Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Adabte Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

10/30 - Travis Roy Passes; Favorite Halloween C...
On a Friday edition of FPC Radio LIVE, Ian and Mike react to the passing of Travis Roy, remember their favorite Halloween costumes, and preview every Week 8 game in the NFL.
53 min
10/29 - AB to TB; Newton and the Patriots; TNF ...
On this episode, Ian and Mike dive into the Buccaneers' signing of Antonio Brown, Tom Brady's MVP Candidacy, the Patriots woes and they preview Thursday Night Football between the Panthers and the Falcons.
49 min
10/28 - Tom Brady MVP?; Dodgers Win World Serie...
On a Wednesday edition, Ian and Mike discuss the Dodgers' World Series win, Tom Brady's NFL MVP case, and Antonio Brown signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
41 min
10/14 - Fantasy Impact of Dak's Injury; Rodgers...
Kyle Senra joins Ian and Mike to discuss the fantasy impact of Dak's injury, the MVP race, Rodgers vs Brady, and much more!
53 min
10/13 - Lakers Win NBA Title; Sit w/ Sap; Mahom...
Ian and Mike are joined by John Sapochetti, host of the 'Get Off My Lawn' Podcast to discuss LeBron and the Lakers; Patrick Mahomes; Russell Wilson, Rodgers vs Brady, and much more!
46 min
10/8 - VP Debates; Best Potential Moderators; B...
Ian and Mike discuss who could be the best moderator for the next debate and they preview Thursday Night Football between the Buccaneers and Bears in Chicago.
51 min
10/7 - NFL COVID-19 Issues; RIP Eddie Van Halen...
Ian and Mike lay into the NFL as Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore is the latest to test positive on the heels of their Monday Night Football game against the Chiefs. Plus, they remember Eddie Van Halen, who passed away at the age of 65 and they look back at a Stone Cold and Vince McMahon anniversary.
45 min
9/29 - Chiefs Outlast Ravens; Lightning Hoist S...
Ian and Mike recap the Chiefs victory over the Ravens on Monday Night Football, talk quarterbacks, and the Stanley Cup Final.
51 min
9/28 - Week 3 NFL Recap; Chiefs/Ravens Preview
Ian and Mike react to all the action from Week 3 and look ahead to Chiefs/Ravens on Monday Night Football.
51 min
9/25 - NFL Week 3 Preview and Predictions
Ian and Mike preview all the Week 3 action in the NFL and give their predictions.
53 min
9/24 - Thursday Night Football Preview; Remembe...
Ian and Mike preview Thursday Night Football between the Dolphins and Jaguars and look back at the 2001 debut of Tom Brady, 19 years ago yesterday.
38 min
9/23 - This Day (Or Yesterday) in History; Cam ...
Ian and Mike take a look back at some of the events of the last couple days in history, they remember Road Warrior Animal, and discuss the future of Cam Newton and the Patriots.
49 min
9/22 - Raiders Upset(?) Saints; Drew Brees; Sit...
Ian and Mike recap the Vegas Raiders win over the New Orleans Saints on MNF and welcome in John Sapochetti to talk Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Patrick Mahomes. and, of course, LeBron James.
49 min
9/21 - NFL Sunday Recap
Ian and Mike recap a wild Sunday in the NFL and tell you why Russell Wilson, not Patrick Mahomes, is the BEST quarterback in the league.
48 min
9/18 - NFL Week 2 Preview and Game Picks
Ian and Mike are joined by Kyle Senra to talk NBA, Playoffs, Stanley Cup Final, and they preview Week 2 in the NFL.
55 min
9/16 - NBA/NHL Playoff Talk; Michael Thomas Inj...
Ian and Mike recap a fun night of playoff action in both the NBA and NHL and look at the latest news around the NFL, including the injury to Michael Thomas.
48 min
9/15 - MNF Recap; Tuesday 'Sit w/ Sap; Mahomes ...
Ian and Mike wrap up the first week in the NFL, discuss the results of the FPC Fantasy League, and welcome in John Sapochetti to discuss many things such as... Is Patrick Mahomes overrated?
48 min
9/14 - NFL Week One Reaction
Ian and Mike discuss the first Sunday of NFL action.
52 min
9/11 - Chiefs Def. Texans; NFL Week 1 Preview
Ian and Mike react to the Chiefs opening night win over the Houston Texans and preview the rest of week one including giving their game predictions as well as Super Bowl picks.
