Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Abate Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

10/21 - TNF Preview; Week 7 Discussion
Ian and John give their picks for Thursday Night Football and preview the rest of Week 7 action in the NFL.
27 min
10/19 - Back From Vegas; Week 6 Reaction; Dak o...
Ian is back from his Vegas trip in time to react to a wild week six in the NFL as well as discuss which quarterback they would take... Dak or Mahomes?
40 min
10/15 - NFL Week 6 Preview and Predictions
Ian and John give their pick for the Sunday slate of NFL action.
17 min
10/12 - Gruden Resigns; Ravens Win; Red Sox Adv...
Ian and John discuss Jon Gruden's resignation, the Ravens big win on MNF, and the Red Sox advancing to the ALCS.
38 min
10/11 - Week 5 Reaction; Chiefs Struggles
Ian and John react to a fun Sunday in the NFL and wonder what is wrong with the Chiefs and declare, once again, the two old guys as the best quarterbacks in the league.
45 min
10/8 - Rams/Seahawks Recap; Week 5 Preview and ...
Ian and John recap the Rams victory over the Seahawks and look ahead to all of the action in the NFL in Week 5.
49 min
10/7 - QB Power Rankings; TNF Preview
Ian and John give their Week 5 QB power rankings and look ahead to the Rams and Seahawks on Sunday Night Football.
26 min
10/6 - Stephon Gilmore Released; Red Sox Advance
Ian and John react to the Patriots release of cornerback Stephon Gilmore and the Red Sox defeat of the Yankees.
28 min
10/5 - Bucs/Pats Recap, Brady/Belichick
Ian and John recap Tom Brady's return to Foxboro and discuss the latest drama surrounding the coverage of the team.
38 min
10/1 - Seinfeld on Netflix; NFL News and Notes;...
Ian and John discuss Seinfeld coming to Netflix, the latest news from around the NFL and they give their picks and predictions for Week 4.
49 min
9/29 - Richard Sherman To The Buccaneers; Patri...
Ian and John react to the signing of Richard Sherman by the Bucs and look ahead to this Sunday's matchup between Brady, The Bucs and the New England Patriots.
43 min
9/28 - NFL Week 3 Recap; Quarterback Power Rank...
Ian and John recap Week 3 in the NFL and give their weekly quarterback power rankings.
47 min
9/23 - Brady/Belichick, Texans/Panthers, Week 3...
Ian and John talk Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the Patriots and preview Thursday Night Football. In addition, they give their picks for Week 3.
46 min
9/21 - Week 3 QB Power Rankings
Ian and John give their QB power rankings as we enter Week 3 in the NFL.
40 min
9/20 - Tom Brady; Sunday Night Football; Packer...
Ian and John react to all of Sunday's action in the NFL, Tom Brady's torrid start to the season, and Monday Night Football between the Packers and Lions.
52 min
9/16 - QB Power Rankings; Week 2 Picks and Pred...
Ian and John give their NFL quarterback power rankings and then pick all the games from Week 2.
49 min
9/13 - Trouble In Green Bay? Week One Recap and...
Is it time for concern for the Packers? Ian and John discuss this as well as recap all of week one action in the NFL.
42 min
9/10 - Bucs Defeat Cowboys; Week One Game Picks
Ian and John recap the Bucs victory over the Cowboys and give their picks for all of Sunday's Week One action.
45 min
9/9 - Bucs/Cowboys; NFC Contenders
Ian and John preview the Buccaneers and Cowboys opening night game and take a look at some of the NFC contenders.
44 min
9/8 - Is Tom Brady Better Now Than In 2007?
Ian and John discuss wedding adventures and ask whether or not, Tom Brady is better now than he was in 2007.
41 min
9/7 - RIP Michael K. Williams, Mark Andrews Ext...
Ian and John react to the passing of actor Michael K. Williams, the Mark Andrews extension, and the naming of Tyrod Taylor as the Texans starting quarterback.
40 min
9/3 - NFL Vaccination Rates; New Season Around ...
