Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Abate Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

8/19 - Dentist Trips And G.O.A.T Talk
Ian is once again joined by John Sapochetti to talk dentist trips and the greatest athletes/quarterbacks.
54 min
8/13 - Patriots Open Preseason; Field of Dreams...
John Sapochetti joins Ian to discuss the opening of the Patriots preseason and the thrilling Field of Dreams game from Thursday night.
32 min
8/10 - The Rock, Rodgers/Brady, And Football Ta...
John Sapochetti joins Ian as they talk about latest movies, The Rock, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, and all the latest as we get ready for the NFL preseason.
53 min
8/3 - The GOAT Turns 44
Tom Brady turns 44 and Ian and Mike are here to celebrate it.
33 min
7/22 - Bucks Win NBA Championship; Bucs Visit W...
Ian and Mike discuss the Bucks winning the NBA Championship, the Bucs getting their White House visit, and NFL talk.
33 min
7/15 - Manning's First Pitch; Stats vs Eye Test...
Kyle Senra fills in for Mike D'Abate as he and Ian react to Peyton Manning's first pitch and they discuss the role of analytics and how it either hurts or helps the evaluation of NFL players.
39 min
7/14 - All Star Games; Dunk Competitions; Quart...
Ian and Mike discuss the MLB All Star Game, NBA dunk contests, 2021 top quarterbacks, and more!
48 min
7/8 - Lightning Win Stanley Cup; The Tom Brady ...
Ian and Mike react to the Lightning clinching their second Stanley Cup, the anniversary of The Decision, and talk some old school wrestling.
56 min
7/7 - Greatest Wrestling Heel Turn, Catching Up...
Ian and Mike are back in the studio as they remember the anniversary of the greatest wrestling heel turn, discuss some of the headlines they missed over the last few weeks, and recap The Match.
34 min
6/21 - Back From Vacation
Ian and Mike hit the airwaves after two weeks off and discuss some of the events of the last 14 days.
29 min
5/27 - Worst First Pitches, Celtics, Kyrie Comm...
Ian and Mike discuss their favorite worst first pitches and John Sapochetti joins the show to talk Celtics and Kyrie's return to the Garden.
44 min
5/26 - Another Pointless Spygate Discussion
Its 2021 and Spygate is the topic for Ian and Mike. No, seriously, it is. The latest sham piece is discussed.
39 min
5/25 - More Julio Jones Trade Speculation
Ian and Mike discuss the latest developments in the Julio Jones and Murph calls in and crashes the system.
31 min
5/21 - Remembering Macho Man, Owen Hart, and La...
Ian and Mike remember Macho Man on the anniversary of his passing, they discuss Owen Hart ahead of his death anniversary, and they talk about which teams could make a move for Julio Jones.
36 min
5/19 - Celtics, NBA Play-in, and More With John...
John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to talk Jayson Tatum and the Celtics, NBA Play-in tournament and playoffs, and much more!
38 min
5/18 - New Jack, Seinfeld Finale, Stanley Cup P...
Ian and Mike discuss the passing of ECW legend New Jack, the 23rd anniversary of the Seinfeld finale, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and, Murph calls in!
54 min
5/13 - NFL Schedule Reaction
Ian and Mike react to the release of the NFL Schedule including their favorite primetime games.
48 min
5/12 - NFL Schedule Leak Reactions; Week 1; Buc...
In preparation for the release of the NFL schedule, Ian and Mike discuss the matchups we already do know, including all of week one.
39 min
5/11 - NFL Schedule Predictions; Remembering Je...
Ian and Mike take their best shot at predicting some of the 2021 NFL schedule and they remember Jerry Stiller a year after his passing.
43 min
5/10 - Bobby Orr, Athletes We Wish We Were Aliv...
Ian and Mike discuss the anniversary of the famous Bobby Orr goal, athletes they wish they were alive to see, and some NFL schedule predictions ahead of the release this week.
49 min
5/6 - Tom Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and More
Ian and Mike discuss the Tom Wilson fine and lack of suspension, Aaron Rodgers' future, and much more!
45 min
5/4 - Aaron Rodgers Talk With John Sapochetti
Ian and Mike chat with John Sapochetti about the ongoing Aaron Rodgers/Packers drama.
41 min
5/3 - Will Aaron Rodgers Play For The Packers I...
Ian and Mike discuss the ongoing Aaron Rodgers saga and wonder if he will the Green Bay quarterback come Week 1.
27 min
4/30 - NFL Draft Day One Recap; Aaron Rodgers; ...
Ian and Mike discuss day one of the NFL Draft, the drama surrounding Aaron Rodgers, and the Patriots new signal caller.
48 min
4/29 - Jimmy G; NFL Draft; And More!
On day one of the NFL Draft, Ian and Mike discuss the nonstop Jimmy G rumors, the Patriots QB options, and much more!
57 min