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Welcome to Financially Ever After, where award-winning, and nationally recognized financial expert, Stacy Francis, will bring you savvy tips and words of wisdom on how to secure your financial future before, during and after divorce. For 30 minutes, every other week, you'll hear personal stories from women who have either faced or are currently facing this transition. In addition, you will soak up knowledge and inspiration from the industry’s top legal, financial, residential and mental health professionals.

Kids & Family
Money Tips for Launching Financial Grownups
Bobbi Rebell and Stacy Francis discuss the importance of gift-giving to children and how it can help them become financially successful adults.
34 min
Estate Planning During and After Divorce
Paula Jones, founder and Principal of Jones Estate Group, shares how listeners can protect themselves and their family during the divorce process in the event of an untimely death.
37 min
Hide and Seek with Fraud
Tracy Coenen, Forensic Consultant and Fraud Investigator at Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting, shares how to find out the likelihood of fraud in your marriage, and what to do about hidden investments.
44 min
Getting the Bang for Your Buck in Real Estate
Melissa Rubenstein shares insights on current market conditions, and gives advice on how to get top dollar for your property when selling.
35 min
Co-Parenting After Divorce
Sherry Smith defines and describes co-parenting, and shares tools, techniques, and resources parents can use to ensure their children are supported and empowered.
37 min
Finding The Right Financial Advisor
Deborah Nason shares resources for helping people find the ideal financial advisor regardless of the state of their wallet, including some fantastic pro bono deals.
24 min
Returning to Work after Divorce
Elizabeth Eiss and Kelley Joyce discuss how listeners can elevate their careers and earn the income they deserve.
47 min
Long-Term Financial Security begins by Advocati...
Laura Terrell shares common pitfalls to avoid, and three questions to consider that will put you on the path to long term financial security.
40 min
Extracting Yourself From Financial Abuse
Genevieve Anderson shares resources listeners can use to protect themselves and their family, and put them on the path to long term financial security.
37 min
Taking Agency Over Your Destiny
Kathryn Ford is an award-winning celebrity coach and consultant, and the founder and CEO of Excellence Institute, and she shares how she turned trauma and tragedy into inspiration, and how listeners can do the same in their own lives.
36 min
Developing the Right Money Habitudes
Syble Solomon talks about Money Habitudes, and the six different patterns you need to know to emerge from the divorce process in a financially sound place.
36 min
One Home to Two: What Are Your Real Estate Opti...
Seth Feinman and Mark D. Friedman share with listeners how they can have lenders fight for their business, interest rates, and how to win the property..
40 min
Closing the Gap between Financial Analysis and ...
Karen Chellew and Catherine Shanahan share insights about their services - they talk about how they build each client’s Portrait, how their process works, and how they help clients move on.
37 min
Reversing Downward Spirals
Jaime Morgan, a Certified Life Coach, shares tips for dispelling “negative Nellies” - unhappy thoughts about yourself and your situation - and turning downward spirals upwards.
35 min
Uncovering Hidden Assets
James Guberman, partner and founder of Guberman Advisors, talks with Stacey Francis about the nature of hidden assets - why they’re not really “hidden,” and how to uncover them.
38 min
[Replay] Divorcing the Narcissist
We’re bringing back a popular episode from last year in which Stacey Francis spoke with Lisa Zeiderman about divorcing a narcissist.
34 min
Becoming Financially Savvy
In this episode, Stacy Francis joins the Healing Broken Families Podcast for a crossover interview.
36 min
Generating Income while Balancing Family Respon...
Tiffani Higgins is owner and CPA at Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy, where she proves you can succeed being a stay-at-home parent and generate income to live your life to the fullest, without sacrificing family time.
28 min
Regulating Your Emotions Around Money
Nathan Astle, founder of Relational Money, joins Stacy Francis to discuss the role of a Certified Financial Therapist and how to regain power over your life after a financially abusive relationship.
37 min
Overcoming Financial Infidelity
T.H. Irwin and Jessica Klingbaum share insights about their community, and the important role money played in their divorces.
41 min
Everything You Should Know About High Net Worth...
Lisa Zeiderman, Managing Partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP, talks with Stacy Francis to give listeners a crash course about high net worth divorce.
43 min
Cross-Post from Divorce Etc: Protecting Your As...