54 min
9/10 - Football is Back; Chiefs/Texans Preview
The NFL returns tonight! Ian and Mike preview the Chiefs and Texans season opener and look ahead to some of the weekend's action.
53 min
9/8 - NFL Season is Here; Tuesday 'Sit w/ Sap'
Back for another week, Ian and Mike welcome in John Sapochetti to talk NFL kickoff with Chiefs and Texans just days away.
46 min
9/4 - NFL News and Notes; 24 Villain Draft; Gam...
Kyle Senra joins Ian and Mike to talk NFL news, Stanley Cup, and we mock the best 24 Villains.
53 min
8/31 - Fournette Waived; 10 Things Ahead of NFL...
Ian and Mike discuss the latest NFL news of the day, including the release of Leonard Fournette, plus. they give the 10 things they are looking forward to the most when the NFL season kicks off in 10 days.
51 min
8/28 - Player's Protest; Stanley Cup and NFL He...
Ian and Mike discuss the postponement of games across all the leagues and the latest NFL news as the season is just around the corner.
50 min
8/25 - Tuesday 'Sit w/ Sap'; Top 5 Daniel Day L...
John Sapochetti joins Ian and Mike for their weekly 'Sit w/ Sap' and they give their Top 5 Daniel Day Lewis movies as well as discuss the latest sports headlines.
50 min
8/24 - Earl Thomas Cut; Stanley Cup Playoffs; L...
Ian and Mike are back on a Monday and they discuss the Earl Thomas situation and which team would be the best fit. Plus, they recap a weekend that was in the Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs.
49 min
8/21 - Brady/Gronk in Tampa; LeBron and the NBA...
Ian and Mike discuss the Brady/Gronk ERA in Tampa and welcome in John Sapochetti, host of the "Get Off My Lawn Podcast with Keegan and Sap", to discuss the NBA Playoffs, LeBron James, Daniel Day Lewis, and Italian family secrets.
50 min
8/13 - Twitter Poll Manipulation; NFL Extension...
Ian and Mike discuss the recent FPC Radio controversy over frozen pizza, the recent contract extensions sign (or about to be signed) and the Stanley Cup Playoffs with Kyle Senra.
52 min
8/7 - Wacky Headlines; Mahomes vs Jackson; Stan...
Ian and Mike react to the latest headlines around the sports world, Ian rants on Mahomes vs Jackson, and they discuss the exciting Stanley Cup Playoffs.
70 min
8/5 - FPC Radio Conspiracies; Stanley Cup Playo...
Ian and Mike discuss 'Dylan and Ross Saves Sports' "Announcer Draft" and who chose better in addition to some non conspiracy-conspiracies. In addition, they discuss the exciting Stanley Cup playoffs and the upcoming Jurassic Park cast reunion.
74 min
8/3 - Happy Birthday Tom Brady; NHL Playoff Wee...
Ian and Mike discuss their favorite Tom Brady moments on his 43rd birthday and then Kyle Senra joins the show to talk the first weekend of the NHL playoffs.
72 min
7/31 - Shady McCoy to the Bucs; Shukri Wrights ...
Ian and Mike discuss the Bucs signing of LeSean McCoy and what it means for Brady and the offense. Plus, they welcome in Shukri Wrights, host of The Hot Corner on Full Press Radio, to talk the debut of the show and the return of the NHL.
70 min
7/30 - NFL Top 100 List Reaction; Joe Kelly Sus...
Ian and Mike discuss the Top 10 of the NFL Top 100 list and Ian tells us why he loves that Patrick Mahomes didn't come in at one plus, they react to the Joe Kelly suspension and much more.
49 min
7/29 - More Patriots Opt-Out; Joey Bosa Signs B...
Ian and Mike react to Patrick Chung joining the growing list of Patriots who have opted out of the 2020 season, the new contract signed by Joey Bosa, and they talk NHL Return-to-Play with Kyle Senra.
52 min
7/28 - Multiple Patriots Opt Out; NHL Ready to ...
Ian and Mike react to the breaking news that Dont'a Hightower and several other Patriots that have chosen not to play in 2020.
49 min
7/27 - Jamal Adams to Seattle; Marlins COVID-19...
Ian and Mike discuss the big Jamal Adams trade from the Jets to the Seahawks and they react to the spread of COVID-19 in the Marlins clubhouse.
49 min
7/20 - NFL Players Speak Out; NHL Playoff Pool ...
