Crossbody of Work

A fun deep-dive into a wrestler's career through five of their most important matches. Hosted by Evan Gomes & Javier Melo.

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Ep 36: Junkyard Dog
Evan & Javier look at the career of 80's star Junkyard Dog.
67 min
Ep 35: New Age Outlaws
Evan & Javier dive into the careers of Billy Gunn & Road Dogg - the New Age Outlaws
62 min
Ep 34: Minoru Suzuki
Evan & Javier check out the career of one of the most legit men in wrestling, Minoru Suzuki
72 min
Ep 33: Molly Holly
Evan & Javier review the career of the underrated 2000's star Molly Holly.
72 min
Ep 32: 2 Cold Scorpio
Evan & Javier cover the career of 2 Cold Scorpio/Flash Funk
72 min
Ep 31: Bret Hart Part Three - Best There Is
Evan & Javier cover the Montreal Screwjob and the end of Bret Hart's career.
85 min
Ep 30: Bret Hart Part Two - Singles Star
Evan & Javier continue to cover Bret Hart's career with his rise to singles stardom.
78 min
Ep 29: Bret Hart Part One - Tag Team Specialist
Evan & Javier start a three-part series on Canadian legend Bret Hart
71 min
Ep 28: Umaga
Evan & Javier round out Hoss Month by covering Umaga.
73 min
Ep 27: Mark Henry
Evan & Javier look at the career of the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry.
78 min
Ep 26: Vader
Evan & Javier cover one of the best big men of the '90s, Vader.
67 min
Bonus Episode 14: Wrestlers On TV
Evan & Javier watch three different shows with wrestling guest stars
68 min
Ep 25: Abyss
Evan & Javier cover the wild and varied career of TNA legend Abyss.
81 min
Ep 24: Chyna
Evan & Javier review the monumental career of the Ninth Wonder of The World, Chyna.
72 min
Bonus Episode 13: Extreme Rules, Slammiversary,...
Evan & Javier review Extreme Rules, Slammiversary, and a special wrestling comic book series.
68 min
Ep 23: Katsuyori Shibata
Evan & Javier look at the career of expert striker and New Japan star Katsuyori Shibata
76 min
Bonus Episode 12: Top Fives
Evan & Javier pick their top five Wrestlemania moments, mic workers, and talents to start a company with.
85 min
Ep 22: Dean Malenko
Evan & Javier cover the career of the master technician, the Iceman, Dean Malenko
80 min
Bonus Episode 11: Matches We Missed Vol. 2
Evan & Javier cover one-off matches from Scott Hall, The Dudley Boyz & Hiroshi Tanahashi.
66 min
Ep 21: Shawn Michaels Part 3 - Twilight of the ...
Evan & Javier look at the end of Shawn Michael's illustrious career
91 min
Ep 20: Shawn Michaels Part Two - First Retireme...
Evan & Javier cover Shawn Michaels' WWF Championship reigns and his return to WWF in 2002.
83 min
Bonus Episode 10: 2005 Royal Rumble
Evan & Javier review the 2005 Royal Rumble match
78 min
Ep 19: Shawn Michaels Part One - The Early Years
Evan & Javier start looking at the legendary career of Shawn Michaels.
79 min
Ep 18: Arn Anderson
Evan & Javier look at one of the most underrated wrestlers of the 1980s, Arn Anderson.
71 min
Bonus Episode 9: NXT In Your House Review
Evan & Javier talk NJPW coming back and NXT: In Your House
69 min
Ep 17: Gail Kim
Evan & Javier look at the hall of fame career of Gail Kim.
74 min
Bonus Episode 8: WWECW December to Dismember Re...
Evan & Javier review the infamous WWECW show December to Dismember
70 min
Ep 16: "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig
Evan & Javier look at the perfect career of Curt Hennig
79 min
Bonus Episode 7: The Marine & AEW Double or Not...
Evan & Javier review the cinematic masterpiece that is The Marine starring John Cena.
73 min
Ep 15: Ricky Steamboat
Evan & Javier look at the career of beloved babyface Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
75 min
Bonus Episode 6: AEW Double or Nothing Predicti...
Evan & Javier are joined by Kaden from Full Press Coverage to predict AEW Double or Nothing
72 min
Ep 14: Scott Hall
Evan & Javier cover the career of Scott Hall, a.k.a. Razor Ramon
72 min
Ep 13: Dudley Boyz
Evan & Javier look at the accomplished career of the Dudley Boyz
82 min
Bonus Episode 5: Re-booking Wrestlemania 32
Evan & Javier take a crack at fantasy re-booking Wrestlemania 32.
76 min
Ep 12: Hiroshi Tanahashi
Javier introduces Evan to NJPW through their Ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi.
94 min
Bonus Episode 4: Matches We Missed Vol. 1
We look at matches from Eddie Guerrero, Goldust, & Batista that we missed in their episodes.
51 min
Ep 11: Undertaker Part Three - The '10s
Evan & Javier cover the last decade of The Undertaker's career.
87 min
Ep 10: Undertaker Part Two - The 00's
We continue our deep dive into The Undertaker's career, checking out his 2000's work
85 min
Bonus Episode 3: Saturday Night's Main Event - ...
A trip back in time to 1987 to review an episode of Saturday Night's Main Event
59 min
Ep 9: Undertaker Part 1 - The 90's
Part one of three on the phenomenal career of The Undertaker
82 min
Bonus Episode 2: 2001 Royal Rumble
This week's bonus episode breaks down the legendary 2001 Royal Rumble
81 min
Ep 8: Batista
Evan & Javier break down the Hall of Fame career of Batista
97 min
Bonus Episode 1: 1992 Royal Rumble
Evan & Javier cover the 1992 Royal Rumble match in this bonus episode.
71 min
Ep 7: Dustin Rhodes
Evan & Javier take a look at the career of Dustin Rhodes, a.k.a. Goldust.
95 min
Ep 6: Trish Stratus
This week, Evan & Javier review the legendary career of Trish Stratus
71 min
Ep 5: Diamond Dallas Page
This week Crossbody of Work looks at the career of Diamond Dallas Page.
86 min
Ep 4: Ron Simmons
Evan & Javier review the career of Ron Simmons, a.k.a. Faarooq.
75 min
Ep 3: Randy Savage
Evan & Javier review the career of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
82 min
Ep 2: Dusty Rhodes
Evan and Javier discuss the career of WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes.
76 min
Ep 1: Eddie Guerrero
On the first episode of the Crossbody of Work, Evan and Javier discuss the life and career of Eddie Guerrero.
92 min
Preview: Crossbody of Work
It's the debut of Crossbody of Work. Evan and Javier explain the podcast, talk about their current and all-time favorite wrestlers, and reveal who the first four episodes will focus on.
44 min