Crossbody of Work

A fun deep-dive into a wrestler's career through five of their most important matches, hosted by your boys Evan & Javier.

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Ep 9: Undertaker Part 1 - The 90's
Part one of three on the phenomenal career of The Undertaker
82 min
Bonus Episode 2: 2001 Royal Rumble
This week's bonus episode breaks down the legendary 2001 Royal Rumble
81 min
Ep 8: Batista
Evan & Javier break down the Hall of Fame career of Batista
97 min
Bonus Episode 1: 1992 Royal Rumble
Evan & Javier cover the 1992 Royal Rumble match in this bonus episode.
71 min
Ep 7: Dustin Rhodes
Evan & Javier take a look at the career of Dustin Rhodes, a.k.a. Goldust.
95 min
Ep 6: Trish Stratus
This week, Evan & Javier review the legendary career of Trish Stratus
71 min
Ep 5: Diamond Dallas Page
This week Crossbody of Work looks at the career of Diamond Dallas Page.
86 min
Ep 4: Ron Simmons
Evan & Javier review the career of Ron Simmons, a.k.a. Faarooq.
75 min
Ep 3: Randy Savage
Evan & Javier review the career of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
82 min
Ep 2: Dusty Rhodes
Evan and Javier discuss the career of WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes.
76 min
Ep 1: Eddie Guerrero
On the first episode of the Crossbody of Work, Evan and Javier discuss the life and career of Eddie Guerrero.
92 min
Preview: Crossbody of Work
It's the debut of Crossbody of Work. Evan and Javier explain the podcast, talk about their current and all-time favorite wrestlers, and reveal who the first four episodes will focus on.
44 min