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#666: Top 5 Films of 1983 / Videodrome
Where does David Cronenberg's prescient techno-horror film rank among the best of '83?
98 min
#665: Oscar Nominations / Revisiting Last Jedi ...
Praise for (and a few quibbles with) this year's nominations, plus a second look at The Last Jedi.
95 min
#664: 2018 Movie Preview / Phantom Thread
A look ahead at the most anticipated films of the new movie year and thoughts on PTA's new (you heard us) comedy.
115 min
#663: Best Movie Moments of 2017
The best opening scenes, funniest scenes, moving scenes and music moments of 2017.
122 min
#662: (Pt. 2) Top 10 Films of 2017
Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) and Tasha Robinson (The Verge) return for part two of the best of the year countdown.
107 min
#661: (Pt. 1) Top 10 Films of 2017
Best of the year roundtable with Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) and Tasha Robinson (The Verge, The Next Picture Show).
98 min
#660: The Last Jedi / Call Me By Your Name
The force is strong with "Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson, who brings old-school style and flashes of humor to Star Wars: Episode VIII.
76 min
#659: Top 5 Best Worst Movies / The Disaster Ar...
Bad movies, a movie about a bad movie, and a great new movie from someone who probably loves bad movies (thank you, Guillermo del Toro).
101 min
#658: Top 5 Movie Years / There Will Be Blood /...
A 10th-anniversary Sacred Cow review of PTA's masterpiece, plus the best movie years of all time - according to Adam and Josh.
103 min
Revisiting The Force Awakens / Rian Johnson
For their Thanksgiving Break, Adam and Josh reconsider "The Force Awakens" and revisit their 2014 interview with the director of "The Last Jedi."
101 min
#657: Lady Bird / Justice League / Top 5 Female...
Looking for negative takes on Greta Gerwig's directing debut? Look elsewhere.
97 min
#656: Wonderstruck / Killing of a Sacred Deer /...
Adam and Josh celebrate the joyous new film from Agnes Varda, plus Josh weighs in on the latest from Todd Haynes and Yorgos Lanthimos.
66 min
#655: Thor: Ragnarok / Top 5 Superhero Costumes
Grab your hammer and take flight with Adam and Josh to the candy-colored, slaphappy world of Taika Waititi's "Thor: Ragnarok."
92 min
#654: Night Of The Living Dead (1968) / Top 5 H...
The late George A. Romero kicked off his career making a horror classic. An in-depth review of "Dead" and more horror directing debuts.
117 min
#653: The Meyerowitz Stories / Top 5 Noah Baumb...
The filet of Baumbach.
95 min
#652: The Florida Project / Sean Baker
A review of "Tangerine" director Sean Baker's acclaimed new film, plus Adam's conversation with the director.
63 min
Blade Runner 2049
A respectful and gorgeously shot return to the world of rogue replicants and the blade runners who love them.
33 min
#651: American Made / Top 5 Tom Cruise Performa...
Conclusion: Tom Cruise has no equal.
101 min
#650: Kingsman: The Golden Circle / Kogonada
"Nothing In This Movie Means Anything: The Sequel," plus Adam's conversation with the director of "Columbus."
81 min
New Argentine Cinema #5 - Wild Tales
The final film in our Argentine Marathon is a 2015 Foreign Language Film Oscar nominee.
18 min
#649: mother! / Top 5 Aronofsky Scenes / Kogona...
A wrestler, a ballet dancer, three junkies and the Old Testament walk into a bar.
107 min
New Argentine Cinema #4 - The Headless Woman
A woman is plagued by personal - and more profound - guilt in Lucrecia Martel's 2008 film.
26 min
#648: It (2017) / Top 5 Stephen King Scares
Come for the clown. Stay for the twins.
114 min
#647: Blade Runner / Top 5 Films of 1982
Ridley Scott's seminal sci-fi noir gets the Sacred Cow treatment.
125 min
New Argentine Cinema #3 - La Ciénaga
Buñuel meets Chekhov in Lucrecia Martel's dread-soaked 2001 debut.