Ian and Mike discuss the NFL players need for answers in regards to COVID-19 safety precautions and Kyle Senra joins to talk about the NHL Playoff Pool Draft.
48 min
7/15 - Chris Jones Inks Extension; Chiefs and t...
Ian and Mike react to the extension given to Chris Jones, Derrick Henry on the franchise tag, and the Dynasty talk from Chiefs and Chiefs fans.
56 min
7/14 - Washington Name Change; Derrick Henry; P...
Ian and Mike react to the news that the Washington football team name change, Derrick Henry's life without a deal. and the latest win for the New England Patriots.
48 min
7/7 - Reaction to Patrick Mahomes Extension
Ian and Mike react to the news that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes signed a 10-year $450 million extension.
53 min
6/29 - Cam Newton to the Patriots; Spygate 2: E...
Ian and Mike react to the surprising news that Cam Newton has signed with the Patriots AND they response to the punishment handed down to the team from the NFL.
68 min
6/25 - Mike, This is Your Life; NFL News Galore
With host Mike D'Abate celebrating his 40th birthday, we celebrate in style with a list of things that are younger them him and a special happy birthday from Paul Bearer and the Undertaker. In addition, he and Ian discuss the latest NFL news of the day and the return of Major League Baseball.
51 min
6/23 - Undertaker Retires; MLB to Return?
Ian and Mike discuss the retirement of the Undertaker, Michael Keaton's reprisal of Batman, and the MLB (potentially) returning.
49 min
6/22 - Jamal Adams Wants Out; Breaking Bad Revi...
Ian and Mike discuss the current outbreaks of the coronavirus within several sports training facilities as well as the potential landing spot for Jets safety Jamal Adams. Plus, Kyle Senra re-joins the show to discuss the things we missed on our Breaking Bad show on Friday.
64 min
6/19 - Top 10 Breaking Bad Scenes
Ian and Mike are once again joined by Kyle Senra as they each give their Top 10 Breaking Bad Scenes.
72 min
6/12 - Top 10 80s Love Songs; 80s Music Game
Ian, Mike and Kyle give their Top 10 80s Love Songs. In addition, Mike and Kyle match wits in 80s music game.
72 min
6/10 - Wrestling, Football, and New Shows w/ Ro...
Ross Jackson, host of Locked On Saints, and one half of the brand new Full Press Radio show, Dylan and Ross Save Sports, joins Ian and Mike to talk about the show, favorite wrestlers, and a variety of other topics.
43 min
6/5 - NBA Set to Return; MLB at a Stand Still
Ian and Mike discuss the NBA's return-to-play plan as well as the MLB/MLBPA dispute that could derail the season.
48 min
6/2 - Top NHL Goal Scoring Seasons; MLB Impasse...
In a slightly new format and time slot, Ian and Mike welcome in a pair of guests in Kyle Senra to talk Top Goal Scoring Seasons in the NHL and Brian Snow to talk life, Michael Jordan, and the return of Snowman in the morning.
75 min
5/29 - Greatest Goal Scorers in NHL History
Ian and Mike are joined by Kyle Senra as they give their Top 5 goal scorers in NHL history.
39 min
5/27 - The NHL Announces Return to Play Plan
Ian and Mike "the Common Man" D'Abate discuss the NHL's return-to-play plan and how it impacts certain teams.
32 min
5/20 - Favorite NHL Playoff Series w/ Kyle Senra
Kyle Senra joins Ian and Mike to discuss the NHL's proposed return-to-play format and discuss their favorite Stanley Cup playoff series off all time.
42 min
5/19 - TV and Bad Movie Talk
Ian and Mike catch the audience up with their 24 viewing which turns into an all out discussion of the show and bad movies.
45 min
5/14 - What else? More 24 Talk
Ian and Mike discuss their latest 24 seasons watched and talk Jack Bauer on a Thirsy (for content) Thursday.
40 min
5/12 - Tom Brady Responds to Gary Meyers Story;...
Ian and Mike react to Tom Brady's response to the article claiming he and former OC Josh McDaniels relationship was toxic and they give their thoughts on the potential of a modified MLB season.
37 min
5/11 - RIP Jerry Stiller; The Last Dance Reaction
Ian and Mike react to the passing of Jerry Stiller, A.K.A Frank Costanza, earlier today. Plus, they react to episodes 7 and 8 of 'The Last Dance' and discuss what makes guys like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Kobe Bryant difference from the rest.
41 min
5/8 - NFL Schedule Release Reaction
Ian and Mike give their thoughts and instant reaction the NFL's schedule release. What games are they most looking forward to?
