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Can the Magic of the Castro Theatre Survive?
After 100 years, San Francisco's beloved Castro Theatre is getting a major makeover. How will it affect the cultural landmark? Host Cecilia Lei talks to reporter Tony Bravo, events producer Marc Heustis and drag performer Peaches Christ
22 min
S.F.’s Special Election: What you need to know
Voters will determine the fate of three San Francisco Board of Education commissioners on Feb. 15, and make their picks for the city’s assessor-recorder and in a primary for its newest Assembly member. Reporters Jill Tucker and Mallory Moench have the lowdown.
19 min
How Do Vaccines Affect Long COVID?
Not a lot is known about whether vaccines prevent long COVID, a condition whose symptoms can range from shortness of breath to psychosis. But as reporter Nanette Asimov tells host Cecilia Lei, researchers are starting to learn how the shot can help prevent and lessen the disease.
12 min
COVID Evictions: Could a Law Keep California Re...
A bill to change the controversial Ellis Act is making its way through the Legislature. But for some tenants, it's already too late. Reporter Lauren Hepler joins host Dominic Fracassa to discuss what the new bill would do, where it would apply and who could still be left behind.
13 min
Lift Every Voice: Bay Area Black Elders Share T...
To honor the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Fifth & Mission offers this encore presentation of the June 18, 2021, episode. Black Bay Area leaders including Betty Reid Soskin, Harry Edwards, Rev. Amos Brown and Barbara Rodgers share stories of the past and visions for the future.
20 min
What Will Happen To Oakland's Unvaccinated Stud...
Oakland Unified School District is requiring students ages 12 and older to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Chronicle education reporter Jill Tucker discusses what's at stake or the district, as well as families choosing not to vaccinate their children
14 min
Has Policing Increased in the Tenderloin?
Last month, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a police crackdown in the Tenderloin to combat rampant drug use and crime. Chronicle reporter Megan Cassidy checked in with the mayor to see how it's going.
10 min
Tools to Manage the Pandemic: Covid Pills and S...
With the omicron variant breaking daily COVID-19 case records, reporter Catherine Ho joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss a new antiviral pill. Plus: Erin Allday on Sonoma County's new shelter-in-place recommendation.
19 min
Newsom Outlines California's 'Existential Threats'
California's governor unveils his budget proposal. Chronicle reporter Dustin Gardiner and senior political writer Joe Garofoli join host Cecilia Lei to chat about what Newsom's priorities are, and what he wants to do with a $46 billion surplus.
17 min
What "Milder" Omicron Means for the Pandemic
UCSF's Dr. Bob Wachter joins host Cecilia Lei and Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday to offer clarity during this record-breaking omicron surge, including isolation guidelines, advice for parents of kids under 5 and when the pandemic might become endemic.
25 min
Omicron at School: Sickness and Sickouts
Pandemic tension is exploding again in schools — including in San Francisco, where public campuses were down nearly 900 teachers and aides on Thursday. Chronicle reporter Jill Tucker joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about fights over masks, tests and more.
17 min
Have We Reckoned With the Jan. 6 Insurrection?
One year after the Capitol was invaded by angry Trump supporters, Chronicle reporters Tal Kopan, Joe Garofoli and Matthias Gafni join host Cecilia Lei to discuss how prosecutions are going and the growing threat to American democracy.
20 min
Why Composting Is California’s Climate Change F...
A new law requires the state to dramatically expand its composting abilities and shrink the amount of waste sent to landfills by 2025. Chronicle reporter Chase DiFeliciantonio joins host Cecilia Lei to explain why this is a climate change fight. Plus: Reporter Dustin Gardiner discusses major infrastructure problems in the state’s recycling program.
21 min
How the Omicron Surge Is Different
The highly infectious variant is already surpassing the case numbers of last winter. Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about the latest COVID-19 wave and a possible silver lining.
17 min
Is a Drought Recovery Near?
Rain and snow storms helped usher in a new year in California, but are they drought busters? Chronicle reporter Kurtis Alexander has the latest.
14 min
What Will Be the Stories to Watch in 2022?
For our last episode of 2021, hosts Cecilia Lei and Demian Bulwa ask Chronicle journalists and other notable Bay Area figures to answer the question: ‘What issue or story are you most curious about or interested in following in 2022?'
24 min
What Oakland Can (and Can't) Do About Homelessness
In a Chronicle Live virtual event in November, reporter Kevin Fagan speaks with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and housing advocates Tomiquia Moss and Chelsea Andrews about the crisis.
