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Monkeypox: What You Need to Know
With a likely case detected near Sacramento, is it time to worry about this virus in the smallpox family? Health reporter Erin Allday joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about monkeypox, and about why the CDC is advising caution for gay and bixexual men.
14 min
Why SFPD and Mayor Breed Won't March in Pride
Mayor London Breed has joined cops in saying she'll skip the parade after SF Pride banned police uniforms, saying they make some community members feel unsafe. Suzanne Ford of SF Pride and officer Kathryn Winters join host Cecilia Lei to present their sides.
26 min
Squaring Up Against a Racist Massacre
Chronicle columnist Justin Phillips and Oakland activist Cat Brooks join host Demian Bulwa to talk about the racist "replacement" conspiracy theory that motivated the white supremacist mass killing in Buffalo last week.
21 min
Program That Keeps Teens Out of Jail Has Low En...
The Make It Right program, one of San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin's alternatives to incarceration, has proved effective at keeping juveniles out of jail. Reporter Joshua Sharpe joins Cecilia Lei to talk about why enrollment in the program is low. Plus: The dad of a troubled teen talks about how the program helped his daughter.
21 min
What's Next for Key California Politicians?
New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, authors of "This Will Not Pass," a bestseller that recounts the 2020 election and the political breaking point the country is approaching, talk about the near future with It's All Political on Fifth and Mission host Joe Garofoli.
34 min
What the Food Industry Faces Now
Bay Area restaurants are still facing staffing shortages, supply chain issues and Covid-19 infections.
13 min
The Latest Bay Area Homeless Count Might Surpri...
New data in six Bay Area counties includes some unexpected results, like a drop in San Francisco's homeless population. But there's also plenty of data that's not surprising at all. Reporters Sarah Ravani and J.D. Morris join host Cecilia Lei to talk about the uneven results across the region.
15 min
Why Vaccine Bills are Dying in the California L...
California once drew a hard line around potential vaccine mandates in places like schools, but now there's been a dramatic shift in tone as vaccine bills are being shelved or delayed in Sacramento.
15 min
How New COVID Treatments are Changing the Pandemic
Chronicle health reporter Catherine Ho joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about how anti-viral pills like Paxlovid are providing peace of mind. Plus, data reporter Susie Neilson discusses why San Francisco's wealthy neighborhoods may be hit hardest by the next surge.
19 min
East Bay Abortion Provider on a Post-Roe v. Wad...
Dr. Rebecca Taub, who travels to provide care to people who live in states where abortion protections aren't available, talks with host Cecilia Lei about what a world without Roe v. Wade will look like. It's a world she's already seen.
22 min
Does Chesa Boudin's Controversial Diversion Str...
The San Francisco DA's focus on diversion programs has become a focus of the recall campaign as opponents say the policy has made the city more dangerous. Reporters Susie Neilson and Joshua Sharpe join host Cecilia Lei to examine that claim.
17 min
SFPD Spokesman Is San Francisco's Newest Superv...
Mayor London Breed has tapped Matt Dorsey to represent District Six. He was sworn in Monday. Chronicle reporter Rachel Swan tells host Dominic Fracassa that the appointment signals the mayor doubling down on her new tough-on-crime image.
9 min
The Pandemic Wild Card: Long COVID
As coronavirus cases tick up in the Bay Area, most illnesses will be mild. But reporter Nanette Asimov has the story of the region's many long COVID patients, who've struggled with pain, fatigue and other symptoms of a mysterious disease.
15 min
Can Supervisor Dean Preston Fix the Tenderloin?
The neighborhood at the center of San Francisco's thorniest debates has a new city supervisor. It's Dean Preston, the staunch progressive, who takes over after a divisive redistricting process. Chronicle reporter J.D. Morris joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about the challenges Preston faces.
15 min
Why Selling Your Home for Half Its Value Might ...
Retired preschool teacher Bobbi Loeb decided to sell her Point Reyes home to a land trust for $550,000 — only about half its $1M value.
14 min
If Roe vs. Wade is Overturned, Is California Re...
With Roe vs. Wade in jeopardy, here’s how California is seeking to protect abortion access in the state
15 min
Why California's Revenge Porn Law Isn't Enough
Prosecution of the state's 2013 law has been uneven. Chronicle reporter Tal Kopan joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what was revealed during a Chronicle review of the state law, and how an effort to make revenge porn a federal crime could strengthen it.
