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7/30 - NFL Top 100 List Reaction; Joe Kelly Sus...
Ian and Mike discuss the Top 10 of the NFL Top 100 list and Ian tells us why he loves that Patrick Mahomes didn't come in at one plus, they react to the Joe Kelly suspension and much more.
49 min
7/29 - More Patriots Opt-Out; Joey Bosa Signs B...
Ian and Mike react to Patrick Chung joining the growing list of Patriots who have opted out of the 2020 season, the new contract signed by Joey Bosa, and they talk NHL Return-to-Play with Kyle Senra.
52 min
7/28 - Multiple Patriots Opt Out; NHL Ready to ...
Ian and Mike react to the breaking news that Dont'a Hightower and several other Patriots that have chosen not to play in 2020.
49 min
7/27 - Jamal Adams to Seattle; Marlins COVID-19...
Ian and Mike discuss the big Jamal Adams trade from the Jets to the Seahawks and they react to the spread of COVID-19 in the Marlins clubhouse.
49 min
7/20 - NFL Players Speak Out; NHL Playoff Pool ...
Ian and Mike discuss the NFL players need for answers in regards to COVID-19 safety precautions and Kyle Senra joins to talk about the NHL Playoff Pool Draft.
48 min
7/15 - Chris Jones Inks Extension; Chiefs and t...
Ian and Mike react to the extension given to Chris Jones, Derrick Henry on the franchise tag, and the Dynasty talk from Chiefs and Chiefs fans.
56 min
7/14 - Washington Name Change; Derrick Henry; P...
Ian and Mike react to the news that the Washington football team name change, Derrick Henry's life without a deal. and the latest win for the New England Patriots.
48 min
7/7 - Reaction to Patrick Mahomes Extension
Ian and Mike react to the news that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes signed a 10-year $450 million extension.
53 min
6/29 - Cam Newton to the Patriots; Spygate 2: E...
Ian and Mike react to the surprising news that Cam Newton has signed with the Patriots AND they response to the punishment handed down to the team from the NFL.
68 min
6/25 - Mike, This is Your Life; NFL News Galore
With host Mike D'Abate celebrating his 40th birthday, we celebrate in style with a list of things that are younger them him and a special happy birthday from Paul Bearer and the Undertaker. In addition, he and Ian discuss the latest NFL news of the day and the return of Major League Baseball.
51 min
6/23 - Undertaker Retires; MLB to Return?
Ian and Mike discuss the retirement of the Undertaker, Michael Keaton's reprisal of Batman, and the MLB (potentially) returning.
49 min
6/22 - Jamal Adams Wants Out; Breaking Bad Revi...
Ian and Mike discuss the current outbreaks of the coronavirus within several sports training facilities as well as the potential landing spot for Jets safety Jamal Adams. Plus, Kyle Senra re-joins the show to discuss the things we missed on our Breaking Bad show on Friday.
64 min
6/19 - Top 10 Breaking Bad Scenes
Ian and Mike are once again joined by Kyle Senra as they each give their Top 10 Breaking Bad Scenes.
72 min
6/12 - Top 10 80s Love Songs; 80s Music Game
Ian, Mike and Kyle give their Top 10 80s Love Songs. In addition, Mike and Kyle match wits in 80s music game.
72 min
6/10 - Wrestling, Football, and New Shows w/ Ro...
Ross Jackson, host of Locked On Saints, and one half of the brand new Full Press Radio show, Dylan and Ross Save Sports, joins Ian and Mike to talk about the show, favorite wrestlers, and a variety of other topics.
43 min
6/5 - NBA Set to Return; MLB at a Stand Still
Ian and Mike discuss the NBA's return-to-play plan as well as the MLB/MLBPA dispute that could derail the season.
48 min
6/2 - Top NHL Goal Scoring Seasons; MLB Impasse...
In a slightly new format and time slot, Ian and Mike welcome in a pair of guests in Kyle Senra to talk Top Goal Scoring Seasons in the NHL and Brian Snow to talk life, Michael Jordan, and the return of Snowman in the morning.
75 min
5/29 - Greatest Goal Scorers in NHL History
Ian and Mike are joined by Kyle Senra as they give their Top 5 goal scorers in NHL history.
39 min
5/27 - The NHL Announces Return to Play Plan
Ian and Mike "the Common Man" D'Abate discuss the NHL's return-to-play plan and how it impacts certain teams.
32 min
5/20 - Favorite NHL Playoff Series w/ Kyle Senra
Kyle Senra joins Ian and Mike to discuss the NHL's proposed return-to-play format and discuss their favorite Stanley Cup playoff series off all time.
42 min
5/19 - TV and Bad Movie Talk
Ian and Mike catch the audience up with their 24 viewing which turns into an all out discussion of the show and bad movies.
45 min
5/14 - What else? More 24 Talk
Ian and Mike discuss their latest 24 seasons watched and talk Jack Bauer on a Thirsy (for content) Thursday.
40 min
5/12 - Tom Brady Responds to Gary Meyers Story;...
Ian and Mike react to Tom Brady's response to the article claiming he and former OC Josh McDaniels relationship was toxic and they give their thoughts on the potential of a modified MLB season.
37 min
5/11 - RIP Jerry Stiller; The Last Dance Reaction
Ian and Mike react to the passing of Jerry Stiller, A.K.A Frank Costanza, earlier today. Plus, they react to episodes 7 and 8 of 'The Last Dance' and discuss what makes guys like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Kobe Bryant difference from the rest.
41 min
5/8 - NFL Schedule Release Reaction
Ian and Mike give their thoughts and instant reaction the NFL's schedule release. What games are they most looking forward to?
42 min