36 min
Immunocompromised: What It’s Like to Be the Pan...
What does it actually mean to be immunocompromised? Fifth & Mission producer Téa Francesca Price shares the pandemic experiences of those with compromised health.
17 min
Newsom's Texas Two Step on Ghost Guns
The governor is co-opting the Lone Star State's end run around the courts on abortion to target illegal homemade firearms. As reporter Dustin Gardiner tells host Demian Bulwa, Newsom sees his gambit as an attempt to use a bad tactic for something good.
15 min
Breed’s New Tone for the Tenderloin: More Police
Mayor London Breed unveiled a strategy that would significantly boost police presence in S.F.'s Tenderloin district in order to manage increased gun violence and open air drug dealing. Despite promoting alternatives to policing recently, Breed's latest plan indicates an abrupt change in tone. Chronicle reporter Trisha Thadani joins host Cecilia Lei to explain.
33 min
COVID '22: What Lies Ahead
UCSF's Dr. Bob Wachter and Dr. Monica Gandhi have turned into Twitter celebrities during the coronavirus pandemic. In this Twitter Spaces conversation, they discuss the omicron variant and how to stay safe with host Cecilia Lei and health reporter Erin Allday.
22 min
How Would You Spend a Trillion Dollars?
That's the question Bay Area communities are answering as money is distributed from the bipartisan infrastructure bill and possibly President Biden's Build Back Better bill. Political correspondent Tal Kopan talks about the projects that stand to benefit.
19 min
A Tale of Two Dickens Fairs
It's a holiday tradition that brings the flavor of Victorian London to the Cow Palace. But some participants are boycotting over what they say is the parent company's failure to make the fair safe and inclusive for all.
23 min
The Omicron Variant and a Holiday Surge
What you need to know about the emergence of the COVID-19 omicron variant in Northern California. Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday talks to host Demian Bulwa about how contagious and dangerous it is, and how well vaccinations and boosters protect against it.
17 min
Emeryville: Where Housing Gets Built
The East Bay city is on track to exceed its regional housing development goals. Chronicle reporter J.K. Dineen joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss why the city is uniquely positioned to do so, and what other cities can learn from its approach.
12 min
Are Parklets Endangered in San Francisco?
They've been a lifeline to restaurants, who were thrilled when the city made them permanent. But a slew of new rules might mean many will have to go. Bar owner Zack Schwab and Chronicle food reporter Janelle Bitker join Cecilia Lei to talk about it.
24 min
A Mother's Fight Against Fentanyl's Pull in San...
Fifth & Mission Host Demian Bulwa speaks with columnist Heather Knight and photographer Gabrielle Lurie about their story following a mother's desperate search to find her daughter in San Francisco, and get her clean from fentanyl. Laurie Steves quit her job, left her home in a Seattle suburb and moved to San Francisco with the desperate hope that she would not lose another child to drug addiction, but she had no idea how challenging that process would be.  
22 min
Supply Chain Woes: Consumers Be Aware
The Covid-19 pandemic, worker shortages and even global warming are all factors that have contributed to what is known as 'the supply chain crisis'.
19 min
Omicron in San Francisco: What You Need to Know
A resident becomes the first case of the latest COVID-19 variant in the United States. Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what the detection means for the Bay Area, how vaccines hold up against the variant and whether we should change our behavior now that omicron is here.
14 min
Bay Area Retail Theft: Oakland Cannabis Merchan...
A wave of mass retail theft and burglaries in the Bay Area has captivated national attention. Chronicle reporter Rachel Swan discusses what’s been happening in Oakland, and how cannabis thefts in the city highlight how leaders are responding.
16 min
The Omicron Variant: Here We Go Again?
Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss what experts are saying about the latest coronavirus variant. Plus: Reporter Kellie Hwang shares what some of those experts in the Bay Area say about staying safe over the holidays.
20 min
Your Bay Area Transportation Questions Answered
Reporter Ricardo Cano joins Muni enthusiast and guest host Heather Knight to answer listener and reader questions about transit, safe streets, car-free JFK Drive and more.
15 min
Why Is San Francisco Shutting Down its Homeless...
Since last spring, San Francisco has moved thousands of unhoused residents into hotel rooms as emergency shelter during the pandemic. The program, Project RoomKey, is federally funded and the Biden Administration has extended its full funding through April 1, 2022. But San Francisco has been closing the shelter-in-place hotels for months, despite protests from homeless advocates. Producer Caron Creighton explains why.
13 min
Who Should Be Getting Boosters?
Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday joins host Demian Bulwa to talk COVID-19 boosters: Who should be getting them and why is California being aggressive with them? Plus: Can we expect a winter surge?
14 min
Civics, Charity and Sexual Violence
Did a civic and charitable group enable former Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli? Chronicle reporters lay out a new investigation finding years of problems at an organization that helped launch careers for numerous politicians.
14 min
Can a Supervised Drug Use Site Help Curb the Ov...
Mayor Breed is pushing for San Francisco to acquire a building to use as a site where people can use drugs under medical supervision. Plus: Data reporter Yoohyun Jung talks about The Chronicle's new Overdose Tracker.
19 min
Breaking: Jackie Speier Talks About Her Retirement
On this episode of the It's All Political podcast, Rep. Jackie Speier talks with The Chronicle's Joe Garofoli, Tal Kopan and Kevin Fagan shortly after announcing that she won't run for reelection in 2022. Speier has represented San Mateo County and part of San Francisco for decades and has been in Congress since 2008.
22 min
Oakland Homeless Experiment: Cash Subsidies
Mayor Libby Schaaf is announcing a program Tuesday that will give 200 struggling households about $700 a month with no strings attached. Chronicle reporter Sarah Ravani joins host Cecilia Lei to explain how it may help the city's homelessness crisis.
11 min
Why Some Bay Area Homes Still Have Racist Deeds
The 1968 Fair Housing Act outlawed discriminatory housing covenants, but remnants of redlining provisions linger on housing deeds today. Chronicle reporter Lauren Hepler tells the story of Ladera, a Peninsula community that took them on.
15 min
Lobbyists Got Millions in Improper PPP Loans
Reporter Alexei Koseff joins host Dominic Fracassa to talk about his investigation showing that some state lobbying firms improperly received pandemic-relief loans they weren't eligible for.
15 min
Vaccine Mandates: Effective or Inconsistent?
Reporters Rachel Swan and Jill Tucker join Cecilia Lei to talk about how city and state vaccine mandates are going with the San Francisco Police Department and California's schools.
18 min
COVID Case Spikes and Mental Health Eligibility...
Here's why California is seeing an uptick in active COVID cases and hospitalizations. Will expanded eligibility for booster shots help?
14 min
San Francisco Reckons With Its Anti-Chinese His...
Reporter Shwanika Narayan joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about a proposed Board of Supervisors resolution apologizing to the Chinese community, and advocates Dennis Wu and Drew Min share what the resolution symbolizes.
24 min
After Stevenson: The Politics of S.F. Housing C...
Heather Knight and Joe Garofoli join Cecilia Lei to talk about the latest gut check over how San Francisco addresses housing issues, and the implications the controversy is creating in races for statewide office.
18 min
How Chesa Boudin Charges Crimes
Susie Neilson breaks down exclusive figures showing how the San Francisco district attorney is charging people for crimes. Also: Rachel Swan discusses a bike theft that raises questions about how the criminal justice system and residents should respond.
16 min
Can Dave Chappelle Redeem Himself?
Comedian Dave Chappelle is opening his latest tour in S.F. amid a heated cultural debate. Chronicle culture critic Tony Bravo and Aria Sa’id, the executive director of San Francisco’s Transgender District, join host Cecilia Lei to discuss the controversy.
19 min
Oakland’s Homeless Sons and Daughters
Reporters Kevin Fagan and Sarah Ravani and photographer Gabrielle Lurie join host Cecilia Lei to talk about the 2021 Chronicle Homeless Project, which focuses on four Oaklanders who once owned their own homes but are now unhoused.
29 min
San Francisco's Deportation "Conveyor Belt"
Immigrants are being deported "in absentia" because they don't show up for court hearings they never received notice about. It's legal, but reporter Deepa Fernandes tells host Demian Bulwa that advocates call it a "deportation conveyor belt."
15 min
Why Did San Francisco Reject 500 New Housing Un...
Reporter J.K. Dineen joins host Cecilia Lei to explain why the Board of Supervisors voted down a market-rate residential complex in SoMa. The controversy involves some S.F. standbys: Housing, gentrification and bare-knuckle politics.
16 min
3 Sierra Towns Changed by Fire
Wildfires have ravaged communities throughout the Sierra. Now, their residents are facing difficult decisions, including whether and how to rebuild and how to stay safe. Reporter J.D. Morris joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about three of them.
24 min
Gov. Newsom Gets a Booster — Should You?
Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday joins host Demian Bulwa to discuss booster shots, children's vaccinations and more.
