Crossbody of Work

A fun deep-dive into a wrestler's career through five of their most important matches, hosted by your boys Evan & Javier.

Sports News
Ep 98: AJ Styles Part Two - New Japan
Evan & Javier move to Japan to talk about AJ Styles' run as a top guy in NJPW.
69 min
Ep 97: AJ Styles Part One - The Face of TNA
Evan & Javier start their three part dive into the career of AJ Styles
74 min
Ep 96: Alicia Fox
Evan & Javier kick off the new year with the career of Divas star Alicia Fox
64 min
Ep 95: The 2021 Holiday Special!
Evan & Javier get festive and watch five holiday matches.
56 min
Ep 94: Keiji Mutoh
Evan & Javier head to Japan to watch the career of The Great Muta, Keiji Mutoh
72 min
Ep 93: Motor City Machine Guns
Evan & Javier check out the careers of TNA tag legends the Motor City Machine Guns
79 min
Ep 92: Chris Kanyon
Evan & Javier try to find the answer to "Who Betta Than Kanyon?"
67 min
Ep 91: Samoa Joe Part Three - WWE
Evan & Javier talk about Samoa Joe's time in WWE to end their three-part series
76 min
Ep 90: Samoa Joe Part Two - TNA
Evan & Javier take a look at Samoa Joe's successes in TNA
74 min
Ep 89: Samoa Joe Part One - Ring of Honor
Evan & Javier begin the three part deep dive into the career of Samoa Joe
66 min
Ep 88: La Parka
Evan & Javier become electrified by the Chairman of the Board, La Parka
72 min
Ep 87: Mickie James
Evan & Javier talk about the legendary Mickie James
74 min
Ep 86: Gregory Helms, a.k.a The Hurricane
Evan & Javier talk about Gregory Helms and his secret identitity: The Hurricane
72 min
Ep 85: Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Evan & Javier are kicking it old school and talking about Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
69 min
Ep 84: Torrie Wilson
Evan & Javier cover Torrie Wilson, wrestling's girl next door.
68 min
Ep 83: The Headbangers
Evan & Javier look at the career of Attitude Era stars The Headbangers
64 min
Ep 82: Virgil
Evan & Javier watch the weird career of Virgil, Wrestling Superstar.
69 min
Ep 81: CM Punk Part Three - Retirement and Return
Evan & Javier finish their three part series on CM Punk
91 min
Ep 80: CM Punk Part Two - Best in the World
Evan & Javier continue their review of CM Punk's career
90 min
Ep 79: CM Punk Part One - King of Honor
Evan & Javier start their three part series on CM Punk
75 min
Ep 78: Taz
Evan & Javier conclude Hoss Month by looking at the career of Taz.
73 min
Ep 77: Tomohiro Ishii
Evan & Javier continue Hoss Month with Japanese star Tomohiro Ishii
64 min
Ep 76: Bam Bam Bigelow
Evan & Javier continue Hoss Month with Bam Bam Bigelow
74 min
Ep 75: Awesome Kong
Evan & Javier start Hoss Month by looking at the great career of Awesome Kong
68 min
Ep 74: Mideon
Evan & Javier check out the eclectic career of Dennis Knight, a.k.a. Mideon
68 min