Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Abate Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

10/13 - TNF, NFL MVP Race, Bills/Chiefs, Travis...
Ian and John talk Thursday Night Football, the latest in the MVP race, the big matchup between the Bills and Chiefs, and Travis Kelce's standing among the greatest tight ends of all time.
49 min
10/11 - Chiefs Survive Raiders, NFL Officiating...
Ian and John react to the the Chiefs win over the Raiders, NFL officiating, and the Davante Adams incident after Monday Night Football.
35 min
10/10 - Giants Upset Packers, Eagles Remain Und...
Ian and John discuss the Giants big win over the Packers, the Eagles 5-0 record, the controversial call in Tampa, and preview Chiefs and Raiders on Monday Night Football.
50 min
10/7 - Broncos Fall To Colts In TNF Snoozer, We...
Ian and John discuss the Broncos loss to the Colts on Thursday Night Football and give their picks and predictions for Week 5.
54 min
10/6 - Aaron Judge; Home Run Record; Tom Brady ...
Ian and John discuss the debate around the home run record and the latest surrounding Tom Brady and the Bucs.
44 min
9/30 - Tua Suffers Concussion, Dolphins Lose To...
Ian and John discuss the Dolphins loss to the Bengals and Tua's concussion and give their predictions for all the week four games in the NFL.
44 min
9/27 - Bucs Head To Miami, Mac Jones Injury, NF...
Ian and John discuss the Bucs moved ahead of Hurricane Ian, Mac Jones Injury, and other NFL news and notes.
25 min
9/26 - Packers Survive Buccaneers, Russell Wils...
Ian and John discuss Brady vs. Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and the Chiefs loss to the Colts.
40 min
9/23 - Ime Judoka Suspended, Brett Favre, Week ...
Ian and John react to the Ime Udoka suspension, the ongoing Brett Favre situation, and they give their picks for Week 3 in the NFL.
38 min
9/22 - Ime Udoka, Browns/Steelers on TNF, Brady...
Ian and John react to the rumors surrounding Celtics coach Ime Udoka, take a look at Thursday Night Football between the Browns and Steelers, and they talk Rodgers/Brady ahead of Sunday's matchup.
31 min
9/20 - MNF Doubleheader Reaction, NFL MVP Odds,...
Ian and John discuss the Bills and Eagles wins on Monday Night Football, the latest NFL MVP Odds, and try to determine who the best NFC team is.
48 min
9/19 - Week 2 Reactions, Tua, Packers/Bears, Br...
Ian and John give their knee jerk reactions to the second Sunday of the NFL season.
24 min
9/16 - Chiefs Outlast Chargers, Justin Herbert ...
Ian and John react to the Chiefs win over the Chargers, Justin Herbert's injury, and give their picks for all of Sunday's action in the NFL.
48 min
9/15 - NFL MVP Odds, TNF Preview, Week 2 Primer
Ian and John discuss the latest NFL MVP odds, the abundance of great young quarterbacks, and they preview Thursday Night Football between the Chiefs and Chargers.
44 min
9/13 - Seahawks Stun Broncos; Dak Prescott; Wee...
Ian and John discuss the Seahawks win over Russell Wilson and the Broncos, Dak Prescott, and the injuries from week one.
41 min
9/12 - Week 1 Reaction, Dak Prescott Injury, Pa...
Ian and John react to the first Sunday of the NFL season, the Dak Prescott injury, and, is there panic in Green Bay?
51 min
9/9 - Bills Dominate Rams, AFC Predictions, Wee...
Ian and John react to the Bills win over the Rams, the state of the AFC entering 2022, and they give their picks for every other week one game in the NFL.
54 min
9/8 - Rams/Bills, NFC Predictions
Ian and John discuss the Rams opener against the Bills and give their predictions for the NFC in 2022.
29 min
9/7 - NFL Kickoff, Pressure On Buffalo Bills, N...
Ian and John discuss the season opener between the Bills and Rams, the pressure facing Buffalo, and their 2022 NFL MVP prediction.
29 min
9/2 - Donovan Mitchell Trade, Serena Williams, ...
Ian and John discuss the Donovan Mitchell trade to Cleveland, Serena Williams big win, the Russell Wilson contract extension, and Tom Brady's reported trouble at home.
28 min
8/26 - Matt Araiza Allegations, Bengals/Rams Br...
Ian and John discuss the troubling allegations surrounding Bills punter Matt Araiza, Aaron Donald and the Bengals/Rams brawl, as well as the latest injury for the Cowboys.
30 min
8/24 - Kevin Durant Trade Update; LeBron James ...
Ian and John discuss the latest surrounding Kevin Durant, LeBron James' new contract, and the future for Jimmy G.
30 min
8/22 - Tom Brady Returns, Raiders QB Rumor
Ian and John discuss Tom Brady's return to Bucs practice and the latest rumor surrounding Brady and his "almost" arrival in Las Vegas in 2020.
43 min
8/19 - Deshaun Watson Suspension; Concern About...
Ian and John discuss the Deshaun Watson suspension and whether or not there is concern about Tom Brady's absence from the Buccaneers.
20 min
8/17 - Packers Camp Struggles, Top 10 QB/Pass C...
Ian and John discuss Aaron Rodgers comments about the young wide receiver struggles, a Top 10 QB/Pass Catcher list, and the Patriots sending Malcolm Butler to injured reserve.
30 min