In this crossover episode, you'll get to hear Stacy Francis when joined the hosts at DIVORCE etc… to talk about the best ways to protect your wealth during divorce, how to decide who gets what, and what your biggest asset actually is.
21 min
Navigating the Demands of Life and Starting 202...
Dr. Randy Heller talks with Stacy Francis about navigating the demands of life and starting the new year in balance, and shares an action plan to make 2022 your best year.
34 min
My Partner Has Compulsive Gambling: Signs, Symp...
49 min
Settling Real Estate Disputes during Your Divorce
Ian Steinberg, Associate Attorney at Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein, LLP, shares with Stacey important information on the division of equity in the marital home in divorce, what happens if there's separate property, and the issues that arise when one spouse buys out the other.
33 min
What to Consider in Divorce if You Are the Brea...
Christopher Melcher, Partner at Walzer Melcher LLP, joins Stacy Francis to talk about the breadwinning woman, and the financial considerations she needs to to think about if she’s considering divorce.
39 min
How to Choose the Right Mediation and Litigatio...
Alla Roytberg, Founding Partner at Roytberg Traum Law and Mediation P.C., joins Stacy Francis to talk about finding the right divorce professional for you.
40 min
Building Resilience After Grieving the Loss of ...
Nesreed Ahmed, founder and CEO of Harbor Life Coaching, joins Stacy Francis to discuss her role as a grief coach, and how listeners can convert their grief into resilience.
35 min
Smart Money Mamas – Overcoming Financial Overwhelm
24 min
Juggling Divorce, Parenting, and Other Responsi...
Andrea Boulanger, a university administrator, is the breadwinner of her family and describes herself as ‘happily divorced.’ She joins Stacy Francis to discuss her journey, from her marriage to deciding to get divorced and life after divorce.
24 min
Divorce Ease Through Radical Acceptance with Ka...
Karen McMahon is a certified relationship and divorce coach and the host of the Journey Beyond Divorce podcast, where she helps men and women navigate difficulties in the divorce process.
36 min
[REPLAY] What Wise Women Do After Divorce
Enjoy this replay from the Financially Ever After archive where Stacey is joined by Tanya-Marie Dubé to discuss the five stages of transformation, and things women need to know to create the best life possible for themselves and their families.
47 min
[REPLAY] Recognizing Financial Abuse and Gaslig...
Today’s episode is from the Financially Everafter archive. It’s a powerful discussion about financial abuse and how you can take control of your destiny.
36 min
The High Net Worth Divorce Playbook: How to Div...
Karen McMahon is a certified relationship and divorce coach and the host of the Journey Beyond Divorce podcast, where she helps men and women navigate difficulties in the divorce process.
51 min
Financial Do's & Don'ts Before, During & After ...
Paul Stagias, Senior Advisor at Francis Financial, joins Stacy Francis to share do’s and don’ts pre- and post-divorce.
36 min
Finding Your Tribe during Divorce, and Why it M...
Elise Pettus, founder and Editorial Director of, joins Stacy Francis to talk about how women can relaunch their lives post-divorce and feel their best during the process.
32 min
Divorcing as a Business Owner: Finding Your Pro...
Ivy Slater, founder and CEO of Slater Success, joins Stacy Francis to discuss succeeding through a divorce as a business owner and pulling your emotional and professional support teams together.
37 min
Identifying when Complex Financial Divorce Liti...
Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein, LLP matrimonial attorney, Evan Schein, joins Stacy Francis to discuss how to identify if litigation is the right process for you and how you can use that process to come to the settlement table quickly.
34 min
Understanding Cognitive Therapy to Heal & Disco...
Clinical psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, joins Stacy Francis to discuss the cognitive effects that divorce has on one’s life and shares exercises listeners can use to start deliberately designing the life they want for themselves.
33 min
How Organizing Your House & Life Can Pave the W...
Michelle Sarao, founder and Principal of Divorce Rx, joins Stacy Francis to talk about how she facilitates amicable divisions of possessions and how newly divorced women can set up new homes for their families.
36 min
To Reset After Divorce, Learn to Set Boundaries
Wendy Sterling, parent coach at Circle4Parents, joins Stacy Francis to teach listeners about setting and communicating boundaries, as well as saying no and standing up for themselves without having to give explanations.