24 min
#646: Fall Movie Preview / Logan Lucky
Waititi's "Thor" among the questions concerning the fall slate of movies, plus a split review of Soderbergh's latest.
108 min
New Argentine Cinema #2 - Castro
Samuel Beckett-inspired absurdity in Alejo Moguillansky's 2009 film.
29 min
#645: The Trip to Spain / Safdie Bros. (Good Ti...
Bickering frenemies Adam and Josh discuss the latest Coogan/Brydon "Trip."
108 min
New Argentine Cinema #1 - Extraordinary Stories
Raves for Mariano Llinas's 4-hour multi-narrative web of a movie.
24 min
FS Revisited: Reservoir Dogs / Top 5 Films of 1992
Adam and Josh tell you what "Like a Virgin" is really about.
79 min
#644: Detroit / Top 5 Films of 1967
Young lovers turned outlaws Adam and Josh meet a fantastically bloody end with their countdown of '67's best films.
97 min
#643: Valerian / Top 5 Alien Worlds
The one that liked "The City of a Thousand Planets" admitted to spending part of it in a semi-conscious state. Take from that what you will.
81 min
#642: Dunkirk / Top 5 Films of 2017 (So Far) / ...
Some ghosts, some gore and a super-pig make Adam and Josh's best of the year (so far) countdown.
100 min
#641: Spider-Man: Homecoming / Baby Driver / A ...
Adam and Josh reunite to talk Underoos and bed sheets - and to offer some contrarian thoughts on Edgar Wright's latest.
90 min
#640: The Beguiled / Top 5 Sofia Coppola Scenes
The pleasures - and limitations - of Sofia Coppola's distinctive vision, with guest-host Angelica Jade Bastien from Vulture.
71 min
Kumail Nanjiani ("The Big Sick")
Adam and the co-writer/star of Sundance hit "The Big Sick" discuss truth in true stories, how to write a screenplay with your spouse and more.
42 min
Ana Lily Amirpour ("The Bad Batch")
Adam's conversation with the writer/director of "The Bad Batch" and "A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night."
28 min
#639: It Comes At Night / Top 5 Movies About Grief
Adam and Michael Phillips review the new film "It Comes At Night" and offer each other a shoulder to cry on for their Top 5 Movies About Grief.
102 min
#638: Wonder Woman / Top 5 Movie Religious Expe...
Adam and Josh - bound by the Lasso of Hestia - review Patty Jenkins's "Wonder Woman" and confess their Top 5 Movie Religious Experiences.
120 min
#637: War Machine / Top 5 Movie Military Leaders
Adam and Josh opt for diplomacy discussing Netflix's war satire misfire "War Machine" and share their Top 5 Movie Military Leaders.
99 min
#636: Top 5 Films of 1984 / The Terminator
Adam and Josh go to battle in their Sacred Cow review of James Cameron's "The Terminator" and share their Top 5 Films of 1984.
102 min
#635: Alien: Covenant / Top 5 Alien Attacks
Adam and Josh come in peace bearing their Top 5 Alien Attacks. Plus, a review of the sixth film in the "Alien" franchise, "Alien: Covenant."
102 min
#634: Top 5 Jonathan Demme Moments / Something ...
Adam and Josh catch up with Jonathan Demme's "Something Wild" (1986) and share their Top 5 Demme Moments.
97 min
Varda Marathon #6: The Beaches of Agnes / "The ...
The Varda Marathon concludes with kind words for 2008's "The Beaches of Agnes," along with the awards for the series' best scenes and more.
38 min
#633: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 / Summer M...
Adam and Josh consider the cuteness of Baby Groot and the Guardians sequel, plus a preview of the summer movie season.
81 min
#632: Top 5 Movie Expeditions (We'd Sign Up For...
The Top 5 Movie Expeditions (Adam and Josh would sign up for), along with a review of James Gray’s new movie adventure: "The Lost City of Z."
84 min
Varda Marathon #5: The Gleaners and I
Adam and Josh praise Agnes Varda's 2000 doc "The Gleaners and I," the fifth film in their Varda Marathon.
