Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Abate Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

4/28 - The Best Undertaker; Rodgers Future in G...
Ian and Mike discuss their favorite Undertaker and talk best moments for the Deadman plus, they talk Aaron Rodgers future in Green Bay.
44 min
4/27 - NFL Draft Recap; Winston to Saints; Will...
Ian and Mike return for a Monday show to discuss the results of the NFL Draft, Jameis Winston heading to New Orleans, the Packers drafting a quarterback, and much more!
47 min
4/23 - It's NFL Draft Day
Draft day is finally here and Ian and Mike give their thoughts on biggest draft influencer, potential trades, and much more!
43 min
4/22 - Rob Gronkowski is Headed to Tampa Bay
Ian and Mike react and discuss the Rob Gronkowski trade to Tampa and the impact for both teams
47 min
4/21 - The Last Dance Recap; Brady and Jordan C...
Ian and Mike dive into the first two episodes of "The Last Dance" from ESPN and draw comparisons between Michael Jordan and Tom Brady.
45 min
4/17 - O.J. Howard; Rob Gronkowski; Sports With...
Ian and Mike try to connect the dots with the O.J. Howard trade rumors and the Gronkowski un-retirement speculation
37 min
4/16 - Dynasty League Draft Results w/ Kyle Senra
Kyle Senra re-joins the show to talk results of his Dynasty League Draft with Ian and Mike.
37 min
4/15 - Big NFL News? Dynasty League Talk w/ Kyl...
Ian and Mike are join by Kyle Senra to talk Dynasty League draft and the potential "big news" that could be coming from Jay Glazer today.
46 min
4/14 - Christian McCaffrey Inks New Deal; NFL D...
Ian and Mike react to CMC's new deal, talk NFL Draft, and discuss the WWE's label as an 'Essential Service' in Florida
45 min
4/13 - Seinfeld Quarantine House; Ranch or Bleu...
On an off topic Monday show, Ian and Mike discuss the pros and cons of ranch and pizza, preferred dressing with Buffalo Chicken, which Seinfeld apartment to be quarantined in, and the potential of a 24 reboot with Kiefer Sutherland.
43 min
4/10 - Cooks to Houston; NFL News and Notes; Pi...
Ian and Mike discuss the Brandin Cooks trade to Houston and they get into the "Pick 3" fun with mob movies and professional wrestlers.
43 min
4/9 - Brady on Stern; NFL All Decade; No Footba...
Ian and Mike are once again joined by Kyle Senra to discuss Tom Brady's appearance on the Howard Stern Show, the NFL All Decade team, and the potential that the NFL may not return until at least November.
47 min
4/7 - NFL All Decade Team
Ian and Mike discuss the NFL All Decade Team and Tom Brady's post in The Player's Tribune.
40 min
4/6 - Wrestlemania Reaction; Brady on Stern
Ian and Mike to an entertaining Wrestlemania weekend and talk Tom Brady doubters and his upcoming interview on Howard Stern.
42 min
4/3 - Wrestlemania Talk
Ian and Mike take a walk down memory lane and talk about their favorite Wrestlemania moments heading into Wrestlemania 36 this weekend!
31 min
4/2 - Best Seasons of 24; Top 5 Fantasy Quarter...
Kyle Senra once again joins Ian and Mike to talk Jack Bauer and the best 24 seasons as well as the Top 5 fantasy QBs heading into 2020.
49 min
3/27 - Top 5 Offseason Moves; Quarantine Watchlist
Ian and Mike are once again joined by Kyle Senra as they give their Top 5 moves of the NFL offseason
48 min
3/26 - Bruins Ownership Stinks; News and Notes
Ian and Mike discuss Jeremy Jacobs and the Bruins ownership as well as other news from around the sports world.
48 min
3/25 - Free Agency and Fantasy Football Talk w/...
FPC Packers and Fantasy Football managing editor Kyle Senra joins Ian and Mike to talk offseason moves and fantasy risers and fallers.
50 min
3/23 - NFL, Quarantine, and More
After a few days off, Ian and Mike hit the airwaves to talk NFL free agency, 24, and quarantine routine.
50 min
3/18 - Tom Brady is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer
Ian and Mike react and reflect on Tom Brady as he leaves New England and prepares to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Plus, more NFL free agency discussion.
50 min
3/12 - The NBA Suspends Play; Will Other League...
Ian and Mike discuss the suspension of the NBA season amidst concerns over the Coronavirus and what this may mean for other sporting events across the country.
46 min
3/11 - Gronk to WWE; Seattle Dragons Losing Hom...
Ian and Mike discuss the impending move to the WWE for former Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski.
48 min
3/10 - Media Access Limited; San Jose Preps for...
Ian and Mike react to the news that the San Jose Sharks may play the rest of their home games without fans and what potential impact this virus could have on events such as March Madness, the Boston Marathon, and Wrestlemania.
45 min
3/9 - Half-Wit Monday; Brady Sends a Message
Ian and Mike discuss the Stooges, Josh Norman, and the message sent by Tom Brady.
51 min