15 min
TikTok and Billboards: Public Schools Turn to M...
Public schools in the Bay Area, and across the country, are hiring marketing firms to boost their enrollment numbers, which have declined and resulted in lost revenue in recent years. Marketing strategies have included TikTok accounts, Pandora ads, and other creative strategies. Chronicle education reporter Jill Tucker joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss how the education system became a competitive marketplace — one that is particularly challenging for public schools.
14 min
Palo Alto’s 2-Year Battle Over 4 Homeless Parki...
Chronicle reporter Lauren Hepler joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about the two-year battle the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto had to take on to offer four parking spaces in the city.
15 min
Chesa Boudin: A Former Assistant D.A. Speaks Out
City Hall columnist Heather Knight joins Demian Bulwa to talk about her interview with Brooke Jenkins, one of the 50-plus attorneys and other staff who have left the San Francisco district attorney's office since the beleaguered D.A. took over.
14 min
Midnight for Democracy With Adam Schiff
The California congressman and author of the new bestseller "Midnight in Washington" talks to Joe Garofoli about the Jan. 6 insurrection hearings, the Trump administration, and the ongoing crisis for democracy.
21 min
Conservatorships: Could One Have Saved This Life?
While the Britney Spears case is the most famous, conservatorships can be an important tool for helping people who can't care for themselves. Reporter Mallory Moench talks to Demian Bulwa about a San Francisco case that ended in tragedy.
16 min
Rain Is Here! We Need It! (But Not Too Much)
In the midst of drought, a potential "atmospheric river" in the forecast may cause mudslides, but may not be enough to put an end to fire season or the need to conserve water. Reporters Jessica Flores and Tara Duggan have details.
12 min
Just How Bad Is Shoplifting in San Francisco?
Reporters Shwanika Narayan and Susie Neilson join host Demian Bulwa to talk about the Chronicle's finding that San Francisco crime statistics don't support Walgreens' claim that it's closing five stores in the city because of a spike in thefts.
15 min
How Will Redistricting Change California?
The state is entering the home stretch for drawing new maps for congressional and legislative seats based on 2020 Census data. Washington correspondent Tal Kopan joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about the key dynamics at play.
16 min
Is School Desegregation in Sausalito Marin City...
After years of funding discrepancies and generations of racial division, the Marin County district was ordered by the California attorney general to desegregate. Cecilai Lei reports on the district's progress now that it's merged its two schools.
24 min
California Reckons with Reparations
A state task force is meeting this week to recommend a reparations plan to the Legislature. Tammerlin Drummond of the ACLU of Northern California and reporter Dustin Gardiner talk to host Demian Bulwa about the hurdles and what's at stake.
19 min
Family Homelessness: One Bay Area County's Plan
Santa Clara County is home to Silicon Valley giants — and enduring poverty and homelessness. Now, as Lauren Hepler reports, officials want to house more than a thousand homeless families, and they’ve given themselves a year to do it.
15 min
California's Newest Laws: What's Coming
Chronicle reporter Dustin Gardiner joins host Cecilia Lei to chat about the 770 new laws Gov. Newson has signed this legislative session, from banning new gas-powered leaf blowers and "stealthing" to requiring gender-neutral children's sections in large stores.
19 min
Can PG&E Stop Causing Fires?
The utility's hope is to bury 10,000 miles of power lines underground. But what will this and other projects cost customers, and will it restore the company's tarnished reputation? Reporter J.D. Morris joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about the plan.
16 min
Giants-Dodgers in the Playoffs: This Is Big
Baseball writer John Shea calls it the sport's greatest rivalry — with apologies to the Yankees and Red Sox. He and Susan Slusser join Cecilia Lei to talk about the Giants' incredible season and what could be a classic postseason series.
17 min
Mask Fatigue and Vaccine Mandates
Public health officials are set to establish new rules for when, where and how we can begin to uncover our faces. Meanwhile, a rush of San Francisco workers get the jab, proving that vax mandates work. Health reporter Erin Allday on two pandemic storylines.
17 min
The Financial Crisis of S.F. Schools: The State...
After 18 months of upheaval and school board controversies, the latest blow to the San Francisco Unified School District is its massive $116 million shortfall. The financial situation is so dire that the state is stepping in to help the district figure out how to cut 13% of its annual budget, or else risk a total state takeover of the district. Chronicle reporter Jill Tucker joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss how the district arrived here, and what it may mean for students.
14 min
Why the Warriors' Andrew Wiggins Controversy Wa...
