Finding Freedom

We are born free and we will die free..... the time in between, can be complicated. Freedom is constantly under attack, either by governments and institutions, or our own egos. Sometimes when we build our own prison walls around us, escaping can be incredibly difficult. On Finding Freedom we deliver interviews with real people, sharing real stories of overcoming the odds, persevering injustice and unlocking their potential. This show has been created to inspire you. Life is hard. And Finding your Freedom isn't easy.

True Crime
Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Decentr...
Dr. Lyall Swim is the Chief Innovation Officer at Atlas Network. In his role, Lyall leads the organization’s team and systems development as Atlas Network continues to grow in size, reach, and impact.
61 min
Rewire Your Brain with Zac Wolfe
Today on Finding Freedom Zac Wolfe joins the show. When Zac was 19 years old he was in a tragic car accident that resulted in C5-C6 spinal cord injury. He suffered from severe whiplash leaving him classified as a quadriplegic.
58 min
Strangers with Candy with Art Carden
Art Carden, an economist and author, has recently written a fascinating book titled Strangers with Candy: Observations from the Ordinary Business of Life, which explores the economics of helping others with fresh and compelling insights from Art’s experience in life and his expertise as an economist.
47 min
New Mexico Governor Grabs Guns
It’s been a wild news weekend, there’s so much to talk about on todays episode! Buckle up for John’s solo take on the most important topics of today:
47 min
What is Going on in Haiti with Ryan Crim
On today’s episode we’ll be talking about Haiti with Ryan Crim, who has spent time there and maintains contact in the country through friendships with many people and multiple charity organizations.
50 min
Overcoming Fear to Find Freedom with Eric Flynn
Today’s guest is Eric Flynn. Seven years ago Eric went into a detox center in Texas, homeless and with near zero life skills. Today he owns a roofing company and helps other addicts in recovery to learn how to build skillsets to find success selling roofs and managing projects, many have gone on to buy homes and start families.
38 min
Fight Back Against ATF Gun Grabbers with Cody W...
Cody Wisniewski is a Senior Attorney for Constitutional Litigation with Firearms Policy Coalition. Cody's work has appeared in the Washington Times, the Washington Examiner, National Review, Daily Wire, and more.
37 min
The Song of Our Time
Back to Back solo shows! This week on Finding Freedom: Oliver Anthony, More Americans Dying than before Pandemic, US Suicide all time high , and Woody Harrelson wears RFK Hat
41 min
The Attack on Kids: Biden Blocks Funds for Arch...
In this episode John talks about the attack on children, Biden going after hunters and MGM stealing hundreds of thousands in winnings.
44 min
Regenerative Farming Restauranteer Mollie Engel...
Mollie Engelhart is a California farming mother of four, who has had multiple extremely successful restaurants, one of which she co-owns with Woody Harrelson.
43 min
Discover Your Purpose with Kristy Laschober
Today’s guest on Finding Freedom is Kristy Lashober. Kristy was last on my show back in 2021 for Episode 266. Kristy Laschober made national headlines for selling drugs to a priest and went to federal prison for a first time offense.
54 min
Woke Proof Your Life with Teresa Mull
Teresa Mull is the author of Woke Proof Your Life, which will publish in August 2023.
44 min
Musk Gets Personal in Attack on Zuckerberg
It’s a solo show this week on Finding Freedom! John discusses the growing feud between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, as well as Zuck’s new Twitter clone Threads.
49 min
RFK Jr, Pharma and Tucker Carlson with Jeffrey ...
Today’s interview with Jeffrery Tucker was recorded live at Porcfest. Jeffrey and John discussed the very interesting speech that RFK Jr. gave at Porcfest.
44 min
The Pope’s Exorcist with Jordan Burke
Today's guest is Jordan Burke. Jordan spent more than 5 years as a Police Officer. Ultimately, he decided to trade in his badge and gun for a bible and a rosary.
50 min
Eating Liberty with Dann Reid
On today’s show John joined by Dann Reid aka the “Culinary Libertarian” and host of Eating Liberty.
55 min
Personal Transformation with Marc Clair
Marc Clair makes his return to the Lions of Liberty Network as a guest on Finding Freedom. Marc formerly hosted the Flagship show on Lions of Liberty and is now the host of the Marc Clair Show.
52 min
Writing Your Story with John McCoy
Today freelance blogger John McCoy joins the show. John became a freelance blogger full time when he left his old career behind after seeing the writing on the wall of the coming vaccine mandates. He was able to create a significant revenue stream and free himself from the shackles of a 9 - 5 job.
51 min
Libertarian Christian with John Odermatt
Check out John's appearance on the Libertarian Christian Podcast hosted by Doug Stuart.
39 min
Liberty and Christianity with Doug Stuart
Doug Stuart is CEO of the Libertarian Christian Institute and is the host of The Libertarian Christian Podcast, the flagship show on the network.
56 min
Biden’s White Supremacy Delusion
Back to back solo shows on Finding Freedom! This week John dives into President Biden’s absurd comments on white supremacy, but he doesn’t just respond with anger and frustration, rather John provides a path forward how we can respond to gas lighting by elites AND be more present in our lives.
48 min
Michelle Obama Launches PLEZi, a Nutrition Company
It’s another solo show on Finding Freedom. Here’s what was talked about this week: Michelle Obama's nutrition company, CA reparations proposal, Biden's running on disarming Americans and more!
48 min
From Prison to Principal with Christopher Willars
In 2003 Christopher Willars was sentenced to 144 years in prison for a robbery. After serving 16 years 11 months he was finally set free.
51 min
Securing Your Freedom with Mikkel Thorup
Mikkel Thorup is the Founder and Director at Expat Money™, a private consulting firm started in 2017.
54 min
Entrepreneurship and Liberty with C. Michael Pi...
Today’s guest is C. Michael Pickens! He’s the author of 2 books, CEO of Pac Crest Botanicals, a holistic CBD manufacturing company, Certified Hypnotherapist and creator of a new Subconscious Reprogramming Mini-Course.
55 min