42 min
5/7 - Best Sci-Fi Movies; NFL Schedule Talk
Ian, Mike and Kyle wrap up their Star Wars talk and discuss their favorite/best Sci-Fi movies of all time, plus, with the NFL Schedule set to be released today, they discuss some of the Week One possibilities.
44 min
5/5 - Ranking the Star Wars Films
Kyle Senra returns to the show as he, Ian, and Mike rank all nine films in the three Star Wars trilogies.
44 min
5/4 - Dalton Does Dallas; Happy Star Wars Day
It's Star Wars Day so Ian and Mike welcome back Kyle Senra to talk Star Wars, Fanboys, and Andy Dalton's move to Dallas.
46 min
5/1 - DaltonMANIA; Rodgers/Packers "Drama"
Ian and Mike try to put an end to the silly Dalton-to-Patriots rumors after the Bengals quarterback is officially released and then they react to the already forming "need to know" mob surrounding Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.
41 min
4/29 - What Comes After the NFL Draft?
Ian and Mike take a look at the potential options and future for sports and the NFL in particular as they could look to start the season as late as October 15th.
42 min
4/28 - The Best Undertaker; Rodgers Future in G...
Ian and Mike discuss their favorite Undertaker and talk best moments for the Deadman plus, they talk Aaron Rodgers future in Green Bay.
44 min
4/27 - NFL Draft Recap; Winston to Saints; Will...
Ian and Mike return for a Monday show to discuss the results of the NFL Draft, Jameis Winston heading to New Orleans, the Packers drafting a quarterback, and much more!
47 min
4/23 - It's NFL Draft Day
Draft day is finally here and Ian and Mike give their thoughts on biggest draft influencer, potential trades, and much more!
43 min
4/22 - Rob Gronkowski is Headed to Tampa Bay
Ian and Mike react and discuss the Rob Gronkowski trade to Tampa and the impact for both teams
47 min
4/21 - The Last Dance Recap; Brady and Jordan C...
Ian and Mike dive into the first two episodes of "The Last Dance" from ESPN and draw comparisons between Michael Jordan and Tom Brady.
45 min
4/17 - O.J. Howard; Rob Gronkowski; Sports With...
Ian and Mike try to connect the dots with the O.J. Howard trade rumors and the Gronkowski un-retirement speculation
37 min
4/16 - Dynasty League Draft Results w/ Kyle Senra
Kyle Senra re-joins the show to talk results of his Dynasty League Draft with Ian and Mike.
37 min
4/15 - Big NFL News? Dynasty League Talk w/ Kyl...
Ian and Mike are join by Kyle Senra to talk Dynasty League draft and the potential "big news" that could be coming from Jay Glazer today.
46 min
4/14 - Christian McCaffrey Inks New Deal; NFL D...
Ian and Mike react to CMC's new deal, talk NFL Draft, and discuss the WWE's label as an 'Essential Service' in Florida
45 min
4/13 - Seinfeld Quarantine House; Ranch or Bleu...
On an off topic Monday show, Ian and Mike discuss the pros and cons of ranch and pizza, preferred dressing with Buffalo Chicken, which Seinfeld apartment to be quarantined in, and the potential of a 24 reboot with Kiefer Sutherland.
43 min
4/10 - Cooks to Houston; NFL News and Notes; Pi...
Ian and Mike discuss the Brandin Cooks trade to Houston and they get into the "Pick 3" fun with mob movies and professional wrestlers.
43 min
4/9 - Brady on Stern; NFL All Decade; No Footba...
Ian and Mike are once again joined by Kyle Senra to discuss Tom Brady's appearance on the Howard Stern Show, the NFL All Decade team, and the potential that the NFL may not return until at least November.
47 min
4/7 - NFL All Decade Team
Ian and Mike discuss the NFL All Decade Team and Tom Brady's post in The Player's Tribune.
40 min
4/6 - Wrestlemania Reaction; Brady on Stern
Ian and Mike to an entertaining Wrestlemania weekend and talk Tom Brady doubters and his upcoming interview on Howard Stern.
42 min
4/3 - Wrestlemania Talk
Ian and Mike take a walk down memory lane and talk about their favorite Wrestlemania moments heading into Wrestlemania 36 this weekend!
31 min
4/2 - Best Seasons of 24; Top 5 Fantasy Quarter...
