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Season 3 of Fortune Favors the Bold takes on real questions from real people — financial questions that everyone thinks about, but no one talks about. With host Ashley C. Ford, we'll be putting those questions out in the open, exploring how money is tangled up in everything and finding the answers through our own “Financial Identity”. New episodes premiere in January 2020. This is the official Mastercard podcast, produced in partnership with Pineapple Street Studios

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How Can We Work Together In a Crisis? (Bonus)
This week, Fortune Favors the Bold brings you a bonus episode. Ashley sat down with Trevor Mundel, President of Global Health at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Mike Froman, the Vice Chairman and President of Strategic Growth at Mastercard to answer the question on all of our minds: How can we work together in a crisis?
21 min
How Can We Stay Bold? (Live at On Air Fest)
This episode of Fortune Favors the Bold is coming to you LIVE from On Air Fest in Brooklyn.
28 min
How Do We Manage Our Passwords?
As our lives move increasingly online, it can seem like everything is password-protected. How do we choose good passwords? And how do we keep track of those passwords? Most importantly, what can we do to really keep all our data safe?
29 min
How Do I Make Work Work for Me? (Part Two)
This week, Ashley heads to Albuquerque, New Mexico to continue exploring the question, “how can I make my work work for me?” To find answers, we’re doing something a little different: we’ll meet two people who are already talking through big questions– about work, life, and having an impact– together.
25 min
How Do I Make Work Work for Me? (Part One)
We’ve been hearing so much about the changing nature of work recently– whether it’s the rise of the gig economy, or millennials rising in the workforce. And we know so many people’s money questions are work questions, so we decided to do a two part series on it!
33 min
How Can I Travel Responsibly?
Travel is often a transformative part of our personal and professional lives. But there’s a growing conversation around the ethics of traveling. From the carbon emissions involved in flying to the impact on local communities, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to deciding how, where and why to travel.
32 min
How Can My City Be More Inclusive?
How Can My City Be More Inclusive?
32 min
What Do We Get When We Pay for School?
It’s hard to know what exactly you’re paying for when you pay college tuition. Is it a chance at a better career? Some time on a lush green campus learning from worldly professors? The risk of six-figure debt that never seems to shrink? And if students are paying a fraction of that price or nothing at all in other countries, how do we rationalize the cost here in the United States?
31 min
How Do We Define Ourselves...Financially?
Welcome to Season 3 of Mastercard’s Fortune Favors the Bold! Ashley C. Ford is back, and she’s kicking off our season by diving into the financial question that underlies everything else we’re talking about this season: how do we define ourselves financially?
31 min
Fortune Favors the Bold: Season 3 Coming Soon
2 min
We're back! And we're taking your questions!
1 min
What We Talk About When We Talk About Money
Money can define our lives in a lot of ways. That’s why it’s so important to show it who’s boss.
39 min
Small Business Is Everyone’s Business
Big business is important. But it’s not the only thing driving the economy. Small businesses are vital parts of their communities, providing two out of every three jobs in the world.
24 min
Better, Faster, Smarter: Cities of the Future
People are crowding into cities at an ever-increasing rate—a trend that is only expected to continue. Government, the private sector, nonprofits, and the citizens themselves will have to team up to make sure these cities of the future create solutions that work for everyone.
28 min
Reskilling: Good for Workers…and Companies, too
As the working world continues to change, workers have to learn new skills to keep up. But it’s not just on them. It’s in companies’ best interests to do everything they can to keep their workforce skilled.
23 min
Who Gets to Be Creditworthy?
In order to get credit, you have to have a credit history. It’s a paradox nobody’s happy about. Meet the people doing something about it.
21 min
Financial Literacy: Money Lessons for a Digital...
How to equip kids with the financial tools and strategies necessary for the digital future.
23 min
Upward Mobility: Turning the Tide
25 min
Coming Soon: Fortune Favors the Bold, Season 2
Know the rules to break the rules.
2 min
The Cashless Society: A Live Episode
An exploration of the world beyond cash, taped in front of a live audience.
28 min
Future-Proofing Your Career
The Skills to Pay the Bills…now and into the future
26 min
You 2.0
The future of digital identity.
25 min
The Business Case for Doing Good
Stories about businesses that are doing well AND doing good.
22 min
The Next American Dream
The American Dream is changing — dramatically.
22 min
Modern Nomads: The Future of Work
Stories about people who are embracing the gig economy in bold ways.
29 min