Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Abate Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

5/27 - RIP Ray Liotta; Golden State Advances; C...
Ian and John discuss the passing of actor Ray Liotta, the Warriors Game 5 win, and the Celtics chance to move on to the NBA Finals.
40 min
5/25 - Texas Tragedy; Celtics/Heat Game Five
Ian and John react to the tragic school shooting in Texas. In addition, they take a brief look at the Celtics and Heat heading into game five.
33 min
5/23 - Red Sox; NBA Playoffs; Tom Brady Roast
Ian and John discuss the Red Sox recent surge, the Warriors lead over the Mavericks, the Celtics troubles in game three, and the upcoming roast of Tom Brady.
42 min
5/20 - Tampa Bay Lightning; Celtics Blow Out Heat
Ian and John discuss the Tampa Bay Lightning's quest for a third-straight Stanley Cup and the Celtics big bounce back in game two against the Heat.
27 min
5/16 - Celtics Advance; Jayson Tatum; Golden St...
Ian and John react to the Celtics game seven win over the Bucks and Jayson Tatum's emergence. In addition, they look out West to the Mavericks dominate win over the Suns and potential NBA Finals matchups.
32 min
5/13 - NBA Playoffs, Tom Brady's New Deal, NFL ...
Ian and John talk Celtics/Bucks and the NBA Playoffs, Tom Brady's new broadcasting deal, and the release of the NFL schedule.
41 min
5/9 - NBA Playoffs; Officiating In Professional...
Ian and John discuss the NBA playoffs and their current officiating problem.
22 min
5/4 - Horror Movies; Deandre Hopkins Suspension...
Ian and John discuss horror movies, the Deandra Hopkins suspension, and the Celtics big game two win over the Bucks.
36 min
5/2 -NFL Draft; Celtics/Bucks Game 1 Reaction
Ian and John discuss the fallout of the NFL Draft and they react to game one between the Bucks and Celtics.
28 min
4/29 - First Round NFL Draft Reaction; Sean McVay
Ian and John discuss the Patriots and Packers first round and the poor response from Sean McVay.
31 min
4/27 - Deebo Samuel; NFL Draft; NBA Playoffs
Ian and John discuss the Deebo Samuel to Jets rumors, the NFL Draft, quarterbacks, and the NBA playoffs.
37 min
4/25 - Celtics/Nets, NBA Playoffs
Ian and John discuss the Celtics/Nets series and the rest of the NBA playoffs.
30 min
4/22 - NBA Playoffs; Deebo Samuel Trade Request
Ian and John discuss the Deebo Samuel trade request and the Celtics big win over the Nets in game two.
30 min
4/19 - Celtics/Nets, Kyrie, The Match
Ian and John discuss game one between the Celtics and Nets, sports villains, and "The Match".
43 min
4/15 - Married With Children; Tom Brady/Dolphin...
Ian and John discuss Ed O'Neil (Al Bundy) days after his 76th birthday and then dive into the Tom Brady/Dolphins situation.
27 min
4/11 - RIP Dwayne Haskins; Tom Brady/Dolphins C...
Ian and John discuss the tragic passing of Dwayne Haskins and the ridiculous rumors circulating about Tom Brady and the Miami Dolphins.
25 min
4/8 - Deebo Samuel Seeking Raise; Baseball is Back
Ian and John discuss the potential Deebo Samuel drama as he seeks a new contract AND they talk baseball as MLB returns for the 2022 season.
41 min
4/6 - Stefon Diggs Big Contract Extension
Ian and John discuss Stefon Diggs new contract extension and the Championship window for the Buffalo Bills.
23 min
4/5 - Lakers Struggles, DeVante Parker, Eagles/...
Ian and John discuss the Lakers struggles, the deal that sent DeVante Parker to the Patriots, and the big draft pick trade between the Saints and Eagles.
30 min
3/30 - NFL Changes OT Rules
Ian and John react to the change in overtime rules in the NFL.
40 min
3/28 - NFL News, Oscars, and NBA Talk
Ian and John discuss the latest NFL news and rumors, the drama at the Oscars, and the Celtics spot atop the NBA's Eastern Conference.
34 min
3/25 - Tyreek Hill Traded To Dolphins; Chiefs N...
Ian and John react to the trade of Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins and what the Chiefs will do next.
38 min
3/23 - Matt Ryan Trade Reaction; AFC Quarterbacks
Ian and John react to the trade of Matt Ryan to the Colts and discuss the overall quarterback outlook of the AFC.
31 min
3/21 - Deshaun Watson Traded to The Browns; NHL...
Ian and John discuss the trade of Deshaun Watson to the Browns and the upcoming NHL trade deadline.
33 min
3/18 - Davante Adams Traded To Raiders; NFL Fre...
Ian and John discuss the Davante Adams trad that sent him from Green Bay to Las Vegas AND they react to a wild few days during NFL free agency.
32 min