Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Abate Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

11/9 - QB Power Rankings; AFC Playoff Picture
Ian and John discuss the muddied AFC playoff picture and give their quarterback power rankings through nine weeks.
51 min
11/8 - NFL Week 9 Reaction
Ian and John react to Sunday's action in the NFL and the wide open AFC.
50 min
11/5 - Restaurant Jobs; OBJ, Week 9 Picks and P...
Ian and John discuss life in the service industry, the release of Odell Beckham Jr., and they give their picks and predictions for week nine in the NFL.
47 min
11/4 - Aaron Rodgers COVID Situation
Ian and John react to he whole Aaron Rodgers/COVID fiasco ongoing in Green Bay as the reigning MVP is set miss this Sunday's matchup with the Chiefs.
52 min
11/3 - Thanksgiving Foods; Ruggs; World Series
Ian and John discuss Turkey as Thanksgiving nears. Plus, they react to the Henry Ruggs situation, the Braves winning the World Series, and much more.
50 min
11/2 - Mahomes Struggles, Chiefs/Giants, and We...
Ian and John discuss the Chiefs narrow win over the Giants, Mahomes continued struggles, quarterback wins, and the upcoming Chiefs/Packers matchup this Sunday.
45 min
10/29 - Packers/Cards Recap; Week 8 Picks and P...
Ian and John recap the Packers win over the undefeated Cardinals and give their picks and predictions for Sunday's slate of games.
55 min
10/28 - Mahomes/Chiefs Struggles; Rodgers vs Ca...
Ian and John are back to discuss Mahomes and the Chiefs struggles and preview Thursday Night Football between the Packers and Cardinals.
45 min
10/21 - TNF Preview; Week 7 Discussion
Ian and John give their picks for Thursday Night Football and preview the rest of Week 7 action in the NFL.
27 min
10/19 - Back From Vegas; Week 6 Reaction; Dak o...
Ian is back from his Vegas trip in time to react to a wild week six in the NFL as well as discuss which quarterback they would take... Dak or Mahomes?
40 min
10/15 - NFL Week 6 Preview and Predictions
Ian and John give their pick for the Sunday slate of NFL action.
17 min
10/12 - Gruden Resigns; Ravens Win; Red Sox Adv...
Ian and John discuss Jon Gruden's resignation, the Ravens big win on MNF, and the Red Sox advancing to the ALCS.
38 min
10/11 - Week 5 Reaction; Chiefs Struggles
Ian and John react to a fun Sunday in the NFL and wonder what is wrong with the Chiefs and declare, once again, the two old guys as the best quarterbacks in the league.
45 min
10/8 - Rams/Seahawks Recap; Week 5 Preview and ...
Ian and John recap the Rams victory over the Seahawks and look ahead to all of the action in the NFL in Week 5.
49 min
10/7 - QB Power Rankings; TNF Preview
Ian and John give their Week 5 QB power rankings and look ahead to the Rams and Seahawks on Sunday Night Football.
26 min
10/6 - Stephon Gilmore Released; Red Sox Advance
Ian and John react to the Patriots release of cornerback Stephon Gilmore and the Red Sox defeat of the Yankees.
28 min
10/5 - Bucs/Pats Recap, Brady/Belichick
Ian and John recap Tom Brady's return to Foxboro and discuss the latest drama surrounding the coverage of the team.
38 min
10/1 - Seinfeld on Netflix; NFL News and Notes;...
Ian and John discuss Seinfeld coming to Netflix, the latest news from around the NFL and they give their picks and predictions for Week 4.
49 min
9/29 - Richard Sherman To The Buccaneers; Patri...
Ian and John react to the signing of Richard Sherman by the Bucs and look ahead to this Sunday's matchup between Brady, The Bucs and the New England Patriots.
43 min
9/28 - NFL Week 3 Recap; Quarterback Power Rank...
Ian and John recap Week 3 in the NFL and give their weekly quarterback power rankings.
47 min
9/23 - Brady/Belichick, Texans/Panthers, Week 3...
Ian and John talk Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the Patriots and preview Thursday Night Football. In addition, they give their picks for Week 3.
46 min
9/21 - Week 3 QB Power Rankings
Ian and John give their QB power rankings as we enter Week 3 in the NFL.
40 min
9/20 - Tom Brady; Sunday Night Football; Packer...
Ian and John react to all of Sunday's action in the NFL, Tom Brady's torrid start to the season, and Monday Night Football between the Packers and Lions.
52 min
9/16 - QB Power Rankings; Week 2 Picks and Pred...
Ian and John give their NFL quarterback power rankings and then pick all the games from Week 2.
49 min
9/13 - Trouble In Green Bay? Week One Recap and...
Is it time for concern for the Packers? Ian and John discuss this as well as recap all of week one action in the NFL.
42 min