Join host Kevin Toye, host of the FOCUS HUNTING Podcast as he talks hunting, gear, guns, shooting, archery with pro's in the industry who share their stories and give tips on what has made them successful hunters.

Health & Fitness
Episode #45 Backpacks, Tents & Stoves w/ Kevin ...
Discuss backpacks, tents and stove, bear fences, Caribou hunts and more with Kevin Timm of Seek Outside
77 min
Episode #44 Moment of Truth w/ Mitchell Payment
TV Host Mitchell Payment of MOMENT OF TRUTH TV and Kevin Toye discuss hosting a hunting tv show as a teenager, deer hunting, bear hunting.
54 min
Episode #43 Dialed In with Josh Kirchner
Author Josh Kirchner joins me to discuss his book, backpack hunting, black bears, training and archery
82 min
Hunters For BC w/ Robin Unrau
Founder and President of Hunters for BC Robin Unrau we talk hunting ethics, wildlife habitat, beetle kill and more
55 min
Episode #42 Hunt2Eat with Mahting Putelis
Explore clothing and recipes with Hunt to Eat co-founder Mahting Putelis
60 min
Episode #41 Smith Game Calls with Steve Smith
Great Game calls with Steve Smith of Smith Game Calls
43 min
Episode #40 Elk 101 with Corey Jacobsen
Learn how to become a successful Elk hunter with Corey Jacobsen
79 min
Episode #39 Survival with John Barklow
Learn clothing systems that will save your life in the backcountry with Sitka's John Barklow
53 min
Episode #38 No Bait, Just Bears! with Doug Boze
On this episode I am joined by Doug Boze. Doug is the author of "No Bait, Just Bears" and "The Ultimate Guide to Black Bear Hunting". Doug shares some great stories of his years hunting Black Bears and he gives us some tips and tricks on hunting and call...
64 min
Episode #37 The Wild Initiative
On this episode I am joined by Sam Ayres host of The Wild Initiative Podcast. Be sure to join Sam and his amazing line up of guests. Sam shares his path to becoming a hunter, he tells us about his first ever Elk trip which left him pretty beat up. For mo...
67 min
Episode #36 Tipper Talk's Turkey
On this episode I am joined by Richard Tipper president of the CWTF's BC Chapter. Richard gives us a bit of his back story on how and when his obsession with Turkey hunting began and how COVID broke his streak of spring Turkey hunts. We talk about the Ca...
67 min
Episode #35 Just Hunt
On this episode I am joined by a truly remarkable person, Amanda Lynn Mayhew. Amanda is one of the first females to enter the hunting television industry and helped pave the way for women in the industry today. Amanda shares here story of how she got int...
42 min
Episode #34 Warrior
On this episode I am joined by former Navy Seal Rorke Denver. Rorke is a New York Times best seller, his two books "Damn Few" and "Worth Dying For" are a must on any bookshelf, Rorke has also starred in the hit movie "Act of Valor". Rorke shares all abou...
50 min
Episode #33 Paul McCarney
On this episode I am joined by my good bud Paul McCarney. Paul and I have a deep discussion on animal rights vs animal welfare, the seal hunt, turkey hunting and a whole bunch of other great topics that tend to come up in hunting discussions. For more in...
94 min
Episode #32 Invisible
On this episode of the FOCUS HUNTING Podcast I am joined by Mike Slinkard. Mike share some hunting stories with us which includes successful hunts in four different countries Canada, Africa, New Zealand and the US which includes an incredible 46 Elk. Mik...
54 min
Episode #31 One Tough S.O.B.
On this episode I am joined by Jared Frasier of 2% for Conservation. As you will hear in this episode Jared has been through a ton in the past few years, but remarkable remains dedicated to conservation. Jared explains what 2% for Conservation is and how...
67 min
Episode #30 On the Edge w/Joe Eppele
On this episode of the Focus Hunting Podcast I am joined by Joe Eppele. Joe is a former pro football player and now co-star of the popular TV show THE EDGE. Joe and I talk growing up in BC, pro football and hunting, Joe also shares some tips on spring be...
59 min
Episode #29 The Hunting Public
On this episode I sit down and talk with Greg Clements from the Hunting Public. Greg shares with us how The Hunting Public got started. Greg and I also talk whitetail and Elk hunting, plus Greg gives us some great tips on hunting spring Wild Turkey. For ...
56 min
Episode #28 Backroad Maps
On this episode I am joined by Russ Mussio, co-founder of the Backroad maps. Russ shares with us how getting lost in the backcountry 30 years ago formed the idea of one of the most utilized map books on the market today. Russ and I discuss some of the fe...
65 min
Episode #27 The Bear Whisperer
On this episode I am joined by the Blaine Anthony. Blaine has had a huge amount of success in the television industry. When Blaine is not hunting for his highly popular TV Shows, Bear Whisperer and Hitman, he is busy with his production company. Blaine a...
57 min
Episode #26 Mauled by a Grizzly
On this episode I am joined by author Greg Matthews. Greg is an avid hunter and outdoorsman, Air Force and civilian firefighter, EMT, rescue helicopter pilot, fugitive recovery agent, Ground Zero volunteer, father and husband. Greg and I talk hog hunting...
