Crossbody of Work

A fun deep-dive into a wrestler's career through five of their most important matches, hosted by your boys Evan & Javier.

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Ep 203: The Bushwhackers
Evan & Javier look at the famous wrestling duo from New Zealand - The Bushwhackers!
66 min
Ep 202: Rick "The Model" Martel
Evan & Javier spray some Arrogance and learn about Rick "The Model" Martel
62 min
Ep 201: Fandango
Evan & Javier dance it out while covering the career of Fandango
64 min
Ep 200: Eddie Guerrero & Q&A
Evan & Javier celebrate 200 episodes with a listener Q&A plus a revisit of Eddie Guerrero's career
86 min
Ep 199: Mayu Iwatani
Evan & Javier concude their trip to Japan by looking at Mayu Iwatani's career
67 min
Ep 198: Masahiro Chono
Evan & Javier look at New Japan legend Masahiro Chono's career
76 min
Ep 197: Atsushi Onita
Evan & Javier head to deathmatch country to cover Atsushi Onita's career
73 min
Bonus Episode: The 2023 Workie Awards
Evan & Javier are giving out hardware to the best and worst of 2023
49 min
Ep 196: 2023 Christmas Special
Evan & Javier are feeling festive as they look at Christmas themed wrestling content
75 min
Ep 195: Kevin Nash Part Two - Big Sexy
Evan & Javier finish their look at the career of Kevin Nash
74 min
Ep 194: Kevin Nash Part One - Big Daddy Cool
Evan & Javier start a two-part look at Kevin Nash from Diesel to the NWO
68 min
Ep 193: Ayako Hamada
Evan & Javier discover the career of Ayako Hamada
67 min
Ep 192 - Matt Morgan
Evan & Javier look at the career of 7 foot TNA star Matt Morgan
72 min
Ep 191: Edge Part 3 - The Return
Evan & Javier cover Edge's career since his return in 2020.
84 min
Ep 190: Edge Part Two - Rated R Superstar
Evan & Javier look at the main event career and first retirement of Edge
84 min
Ep 189: Edge Part One - Reeking of Awesomeness
Evan & Javier start their coverage of the career of Adam Copeland, f.k.a. Edge
73 min
Ep 188: The Boogeyman
Things get spooky as Evan & Javier look at the run of The Boogeyman in WWE
66 min
Ep 187: Juventud Guerrera
Evan & Javier head to four different promotions to cover the career of Juventud Guerrera
71 min
Ep 186: The Jumping Bomb Angels
Evan & Javier cover the underrated career of The Jumping Bomb Angels
74 min
Ep 185: The Honky Tonk Man
Evan & Javier take a look at the cool, cocky, and bad Honky Tonk Man
64 min
Ep 184: Savio Vega
Evan & Javier cover Puerto Rico's favorite son, Savio Vega
72 min
Ep 183: The Sandman
Evan & Javier get extreme and look at ECW original The Sandman
71 min
Ep 182: Michelle McCool
Evan & Javier talk about women's division standout Michelle McCool
71 min
Special Episode 1: Interview with "The Natural"...
The boys are joined by "The Natural" Nick Sullivan to talk about his journey into wrestling
53 min
Ep 181: The Big Show Part Three - Champion to L...
Evan & Javier finish their deep dive into the career of The Big Show
74 min