Ian and John discuss the Bucs and other teams vaccination status and other news from around the league.
33 min
9/2 - NFL Roster Cuts; Quarterback Traits
Ian and John discuss some of the cuts across the league and some of the best qualities of an elite quarterback.
39 min
8/26 - Patriots Quarterback Battle
Ian and John discuss the latest news involving Cam Newton and the quarterback battle with rookie Mac Jones.
26 min
8/24 - NFL Top 100 List
Ian and John discuss who will wind up voted the number one player on the NFL's Top 100 players of 2021 list.
46 min
8/20 - Top Three Players In The NBA
Ian and John discuss the best players in the NBA and the all time greats.
30 min
8/19 - Dentist Trips And G.O.A.T Talk
Ian is once again joined by John Sapochetti to talk dentist trips and the greatest athletes/quarterbacks.
54 min
8/13 - Patriots Open Preseason; Field of Dreams...
John Sapochetti joins Ian to discuss the opening of the Patriots preseason and the thrilling Field of Dreams game from Thursday night.
32 min
8/10 - The Rock, Rodgers/Brady, And Football Ta...
John Sapochetti joins Ian as they talk about latest movies, The Rock, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, and all the latest as we get ready for the NFL preseason.
53 min
8/3 - The GOAT Turns 44
Tom Brady turns 44 and Ian and Mike are here to celebrate it.
33 min
7/22 - Bucks Win NBA Championship; Bucs Visit W...
Ian and Mike discuss the Bucks winning the NBA Championship, the Bucs getting their White House visit, and NFL talk.
33 min
7/15 - Manning's First Pitch; Stats vs Eye Test...
Kyle Senra fills in for Mike D'Abate as he and Ian react to Peyton Manning's first pitch and they discuss the role of analytics and how it either hurts or helps the evaluation of NFL players.
39 min
7/14 - All Star Games; Dunk Competitions; Quart...
Ian and Mike discuss the MLB All Star Game, NBA dunk contests, 2021 top quarterbacks, and more!
48 min
7/8 - Lightning Win Stanley Cup; The Tom Brady ...
Ian and Mike react to the Lightning clinching their second Stanley Cup, the anniversary of The Decision, and talk some old school wrestling.
56 min
7/7 - Greatest Wrestling Heel Turn, Catching Up...
Ian and Mike are back in the studio as they remember the anniversary of the greatest wrestling heel turn, discuss some of the headlines they missed over the last few weeks, and recap The Match.
34 min
6/21 - Back From Vacation
Ian and Mike hit the airwaves after two weeks off and discuss some of the events of the last 14 days.
29 min
5/27 - Worst First Pitches, Celtics, Kyrie Comm...
Ian and Mike discuss their favorite worst first pitches and John Sapochetti joins the show to talk Celtics and Kyrie's return to the Garden.
44 min
5/26 - Another Pointless Spygate Discussion
Its 2021 and Spygate is the topic for Ian and Mike. No, seriously, it is. The latest sham piece is discussed.
39 min
5/25 - More Julio Jones Trade Speculation
Ian and Mike discuss the latest developments in the Julio Jones and Murph calls in and crashes the system.
31 min
5/21 - Remembering Macho Man, Owen Hart, and La...
Ian and Mike remember Macho Man on the anniversary of his passing, they discuss Owen Hart ahead of his death anniversary, and they talk about which teams could make a move for Julio Jones.
36 min
5/19 - Celtics, NBA Play-in, and More With John...
John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to talk Jayson Tatum and the Celtics, NBA Play-in tournament and playoffs, and much more!
38 min
5/18 - New Jack, Seinfeld Finale, Stanley Cup P...
Ian and Mike discuss the passing of ECW legend New Jack, the 23rd anniversary of the Seinfeld finale, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and, Murph calls in!
54 min
5/13 - NFL Schedule Reaction
Ian and Mike react to the release of the NFL Schedule including their favorite primetime games.
48 min
5/12 - NFL Schedule Leak Reactions; Week 1; Buc...