96 min
Episode #25 Landscapes & Letter w/Paul McCarney
On this episode I am joined by my good buddy Paul McCarney. Besides being a passionate and dedicated hunter Paul is an amazing author, his webpage Landscapes & Letters is full of great articles that are, in my opinion, a must read for every hunter. Paul ...
74 min
Episode #24 Go Wild
On this episode I am joined by co-founder and CEO of the GO WILD app, Brad Luttrell. Brad and I chat about some of the big shows that got cancelled this year and last. Brad tells us all about his background and how him and a few other created the best ou...
69 min
Episode #23 Over My Dead Body
On this episode I am joined by Sheldon Clare, president of the National Firearms Association. Sheldon and I discuss a bit of history of the NFA, we talk about the current ban of over 1500 firearms, how the current government keeps adding to the list, how...
63 min
Episode #22 Hunt South Africa
On this episode I am joined by my good buddy Nick Bowker. Nick is an established guide outfitter with over 25 years experience as a guide and a lifetime of experience hunting in the Bedford region of South Africa. His operation is one of the finest you w...
39 min
Episode #21 Greg McHale
On this episode I am joined by fellow Canadian Greg McHale. Greg is one of the baddest guys you will find in the backcountry. Greg's TV series Greg McHales Yukon Wild is the essence of extreme backpack hunting. Besides being one of the most down to earth...
74 min
Episode #20 Come Out Heavy
This is an episode I did over with the boys from the Come out Heavy podcast. Devin and Curt Gassoff are a couple stand up fellas who love to share their knowledge knowledge and talk hunting. If you haven't listened to their podcast I highly recommend it ...
62 min
Episode #19 iHunter
On this episode I am joined by Mark Stenroos, founder of the iHunter app. Mark and I talk about what got him all started, his move across country and the iHunter app features. For more information please go to...  
65 min
Episode #18 BHA Boys
On this episode I am joined by Alan Duffy and Jakob Von Andrian of the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. The three of us discuss the BHA organization, the chapters right here in BC. We discuss issues that affect BC and our border sharing provinces and US st...
51 min
Episode #17 Vegetarian Turned Hunter
On this episode I am joined by Jonathan Fluevog a 14 year vegetarian turned hunter. We discuss veganism, becoming a hunter and his project Forest 2 Table who gives back to conservation. For more information... www....
42 min
On this episode I am joined by Kyle Stelter of the Wild Sheep Society of BC. Kyle and I discuss some MOVI, a serious issue poisoning our wild sheep. We discuss fundraising programs for the Society along with what you can do to help. For more information ...
44 min
Episode #15 Smile Outside
On this episode I am joined by James Jubran co-founder of Smile Outside, a series of children's books that introduces kids to the concept and importance of conservation. James explains what inspired the books, he shares a few hunts including a Texas Mule...
52 min
Episode #14 Net Gunner w/ Ben Berukoff
On this episode I am joined by Ben Berukoff, owner of Canadian Wildlife Capture ltd. Ben and I discuss his thug of a ram he harvested in 2020, we also talk about one of the coolest jobs on the planet, capturing animals from helicopters. For more informat...
54 min
Episode #13 Trigger Effect
On this episode I am joined by one of the co-hosts of the highly successful TV show, Federal Premiums Trigger Effect, Dean Trumbley. Dean and I discuss the road to hunting television, the process of getting film from field to folks and we touch on huntin...
53 min
Episode #12 Who Cares?
On this episode I am joined by Scott Ellis with the GOABC (Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia) Scott and I discuss the impact guide outfitters have on the hunting industry, the impacts of Covid, Anti-hunters, predators and the Grizzly bear ...
58 min
Episode #11 Time 4 Change
On this episode I am joined by Dave Ryder from SCI. Dave and I discuss the Whitetail doe open season, Antlerless Elk LEH along with other issue's regarding the BC wildlife and what we need to do moving forward. For more information visit:www.bcinteriorsc...
56 min
Episode #10- 911 for the Backcountry
On this episode I am joined by Ed Henczel with the Central Okanagan Search & Rescue. Ed shares his knowledge with us and gives us some tips that just might save your life in the backcountry. Be sure to click on the links for more info. www.a...
59 min
Episode #9 A Cup for Conservation
On this episode I talk with one of the Co-founders of Outfitter Coffee, a group of dedicated outdoorsmen who have found a unique way to give back to non-profit organizations.  
46 min
Episode #8 Backwoods Life with Michael Lee
On this episode I am joined by the host of one of the longest running outdoor shows on TV today. Michael Lee has been the host of the Backwoods Life TV show since 2004. Michael and discuss how he got into TV, how the industry has changed, Michael gives u...
37 min
Episode #7 VORTEX OPTICS with Reg Wales
In this episode I discuss shooting and optics with on of the best Canada has to offer, Reg Wales. Reg is the Technical Field Advisor for Vortex Optics, a Former Member of the CAF and four time Argyll Sniper Challenge winner. Reg and I discuss his backgro...
72 min