Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Abate Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

6/5 - NBA Set to Return; MLB at a Stand Still
Ian and Mike discuss the NBA's return-to-play plan as well as the MLB/MLBPA dispute that could derail the season.
48 min
6/2 - Top NHL Goal Scoring Seasons; MLB Impasse...
In a slightly new format and time slot, Ian and Mike welcome in a pair of guests in Kyle Senra to talk Top Goal Scoring Seasons in the NHL and Brian Snow to talk life, Michael Jordan, and the return of Snowman in the morning.
75 min
5/29 - Greatest Goal Scorers in NHL History
Ian and Mike are joined by Kyle Senra as they give their Top 5 goal scorers in NHL history.
39 min
5/27 - The NHL Announces Return to Play Plan
Ian and Mike "the Common Man" D'Abate discuss the NHL's return-to-play plan and how it impacts certain teams.
32 min
5/20 - Favorite NHL Playoff Series w/ Kyle Senra
Kyle Senra joins Ian and Mike to discuss the NHL's proposed return-to-play format and discuss their favorite Stanley Cup playoff series off all time.
42 min
5/19 - TV and Bad Movie Talk
Ian and Mike catch the audience up with their 24 viewing which turns into an all out discussion of the show and bad movies.
45 min
5/14 - What else? More 24 Talk
Ian and Mike discuss their latest 24 seasons watched and talk Jack Bauer on a Thirsy (for content) Thursday.
40 min
5/12 - Tom Brady Responds to Gary Meyers Story;...
Ian and Mike react to Tom Brady's response to the article claiming he and former OC Josh McDaniels relationship was toxic and they give their thoughts on the potential of a modified MLB season.
37 min
5/11 - RIP Jerry Stiller; The Last Dance Reaction
Ian and Mike react to the passing of Jerry Stiller, A.K.A Frank Costanza, earlier today. Plus, they react to episodes 7 and 8 of 'The Last Dance' and discuss what makes guys like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Kobe Bryant difference from the rest.
41 min
5/8 - NFL Schedule Release Reaction
Ian and Mike give their thoughts and instant reaction the NFL's schedule release. What games are they most looking forward to?
42 min
5/7 - Best Sci-Fi Movies; NFL Schedule Talk
Ian, Mike and Kyle wrap up their Star Wars talk and discuss their favorite/best Sci-Fi movies of all time, plus, with the NFL Schedule set to be released today, they discuss some of the Week One possibilities.
44 min
5/5 - Ranking the Star Wars Films
Kyle Senra returns to the show as he, Ian, and Mike rank all nine films in the three Star Wars trilogies.
44 min
5/4 - Dalton Does Dallas; Happy Star Wars Day
It's Star Wars Day so Ian and Mike welcome back Kyle Senra to talk Star Wars, Fanboys, and Andy Dalton's move to Dallas.
46 min
5/1 - DaltonMANIA; Rodgers/Packers "Drama"
Ian and Mike try to put an end to the silly Dalton-to-Patriots rumors after the Bengals quarterback is officially released and then they react to the already forming "need to know" mob surrounding Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.
41 min
4/29 - What Comes After the NFL Draft?
Ian and Mike take a look at the potential options and future for sports and the NFL in particular as they could look to start the season as late as October 15th.
42 min
4/28 - The Best Undertaker; Rodgers Future in G...
Ian and Mike discuss their favorite Undertaker and talk best moments for the Deadman plus, they talk Aaron Rodgers future in Green Bay.
44 min
4/27 - NFL Draft Recap; Winston to Saints; Will...
Ian and Mike return for a Monday show to discuss the results of the NFL Draft, Jameis Winston heading to New Orleans, the Packers drafting a quarterback, and much more!
47 min
4/23 - It's NFL Draft Day
Draft day is finally here and Ian and Mike give their thoughts on biggest draft influencer, potential trades, and much more!
43 min
4/22 - Rob Gronkowski is Headed to Tampa Bay
Ian and Mike react and discuss the Rob Gronkowski trade to Tampa and the impact for both teams
47 min
4/21 - The Last Dance Recap; Brady and Jordan C...
Ian and Mike dive into the first two episodes of "The Last Dance" from ESPN and draw comparisons between Michael Jordan and Tom Brady.
45 min
4/17 - O.J. Howard; Rob Gronkowski; Sports With...
Ian and Mike try to connect the dots with the O.J. Howard trade rumors and the Gronkowski un-retirement speculation
37 min
4/16 - Dynasty League Draft Results w/ Kyle Senra
Kyle Senra re-joins the show to talk results of his Dynasty League Draft with Ian and Mike.
37 min
4/15 - Big NFL News? Dynasty League Talk w/ Kyl...
Ian and Mike are join by Kyle Senra to talk Dynasty League draft and the potential "big news" that could be coming from Jay Glazer today.
46 min
4/14 - Christian McCaffrey Inks New Deal; NFL D...
Ian and Mike react to CMC's new deal, talk NFL Draft, and discuss the WWE's label as an 'Essential Service' in Florida
45 min
4/13 - Seinfeld Quarantine House; Ranch or Bleu...
On an off topic Monday show, Ian and Mike discuss the pros and cons of ranch and pizza, preferred dressing with Buffalo Chicken, which Seinfeld apartment to be quarantined in, and the potential of a 24 reboot with Kiefer Sutherland.
43 min