20 min
#631: The Fate of the Furious / Top 5 Fast & Fu...
Josh goes rogue, forcing Adam to recruit Filmspotting Family members Tasha Robinson and Genevieve Koski for a review of THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS.
74 min
#630: Rushmore / FS Madness Champ / Charlie Sis...
A 'Sacred Cow' review of Wes Anderson's "Rushmore," the 2017 Filmspotting Madness champ and more.
95 min
#629: The Discovery / FS Madness Final / Varda ...
Results from the Filmspotting Madness Final Four (Godfather v 2001/Pulp Fiction v Empire Strikes Back) and a review of new Netflix exclusive "The Discovery."
87 min
#628 with Michael Phillips: Casablanca / FS Mad...
Adam and Michael Phillips celebrate "Casablanca's" 75th anniversary with a Sacred Cow review. Plus, the Filmspotting Madness Final Four is revealed.
75 min
#627: Top 5 Kristen Stewart Scenes / FS Madness...
With Kristen Stewart's new film "Personal Shopper" currently in limited release, Adam and Josh share their Top 5 Stewart Scenes.
108 min
#626 with Danny Boyle: Top 5 Boyle Characters /...
Director Danny Boyle sits in with Adam for the Top 5 Boyle Characters and T2 Trainspotting talk.
142 min
#625: Logan / Filmspotting Madness / Varda #1 -...
A mixed review of "Logan," plus Filmspotting Madness and the opening film in the Agnes Varda Marathon.
98 min
#624: Get Out / Filmspotting Madness / Top 5 Pa...
Adam and Josh review of "Get Out" and celebrate the show's 12th anniversary by kicking off Filmspotting Madness 2017 - Pantheon Edition.
121 min
Buñuel #6 - That Obscure Object of Desire / Buñ...
In this "fix" episode, the final movie in Filmspotting's Luis Buñuel Marathon, "The Obscure Object of Desire." Plus, the Buñuel Marathon Awards.
25 min
#623: 2017 Oscar Picks with Michael Phillips
Adam and guest host Michael Phillips make their Oscar picks.
81 min
#622: John Wick / John Wick: Chapter 2 / Lego B...
Adam and Josh give 2014 cult hit JOHN WICK the Sacred Cow treatment along with reviews of the new WICK sequel and THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE.
85 min
#621: Top 5 Political Resistance Movies / The ...
Adam and Josh invite critic Michael Sicinski to talk Political Resistance Movies and cross THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS off their Blindspotting lists.
110 min
#620: 2017 Movie Preview / Oscar Talk / Buñuel ...
Adam and Josh preview the new year by posing their top 5 questions about the 2017 movie calendar.
125 min
FS Revisited: Barry Jenkins & Naomie Harris / L...
On the heels of this week's Oscar nominations, Filmspotting revisits reviews of LA LA LAND and MOONLIGHT, plus Adam's interview with "Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins and co-star Naomie Harris.
83 min
#619: 2016 Wrap Party Live (Scenes of the Year)
At their annual Wrap Party, Adam, Josh and some very special guests say farewell to 2016 with their favorite scenes of the year.
106 min
#618: Paterson / Fences / Top 5 Denzel Performa...
Adam and Josh ring in the new year with a couple of high-profile year-end releases: Jim Jarmusch's "Paterson" and Denzel Washington's August Wilson adaptation "Fences."
90 min
#617: Top 10 Films of 2016 (Pt. 2)
Adam, Josh and The Next Picture Show's Scott Tobias and Genevieve Koski wrap up the countdown of 2016's ten best with their 5-1 picks.
120 min
#616: Top 10 Films of 2016 (Pt. 1)
Adam, Josh and The Next Picture Show's Scott Tobias and Genevieve Koski start the countdown of 2016's ten best with their 6-10 picks.
115 min
#615: Rogue One / 2016's Best Performances and ...
Adam and Josh take on the potentially deadly mission of reviewing the new Star Wars installment "Rogue One." Plus, the year's best performances and more.
