Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Abate Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

9/1 - Marino/Elway, Chris Jones Contract, and More
Ian and John continue their discussion on Dan marino vs. John Elway and also the current contract impasse between Chris Jones and the Chiefs.
19 min
8/31 - Montana Says Marino... Not Brady.. Is Th...
Ian and John react to Joe Montana's latest opinion on who the greatest quarterback of all time is.
30 min
8/30 - Patriots Moves, Jonathan Taylor Drama, 4...
Ian and John discuss the Patriots cutdown day moves, the ongoing Jonathan Taylor drama in Indy, and the 49ers precarious QB situation.
42 min
8/28 - Bob Barker, AFC East, and More NFL Talk
Ian and John discuss the passing of Bob Barker, the competitive AFC East and the Jets, as well as some other NFL news and notes.
32 min
8/25 - Aaron Rodgers Preseason, AL East, Jonath...
Ian and John discuss Aaron Rodgers upcoming preseason debut for the Jets, the wacky A.L. East, and the future of Colts running back Jonathan Taylor.
25 min
8/24 - Debate Shows, Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout,...
Ian and John discuss the current landscape of the Sports Debate show and the recent injuries to Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout.
30 min
8/23 - Yankees, Ravens Streak, Florida Doc, CFB...
With John off, Ian is joined by Jim Biringer to talk some Yankees, Ravens, Florida Football, College Football, and much more!
33 min
8/11 - NFL Preseason, Philip Rivers, and More
Ian and John talk some NFL preseason and the rumor that the 49ers were eyeing Philip Rivers for the Super Bowl is they made it last season.
25 min
8/8 - Barry Bonds and Sports Anniversaries; Jim...
Ian and John discuss the anniversary of Barry Bonds record setting home run, other sports anniversaries, and Jim Biringer joins to talk Erik Karlsson, LA Knight, and much more!
44 min
8/7 - Anthony Davis, Andrew Luck, and More
Ian and John discuss Anthony Davis' new contract, Andrew Luck and the Hall of Fame, and other NFL tidbits.
25 min
8/3 - Jets/Browns And Tom Brady Turns 46
Ian and John discuss the upcoming Hall of Fame Game between the Jets and Browns as well as Tom Brady on his 46th birthday.
36 min
8/1 - What Are The Real Expectations For Aaron ...
Ian and John discuss the hype around Aaron Rodgers and the Jets and how long the honeymoon will last.
25 min
7/28 - Aaron Rodgers, Dalvin Cook, and NFL Inju...
Ian and John discuss the Aaron Rodgers payout, Calvin Cook's future, and the injuries to Joe Burrow and Jalen Ramsey.
29 min
7/26 - Patrice Bergeron, Justin Herbert Contrac...
Ian and John react to Patrice Bergeron's retirement and the contracts signed by Justin Herbert and Trevon Diggs.
34 min
7/25 - Baseball Now vs. 20 Years Ago
Ian and John discuss the differences between MLB 20 years ago and the current state of the game ahead of the league's trade deadline.
25 min
7/21 - Commanders Sold, Dan Snyder Fined, More ...
Ian and John discuss the sale of the Commanders, the fine for Daniel Snyder, and more NFL news and notes.
23 min
7/19 - NFL Training Camp and Hard Knocks
Ian and John discuss the opening of NFL training camp and the upcoming Hard Knocks series featuring the Jets.
26 min
7/17 - Wimbledon, DeAndre Hopkins, and More
Ian and John discuss the classic Wimbledon Final, DeAndre Hopkins signing, and other news from around the NFL.
27 min
7/14 - Williams Signs Extension, Hard Knocks, H...
Ian and John discuss the Williams extension with the Jets, Hard Knocks, and the latest from the NHL with Jim Biringer.
28 min
7/13 - All Star Games, Hard Knocks, and More
Ian and John discuss the All Star games across the major sports, the Jets and Hard Knocks, and which past team you would want to see on the HBO show.
43 min
7/11 - Home Run Derby and Hockey Talk w/ Jim Bi...
Ian and John discuss the Home Run Derby and Vlad Guerrero Jr's win and then welcome in Jim Biringer to discuss the Alex DeBrincat trade and more.
32 min
7/6 - Angels Dilemma, DeAndre Hopkins, and More
Ian and John discuss Mike Trout's injury and the impact that can have on Shohei Ohtani's future with the Angels, plus, they give an "update" on DeAndre Hopkins.
31 min
7/4 - July 4th Movies And Ramblings
Ian and John talk more July 4th themed movies and more on America's birthday.
21 min
7/3 - NHL/NBA Free Agency, Food Eating, Damian ...
Ian and John discuss favorite 4th of July. movies and food as well as the start of NHL/NBA free agency and Damian Lillard's future.
22 min
6/30 - NFL Hard Knocks, James Harden, NHL Draft
Ian and John discuss the Jets likelihood of appearing on NFL Hard Knocks and ask why we don't have a basketball version of the show. Plus, James Harden will be traded (again) and free agency is about to kick off in the NHL and NBA.
29 min