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#431: Top 5 Survival Movies / The Impossible / ...
Everybody knows the first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. But Filmspotting joins Tyler Durden in exploring their primal selves with a countdown of the Top 5 Survival Movies. Plus, Adam and Josh barely emerge unscathed from their d
99 min
#430: 2013 Movie Preview (Pt. 2 ) / Die Hard
In 1988, our action heroes looked like Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger... then we met a barefoot Bruce Willis. Adam and Josh find out if it really is a good day to "Die Hard" as they give the Sacred Cow treatment to the action classic that made Wil
78 min
#429: 2013 Movie Preview (Pt. 1) / Amour
Last year, two of Josh's most anticipated films didn’t even end up getting released. Find out who he cursed this year as he and Adam reveal their Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013. Plus, love hurts in Michael Haneke's "Amour."
80 min
#428 Live: 2012 Wrap Party
Live from Mayne Stage in Chicago, it's Filmspotting's 2012 Wrap Party sponsored by WBEZ! There was no dancing for dollar bills, but the show's own Magic Mike, Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune, helped Adam and Josh reveal their favorite...
132 min
#427: Django Unchained / Edward Burns / Blaxplo...
Quentin Tarantino’s ode to Spaghetti Westerns "Django Unchained" brought Josh and Adam together over the holidays. Was it a fortuitous turn of events? Plus, a conversation with writer/director/actor Edward Burns about his new holiday release, and the Bl
88 min
#426 (Pt. 2): Top 10 Films of 2012
Filmspotting assembles the film critic Avengers -- Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) and Scott Tobias (A.V. Club) -- to finish off the Top 10 Films of 2012 countdown and reflect on the year in cinema.
91 min
#426 (Pt. 1): Top 10 Films of 2012
Josh and Adam didn't set out to meet their makers, but they do tackle the Promethean task of counting down their Top 10 Films of 2012 with the help of some special guest contributors.
57 min
#425: Zero Dark Thirty / The Hobbit / Golden Br...
The end-of-year onslaught begins with the announcement of Filmspotting's eight Golden Brick nominees for 2012. Plus, an unexpected journey with "The Hobbit" and an early review of "Zero Dark Thirty."
87 min
#424: Killing Them Softly / Top 5 Inept Crimina...
Like Nic Cage in "Raising Arizona," last night Josh had a dream... a dream he and Adam were going to discuss the H.I. McDonnough Memorial List of the Top 5 Inept Movie Criminals, inspired by the new Brad Pitt crime drama "Killing Them Softly." Plus, cut s
90 min
#423: Silver Linings Playbook / Skyfall / Top 5...
Is manic depression a frustrating mess, or a fascinating one? It's a November release round-up as Adam and Josh discuss "Silver Linings Playbook," plus "Skyfall" and "Anna Karenina." The guys also open up their 'little green bags' to cough in their lists
113 min
Golden Bricks Preview Special
Filmspotting celebrates Thanksgiving this week with a look back at some of the under-the-radar cinematic gems that Adam and Josh are most grateful for this year... movies that might just earn a spot among the nominees for Filmspotting's coveted Golden...
60 min
#422: Spielberg Spectacular! Lincoln / Close En...
We're gonna need a bigger show... Michael Phillips drops by to select the Top 5 Spielberg Scenes and review the director's latest, "Lincoln." Plus, cook up those mashed potatoes for a Sacred Cow discussion of one Spielberg classic -- 1977's "Close Encount
120 min
#421: Tim Heidecker / Top 5 Dramatic Performanc...
Filmspotting pays proper respect to the performers who decided they were no longer satisfied simply being clowns here to amuse with a countdown of the Top 5 Dramatic Performances by Comic Actors. Plus, Adam’s conversation with one such performer... Tim
84 min
#420: Cloud Atlas / Top 5 Multiple Role Perform...
Filmspotting crosses continents and generations in search of the true-true with a discussion of "Cloud Atlas." Plus, inspired the busy ensemble in "Atlas," a countdown of the Top 5 Multiple Role Performances... And oh "Super Fly," you’re gonna make your
88 min
#419: The Shining / Top 5 Terrifying Characters...
Heeeeere's Michael Phillips! From the spacious Overlook studio at WBEZ, Michael joins Filmspotting for a Sacred Cow discussion of "The Shining." Also on this special Halloween edition: theories about the theories in the new documentary "Room 237," which e
116 min
#418: Argo / Top 5 Movies Directed by Their Sta...
Filmspotting likes reviewing movies, but what the hosts really want to do is direct. Themselves. Inspired by their discussion of Ben Affleck's "Argo," Adam and Josh countdown the Top 5 Movies Directed by Their Stars. Plus, they answer the age-old question
91 min
#417: Martin McDonagh (Seven Psychopaths) / Top...
On this fun, culture-filled edition of Filmspotting, Adam's conversation with writer/director Martin McDonagh about his latest dark comedy, "Seven Psychopaths," starring Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken and a Shih Tzu named Bonny… the inspiration for t
89 min
#416: Looper / Top 5 Doppelganger Movies / Chic...
Adam tries to convince Judy, er, Josh, to change his hair for their Vertigo Memorial Top 5 Doppelganger Movies. Plus, a discussion of Rian Johnson's new time-travel thriller "Looper" and a preview of the upcoming Chicago International Film Festival.
84 min
#415: The Master / Top 5 Charismatic Leaders
"The Master" tells us that "Good science, by definition, allows for more than opinion." Adam and Josh mostly prove to be good scientists as they go in-depth on Paul Thomas Anderson's latest. Plus, the Top 5 Charismatic Movie Leaders and
94 min
#414: Top 5 L.A. Movies / End of Watch / Irania...
