Financially Ever After Widowhood

Widowhood is the state of being a widow or widower: a person whose spouse has passed away. This is a situation that no one wants to be in, but it is something that can happen, and that you and your family should be prepared for financially. When this kind of painful, life altering event occurs, it's important to have the structure in place for you and your family to be protected, and this year on Financially Ever After Widowhood, Stacy Francis is going to be talking to a diverse lineup of experts, and individuals who have gone through it themselves, to give you the tools and information you need to be prepared.

Prior to this year's series on Widowhood, Financially Ever After covered topics related to divorce. We invite you to check out these fantastic episodes if they are relevant to you.

Kids & Family
Self-Care Strategies for the Recently Bereaved
Jeanne Jacobwitz joins Stacy Francis on this Financially Ever After Widowhood episode to discuss how prolonged stress impacts overall well-being.
35 min
Honoring Traditions and Making New Ones This Ho...
Cognitive Behavioral and Grief Coach Jordan Schwartz Hendin joins host Stacy Francis to discuss navigating the holidays after losing a spouse.
37 min
Navigating Life's Third Act: From Grief to Purpose
Irene Weinberg shares her journey from profound grief to a renewed sense of inner strength and spiritual wisdom after losing her husband, Saul, in a tragic car accident.
41 min
Organizing Your Affairs to Support and Safeguar...
Sarah Constantine and Stacy Francis discuss the human side of estate planning, emphasizing the importance of organizing your affairs to support and safeguard your family.
40 min
Dealing with Workplace Discrimination as a Widow
In this Financially Ever After Widowhood episode, Stacy Francis welcomes Kelley Joyce and Susan Crumiller to explore rejoining the workforce after loss.
46 min
Rebuilding Life after Loss: From Grief to Growth
Dawn Nargi joins Stacy Francis to bring not just her professional expertise, but also a deeply personal understanding of the journey of widowhood.
32 min
Empowering Widows: Advocacy, Empathy, and Support
In this episode of Financially Ever After Widowhood, host Stacy Francis welcomes Carolyn Moor, the founder of the nonprofit organization Modern Widows Club.
40 min
Navigating the Complexities of Probate with Cla...
Marc Zimmerman joins Stacy Francis on this episode to demystify the complexities of probate and highlights its significance, especially when assets are involved without a designated beneficiary.
34 min
I’ve Got the Power! (of Attorney)
Brian Corrigan joins Stacy Francis to offer key insights into common challenges, New York's legal adjustments, and protective measures against potential misconduct.
30 min
Empowering Families in End-of-Life Decision Making
Alison Arden Besunder joins Stacy Francis to discuss end-of-life planning, including steps to take when the timeline is limited.
33 min
The Art of Giving
Mindy Stern joins Stacy Francis to discuss her wealth of knowledge on charitable giving, including insights into the intricacies of donations, the importance of understanding the mission of the institutions you support, and the impact of thoughtful giving.
44 min
Paving Your Path to Peace
Stacy Francis and Anne DeButte discuss the healing process by debunking myths, offering strategies for coping, and emphasizing the importance of support and internal work.
36 min
Honoring Memories: Organizing Belongings with L...
In this episode of Financially Ever After Widowhood with Stacy Francis, Janine Sarna-Jones, organizational maven, shares her expertise on navigating the process of dealing with a partner's belongings.
34 min
Navigating the Maze of Grief
On this episode Financially Ever After Widowhood, Stacy Francis welcomes Joy Rosenthal - a woman who turned her own personal tragedies into catalysts for compassion, empathy, and strength.
30 min
Organizing the (E)State of Your Affairs
In this episode, Amy Holzman and Stacy Francis discuss the ins and outs of estate planning.
35 min
Estate Planning 101: Everything You Need to Know
Laura Cowan joins Stacy Francis to dispel some common myths around estate planning, including why it’s important to have a healthcare proxy and power of attorney in place, and why planning is particularly important for unmarried individuals with limited resources.
34 min
Taking Control of Your Finances After Widowhood
In this episode of Financially Ever After Widowhood, host Stacy Francis speaks with Kathy Gleason, an author and grief support expert with a deep understanding of the struggles that come with losing a spouse.
32 min
Introducing Financially Ever After Widowhood
On Financially Ever After Widowhood, Stacy Francis is going to be talking to a diverse lineup of experts, and individuals who have gone through it themselves, to give you the tools and information you need to be prepared.
9 min
Steps to Take Before You Say ‘I Do’...
In this episode, Morgan Mouchette and Stacy Francis discuss prenuptial agreements, why they are recommended, and debunk some common misconceptions about them.
35 min
On Inheritances and Second Marriages
Gary Botwinick shares some of the top issues that couples face in second marriages, especially if there are children involved, and gives important tips on how to make sure your assets pass on successfully.
42 min
Your Health is Your Wealth
In this episode, Amber Flanagan and Dr. Gerda Maissel discuss the health insurance options available to women after divorce, as well as tips on how to afford better medical care and prevent medical mistakes.
44 min
Money Tips for Launching Financial Grownups
Bobbi Rebell and Stacy Francis discuss the importance of gift-giving to children and how it can help them become financially successful adults.
34 min
Estate Planning During and After Divorce
Paula Jones, founder and Principal of Jones Estate Group, shares how listeners can protect themselves and their family during the divorce process in the event of an untimely death.
37 min
Hide and Seek with Fraud
Tracy Coenen, Forensic Consultant and Fraud Investigator at Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting, shares how to find out the likelihood of fraud in your marriage, and what to do about hidden investments.
44 min
Getting the Bang for Your Buck in Real Estate
Melissa Rubenstein shares insights on current market conditions, and gives advice on how to get top dollar for your property when selling.
35 min