In preparation for the release of the NFL schedule, Ian and Mike discuss the matchups we already do know, including all of week one.
39 min
5/11 - NFL Schedule Predictions; Remembering Je...
Ian and Mike take their best shot at predicting some of the 2021 NFL schedule and they remember Jerry Stiller a year after his passing.
43 min
5/10 - Bobby Orr, Athletes We Wish We Were Aliv...
Ian and Mike discuss the anniversary of the famous Bobby Orr goal, athletes they wish they were alive to see, and some NFL schedule predictions ahead of the release this week.
49 min
5/6 - Tom Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and More
Ian and Mike discuss the Tom Wilson fine and lack of suspension, Aaron Rodgers' future, and much more!
45 min
5/4 - Aaron Rodgers Talk With John Sapochetti
Ian and Mike chat with John Sapochetti about the ongoing Aaron Rodgers/Packers drama.
41 min
5/3 - Will Aaron Rodgers Play For The Packers I...
Ian and Mike discuss the ongoing Aaron Rodgers saga and wonder if he will the Green Bay quarterback come Week 1.
27 min
4/30 - NFL Draft Day One Recap; Aaron Rodgers; ...
Ian and Mike discuss day one of the NFL Draft, the drama surrounding Aaron Rodgers, and the Patriots new signal caller.
48 min
4/29 - Jimmy G; NFL Draft; And More!
On day one of the NFL Draft, Ian and Mike discuss the nonstop Jimmy G rumors, the Patriots QB options, and much more!
57 min
4/27 - Antonio Brown Back To Tampa; Jimmy G; Pa...
John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to discuss Antonio Brown and the Bucs repeat possibilities, the Jimmy G saga, and some of the Patriots options at QB and in the draft.
49 min
4/22 - Endless QB Debates; Antonio Brown; Cobra...
Ian and Mike discuss more of the Mahomes/Brady madness, the recent developments with Antonio Brown, and the latest Cobra Kai news.
45 min
4/21 - Chauvin Verdict Reaction, Mahomes vs. Br...
Ian and Mike are joined by John Sapochetti as they discuss the outcome of the Derek Chauvin trial, the latest Mahomes/Brady debate, and more!
53 min
4/20 - Historical Anniversaries, Stone Cold Doc...
Ian and Mike take a look back at the Waco Standoff and Oklahoma City Bombing a day after the anniversary of the events, the upcoming Stone Cold Steve Austin documentary, and terrible Twitter takes.
41 min
4/15 - Jackie Robinson and April 15th Events in...
Ian and Mike discuss the anniversary of Jackie Robinson playing his first MLB game and other famous events and anniversaries that fall on April 15th.
47 min
4/13 - Julian Edelman Announces Retirement; Joh...
Ian and Mike discuss the retirement of Patriots receiver Julian Edelman with John Sapochetti.
40 min
4/12 - Weekend Wrap, Vaccine Recap, Ed O'Neal, ...
Ian and Mike recap the latest from the weekend including Ian's vaccine side effects, Netflix recommendations, Ed O'Neil, the NHL Trade Deadline, and, of course, Wrestlemania.
39 min
4/9 - Wrestlemania, 2024 Glendon/D'Abate Ticket...
On this episode, Ian and Mike talk a little Wrestlemania before the weekend's event, the theme songs for they 2024 campaign, wearing pants, Julian Edelman, and much more!
51 min
4/8 - More Cowbell, Sports Movies, Space Advent...
On today's show, Ian and Mike discuss the anniversary of the Sandlot and Major League, More Cowbell 21 years later, Walter Olkewicz, and one-way space travel.
46 min
4/7 - Documentaries, Aaron Rodgers, and More Wi...
John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to talk documentaries, Aaron Rodgers future and his appearance on Jeopardy!, and much more!
56 min
4/6 - Baylor Beats Gonzaga, Vaccines and Gil Hi...
Ian and Mike discuss Baylor's victory over Gonzaga in the NCAA Men's Championship Game, getting vaccinated, Gil Hill and Netflix documentaries, and the trade that sent Sam Darnold from the Jets to the Panthers.