36 min
Making Your Epic Comeback after Divorce
Nikki Bruno, founder and CEO of The Epic Comeback™, joins Stacy Francis to teach divorced women how to start their epic comeback.
36 min
$avvy: Take Back the Reins of Your Financial Fu...
Robin Hauser, director and producer at Finish Line Features, joins Stacy Francis to discuss why it is critical for women to take the reins of their financial future.
31 min
The Anatomy of Divorce
Matrimonial attorney and Managing Partner at Law Firm of Poppe & Associates, PLLC, Mia Poppe, joins Stacy Francis to share insights about her series and how to leverage your covered capital.
34 min
Achieving Financial Security During and After D...
Kim Ciesinski, matrimonial attorney, author, and founder of Kim M. Ciesinski, Esq., PLLC - ADR Law, joins Stacy Francis to discuss women, money, and divorce, as well as financial abuse and how to come out of the divorce process as financially secure as you can be.
32 min
Estate Planning & Starting a Trust During Your ...
Priya Royal, Managing Attorney at Royal Law Firm, PLLC, joins Stacy Francis to discuss narrowing the wealth gap, and shares the ins and outs that women with significant assets need to know to protect themselves in the event of divorce and/or remarriage.
27 min
Divorcing the Narcissist
Lisa Zeiderman, Managing Partner at Miller Zeiderman, joins Stacy Francis to share everything you need to know about divorcing a narcissist.
34 min
Children of Divorce - In Defense of the Defense...
Elysa Greenblatt, owner of Greenblatt Law, joins Stacy Francis to discuss what it means to be an attorney for children and the situations that warrant such legal assistance.
32 min
The Kickass Single Mother, and How She Does It
Emma Johnson, founder of Moms for Shared Parenting and, joins Stacy Francis to talk about the top mistakes to avoid as divorced single mothers and what successful single mothers have in common.
33 min
How Divorced Parents Can Avoid Getting On Santa...
For this holiday replay of a favorite episode from 2017, Stacy is joined by Shari Bornstein, Director of Operations at Smashed Tomatoes Bloody Mary Mix, to discuss how to put bitterness aside and prioritize your children when celebrating the holidays.
33 min
Learning how to forgive to achieve a better out...
Top matrimonial attorney and mediator, Regina DeMeo, joins Stacy Francis today to help listeners as she shares the secret ingredient to preserving family wealth, goodwill, and relationships.
24 min
Identify Your Money Archetype and Take Control ...
Carrie Casden, a business manager, Certified Money Coach, and the founder of Summit Financial Management, joins Stacy Francis to discuss the eight money archetypes and how to identify them, becoming the driver on the road to financial security, and how to spend wisely.
31 min
How Health Insurance & Medicare will Affect you...
Danielle Kunkle Roberts joins Stacy Francis to share information about Medicare that will allow divorcees to make better decisions about health insurance.
35 min
Stock Options and RSUs – What are You Entitled ...
Nancy Hetrick of Smarter Divorce Solutions joins Stacy Francis to talk about the FAQs and FYIs about executive compensation awards.
31 min
Estate Planning in the Event of a Biden Presidency
Nancy Burner, Founder and Managing Partner of Burner Law Group, joins Stacy Francis to discuss the important things you should know with regards to estate planning in the event of a Biden presidency.
39 min
When to Get Divorced and How to Prepare
Katherine Miller of the Miller Law Group and the Center of Understanding and Conflict joins Stacy Francis to discuss when to get a divorce and how to prepare for it.
30 min
Tax and Estate Planning Considerations You Shou...
Crystal Levy and Janic Cowhey of Marcum LLP join Stacy Francis to give insights about the required tax considerations in estate planning that the modern family needs to know about, especially if they are considering divorce.
30 min
Divorce Recovery Begins with the Right Mindset
Renee Bauer, podcast host, a Connecticut Divorce Attorney at Bauer Law Group, and the CEO of Happy Even After, joins Stacy Francis to talk about how your thinking patterns can emotionally and financially affect you during and after your divorce, and shares tools to help you have the right mindset.
26 min
The Financial Pros and Cons of Marriage
Founding partner of Cardi & Edgar LLP, Dawn Cardi, joins Stacy Francis to talk about the financial advantages and disadvantages of both formal marriage and common law marriage.
