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Ep 24: A Big Game Preview
Is the NFL's biggest week being dominated by everything BUT the big game?
40 min
Ep 23: Brady's Revenge and The Era of Bland Qua...
Reviewing our teams' championship game losses
39 min
Ep 22: Championship Weekend Preview
A look at the AFC and NFC Championship games
32 min
Ep 21: The Best Weekend of the Year
NFL Divisional Round previews and Aaron Rodgers off-season plans
17 min
Ep 20: NFL Playoffs and What About Those Eagles?
Superstitions, Joe Judge's grand ideas and greeting others with the phrase "Happy New Year"
32 min
Ep 19: Farewell, NFL Regular Season!
Aaron Rodgers opens up, the Bills make a statement, and our 2021 goals
38 min
Ep 18: Green Bean Disagreements
The Packers and Bills are on a roll, but can they stay that way?
27 min
Ep 17: A Super Saturday of Football
Preview of a Saturday full of football and a look at the depth of QB talent in the AFC
21 min
Ep 16: Cowboy Issues, Sobriety and Soda Shops
Potential pitfalls for the Bills, looking at the Cowboys' issues and a frank discussion about why we want to visit Salt Lake City
34 min
Ep 15: Can Giving Up Social Media Help Your Fan...
A look back at Week 12 of the NFL action...well, all except that pesky Steelers-Ravens game.
37 min
Ep 14: The One Where We Somehow Reference Brown...
Sap and Kat return with a boatload of NFL throughts.
33 min
Ep 13: Guess Who's Back: A Look at the Return t...
Sap's thoughts on how the NBA, NHL and MLB are returning to play
30 min
Ep 12: The Top NBA Players of All Time and ESPN...
Sap has some thoughts on ESPN's Top NBA Players of All Time list, and Kat tries to produce a podcast while her children destroy the house.
48 min
Ep 11: Sap Wants a TV Tray and Kat Wants to See...
NFL schedule talk for the Patriots, Bills, Bucs and Packers, plus Sap shares memories of Bobby Orr's famous goal
45 min
Ep 10: Sap Gets Mad on Aaron Rodgers' Behalf an...
What were the Packers doing in the first round of the NFL Draft? How much will Gronk play in Tampa Bay?
30 min
Ep 9: Horrendous HORSE and Our All-Time Sports ...
ESPN's try at an all-star HORSE was...interesting. Plus the best sports analysts, columnists and radio hosts.
34 min
Ep 8: Olympic Comebacks, Bob Kraft's Secret Mis...
Sap and Kat discuss Patriots' owner Bob Kraft's secret mission, emerging Olympics storylines, and what Sap's watching.
22 min
Ep 7: Sap's Mini Episode on Lists He Makes in Q...
While stuck at home, Sap deflects your LeBron takes and debates his favorite hockey player of all time.
1 min
Ep 6: Brady to the Bucs; MLB Season; Olympics P...
On this episode, Kat and John react to Brady signing in Tampa, the Olympics being postponed, and what to do about the MLB season.
38 min
Ep 5: Tom Brady; Free Agent Quarterbacks; Romo ...
John and Kat discuss the free agent quarterback pool and, of course, the never ending news surrounding Tom Brady.
47 min
Ep 4: NFL Quarterback Carousel; LeBron the G.O.A.T
It's a G.O.A.T filled episode of the Sap and Kat show as John and Kat discuss the free agent NFL quarterbacks, specifically Tom Brady. In addition, it's LeBron over Michael and it isn't really close.
32 min
Ep 3: Super Bowl LIV is in the Books; Looking A...
John and Kat put a wrap on the Chiefs Super Bowl LIV victory and look ahead to a sure-to-be eventful offseason for the NFL.
33 min
Ep 2: Super Bowl LIV; Radio Row; Tom Brady's Fu...
Super Bowl LIV, Radio Row, and Tom Brady's Future
42 min
Ep 1: Debut; Super Bowl Talk
John and Kat introduce themselves and talk Super Bowl LIV
27 min