Crossbody of Work

A fun deep-dive into a wrestler's career through five of their most important matches, hosted by your boys Evan & Javier.

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Ep 156: Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Evan & Javier are getting patriotic looking at the career of Hacksaw Jim Duggan
74 min
Ep 155: Jazz
Evan & Javier look at the legendary career of Jazz
68 min
Ep 154: Tatanka
Evan & Javier check out the two term career of Tatanka
67 min
Ep 153: Test
Evan & Javier try to pass the Test by looking at Andrew Martin's career.
77 min
Ep 152: ROH 21st Anniversary
To celebrate 21 years of existence, Evan & Javier watch five classic ROH matches and discuss the promotion's history
85 min
Ep 151: Owen Hart Part Two - King of Harts
Evan & Javier wrap up their two part series on Owen Hart
76 min
Ep 150: Owen Hart Part One - Young Gun
Evan & Javier take a look at Owen Hart's beginnings, including NJPW & Stampe Wrestling
73 min
Ep 149: Io Shirai
Evan & Javier head to Stardom to cover Io Shirai's career there
76 min
Minisode 4: Kevin Owens vs John Cena
The January Minisodes conclude with Kevin Owens main roster debut
29 min
Ep 148: Shinya Hashimoto
Evan & Javier head to 1990s New Japan to talk Shinya Hashimoto
73 min
Minisode 3: Monster's Ball 2
The Minisodes continue with the second ever Monster's Ball match
26 min
Ep 147: Katsuhiko Nakajima
Evan & Javier continue Japanuary with NOAH's Katsuhiko Nakajima
75 min
Minisode 2: Rob Van Dam vs Eddie Guerrero, Inte...
We're looking at an underrated ladder match for minisode 2, pitting RVD versus Eddie Guerrero
25 min
Ep 146: Kenta Kobashi
Evan & Javier start a deep dive into Japanese wrestling with Kenta Kobashi
93 min
Minisode 1: Team WWF vs Team Alliance, Survivor...
Our first mini episode is focused all on the Survivor Series match between WWF and WCW/ECW
37 min
Ep 145: Santa's Slay Movie Review
Evan & Javier bring Christmas cheer when they review Goldberg's movie Santa's Slay
73 min
Ep 144: Wendi Richter
Evan & Javier discuss a wrestler who should have defined a generation: Wendi Richter
73 min
Ep 143: Hardcore Holly
Evan & Javier get hardcore looking at the career of Bob Holly in WWE
76 min
Ep 142: Tugboat/Typhoon/Shockmaster
Evan & Javier check out the three gimmicks of Fred Ottman: Tugboat, Typhoon, & The Shockmaster
71 min
Ep 141: Mick Foley Part Three - Dude Love/Mick ...
Evan & Javier wrap up their three part Mick Foley series with Dude Love
79 min
Ep 140: Mick Foley Part Two - Mankind
Evan & Javier have a nice day looking at the career of Mankind
80 min
Ep 139: Mick Foley Part One - Cactus Jack
Evan & Javier start their series on Mick Foley by looking at his Cactus Jack persona
83 min
Ep 138: Matt Taven
Evan & Javier look at the career of ROH mainstay Matt Taven
81 min
Ep 137: The Fabulous Freebirds
Evan & Javier dive into the career of the Fabulous Freebirds
68 min
Ep 136: Konnan
Evan & Javier travel to the '90s and talk about the underappreciated career of Konnan
78 min