48 min
The Unexpected Impact of Social Media on your D...
Paige Zandri, Managing Partner and the Lead Mediator of Artese Zandri, joins Stacy Francis to discuss social media, and its effects on divorce.
39 min
Divorcing During COVID - What You Need to Know
Helene Bernstein, a divorce attorney and mediator for the past 25 years, joins Stacy Francis to talk about how COVID-19 is affecting the divorce process and ways to get to the best resolution.
42 min
The Risks and Rewards of Buying and Selling Dur...
David Perry is a licensed real estate broker and certified Divorce Real Estate Specialist at Brown Harris Stevens. He joins Stacy Francis to talk about how to navigate buying and\or selling one’s home during a divorce.
48 min
Using Positive Psychology to Flourish During an...
Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, CEO of The Flourishing Center, joins Stacy Francis to discuss how to navigate your emotions during divorce and to share three tips on how to change your habits.
48 min
Understanding Postnup Agreements & their Benefits
Linda Rosenthal is a matrimonial lawyer and partner at McLaughlin & Stern. She joins Stacy Francis to chat about prenups and postnuptial (postnups) agreements, and how the latter may prove beneficial.
44 min
Surviving Relocation
Sophie Jacobi-Parisi is a partner at Warshaw Burnstein, LLP and practices matrimonial and family law, representing people in matrimonial, custody and support matters. She joins Stacy Francis to discuss relocation issues and how you can resolve them.
46 min
Being a Stepmom Without Losing Your Money, Your...
Laurie Marchel is a business executive in the financial services industry and the author of The Stepmoms’ Club: How to Be a Stepmom Without Losing Your Money, Your Mind, and Your Marriage. She joins Stacy Francis to share tips for navigating a blended family.
35 min
Navigating Conflict in your Marriage
Rich Heller is a conflict coach and trained mediator, with a master’s degree in social work and a certificate in coaching, who works with couples struggling to manage conflict. Whether a couple has decided to separate or divorce, Rich’s goal is to help minimize the friction, so the couple can maximize the support they give to their children.
48 min
Gaining Self-Acceptance and Support from Your F...
Certified divorce coach, author, CEO and Founder of Stillness Blooms, Cindy Gunraj, joins Stacy Francis to chat about how to get your family’s support in your divorce.
40 min
Legal Divorce Considerations For Families Durin...
Randi Karmel is the Owner of Randi L. Karmel, PLLC. Randi has been practicing law for over 20 years, acquiring extensive litigation and trial experience.
42 min
Financial Resiliency Through Divorce and Market...
This week, we bring you a special episode of Financially Ever After where your host, Stacy Francis, answers your questions on how the impact of COVID-19 may impact your financial situation - especially if you are going through divorce or are recently divorced.
40 min
Funding Your Divorce Without Access to Money
Nicole Noonan of New Chapter Capital and a former attorney joins Stacy to talk about divorce funding, why it’s an important tool, and who it can be helpful for.
30 min
Making Divorce Easier For Your Children
Lauren Gaynor, a Litigation & Real Estate Partner specializing in Matrimonial Litigation at Teitler & Teitler, chats with Stacy Francis about custody, child support, and how to make your divorce easier for your children.
41 min
Turning Divorce into a Positive
35 min
Being in Business With Your Spouse & Still Prot...
On this week’s episode of Financially Ever After, Stacy chats with Dana Stutman, a matrimonial divorce attorney who runs a successful private practice in partnership with her husband Michael Stutman.
42 min
Transforming Your Relationship with Money
In this episode of Financially Every After, Stacy Francis speaks with Bari Tessler, the author of The Art of Money.
45 min
The Four Options Offered When Divorcing
Host Stacy Francis welcomes attorney and social worker, Kristen Lyndaker to this week’s show. Kristen holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and has worked in the foster care and adoption field.
41 min
Leveraging Your Capital Into Freedom
Mia Poppe had a successful 22-year career as a senior-level banker. Her own disastrous first divorce was the catalyst that led her to go to law school at the age of 42 and retrain as a matrimonial attorney.
48 min
Hiring an Attorney to Advocate For Your Child
Ten years ago, matrimonial attorney Lauren Friend started her own law firm because she wanted to help people through the worst times of their lives.
43 min
A Powerful Personal Story: Escaping The Cycle ...