The sun shines and the land may be cheap, but if you’ve seen L.A. Confidential – or just about any movie set in the city of angels – you know it's a town with a dark side. This week's Filmspotting Top 5: Los Angeles Movies. Plus, a review of the new
84 min
#413: Raiders of the Lost Ark / Top 5 Films of ...
Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) plays the role of Belloq for this 'Sacred Cow' discussion of Steven Spielberg's action-adventure classic "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Plus, the Top 5 Films of 1981 and Michael's reflections on the 2012 Toronto Internationa
114 min
#412: Top 5 Dance Scenes / Alps / Offside
Hey Kitty Kat, don't be a... draws a square in the air... and be sure to download this show featuring the Pulp Fiction Memorial Top 5 Dance Scenes. Plus, Adam and Josh put down their $5 milkshakes to discuss "Alps," the new film from the director of "Dogt
87 min
Interviews: Craig Zobel (Compliance) / Mike Bir...
Adam talks to writer/director Craig Zobel about his provocative new film "Compliance," and with comedian Mike Birbiglia about the semi-autobiographical new film he co-wrote, co-directed and stars in, "Sleepwalk With Me."
43 min
#411: Fall Movie Preview / Cosmopolis / Mike Bi...
Adam and Josh stop their limo ride through downtown Chicago long enough to commend David Cronenberg's bizarre "Cosmopolis" and reveal their Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall Movies. Plus, interviews with two filmmakers - Mike Birbiglia ("Sleepwalk With Me") and
104 min
#410 (Pt. 2): Top 10 Films of All Time
The Top 10 Greatest Films of All Time talk continues with guest Michael Phillips... Plus, writer/director Jeff Nichols ("Take Shelter") calls in to discuss his official (Paul Newman-heavy) Sight & Sound ballot.
73 min
#410 (Pt. 1): Top 10 Films of All Time
Inspired by Sight & Sound's 2012 Greatest Films Poll, Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) joins Josh and Adam to discuss their Top 10 Films of All Time. Plus, a few special guests call in to share their #1 most 'essential' movie.
74 min
#409: Top 5 Cinema Spies / Bourne Legacy / Fire...
Inexplicably, George Lazenby is overlooked as Filmspotting reveals its highly confidential Top 5 Cinema Spies (James Bond Memorial)... And don't forget to take your chems before listening to discussions of "The Bourne Legacy" and "Fireworks Wednesday," th
88 min
Dark Knight Rises Spoiled
You've heard Filmspotting's take, now it's the listeners' turn to reckon with "The Dark Knight Rises" in this spoiler edition show.
41 min
#408: Top 5 Play Adaptations / Killer Joe
Adam and Josh break a leg, avoid mention of 'The Scottish Play' and depend on the kindness of strangers to reveal their Top 5 Play Adaptations, inspired by William Friedkin's new film adaptation of Tracy Letts' Gothic crime thriller "Killer Joe."
77 min
#407: Ruby Sparks / Top 5 Movies About Writers ...
We'll show you the life of the mind! Adam and Josh eloquently express affection for their Top 5 Movies About Writers, and discuss the new film written by and starring Zoe Kazan, "Ruby Sparks." Plus, Adam makes an amazing discovery with the fourth film in
75 min
#406: Dark Knight Rises / Beasts of the Souther...
Which battle is more bloody and brutal: Batman vs. Bane or Michael Phillips vs. A.O. Scott? Adam and Josh discuss "The Dark Knight Rises," then enlist the help of the dynamic former At The Movies duo to debate "Beasts of the Southern Wild." Plus, the 'Tak
97 min
#405: Amazing Spider-Man / Top 5 'Seemed Like a...
Sometimes a bad movie idea is just a bad movie idea. But sometimes it results in cinema excellence. Inspired by their discussion of Marc Webb's reboot "The Amazing Spider-Man, " Adam and Josh share their Top 5 'Seemed Like a Bad Idea' Movies.
74 min
#404: Top 5 Performances of 2012 (So Far) / Ted
Adam confesses his love for a childhood doll -- and Josh promptly bashes him for it -- as they discuss Seth Macfarlane's feature directing debut "Ted." Plus, the Top 5 Performances of 2012 (So Far)... in which Adam successfully avoids saying Michael Fassb
80 min
#403: Top 5 Films of 2012 (So Far) / Magic Mike
Filmspotting welcomes the Chicago Tribune's "Magic" Michael Phillips to the microphone to debate Channing Tatum's, um, talents on display in Steven Soderbergh's latest. Plus, the triumvirate looks back on the half year in cinema with a countdown of their
92 min
#402: Brave / Top 5 Screen Redheads / Children ...
Think Julianne Moore is the first and last name in movie gingers? Think again. Josh and Adam reveal their Top 5 Screen Redheads and discuss Pixar's latest "Brave." Plus, the third film in the Contemporary Iranian Cinema Marathon, "Children of Heaven."
80 min
Interviews: Mark Duplass / Lynn Shelton
Adam interviews actor-director Mark Duplass and learns how he and his brother discovered they weren't the next Coen Bros. Plus, writer/director Lynn Shelton reveals how directing an episode of "Mad Men" changed her filmmaking approach.
36 min
#401: Top 5 Crackpots / Your Sister's Sister / ...
Adam and Josh countdown their Top 5 Movie Crackpots and celebrate Mark Duplass week with reviews of two new movies featuring everybody's favorite "Humpday" star: "Your Sister's Sister" and "Safety Not Guaranteed." Plus, interviews with the directors of th
104 min