Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Abate Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

3/1 - Rodgers/Brady, This Day in History; Wilso...
Ian and Mike discuss the continued persistence of Aaron Rodgers fans, some historical anniversaries and the ongoing drama surrounding Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson.
53 min
2/17 - J.J. Watt's Landing Spot, Movie Quotes, ...
Ian and Mike discuss the best landing spot for J.J. Watt, movie quotes, and much more.
47 min
2/16 - QB Talk w/ John Sapochetti
John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to talk Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, and much more!
48 min
2/12 - Quarterback Carousal; Who Ends Up Where?
Ian and Mike spin the wheel of quarterbacks and tell you where some of the free agent signal callers land this offseason.
48 min
2/9 - Super Bowl Talk w/ John Sapochetti
John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to discuss the Buccaneers victory over the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.
50 min
2/8 - Seven; Buccaneers Upset Chiefs in Super B...
Ian and Mike react to the Bucs dominating 31-9 win over the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV as Tom Brady wins his seventh ring.
48 min
2/1 - Malcolm Butler/SB49; Tom Brady and Super ...
Ian and Mike remember the Malcolm Butler interception on the six year anniversary of Super Bowl XLIX and they talk Tom Brady and legacy.
41 min
1/26 - The Religion of "Stats" and the Narrativ...
Ian and Mike dive into stats and the "perception of" vs the "reality" when it comes to Tom Brady and why "graphs" aren't proof of his greatness.
46 min
1/25 - NFL Conference Championship Weekend Reca...
John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to recap the NFL Championship Games as Mahomes and the Chiefs advance to take on Brady and the Bucs in Tampa Bay.
44 min
1/19 - Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers w/ John Sapo...
Ian and Mike remember the "tuck rule" game 19 years later and John Sapochetti joins to talk Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.
51 min
1/18 - NFL Divisional Round Recap
Ian and Mike react to all the action from the NFL's Divisional Round.
51 min
1/12 - Belichick Declines; More Wild Card React...
Ian and Mike discuss Patriots coach, Bill Belichick declining the Presidential Medal of Freedom, more on Wild Card weekend, and they welcome in John Sapochetti for another Tuesday Sit w/ Sap.
45 min
1/11 - NFL Wild Card Recap
Ian and Mike recap Super Wild Card weekend in the NFL as the Divisional round takes shape.
53 min
1/6 - World Juniors; Pro Football HOF Finalists...
Ian and Mike react to Team USA's victory over Team Canada in the 2021 World Junior Championship Gold Medal Game, the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Final 15, and all the latest Texans front office hire.
54 min
1/5 - Is Tom Brady Still the Best QB in the NFL...
There is nothing like a good old fashion debate. John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to debate who the best QB in the NFL is right now.
54 min
1/4 - Happy New Year; NFL Playoffs; Ian's 20 Pr...
Ian and Mike return after a week off and discuss the end of the NFL regular season and review Ian's "20 Predictions for 2020" story published last September.
54 min
12/24 - Dungy on Brady; Christmas Movie Draft w...
Ian and Mike are joined by John Sapochetti this Christmas Eve to discuss Dungy's comments on Brady and they hold their first Christmas movie draft in honor of the holidays.
44 min
12/23 - Happy Festivus; MNF Recap
Ian and Mike recap Monday Night Football and in honor of Festivus, they air their grievences.
36 min
12/18 - Raiders/Chargers Recap; NFL Week 15 Pic...
On a Friday edition, Ian and Mike recap a thrilling Thursday Night matchup between the Chargers and Raiders and give their picks and predictions for the entire Week 15 slate.
42 min
12/15 - Ravens/Browns Recap; NFL MVP Race w/ Jo...
Ian and Mike recap a thrilling Ravens win over the Browns on Monday Night Football and John Sapochetti joins to discuss the NFL MVP Race entering Week 15.
57 min
12/14 - NFL Week 14 Sunday Recap; MNF Preview
Ian and Mike recap a wild Sunday in the NFL and look ahead to Browns and Raves on Monday Night Football.
52 min
12/7 - NFL Week 13 Recap; Mahomes/Rodgers; Adam...
Ian and Mike kick off the week talking about all the action from a wild Sunday in the NFL. The Patriots throttled the Bolts, Aaron Rodgers throws his 400th, DaVante Adams vs Tyreek Hill, and they talk history on the 89th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor.
53 min
12/4 - Mike's Album Covers; Vintage Wrestling C...
Ian and Mike discussed the recently unearthed album cover featuring Mike's homage to Benny Mardone, a 1990 WWF event card is discussed, and, of course, they give their picks and predictions as well as discuss the playoff scenarios in the NFL heading into Week 13.
49 min
12/3 - Steelers/Ravens Recap; Brady vs Winston;...
Ian and Mike recap the Steelers win over the Ravens and once again question the legitimacy of the Steelers undefeated record. In addition, they set the record straight in the Brady vs Winston "debate" and discuss Cam Newton's long term future with the Patriots.
36 min
12/2 - Favorite Christmas Movies; Steelers/Ravens
Ian and Mike discuss some of their favorite Christmas movie traditions, preview "Wednesday" Afternoon Football, and the legitimacy of the Steelers record.
47 min