73 min
#614: La La Land / Top 5 Musical Numbers / Gold...
Adam and Josh review Damien Chazelle's LA LA LAND and guests Michael Phillips and Desiree Garcia drop by to share their Top 5 Movie Musical Numbers.
112 min
#613: The Edge of Seventeen / Top 5 Teen Girl M...
Adam and Josh talk teen girl movies by female filmmakers with TCM's Marya E. Gates. Plus, a review of "The Edge of Seventeen."
113 min
#612: Top 5 Movies That Console and Restore Hop...
Recorded live at Schubas Tavern in Chicago, Adam, Josh and guest Michael Phillips share their Top 5 Movies That Console and Restore Hope.
68 min
2016 Golden Brick Preview Special
Adam and Josh break down the shortlist for Filmspotting's 2016 Golden Brick - the show's award for under-seen movie of the year.
80 min
#611: Loving / Arrival / Hacksaw Ridge
Josh and guest-host Michael Phillips review LOVING, ARRIVAL and HACKSAW RIDGE.
72 min
#610: Barry Jenkins and Naomie Harris (Moonligh...
Adam's interview with MOONLIGHT director Barry Jenkins and the film's co-star Naomie Harris. Plus, some thoughts on "Dr. Strange" and "Tower."
89 min
#609: Top 5 Childhood Movie Scares with Ti West...
Adam and Josh give the Sacred Cow treatment to 1984's "Nightmare on Elm Street" and along with special guest Ti West ("In a Valley of Violence") share their Top 5 Childhood Movie Scares.
103 min
#608: Kelly Reichardt (Certain Women) / CIFF Ro...
Adam and Josh praise Kelly Reichardt's latest "Certain Women," plus Adam's conversation with Reichardt and the Buñuel Marathon continues.
107 min
#607: Conversation with Steve James
Adam's conversation with documentary filmmakers Steve James ("Hoop Dreams," "The Interrupters") from June 2016.
54 min
#606: The Birth of a Nation / Chicago Film Fest...
Adam and Josh review the much-discussed THE BIRTH OF A NATION. Plus, a preview of the 52nd annual Chicago International Film Festival.
87 min
#605: Top 5 Denzel Performances with W. Kamau B...
Socio-political comedian W. Kamau Bell joins Adam and Josh for the Top 5 Denzel Washington Performances. Plus, a review of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.
96 min
#604: Top 5 Oliver Stone Scenes w/ Matt Zoller ...
Writer and critic Matt Zoller Seitz joins Adam and Josh to talk about his new book "The Oliver Stone Experience" and share his Top 5 Stone Scenes. Plus, a Sacred Cow review of "Born on the Fourth of July."
110 min
#603: Sully / Nordic Cinema Marathon Awards
Adam and Josh take opposing sides for a debate on Clint Eastwood's latest SULLY, starring Tom Hanks. Plus, their Nordic Cinema Marathon Awards and more.
84 min
#602: Top 5 Comedies of the 21st Century / Youn...
Adam and Josh name their Top 5 Comedies of the 21st Century and honor the late Gene Wilder with a Sacred Cow review of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.
132 min
#601: Morris From America / Southside with You ...
Adam and Josh split on Sundance hit MORRIS FROM AMERICA, plus thoughts on DON'T BREATHE, LITTLE MEN and the Obama-first-date movie SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU.
100 min
#600 w/ Chuck Klosterman: Top 5 Movies Future H...
Top 5 Movies Future Historians Will Remember w/ Chuck Klosterman.
112 min
#599: Fall Movie Preview (2016) / Hell or High ...
Adam and Josh look ahead to the fall with their Top 5 Fall Movie Questions. Plus, reviews of HELL OR HIGH WATER and KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS.
97 min
#598: Hunt for the Wilderpeople / Top 5 Directo...
Adam and guest host Tasha Robinson (The Verge, Next Picture Show) review the charming indie HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE and imagine themselves a pair of billionaire benefactors with their Top 5 Directors We'd Bankroll.
109 min
#597: Suicide Squad / Top 5 Women Comic Book Ch...