The forward initially refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine but reversed his stance Sunday. The drama around him missed the real issue, says Chronicle columnist Justin Phillips: Access to health care and information in the Black community.
18 min
Is the Counterculture Legacy of Berkeley's Peop...
Last week, the University of California approved a $312 million plan to develop student housing at People's Park, which has been the site of activism since the 1960's, and a safe haven for unhoused residents to camp. Producer Caron Creighton reports from Berkeley to understand how the university's new housing plan may affect the legacy of the historic park and displace its community members.
13 min
Breaking: COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Californ...
Gov. Gavin Newsom announces a first-in-the-nation order — which will go into effect when vaccines get full authorization from the FDA. Reporter Alexei Koseff joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about the order and what it means.
10 min
Last Pandemic Gasp in the Bay Area?
With vaccinations rising and shots for young children coming soon, the Bay Area is a very different place than it was a year ago. But what does that mean as we enter the holiday season?
15 min
San Francisco's Big Power Shift
City Hall reporters Trisha Thadani and Mallory Moench join host Demian Bulwa to discuss a game of musical political chairs as Mayor Breed names David Chiu city attorney to replace Dennis Herrera, and a crowd forms to try to claim Chiu's Assembly seat.
11 min
The El Farolito Saga: Why a Beloved Taqueria Ca...
San Franciscans rejoiced when El Farolito announced its new North Beach location but the beloved Mission taqueria's plans were halted because of the city's "formula retail" laws, which consider El Farolito to be a chain. Business reporter Shwanika Narayan joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss the city's ban on chains and whether the laws are actually hurting, rather than helping, local and fast-growing small businesses. Total SF podcast hosts Peter Hartlaub and Heather Knight also weigh in on the debate.
15 min
‘Pandemic Within a Pandemic’: San Francisco Bat...
The deadly opioid has overtaken the city's drug supply and is responsible for soaring overdose deaths. City Hall reporter Trisha Thadani joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss San Francisco's new Street Overdose Response Team.
16 min
Green Card Backlog Leaves Silicon Valley Worker...
The U.S. is allowing more than 80,000 visas to vanish at the end of September, despite more than a million skilled immigrants who have been waiting — sometimes as long as decades — for their green cards. Deepa Fernandes reports.
18 min
How Texas Women are Coping After the Abortion Ban
It's been three weeks since Texas passed the most restrictive abortion law in the country. Since then, women have been fleeing to other states to obtain the procedure, including in one Oklahoma clinic that Chronicle photographer Gabrielle Lurie has been shadowing. She chats with host Cecilia Lei about the Texas women she met with, and how they've navigated the abortion ban since it went into effect.
17 min
San Francisco's Answer to Retail Theft
Mayor London Breed and Police Chief Bill Scott have unveiled a multi-pronged approach to combat robberies in the city. Chronicle reporter Megan Cassidy joins host Cecilia Lei to explain the new strategy.
12 min
Corrected: Where We're Going, There Are No Cars...
Republished to fix an editing error: Columnist Heather Knight joins host Demian Bulwa with exclusive news: San Francisco leaders may be on a path toward removing cars permanently from John F. Kennedy Drive through Golden Gate Park. Other roadways are also being discussed.
17 min
Where We're Going, There Are No Cars — Maybe?
Columnist Heather Knight joins host Demian Bulwa with exclusive news: San Francisco leaders may be on a path toward removing cars permanently from John F. Kennedy Drive through Golden Gate Park. Other roadways are also being discussed.
17 min
Maskless Mayor Breed: The Story Behind the Vira...
Chronicle senior A&E editor Mariecar Mendoza talks to host Cecilia Lei about inadvertently capturing video of London Breed breaking her own mask mandate at a Tony! Toni! Toné! reunion show, and Heather Knight chats about the political consequences.
19 min
Oakland Chinatown Deliberates: More Police or L...
Violent attacks have left some residents demanding increased police presence. But others say it sends the wrong message about the actual public safety needs of Chinatown, and that it pits the Asian community against other communities of color.
20 min
Bay Area Schools Weighing Vax Mandates
Two of the Bay Area's biggest public school districts will decide next week whether to require COVID-19 vaccinations for all staffers and students 12 or older. Demian Bulwa talks to reporter Rachel Swan and law professor Dorit Reiss about vax mandates.
19 min
Booster Shots, the Mu Variant and You
After 19 months of the pandemic, many of us feel like COVID-19 experts but still have plenty of questions about what we should be doing. Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about the latest coronavirus updates.