Kyle Senra once again joins Ian and Mike to talk Jack Bauer and the best 24 seasons as well as the Top 5 fantasy QBs heading into 2020.
49 min
3/27 - Top 5 Offseason Moves; Quarantine Watchlist
Ian and Mike are once again joined by Kyle Senra as they give their Top 5 moves of the NFL offseason
48 min
3/26 - Bruins Ownership Stinks; News and Notes
Ian and Mike discuss Jeremy Jacobs and the Bruins ownership as well as other news from around the sports world.
48 min
3/25 - Free Agency and Fantasy Football Talk w/...
FPC Packers and Fantasy Football managing editor Kyle Senra joins Ian and Mike to talk offseason moves and fantasy risers and fallers.
50 min
3/23 - NFL, Quarantine, and More
After a few days off, Ian and Mike hit the airwaves to talk NFL free agency, 24, and quarantine routine.
50 min
3/18 - Tom Brady is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer
Ian and Mike react and reflect on Tom Brady as he leaves New England and prepares to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Plus, more NFL free agency discussion.
50 min
3/12 - The NBA Suspends Play; Will Other League...
Ian and Mike discuss the suspension of the NBA season amidst concerns over the Coronavirus and what this may mean for other sporting events across the country.
46 min
3/11 - Gronk to WWE; Seattle Dragons Losing Hom...
Ian and Mike discuss the impending move to the WWE for former Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski.
48 min
3/10 - Media Access Limited; San Jose Preps for...
Ian and Mike react to the news that the San Jose Sharks may play the rest of their home games without fans and what potential impact this virus could have on events such as March Madness, the Boston Marathon, and Wrestlemania.
45 min
3/9 - Half-Wit Monday; Brady Sends a Message
Ian and Mike discuss the Stooges, Josh Norman, and the message sent by Tom Brady.
51 min
3/6 - Polarizing Athletes; Misguided Media Cove...
Sports Media: Why are you the way you are?
43 min
3/5 - As the Tom Brady World Turns; Eli Not Done?
Ian and Mike continue the endless discussion about the discussions surrounding Tom Brady's future and, Eli Manning's name has popped up with the Bears, is it possible?
48 min
3/4 - We Dropped the Ball; Brady for Jimmy G
Ian and Mike missed a golden opportunity on Tuesday and they discuss Brady for Jimmy G 2.0
43 min
3/3 - Macho Man and Wrestlers of Yester-Year; B...
Ian and Mike back in time to talk Macho Man and wrestling of the 80s and early 90s in addition to discussing the Brady free agency saga.
43 min
2/28 - Tom Brady is STILL the Face of the NFL
Until he hangs them up, Tom Brady is still the face of the NFL. It has never been more evident than the roller coaster media coverage the last few months.
36 min
2/27 - Brady to Every NFL Team Ever; Rivers to ...
Brady, the State of the Media, and Rivers to the Midwest
54 min
2/26 - Who is the Face of the NFL?
NFL CBA, Free Agency, and the Face of the League.
40 min
2/25 - NHL Trade Deadline; Lakers/Celtics
After a three day weekend, Ian and Mike are back to recap the NHL Trade Deadline. Which under the radar move will impact a team the most? In addition, was last Sunday's Celtics/Lakers bout an NBA Finals preview and, if so, who would have the edge?
37 min
2/21 - NFL CBA Talk; Kyrie Done for the Year
Ian and Mike discuss the potential new NFL CBA and the season ending injury to Nets PG Kyrie Irving.
43 min
2/19 - Brees Returns; Brady Speculation Reaches...
Ian and Mike discuss the announcement from Drew Brees that he will return for the 2020 season and other quarterback dominoes just waiting to fall.
53 min
2/18 - Mt. Rushmore of Fictional Presidents; NB...
Ian and Mike give their Mt Rushmore of fictional presidents and discuss the positives and negatives of All Star games and events.
41 min
2/14 - Brother Love and Rodney D'Abatefield; Ce...
It's a Valentine's Day episode of FPC Radio LIVE and Brother Ian and Brother Mike discuss Kevin Garnett's Jersey retirement, the Celtics big win over the Clippers, and, of course, the horribly inaccurate comparison of the Patriots "Spygate" and the Astros signal stealing scheme.
46 min
2/13 - Mike's Wrestling Stardom; Nick Caserio a...
Ian and Mike discuss the contract extension given to Nick Caserio and how it COULD relate to Tom Brady as well as Winston's LASIK surgery and Stafford's potential availability.
48 min