Josh and guest host Angelica Bastién find a few nice things to say about SUICIDE SQUAD and share their Top 5 Women Comic Book Characters.
72 min
#596: The Fits / Star Trek Beyond / Le Havre
Adam and Josh review Sundance hit THE FITS, plus STAR TREK BEYOND, Michel Gondry's MICROBE & GASOLINE and more. Plus, Aki Kaurismaki's LE HAVRE.
114 min
#595: Ghostbusters / James Solomon Interview (T...
Adam and Josh review GHOSTBUSTERS (2016) and Susanne Bier's 2011 Oscar-winning IN A BETTER WORLD. Plus, Adam's conversation with James Solomon, director of THE WITNESS, a doc about the infamous Kitty Genovese murder.
110 min
Abbas Kiarostami: The Filmspotting Reviews
From the archives, Filmspotting's reviews of the late Abbas Kiarostami's "Taste of Cherry" "Certified Copy" "Close Up" and "Like Someone in Love."
61 min
#594: Top 5 Films of 2016 (So Far)
Adam, Josh and the Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips share their five favorites from the first half of the year.
107 min
#593: Swiss Army Man / Kiarostami Tribute / Top...
Adam and Seattle Screen Scene's Melissa Tamminga review SWISS ARMY MAN and share their Top 5 'Body' Movies. Plus, a remembrance of the late Abbas Kiarostami.
140 min
#592: The BFG / Top 5 Children's Book Adaptations
Josh and guest host Tricia Bobeda from WBEZ's Nerdette Podcast review Spielberg's THE BFG and share their Top 5 Children's Book Adaptations.
88 min
#591: Nicolas Winding Refn and Elle Fanning / D...
A conversation with Nicolas Winding Refn ("Drive") and Elle Fanning ("Super 8"), the director and star of the new film THE NEON DEMON. Plus, a review of the new doc DE PALMA.
96 min
#590: Blindspotting - Body Double / You, The Li...
In anticipation of the new doc DE PALMA, Adam and Josh do some homework and catch up with the deranged 1984 erotic thriller BODY DOUBLE.
102 min
#589: The Royal Tenenbaums / Top 5 Non-Kids Mov...
Adam, Josh and Sam consider how THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS holds up 15 years after its release.
140 min
#588: Top 5 Movie Rivalries with Steven Hyden /...
What's the Beatles v Stones of movie rivalries? Adam and Josh propose a few answers with their Top 5 Movies Rivalries, plus a review of the latest from Terence Davies, the Scotland-set SUNSET SONG.
101 min
#587: The Lobster / Rebecca Miller / The Man Wi...
THE LOBSTER took so long to make it to theaters, Adam & Josh threatened to transform into crustaceans in protest. On this week's show, a review of the 2015 Cannes award-winner from DOGTOOTH's Yorgos Lanthimos and an interview w/director Rebecca Miller.
104 min
#586: The Nice Guys / Top 5 Films of 1987 / Las...
The buddy crime picture is a well-worn movie genre, but the right players can still make it seem fresh. Adam and Josh review Shane Black's latest, THE NICE GUYS, and relive the glory days of MANNEQUIN (and LETHAL WEAPON) with their Top 5 Films of '87.
94 min
#585: April and the Extraordinary World / Songs...
Comic artist Jacques Tardi is little known in the U.S but revered in his native France. His expressionistic, historical graphic novels are the inspiration for the new animated film APRIL & THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD, which just opened in limited release. Ada
87 min
#584: Captain America: Civil War / 2016 Summer ...
Even if you’re a comic book fan, it’s possible that you’re feeling some Marvel movie fatigue. But one of the surprising things about the dozen or so films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that two of the best films in the mega-franchise are Capta
103 min
#583: Green Room / Top 5 Single Location Films
When they finally get around to making Filmspotting: The Movie, it will be eligible for a future revisit of this week’s Top 5: Single Location Films. Maybe Adam and Josh can convince Jeremy Saulnier to direct. Call it "Beige Studio." That top 5, plus a
88 min