16 min
What Can Gavin Newsom Do With His Big Recall Win?
"We said yes to pluralism," the governor said after Californians voted overwhelmingly to let him finish his term. Chronicle reporters Joe Garofoli, Dustin Gardiner and Alexei Koseff join host Demian Bulwa to talk about what's next.
22 min
Election Day: Will Newsom Survive the Recall?
After over a year of pandemic upheaval and partisan rage, Californians will finally decide whether Gov. Gavin Newsom will remain in office. Reporter Alexei Kosseff joins host Cecilia Lei to chat about what to expect as election results roll in.
15 min
$50 Million Lawsuit Over a Parking Ticket
Two Bay Area residents have filed class-action lawsuits against the century-old practice of chalking tires as a form of parking enforcement. One claims chalking is an unconstitutional search. Reporter Rachel Swan says the courts are listening.
13 min
Simu Liu: Why "Shang-Chi" Is the Superhero Asia...
After over a year of escalated racism, turmoil and violent attacks on elders, the Asian American community got its first Marvel superhero in the film "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings." Star Simu Liu joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about action and identity.
16 min
How 9/11 Launched a Muslim Civil Rights Movement
Chronicle reporter Deepa Fernandes shares the story of two Bay Area Muslim women who came of age in the aftermath of 9/11 and how they supported their community’s resilience against oppression.
16 min
How to Keep Your Kids Safe at School
With the Delta variant booming, cases of COVID-19 are rising faster among children than among people over 50. Reporter Aidin Vaziri has spoken with a variety of public health experts and he tells host Cecilia Lei their best advice for keeping kids safe.
13 min
One Bay Area Family's Escape From Afghanistan
The Sultani family of Milpitas, who've been living in California since 2017, were visiting relatives in Kabul this summer when the Taliban seized power. Reporter Deepa Fernandes talks to Demian Bulwa about their struggle to get home.
20 min
TotalSF: Meet the Angriest Letter-Writer in San...
On this episode of the TotalSF podcast, hosts Peter Hartlaub and Heather Knight talk to former Supervisor, state senator and judge Quentin Kopp, who's still going strong at 93 and writing angry letters — including to Hartlaub and Knight.
36 min
Texas Abortion Ban: What’s at Stake for Califor...
A new law in Texas outlaws abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. How will that affect California?
20 min
It’s All Political: Good News for Gavin Newsom?
As voters are deciding whether to keep or dump Gov. Newsom, a new poll makes the recall look like a longshot. Today’s Fifth & Mission episode features a portion of the It’s All Political podcast, hosted by senior political writer Joe Garofoli.
16 min
"I Can't Imagine Living Anywhere Else": Tahoe E...
Host Cecilia Lei checks in with evacuees who share what it's been like to leave their houses behind in the Caldor Fire, what the Tahoe community means to them and how they're coping with the uncertainty they face in the days ahead.
16 min
Lake Tahoe Evacuation: Caldor Fire Threat Grows
Chronicle photographer Carlos Avila Gonzalez joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss what he's witnessing on the front lines, and Bay Area native Katie MacBride talks about what it's like to potentially lose a cabin that's been in her family for generations.
18 min
Not In Your Side Yard: A San Francisco Housing ...
In a small but telling flare-up of the housing wars, a Corona Heights homeowner wanted to add units, including affordable ones, on his spacious corner lot. Neighbors objected, zoning laws stood in his way, and pro-housing politicians balked at stepping in.
16 min
Wildfires Are Different This Year
California's blazes are bigger and hotter, and they're jumping highways and mountains. Reporter Julie Johnson joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about how this season compares to previous years and what firefighters will have to face in the months ahead.
12 min
The COVID Crisis in Rural Hospitals
Chronicle reporter Shwanika Narayan tells host Demian Bulwa how bad the Delta surge is getting in Northern California's rural counties, and Dr. Stephanie Dittmer, a physician in Humboldt County, describes being right in the middle of it.
22 min
Prop. 22 Ruling Not a Quick Fix for Gig Workers
An Alameda County Superior Court judge striking down the measure is a win for Uber and Lyft drivers and others, but reporter Carolyn Said tells host Cecilia Lei that there are more legal battles ahead before companies must classify them as employees.
12 min
Why Is It Taking PG&E Years to Pay Fire Victims?
The utility has been linked to some of California's most destructive and deadliest wildfires, and fire victims have had to wait for compensation — none longer than survivors of the 2015 Butte Fire. Reporter J.D. Morris joins host Cecilia Lei to explain.
15 min