Derby player Kate Sera Sera about her experience as an athlete, Roller Derby player, native New Yorker, and finally transgender woman.
31 min
Don't Get Me Started [Asking All TransFolx The ...
This week Kate Sera Sera, Roller Derby Player for the Bronx Gridlock, helps out with this week's Don't Get Me Started. Odd, Rags, and Kate discuss how frustrating it can be to be asked "those" questions about their experience as queer or trans folx, without considering that not all the stories are the same.
12 min
Comedy Really Does Come From Tragedy with Ali C...
This week, guest Ali Clayton graces the studio with her presence to tell her story about coming from North Carolina, becoming a stand up, coming out to her family, and working with Bradley, the love of her life.
46 min
Don't Get Me Started [Judging Me By My Accent] ...
This week, Odd and Rags talked about them accents. With guest Ali Clayton, they gripe about when people judge them based on their accents and where they come from. 
9 min
Relationships, Cycling Across The US, & Being H...
Frau Pow was started by two roller derby teammates who love shaking off stigmas and having tough conversations.  This week in the studio, Odd and Rags are joined by Mara Marek!  Mara is a comedian how started Bike Laugh Heal,
42 min
Don't Get Me Started [Tattoooooos]
Frau Pow was started by two  roller derby teammates. This week, Odd and Rags want to talk about tattooooos and all the weird stigmas that people attach to anyone who has tattoos.  Follow Frau Pow at @fraupowpodcast  Don’t forget to Rate & Subscribe!
22 min
Radical Positivity and Getting Jacked AF with C...
Frau Pow was started by two women on the same roller derby team. This week Odd and Rags bring on Strong Woman, actress, and personal trainer Cara Brennan to discuss her transformation and her pathway to body building and radical positivity.
30 min
Don't Get Me Started [Bad Personal Trainers] wi...
Frau Pow was started by two women on the same roller derby team. Odd and Rags get into what it means to have a good personal trainer and a BAD one with Cara Brennan, focusing on what to look for in a trainer.
9 min
My Body Can Do That with Chub Club founders, Bu...
Frau Pow was started by two women on the same roller derby team. Burd Brain and Caitlin founders of the Chub CLub Collective focuses their apparel and designs for fat and fabulous skaters. Odd & Rags discuss with Caitlin and Burd Brain why they started...
32 min
Don't Get Me Started [ UGH Traffic ] with Burd ...
Frau Pow was started by two women on the same roller derby team. This week, Odd and Rags are fed up with traffic and especially the people who create it. Joined by Burd Brain and Caitlin from Chub Club, who drove in through NY traffic to get to the stu...
12 min
It's Easier To Be Friends With You Ex - Smiley ...
Odd and Rags talk with friend and guest, Smiley Cyrus, about the story of her divorce and how she manages a relationship with her ex, finds joy in Roller Derby, and stays positive.  Follow Frau Pow at @fraupowpodcast  Don’t forget to Rate & Subscribe!
23 min
[Don't Get Me Started] NY Reproductive Health Act
On this week’s episode of Frau Pow Podcast, Odd and Rags discuss the new NY Reproductive Health Act, which extends abortion services to women at serious risk in the third trimester. Odd and Rags vent about those who don’t fully understand how they act ...
14 min
All The Cool Kids with Darth Skater
On this episode of Frau Pow Podcast, Odd & Rags speak with junior roller derby skater and pre-teen fashion icon, Darth Skater. They also speak with Darth’s Mom about what it’s like to play the same sport as your kid, especially as mother-daughter.
22 min
[Don't Get Me Started] Doctors Who Don't Listen
This week’s Don’t Get Me Started is about Doctors who don’t truly listen to the concerns of their patients, especially women. Odd and Rags get into their own experience with being ignored and not believed for their pain.
14 min
Understanding PTSD with Dani
Joined by therapist and educator, Dani, who covers the facets and treatments of PTSD, Odd & Rags discuss how trauma can affect you, ways to work through it, and how therapy animals, especially horses, can help.
