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8/24 - Kevin Durant Trade Update; LeBron James ...
Ian and John discuss the latest surrounding Kevin Durant, LeBron James' new contract, and the future for Jimmy G.
30 min
8/22 - Tom Brady Returns, Raiders QB Rumor
Ian and John discuss Tom Brady's return to Bucs practice and the latest rumor surrounding Brady and his "almost" arrival in Las Vegas in 2020.
43 min
8/19 - Deshaun Watson Suspension; Concern About...
Ian and John discuss the Deshaun Watson suspension and whether or not there is concern about Tom Brady's absence from the Buccaneers.
20 min
8/17 - Packers Camp Struggles, Top 10 QB/Pass C...
Ian and John discuss Aaron Rodgers comments about the young wide receiver struggles, a Top 10 QB/Pass Catcher list, and the Patriots sending Malcolm Butler to injured reserve.
30 min
8/15 - Zach Wilson, Deshaun Watson, NFL Top 100...
Ian and John discuss the Zach Wilson injury scare, Deshaun Watson's debut and pending suspension, and the premiere of the NFL Top 100 list.
24 min
8/12 - Recapping NFL Preseason Action; NBA Reti...
Ian and John discuss the pair of NFL preseason games from Thursday and react to the NBA's decision to retire the jersey of Bill Russell.
26 min
8/11 - Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, Top 5 Run...
Ian and John discuss Serena Williams impending retirement, Kevin Durant, the Top 5 running backs entering 2022, and the kick off to the NFL preseason.
53 min
8/9 - Pro Football Hall of Fame; Shawshank Pris...
Ian and John recap the Hall of Fame weekend, discuss Ian's Shawshank Prison tour, and talk about the latest surrounding Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.
33 min
8/3 - Vin Scully, Tom Brady, Stephen Ross and t...
Ian and John discuss the passing of Vin Scully, Tom Brady's birthday, and the Dolphins punishment for tampering.
37 min
8/1 - Bill Russell Passes Away; Deshaun Watson ...
Ian and John discuss the passing of Celtics' legend Bill Russell and the suspension handed down to Deshaun Watson.
24 min
7/29 - Kyler Murray, Julio Jones to Tampa, D.K....
Ian and John discuss the Kyler Murray extension, Julio Jones signing in Tampa, and the new contract for D.K. Metcalf.
41 min
7/22 - Kyler Murray Contract, Watson Suspension...
Ian and John react to the Kyler Murray contract, the impending Deshaun Watson suspension, and they give their Top 5 NFC teams as we approach training camp.
30 min
7/20 - Charles Barkley, Pre Game Shows, Top 5 A...
Ian and John discuss the rumors of Charles Barkley join LIV Golf, the best pre and post game shows across sports, and they give their Top 5 AFC teams entering 2022.
41 min
7/19 - Lakers, MLB Home Run Derby, Gronks Futur...
Ian and John hit the airwaves again to react to the Home Run Derby, the latest with LeBron James and the Lakers, and the rumblings that maybe Gronk isn't quite done yet.
36 min
7/11 - Celebrity Deaths; Jimmy Garoppolo Rumor
Ian and John discuss the latest string of celebrity passings and, of course, the latest rumors surrounding 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.
34 min
7/8 - NHL Draft Talk; Baker Mayfield Traded To ...
Ian and John discuss the first round of the NHL Draft and also the trade that sent Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers.
30 min
7/6 - Kevin Durant, NBA Offseason, Browns QB Drama
Ian and John discuss the NBA offseason, Kevin Durant, and the Browns quarterback drama that has yet to be resolved.
28 min
7/1 - Kevin Durant Requests Trade; NBA Offseaso...
Ian and John react to the Kevin Durant trade request and the wild start to the NBA offseason.
24 min
6/29 - Avs Win Stanley Cup; NFL News and Notes
Ian and John discuss the Avalanche winning the Stanley Cup and the Patriots odds to win the AFC>
27 min
6/24 - WSOP; NBA Finals Talk; Stanley Cup Comin...
Ian and John are back to discuss the World Series of Poker, the NBA Finals and Draft, and the Stanley Cup.
31 min
6/15 - Celtics Falter In San Fran, Can They For...
Ian and John discuss the Celtics loss in Game 5 and what they have to do heading back to Boston for Game 6.
34 min
6/13 - Goodfellas; Celtics/Warriors, Stanley Cu...
Ian and John discuss the Celtics loss in Game 4 and look ahead to Game 5 of the NBA Finals, plus, they react to the Lightning returning to the Stanley Cup Final for the third straight season.
37 min
6/10 - Jason Alexander; Tom Brady; Celtics/Warr...
Ian and John discuss the Tom Brady non answer, Jason Alexander's weekend, and the NBA Finals.
42 min
6/6 - Josh Allen Overhyped? Celtics/Warriors Ga...
Ian and John discuss whether or not Josh Allen is being overhyped and they recap the Warriors win over the Celtics in Game Two of the NBA Finals.
36 min
6/3 - Celtics Take Game One From Golden State
Ian and John discuss the Celtics big win over the Warriors in game one of the NBA Finals.
34 min