16 min
New York Has a "Better Answer" For Drug Addiction
New York was the first city in the country to open supervised consumption sites for people using drugs. Chronicle columnist Heather Knight and photographer Gabrielle Lurie traveled there to see how the facilities operate.
23 min
What Would You Do With an Extra $68 Billion?
That's the question Gov. Gavin Newsom and California legislators have to answer after Senate Democrats announced their estimate that the state’s budget surplus has more than doubled to that amount. Reporters Sophia Bollag and Dustin Gardiner join host Cecilia Lei with details.
14 min
Bay Area Cases Up Even as Pandemic Recedes
People all over the Bay Area are getting COVID again at increasing rates, but as Dr. Anthony Fauci says that America is "out of the pandemic phase," far fewer people are getting seriously ill or dying. Reporter Erin Allday talks to host Demian Bulwa about what to make of it all.
19 min
"Nurses Need to Be Supported"
Stanford ICU nurse Brittaney West joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about why nurses throughout the Bay Area are staging job actions and preparing to strike if they don't get what they say they need from the hospitals they work for.
12 min
San Francisco SROs: A Housing Crisis Hidden fro...
San Francisco has long depended on single room occupancy units, or SROs, to house its most vulnerable populations. A year-long investigation by Chronicle reporters Joaquin Palomino and Trisha Thadani reveals that many of these buildings are unsanitary and unsafe.
31 min
A Teacher, a Cotton Prop, and a Lesson on Slavery
When a San Francisco teacher recently handed students cotton plants in a lesson about the hardship of slavery, it ignited immediate controversy at the school. There was an investigation, a debate among parents and an apology.
20 min
How an Ugly Incident Led to Police Reform in Ti...
Chronicle reporter Joshua Sharpe joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss how a Black couple leveraged a viral moment when police insisted they prove they owned their own store. Two years later, they've led the effort to implement police reform in the wealthy coastal town.
13 min
What Matt Haney's Win Means for San Francisco H...
The San Francisco supervisor defeated David Campos by positioning himself as the pro-housing candidate for the state Assembly seat. Chronicle reporter Dustin Gardiner joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss why Haney's win is a coup for YIMBYs.
15 min
No Masks on Planes? Dr. Bob Wachter Weighs In
Bay Area transit agencies are scrambling to figure out their mask requirements now that the federal mandate for travel has been lifted. UCSF's Department of Medicine chair shares how he's thinking about masking, and when he thinks you should wear one.
15 min
S.F. Man Wins Freedom After Three Decades
San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin's Innocence Commission has exonerated its first person. Joaquin Ciria has been behind bars for more than 30 years. Chronicle reporter Joshua Sharpe joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about the case and what it means.
14 min
Has Mayor Breed's "Tough Love" Approach to the ...
After Mayor London Breed declared a state of emergency in the Tenderloin and pledged to bring in more police, critics feared she was criminalizing drug users. Months later, Breed maintains her position.
17 min
Understanding San Francisco's Redistricting Mess
The task force tasked with drawing the city's new supervisor districts has missed its deadline, and it's not clear how the process — marked by protests and outbursts at public meetings — will play out.
19 min
Is Dianne Feinstein Mentally Fit to Serve?
Five members of Congress — including four Democrats — have told The Chronicle that they're concerned that the 88-year-old's memory is rapidly deteriorating, and that it appears she can no longer represent the state without her staff doing much of the work.
23 min
What an Oklahoma Abortion Ban Means for California
Republicans across the country are moving to restrict abortions in their states, including in Oklahoma where a near-total ban on abortion was signed on Tuesday.
19 min
California Public Schools Face Enrollment Decli...
Shrinking populations mean school districts are facing long-term financial instability. Chronicle reporter Jill Tucker joins host Cecilia Lei to explain what's causing the enrollment declines and how the state might help.
15 min
Why Scientists Want the 'Holy Grail' of COVID-1...
Covid-19 vaccines and boosters have allowed many people to return to their pre-pandemic activities, but they still don't appear to provide long-lasting protection against Covid infections.
13 min
Fentanyl Test Kits: Now Available In Local Bars
Bay Area residents are being confronted by fentanyl in places you might not expect. A local organization is making fentanyl test kits available in bar bathrooms, just one element of a larger harm reduction strategy fighting the fentanyl crisis.
14 min
What Went Wrong at John Muir Health?