42 min
4/5 - Married With Children, Vaccines, Red Sox,...
On an abbreviated episode, Ian and Mike discuss Married with Children on its 34th anniversary, getting vaccines, the Red Sox, and more!
26 min
3/30 - John Sapochetti Joins The Show
Ian and Mike are joined by John Sapochetti to talk the latest NFL news and headlines and, of course, basketball.
40 min
3/29 - Dolphins/49ers Trade; Jimmy G's Future; ...
Ian and Mike react to the big trade that saw the 49ers move up to the third overall selection, they discuss Jimmy G's future, and, of course, Cam and the Patriots.
52 min
3/25 - RIP Jessica Walter, King Kong, NFL headl...
Ian and Mike react to the death of Jessica Walter, the movie Kong, and all the news and headlines from the NFL.
50 min
3/24 - Wrestlemania VII Memories, Patriots Free...
Ian and Mike discuss the infamous Wrestlemania 7, the latest moves in NFL free agency, and they welcome in John Sapochetti to talk NBA and much more!
56 min
3/23 - Austin/McMahon Beer Bath; Job Quitting S...
Ian and Mike remember the infamous Austin/McMahon beer bath on Monday Night Raw, they talk job quitting stories, and discuss the latest in the NFL.
40 min
3/22 - NFL Free Agency Talk; Patriots Signings
Ian and Mike recap the weekend in the NFL including the Patriots big start to free agency.
54 min
3/16 - Free Agency Recap; John Sapochetti Joins...
Ian and Mike react to a wild first day of the "legal tampering" period and welcome in John Sapochetti to talk Belichick and Patriots signings.
55 min
3/10 - NHL on ESPN, Franchise Tag Frenzy, John ...
Ian and Mike discuss the NHL's return to ESPN, Franchise Tag frenzy, and they welcome in John Sapochetti.
50 min
3/8 - Eddie Murphy; Coming to America; Watson/M...
Ian and Mike talk Eddie Murphy vs Kevin Hart, Coming to America 2, and the article discussing a Deshaun Watson/Kyler Murray trade.
46 min
3/4 - Remembering John Candy; Montana/Brady; Jo...
In this episode, Ian and Mike remember the late, great John Candy on the anniversary of his passing and they react to Montana placing Brady at the very top of the greatest QB list. Plus, John Sapochetti joins us for his weekly spot.
53 min
3/3 - Car Stories; Veterans Released; Patriots ...
On this episode, Ian and Mike discussed assumed identities, driving stories, recently released veterans, and the Patriots QB situation moving forward.
48 min
3/1 - Rodgers/Brady, This Day in History; Wilso...
Ian and Mike discuss the continued persistence of Aaron Rodgers fans, some historical anniversaries and the ongoing drama surrounding Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson.
53 min
2/17 - J.J. Watt's Landing Spot, Movie Quotes, ...
Ian and Mike discuss the best landing spot for J.J. Watt, movie quotes, and much more.
47 min
2/16 - QB Talk w/ John Sapochetti
John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to talk Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, and much more!
48 min
2/12 - Quarterback Carousal; Who Ends Up Where?
Ian and Mike spin the wheel of quarterbacks and tell you where some of the free agent signal callers land this offseason.
48 min
2/9 - Super Bowl Talk w/ John Sapochetti
John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to discuss the Buccaneers victory over the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.
50 min
2/8 - Seven; Buccaneers Upset Chiefs in Super B...
Ian and Mike react to the Bucs dominating 31-9 win over the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV as Tom Brady wins his seventh ring.
48 min
2/1 - Malcolm Butler/SB49; Tom Brady and Super ...
Ian and Mike remember the Malcolm Butler interception on the six year anniversary of Super Bowl XLIX and they talk Tom Brady and legacy.
41 min
1/26 - The Religion of "Stats" and the Narrativ...
Ian and Mike dive into stats and the "perception of" vs the "reality" when it comes to Tom Brady and why "graphs" aren't proof of his greatness.
