Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Abate Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

5/3 - Randall Cobb To The Jets; Stanley Cup Pla...
Ian and John discuss Randall Cobb joining Aaron Rodgers in New York with the Jets and they welcome in Jim Bringer of Full Press Hockey to discuss the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
36 min
5/1 - Bruins Eliminated, Lakers/Warriors Highli...
Ian and John discuss the Bruins epic collapse and the upcoming Warriors vs. Lakers matchup in the NBA.
26 min
4/28 - Lamar Signs Contract; NFL Draft Day One,...
Ian and John recap day one of the NFL Draft, they react to the Lamar Jackson contract, and the Celtics advancing to the second round.
23 min
4/27 - Heat Eliminate Bucks, NFL Draft, Aaron R...
Ian and John react to the Bucks surprising series loss to the Heat, the start of the NFL Draft, and Aaron Rodgers first media appearance after trade to the New York Jets.
27 min
4/25 - Aaron Rodgers To Jets, Bucks/Heat, Stanl...
Ian and John react to the Aaron Rodgers trade, the Heat and Lakers going up 3-1, and the Maple Leafs third period comeback.
40 min
4/24 - Bruins Win Again, NBA Playoffs Update
Ian and John discuss the Bruins big win as well as the latest in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and they take a look around the NBA.
27 min
4/21 - Tom Brady, NBA Playoffs, Stanley Cup Talk
Ian and John talk Tom Brady, the 76ers and the NBA Playoffs, and, of course, the Stanley Cup playoffs.
39 min
4/20 - NBA Playoffs, Stanley Cup, Athletics To ...
Ian and John recap the night in the NBA and NHL, discuss the Athletics potential move to Vegas, and the latest NFL news.
47 min
4/18 - Jalen Hurts Contract, Bruins and Stanley...
Ian and John react to the Jalen Hurts contract, the Bruins and the Stanley Cup playoffs, and they discuss the opening round of the NBA playoffs.
34 min
4/13 - NBA Playoff Talk
Ian and John discuss the final play-in games and some potential (and confirmed) matchups in the first round of the NBA playoffs.
13 min
4/12 - Lakers, Hawks Advance; Bruins Set Anothe...
Ian and John discuss the Lakers and Hawks advancing in the NBA play-in tournament and the latest record set by the Boston Bruins.
29 min
4/10 - OBJ To Baltimore, Bruins Set Record, Mav...
Ian and John react to Odell Beckham Jr. signing with the Ravens, the Bruins setting the NHL wins record, and the Mavs stumble down the stretch.
26 min
3/31 - Bucks/Celtics, Angels Lose, Bruins Clinc...
Ian and John discuss the Celtics win over the Bucks, Shohei Ohtani's dominate start in a loss, and the Bruins 58th victory of the season.
24 min
3/30 - MLB Opening Day, Bucks/Celtics, LeBron A...
Ian and John discuss MLB's opening day, the big matchup between the Bucks and Celtics, and the surging Lakers.
26 min
3/28 - The Latest on Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Ja...
Ian and John discuss the latest on Aaron Rodgers break up with the Packers and the Lamar Jackson saga with the Ravens.
23 min
3/27 - Bruins Are A Wagon; Rodgers, Jets Saga C...
Ian and John discuss the Bruins 57th win of the season and whether or not there should be concern that the anticipated Aaron Rodgers to the Jets deal won't happen?
32 min
3/24 - Bruins Approaching Record; OBJ To the Ne...
Ian and John discuss the Boston Bruins dominance and discuss whether or not Odell Beckham Jr. is destined to join Aaron Rodgers in New York.
30 min
3/22 - World Baseball Classic Was A Classic; Co...
Ian and John discuss the success of the World Baseball Classic and debate whether or not Connor McDavid's idea for a similar tournament for hockey is a good one.
27 min
3/21 - Aaron Rodgers Latest, World Baseball Cla...
Ian and John talk more Aaron Rodgers and the excitement around the World Baseball Classic.
25 min
3/20 - Aaron Rodgers, Brandin Cooks, Boston Bruins
Ian and John discuss the latest with Aaron Rodgers, the Brandin Cooks trade, and the Bruins scorched earth tour.
31 min
3/17 - Aaron Rodgers, New England Patriots, AFC...
Ian and John discuss Aaron Rodgers, the New England Patriots, and the state of the AFC East.
30 min
3/16 - More Aaron Rodgers News, Wide Receivers ...
Ian and John discuss the latest on Aaron Rodgers and look at the latest moves in NFL free agency.
28 min
3/14 - Legal Tampering Day One, Best/Worst Sign...
Ian and John discuss the latest on Aaron Rodgers and recap the first day of the legal tampering period in the NFL.
33 min
3/13 - Aaron Rodgers Watch, Jalen Ramsey, NFL L...
Ian and John discuss the latest on Aaron Rodgers and Jalen Ramsey and look ahead to the NFL's legal tampering period.
26 min
3/7 - Derek Carr Signs; Geno Smith Contract; Aa...
Ian and John discuss Derek Carr to the Saints, Geno Smith's new contract, and the latest surrounding Aaron Rodgers, and, yes, "retired" quarterback, Tom Brady.
31 min