Join Ian Glendon and Mike D'Abate Monday through Friday as they discuss they latest news from the sports world and much more.

6/1 - NBA Finals Preview, Aaron Rodgers, and More
Ian and John discuss Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Nuggets and Heat as well as the latest surrounding Aaron Rodgers calf injury.
29 min
5/30 - Heat Dominate Celtics; Vegas Advances; J...
Ian and John discuss the Celtics disappointing Game 7 performance against the Heat, the Vegas Golden Knights advancing to the Cup Final, and the potential Jimmy G issue for the Raiders.
38 min
5/29 - Celtics/Heat Game 7; DeAndre Hopkins Rel...
Ian and John discuss Game 7 between the Celtics and Heat as well as the best landing spot for free agent DeAndre Hopkins.
29 min
5/26 - Celtics Force Game 6; Mahomes QB List
Ian and John discuss the Celtics big Game 5 win the Top 5 quarterbacks of all time according to Patrick Mahomes.
38 min
5/25 - Panthers Advance To Stanley Cup Finals; ...
Ian and John discuss the Celtics and the Heat and welcome in Jim Bringer to discuss the Panthers series clinching win in Game 4.
26 min
5/24 - Lakers Eliminated, Celtics Force Game 5
Ian and John discuss the Lakers loss to the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals and whether or not the Celtics can pull off the comeback after a Game 4 win in Miami.
26 min
5/22 - Celtics, Lakers Face 0-3 Deficit
Ian and John react to the Celtics and Lakers being down 0-3 in their Conference Finals series.
30 min
5/19 - Lakers Down 2-0 To Nuggets, Canes/Panthe...
Ian and John react to the Nuggets Game 2 win over the Lakers and the 4OT marathon between the Panthers and Hurricanes in the Stanley Cup Final.
31 min
5/18 - Celtics Fall To Heat, Stanley Cup Playof...
Ian and John discuss the Celtics loss in Game 1 to the Heat and then welcome in Jim Bringer to talk Stanley Cup Playoffs.
29 min
5/17 - Nuggets Win Game One, NBA Draft Lottery,...
Ian and John discuss the Nuggets Game 1 win, the Spurs winning the NBA Draft Lottery, and the upcoming series between the Celtics and Heat.
26 min
5/15 - Celtics/Lakers Advance To Conference Finals
Ian and John discuss the Celtics Game 7 win over the 76ers and a potential for a Celtics/Lakers NBA Final.
24 min
5/12 - Celtics Force Game 7; NFL Schedule Relea...
Ian and John react to Thursday's NBA action which saw the Celtics and Nuggets win and then discuss the NFL schedule release and Tom Brady's interest in joining the Raiders.
42 min
5/10 - Bobby Orr, Celtics Fall, NFL Schedule
Ian and John discuss the anniversary of the Bobby Orr goal on Mother's Day, the Celtics latest stumble, and the release of some of the NFL schedule.
27 min
5/9 - Warriors On The Brink; Celtics/76ers Tied
Ian and John discuss the Lakers/Warriors series and where the Celtics need to turn to win the series over the 76ers.
21 min
5/5 - Warriors Respond, Bucks Fire Budenholzer,...
Ian and John react to the Warriors bounce back win over the Lakers, the Bucks firing of Mike Budenholzer, and the rumor of Tom Brady spurning Fox Sports.
31 min
5/4 - Celtics Bounce Back; Stanley Cup; GSW/Lakers
Ian and John discuss the Celtics bounce-back victory in Game 2, the latest from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and they look ahead to the Warriors and Lakers as well as the Suns and Nuggets.
29 min
5/3 - Randall Cobb To The Jets; Stanley Cup Pla...
Ian and John discuss Randall Cobb joining Aaron Rodgers in New York with the Jets and they welcome in Jim Bringer of Full Press Hockey to discuss the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
36 min
5/1 - Bruins Eliminated, Lakers/Warriors Highli...
Ian and John discuss the Bruins epic collapse and the upcoming Warriors vs. Lakers matchup in the NBA.
26 min
4/28 - Lamar Signs Contract; NFL Draft Day One,...
Ian and John recap day one of the NFL Draft, they react to the Lamar Jackson contract, and the Celtics advancing to the second round.
23 min
4/27 - Heat Eliminate Bucks, NFL Draft, Aaron R...
Ian and John react to the Bucks surprising series loss to the Heat, the start of the NFL Draft, and Aaron Rodgers first media appearance after trade to the New York Jets.
27 min
4/25 - Aaron Rodgers To Jets, Bucks/Heat, Stanl...
Ian and John react to the Aaron Rodgers trade, the Heat and Lakers going up 3-1, and the Maple Leafs third period comeback.
40 min
4/24 - Bruins Win Again, NBA Playoffs Update
Ian and John discuss the Bruins big win as well as the latest in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and they take a look around the NBA.
27 min
4/21 - Tom Brady, NBA Playoffs, Stanley Cup Talk
Ian and John talk Tom Brady, the 76ers and the NBA Playoffs, and, of course, the Stanley Cup playoffs.
39 min
4/20 - NBA Playoffs, Stanley Cup, Athletics To ...
Ian and John recap the night in the NBA and NHL, discuss the Athletics potential move to Vegas, and the latest NFL news.
47 min
4/18 - Jalen Hurts Contract, Bruins and Stanley...
Ian and John react to the Jalen Hurts contract, the Bruins and the Stanley Cup playoffs, and they discuss the opening round of the NBA playoffs.
34 min