Fraud Eats Strategy

Join us to hear about crime families, penny stock boiler rooms, international money launderers, narco-traffickers, oligarchs, dictators, war lords, and kleptocrats. The Fraud Eats Strategy series is the distillation of Scott Moritz's experience forged over thirty plus years, whether its an accounting scandal, arrests, search warrants, loss of market cap or all of those things at once – one thing is sure. Failure to consider fraud and corruption risk can upend your strategy and lead to disaster.  

True Crime
The Missing Private Banker: When Bank Fraud Ta...
Missing Private Banker
32 min
Cross Border Investigations During the Age of C...
Cross Border Investigations
43 min
Financial Investigations Units and Special Inve...
FIU's and SIU's Investigate Threats
55 min
Is Corruption a Part of the UN's DNA?
UN Corruption
45 min
The Wall Street Wolfhound Explains Pump & Dump ...
Wall Street Wolfhound
22 min
Out from the Shadows: Examining Accounting Firm...
"Shadow Investigations"
34 min
Why We Need Compliance Officers More Than Ever
Compliance Officers are Key
26 min
Laundering Van Gogh - Is Fine Art the Next Anti...
Is Fine Art the Next Anti-Money Laundering Battleground?
24 min
The OFAC Enigma - When Compliance is a Moving T...
When Compliance is a Moving Target
22 min
Deconstructing the Minds of White-Collar Criminals
White-Collar Crime and Why They Do It
32 min
Using Artificial Intelligence to Root Out Fraud...
How artificial intelligence, machine learning and the robotic process undertake trade surveillance and mitigate fraud
19 min
Critiquing Leadership and Living to Tell About It
Critiquing a member of leadership
28 min
Bullet Proof FCPA Due Diligence
CPA acquisition due diligence, merger integration and the government’s recent revisions to the FCPA Resource Guide and Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs guidance
38 min
Performing a Fraud Risk Assessment and The Unex...
Fraud Risk Assessments
28 min
"Mr. FCPA" on DOJ Compliance Guidance Takeaways
"Mr. FCPA" on DOJ Compliance Guidance Takeaways
43 min
Is it Possible to Monetize Effective Compliance?
Is it Possible to Monetize Effective Compliance?
30 min
Interview Techniques & Detecting Deception on Zoom
Scott Moritz speaks to former FBI Agent, Michael Bret Hood about how to detect deception in an interview
28 min
Fraud Has No Place to Hide (in a Down Economy)
Scott Moritz Talks with Neil Barofsky a partner at Jenner & Block and the former Special Inspector General of the Troubled Asset Relief Program About Fraud Having No Place to Hide (in a Down Economy)
27 min
What Enron Can Teach Us About Future Frauds
Scott Moritz and Sherron Watkins discuss Enron and what Whistleblowers can do in business
21 min
Introduction to Fraud Eats Strategy
Fraud Eats Strategy
2 min