Crossbody of Work

A fun deep-dive into a wrestler's career through five of their most important matches, hosted by your boys Evan & Javier.

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Ep 183: The Sandman
Evan & Javier get extreme and look at ECW original The Sandman
71 min
Ep 182: Michelle McCool
Evan & Javier talk about women's division standout Michelle McCool
71 min
Special Episode 1: Interview with "The Natural"...
The boys are joined by "The Natural" Nick Sullivan to talk about his journey into wrestling
53 min
Ep 181: The Big Show Part Three - Champion to L...
Evan & Javier finish their deep dive into the career of The Big Show
74 min
Ep 180: Big Show Part Two - World's Largest Cha...
Evan & Javier continue their look at the career of The Big Show
68 min
Ep 179: Big Show Part One - Giant Beginnings
Evan & Javier start a giant-sized look into the career of The Big Show, Paul Wight.
72 min
Ep 178: Takeshi Morishima
Evan & Javier head to NOAH & ROH to look at the career of Takeshi Morishima
71 min
Ep 177: Matt Bloom a.k.a. Albert
Hoss month rolls on with Matt Bloom, a.k.a. Albert, A-Train, Giant Bernard and more gimmicks
72 min
Ep 176: King Kong Bundy
Hoss month begins as Evan & Javier look at the career of King Kong Bundy
58 min
Ep 175: Rene Dupree
Evan & Javier look at the French-Canadian phenom, René Duprée
71 min
Ep 174: Madusa/Alundra Blayze
Evan & Javier dissect the career of a women's wrestling trailblazer: Madusa, a.k.a. Alundra Blayze
74 min
Ep 173: Pedro Morales
Evan & Javier dive into the career of the first WWF Triple Crown champion, Pedro Morales
66 min
Ep 172: The Midnight Express
Evan & Javier head back to the 80s to check out the legend of The Midnight Express
64 min
Ep 171: Randy Orton Part Three - Vintage Orton
Evan & Javier wrap up their series on The Viper, Randy Orton
66 min
Ep 170: Randy Orton Part Two - Legacy & Lunacy
Evan & Javier talk about the legendary peak of The Viper, Randy Orton
65 min
Ep 169: Randy Orton Part One - Legend Killer
Evan & Javier start their series on Randy Orton's legendary career
73 min
Ep 168: Billy Kidman
Evan & Javier look at the career of cruiserweight legend Billy Kidman
73 min
Ep 167: Ahmed Johnson
Evan & Javier explore the career of Ahmed Johnson through the 1990s
63 min
Ep 166: Gene Snitsky
Evan & Javier deflect blame when they look at the career of Gene Snitsky
65 min
Ep 165: Nikita Koloff
Evan & Javier look at 80s legend Nikita Koloff
62 min
Ep 164: Dr. Death Steve Williams
Evan & Javier talk about 80s and 90s wrestling star Dr. Death Steve Williams
71 min
Ep 163: The Godfather
Evan & Javier break down all of Charles Wright's WWF gimmicks, including Papa Shango and The Godfather
63 min
Ep 162: Perry Saturn
Evan & Javier look at Perry Saturn's career in ECW, WCW & WWE.
67 min
Ep 161: Ernie Ladd
Evan & Javier head to the 1970s to look at the career of Ernie Ladd
62 min
Ep 160: Special Guest Referees
Evan & Javier are looking at some notable guest referee matches in WWE history
73 min