Claire, this week’s guest on Financially Ever After, has lived through many hardships. She bravely shares her story so that listeners who may be in a similar situation can find some help and hope.
42 min
What Wise Women Do After Divorce
Through much adversity, Tanya was able to change her perspective and come out a stronger, happier person. Now she teaches women around the world how to thrive after divorce.
46 min
Exposing Myths About Litigation
John Yacos, of Yacos Law, has 30 years experience in matrimonial and family law. He joins Stacy Francis on this week’s show, to dispel the common myths about litigation, including the time it takes to get through the legal process.
58 min
Rebuilding Your Body, Mind and Life After a Bet...
This week’s guest is Dr. Debi Silber, author of Amazon bestseller The Unshakable Woman: Four Steps to Rebuilding Your Body, Mind and Life After a Life Crisis.
33 min
Preparing for Divorce the Smart Way: Collectin...
Jaime Weiss brings to her law practice a deep understanding of the psychological drivers that guide how we make decisions, which helps her to discern her clients’ wants and needs and help them move to a happier place in their lives.
44 min
6 Keys to Preparing your Kids for Your Divorce
Rosalind Sedacca is a consultant with decades of experience in helping couples protect their children before, during and after divorce. She talks with host Stacy Francis about how to do divorce right when you have children.
27 min
How I Represented Myself in My Divorce, and Why...
April Katz brings an interesting point of view to our show, seeing that she represented herself in her own divorce. She will share tips on how to keep the cost of your divorce as low as possible if you are going pro se, as well as how she got over her fear of divorce and how you can get through it too.
35 min
Talking Divorce at Work While Staying Professional
Most women don't like to admit they need help. We often don't even know what to ask for help with. It is a fact, however, that people going through a divorce need extra support, be it emotional support or with the administrative tasks that go along with a divorce.
33 min
Tackling the High Cost of Divorce
Can you imagine your divorce being written about in the national tabloids? Today’s guest on the show is celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who helps her clients navigate through that every day
32 min
How Uncle Sam Gets Involved In Your Settlement
Today’s topic is very important and one that a lot of us avoid as much as possible.W e’re talking about taxes - and specifically, the tax law changes that you absolutely need to know.
35 min
Building New Emotional, Professional and Financ...
Stacy Francis has a fascinating conversation with Micki McWade, a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, whose primary work is with people contemplating or going through a divorce.
37 min
Divorce is a Whole Family Affair with Robyn Mann
Robyn Mann is a matrimonial attorney and mediator who comes to her practice with a deep experience of and respect for the impacts divorce can have on a family - and what to prioritize in terms of mitigating them.
36 min
Estate Lessons We Can Learn From Celebrities
Our guest today, Jill Miller, runs a firm that specializes in formulating sophisticated personalized estate plans. What makes her stand out is her expertise isn’t limited to US only client or traditional families only.
40 min
Tailored Tax Advice for Women with Nancy Goldfarb
What kind of tax aspects do you need to think about when going through a divorce? Today we have Nancy Goldfarb, President of Smart Transition Strategies and a certified financial planner, public accountant, and divorce financial analyst.
45 min
What to Do If You’re Being Gaslighted with Mere...
Last week, we talked about financial abuse and gaslighting. On this episode of Financially Ever After, we’re diving deeper into the topic of gaslighting with our guest, Meredith Shirey. Meredith is the founder and practice director of her New...
40 min
Recognizing Financial Abuse and Gaslighting
Victoria McCooey was one of the many women who thought she had a husband who loved and idolized her but found herself married to an abusive man who kept her isolated and financially disempowered – questioning her own knowledge and pressuring her...
41 min
How Divorce Mediation Saves Couples Time, Money...
Financially Ever After with Stacy Francis
48 min
Protecting Yourself from Romantic Manipulation ...
Financially Ever After with Stacy Francis
44 min
Understanding the Challenges of Spousal and Chi...
Financially Ever After with Stacy Francis
48 min
How Nyla Cut Her Losses and Unlocked Her Bigges...
Financially Ever After with Stacy Francis
50 min
Her Justice: Helping Women in Poverty Face Issu...
Financially Ever After with Stacy Francis
32 min
Confronting the Ghosts of Your Financial Past t...
Financially Ever After with Stacy Fraancis
42 min