35 min
[Don't Get Me Started] Wash Your Hands & the Ne...
Odd & Rags need you you keep washing your hands, because while we all poop, it’s still important to have good hygiene! Also, they call out a story in New Jersey about a serial poop vandal.
10 min
Stop Stigma Now - Miss Tea Maven
Miss Tea Maven, elite roller derby skater and mental health advocate, joins Odd and Rags to discuss her own journey with mental health and her awareness apparel line, Stop Stigma Now. This episode covers experiences with depression, anorexia,
36 min
Don't Get Me Started With Miss Tea Maven [Picky...
Odd and Rags get into it with Miss Tea Maven about making food for people during the holidays ESPECIALLY when they don't tell you what they won't eat.
9 min
"I Was A Hit As The 33-Year Old Stroke Patient ...
Odd & Rags talk with teammate and firecracker,  Malice In Wonderland, about having a stroke and the experience of a life threatening event so young. Malice shows a resiliency of getting through scary moments with a sense of humor and gratefulness for t...
19 min
Don't Get Me Started [Nice Doesn't Equal Flirting]
This week in Don't Get Me Started, Odd and Rags dig into the issue with being nice to men, who often misconstrue friendliness as flirting.
14 min
Making a Change and Knowing Your Sh*t with Crun...
Odd and Rags Interview international best selling author and Roller Derby goddess, Crunch (Kirsten Bunch) about making a change in your own community and rethinking your life when it's time to make that change. https://www.kirstenbunch.
25 min
Don't Get Me Started [Calling Everything Basic]
Don't Get Me Started [Calling Everything Basic]
7 min
Helping The Most Ignored Population with Joygantor
Rags and Odd speak with Joygantor, derby queen and friend, who works in occupational therapy helping those with mental illness readjust to the community. They discuss the process and realities of institutions in America and geek out over research and g...
39 min
Get Me Started [Day To Day With Anxiety]
Rags and Odd talk about their own struggles with anxiety and how they manage the really hard days. Follow Frau Pow at @fraupowpodcast  Don't forget to Rate & Subscribe! It helps so much in getting these conversations in the ear of those who may need ...
9 min
Rosa Ruckus : "I Want Her To Be OK And Function...
In this episode of Frau Pow podcast, Odd & Rags interview Derby teammate and friend, Rosa Ruckus about her life and approach to mental health and her journey.  Mental health and substance abuse resources:  -National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): ...
34 min
Don't Even Get Me Started with Odd & Rags [The ...
The Don't Get Me Started segment this week has some cheesy jokes. To find out more about the story referenced in this episode, check out My Favorite Murder - Swiss Cheese Pervert NBC Story Follow Frau Pow at @fraupowpodcast Don't forget to Rate & ...
13 min
Mistress Grimm : "When People Talk About Dungeo...
On this episode of Frau Pow podcast with Odd and Rags, Mistress Grimm, Roller Derby NSO, EMT and volunteer for kink events about sexual assault and creating safe spaces for consent in kink culture.  -Consent tea video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?
35 min
Don't Even Get Me Started with Odd & Rags [Cat ...
On Part I of this episode of Frau Pow Podcast, Odd and Rags get started on cat calling and the nice guys complex. Follow the podcast @fraupowpodcast
10 min
Fearless Bueller : Why It’s Not “Suffering” Wit...
Frau Pow was started by two women on the same roller derby team. The episodes feature discussions on topics that you typically do not want to bring up at the dinner table, with the goal to start conversations about difficult themes and begin to normali...
42 min
What is Frau Pow & Don’t Even Get Me Started [M...
Frau Pow was started by two women on the same roller derby team. The episodes feature discussions on topics that you typically do not want to bring up at the dinner table, with the goal to start conversations about difficult themes and begin to normalize
7 min
Trailer - NEW SHOW! " Frau Pow Podcast"
Frau Pow Podcast is hosted by Odd and Rags! Check out the trailer for a peak at Season 1, premiering on Sept 28th.  Follow Frau Pow Podcast @fraupowpodcast
1 min