Financially Ever After

Welcome to Financially Ever After, where award-winning, and nationally recognized financial expert, Stacy Francis, will bring you savvy tips and words of wisdom on how to secure your financial future before, during and after divorce. For 30 minutes, every other week, you'll hear personal stories from women who have either faced or are currently facing this transition. In addition, you will soak up knowledge and inspiration from the industry’s top legal, financial, residential and mental health professionals.

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Steps to Take Before You Say ‘I Do’...
In this episode, Morgan Mouchette and Stacy Francis discuss prenuptial agreements, why they are recommended, and debunk some common misconceptions about them.
35 min
On Inheritances and Second Marriages
Gary Botwinick shares some of the top issues that couples face in second marriages, especially if there are children involved, and gives important tips on how to make sure your assets pass on successfully.
42 min
Your Health is Your Wealth
In this episode, Amber Flanagan and Dr. Gerda Maissel discuss the health insurance options available to women after divorce, as well as tips on how to afford better medical care and prevent medical mistakes.
44 min
Money Tips for Launching Financial Grownups
Bobbi Rebell and Stacy Francis discuss the importance of gift-giving to children and how it can help them become financially successful adults.
34 min
Estate Planning During and After Divorce
Paula Jones, founder and Principal of Jones Estate Group, shares how listeners can protect themselves and their family during the divorce process in the event of an untimely death.
37 min
Hide and Seek with Fraud
Tracy Coenen, Forensic Consultant and Fraud Investigator at Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting, shares how to find out the likelihood of fraud in your marriage, and what to do about hidden investments.
44 min
Getting the Bang for Your Buck in Real Estate
Melissa Rubenstein shares insights on current market conditions, and gives advice on how to get top dollar for your property when selling.
35 min
Co-Parenting After Divorce
Sherry Smith defines and describes co-parenting, and shares tools, techniques, and resources parents can use to ensure their children are supported and empowered.
37 min
Finding The Right Financial Advisor
Deborah Nason shares resources for helping people find the ideal financial advisor regardless of the state of their wallet, including some fantastic pro bono deals.
24 min
Returning to Work after Divorce
Elizabeth Eiss and Kelley Joyce discuss how listeners can elevate their careers and earn the income they deserve.
47 min
Long-Term Financial Security begins by Advocati...
Laura Terrell shares common pitfalls to avoid, and three questions to consider that will put you on the path to long term financial security.
40 min
Extracting Yourself From Financial Abuse
Genevieve Anderson shares resources listeners can use to protect themselves and their family, and put them on the path to long term financial security.
37 min
Taking Agency Over Your Destiny
Kathryn Ford is an award-winning celebrity coach and consultant, and the founder and CEO of Excellence Institute, and she shares how she turned trauma and tragedy into inspiration, and how listeners can do the same in their own lives.
36 min
Developing the Right Money Habitudes
Syble Solomon talks about Money Habitudes, and the six different patterns you need to know to emerge from the divorce process in a financially sound place.
36 min
One Home to Two: What Are Your Real Estate Opti...
Seth Feinman and Mark D. Friedman share with listeners how they can have lenders fight for their business, interest rates, and how to win the property..
40 min
Closing the Gap between Financial Analysis and ...
Karen Chellew and Catherine Shanahan share insights about their services - they talk about how they build each client’s Portrait, how their process works, and how they help clients move on.
37 min
Reversing Downward Spirals
Jaime Morgan, a Certified Life Coach, shares tips for dispelling “negative Nellies” - unhappy thoughts about yourself and your situation - and turning downward spirals upwards.
35 min
Uncovering Hidden Assets
James Guberman, partner and founder of Guberman Advisors, talks with Stacey Francis about the nature of hidden assets - why they’re not really “hidden,” and how to uncover them.
38 min
[Replay] Divorcing the Narcissist
We’re bringing back a popular episode from last year in which Stacy Francis spoke with Lisa Zeiderman about divorcing a narcissist.
34 min
Becoming Financially Savvy
In this episode, Stacy Francis joins the Healing Broken Families Podcast for a crossover interview.
36 min
Generating Income while Balancing Family Respon...
Tiffani Higgins is owner and CPA at Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy, where she proves you can succeed being a stay-at-home parent and generate income to live your life to the fullest, without sacrificing family time.
28 min
Regulating Your Emotions Around Money
Nathan Astle, founder of Relational Money, joins Stacy Francis to discuss the role of a Certified Financial Therapist and how to regain power over your life after a financially abusive relationship.
37 min
Overcoming Financial Infidelity
T.H. Irwin and Jessica Klingbaum share insights about their community, and the important role money played in their divorces.
41 min
Everything You Should Know About High Net Worth...
Lisa Zeiderman, Managing Partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP, talks with Stacy Francis to give listeners a crash course about high net worth divorce.
43 min
Cross-Post from Divorce Etc: Protecting Your As...
In this crossover episode, you'll get to hear Stacy Francis when joined the hosts at DIVORCE etc… to talk about the best ways to protect your wealth during divorce, how to decide who gets what, and what your biggest asset actually is.
21 min