46 min
1/25 - NFL Conference Championship Weekend Reca...
John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to recap the NFL Championship Games as Mahomes and the Chiefs advance to take on Brady and the Bucs in Tampa Bay.
44 min
1/19 - Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers w/ John Sapo...
Ian and Mike remember the "tuck rule" game 19 years later and John Sapochetti joins to talk Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.
51 min
1/18 - NFL Divisional Round Recap
Ian and Mike react to all the action from the NFL's Divisional Round.
51 min
1/12 - Belichick Declines; More Wild Card React...
Ian and Mike discuss Patriots coach, Bill Belichick declining the Presidential Medal of Freedom, more on Wild Card weekend, and they welcome in John Sapochetti for another Tuesday Sit w/ Sap.
45 min
1/11 - NFL Wild Card Recap
Ian and Mike recap Super Wild Card weekend in the NFL as the Divisional round takes shape.
53 min
1/6 - World Juniors; Pro Football HOF Finalists...
Ian and Mike react to Team USA's victory over Team Canada in the 2021 World Junior Championship Gold Medal Game, the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Final 15, and all the latest Texans front office hire.
54 min
1/5 - Is Tom Brady Still the Best QB in the NFL...
There is nothing like a good old fashion debate. John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike to debate who the best QB in the NFL is right now.
54 min
1/4 - Happy New Year; NFL Playoffs; Ian's 20 Pr...
Ian and Mike return after a week off and discuss the end of the NFL regular season and review Ian's "20 Predictions for 2020" story published last September.
54 min
12/24 - Dungy on Brady; Christmas Movie Draft w...
Ian and Mike are joined by John Sapochetti this Christmas Eve to discuss Dungy's comments on Brady and they hold their first Christmas movie draft in honor of the holidays.
44 min
12/23 - Happy Festivus; MNF Recap
Ian and Mike recap Monday Night Football and in honor of Festivus, they air their grievences.
36 min
12/18 - Raiders/Chargers Recap; NFL Week 15 Pic...
On a Friday edition, Ian and Mike recap a thrilling Thursday Night matchup between the Chargers and Raiders and give their picks and predictions for the entire Week 15 slate.
42 min
12/15 - Ravens/Browns Recap; NFL MVP Race w/ Jo...
Ian and Mike recap a thrilling Ravens win over the Browns on Monday Night Football and John Sapochetti joins to discuss the NFL MVP Race entering Week 15.
57 min
12/14 - NFL Week 14 Sunday Recap; MNF Preview
Ian and Mike recap a wild Sunday in the NFL and look ahead to Browns and Raves on Monday Night Football.
52 min
12/7 - NFL Week 13 Recap; Mahomes/Rodgers; Adam...
Ian and Mike kick off the week talking about all the action from a wild Sunday in the NFL. The Patriots throttled the Bolts, Aaron Rodgers throws his 400th, DaVante Adams vs Tyreek Hill, and they talk history on the 89th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor.
53 min
12/4 - Mike's Album Covers; Vintage Wrestling C...
Ian and Mike discussed the recently unearthed album cover featuring Mike's homage to Benny Mardone, a 1990 WWF event card is discussed, and, of course, they give their picks and predictions as well as discuss the playoff scenarios in the NFL heading into Week 13.
49 min
12/3 - Steelers/Ravens Recap; Brady vs Winston;...
Ian and Mike recap the Steelers win over the Ravens and once again question the legitimacy of the Steelers undefeated record. In addition, they set the record straight in the Brady vs Winston "debate" and discuss Cam Newton's long term future with the Patriots.
36 min
12/2 - Favorite Christmas Movies; Steelers/Ravens
Ian and Mike discuss some of their favorite Christmas movie traditions, preview "Wednesday" Afternoon Football, and the legitimacy of the Steelers record.
47 min
12/1 - NFL MVP Talk w/ John Sapochetti
As is the tradition, John Sapochetti stops by to join Ian and Mike to discuss the MVP favorite and to debate the specifics of "talent" when it comes to quarterbacks.
54 min