In 2012, John Muir Health formed a multimillion dollar partnership with Stanford to boost its pediatric program and operations. The deaths of the hospital’s pediatric patients, including 2-year-old Ailee Jong, have raised questions about John Muir’s ability to perform complex procedures.
28 min
How Will We Respond to Another Mass Shooting?
After an exchange of gunfire on a crowded Sacramento street killed six people and wounded 12 more, Democratic politicians and others are again calling for gun control. Will there be meaningful change?
12 min
Cleve Jones: Facing Eviction and the Death of t...
Activist Cleve Jones has lived in the Castro for five decades but now he faces eviction after a wealthy new landlord bought his building and more than doubled his rent.
18 min
The Crisis Inside California Fast Food Restaurants
Employees at California fast food restaurants are confronting sometimes volatile situations at work without protection or training, according to a study that reviewed 911 calls at eateries in nine cities.
13 min
California Extends Eviction Protections Again -...
California lawmakers approved an emergency bill to extend eviction protections that were set to expire on March 31st. 11th hour politics have provided temporary relief for tenants and landlords, but there's no permanent solution in sight.
14 min
Laguna Honda Hospital Is In Crisis — Again
Federal officials have threatened to withhold critical funding that could mean the San Francisco hospital will have to close. As reporter Rachel Swan tells Dominic Fracassa, the crisis follows two patient overdoses last year that triggered a widespread investigation.
14 min
The Drought and Wildfires: Are We Prepared For ...
As California's historic drought persists, Chronicle reporter Kurtis Alexander joins host Cecilia Lei to give an update on water conservation efforts and whether the state is prepared for the upcoming wildfire season.
15 min
COVID: Oops, I Got It Again
Many Bay Area residents have been reinfected with COVID-19. The virus isn't going away, but health reporter Erin Allday tells host Demian Bulwa that the good news is that both vaccinations and infections can build protection for the future.
15 min
Soleil Ho is More Than a Food Critic
Award-winning Chronicle restaurant critic Soleil Ho joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about the Season 3 launch of the Extra Spicy podcast. Ho reflects on how the pandemic has changed the food industry and using food to explore larger social issues.
18 min
Why Were Toxic Releases Kept Secret at a Bay Ar...
Residents of nearby cities are angry after finding out that the Valero refinery in Benicia was releasing chemicals at levels hundreds of times higher than the legal limit for years, and government regulators knew about it. Julie Johnson has the story.
11 min
Californians Could Get Some Relief at the Gas Pump
Gov. Gavin Newsom has unveiled a gas tax rebate plan that would put money back into the pockets of car owners and incentivize mass transit services. Reporter Dustin Gardiner joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about the governor's proposal.
13 min
Is an End in Sight for Golden Gate Bridge Suici...
After years of delays and opposition, a suicide prevention system is nearing completion on the bridge. Chronicle reporter Rachel Swan joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what the project means to victims’ families and the lessons learned by people on the front lines of bridge rescues.
17 min
Can a Shelter Mandate Fix San Francisco's Streets?
Supervisor Rafael Mandelman joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about his proposal to force the city to offer shelter to all unhoused people, and Chronicle reporter Mallory Moench explains the potential costs and concerns of his plan.
17 min
One More Problem in the Tenderloin: A Rooster
For months, a rooster living in a Tenderloin yard has been terrorizing the neighborhood with its all-day crowing. Longtime resident Adriel Lively wanted to do something about it, but she only found dead ends.
13 min
Bay Area Asian American Women Turn "Pain into P...
On March 16, 2021, a white gunman killed 8 people in Atlanta spas — including 6 Asian women. One year later, 4 Asian women in the Bay Area reflect on the tragedy, and how it's changed their ideas around work, personal safety and community.
16 min
Tenderloin Emergency Ends: What's Changed and W...
An epidemic of fatal drug overdoses prompted San Francisco Mayor London Breed to declare an emergency in the hard-hit Tenderloin neighborhood. But as the 90-day order ends Thursday, have things gotten any better? Reporter Susie Neilson joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about it.
16 min
Pandemic Artifacts: What We Want to Remember
A moldy apple. A jar of used masks. A small bottle of vodka. Reporter Annie Vainshtein tells the stories of artifacts Bay Area residents have held onto as tokens of the COVID-19 pandemic, reminders of how they — and the world — have changed.
17 min
What the Kids Think About the End of School Mas...
Host Cecilia Lei and Chronicle reporter Annie Vainshtein visit San Francisco's Hoover Middle School and talk to students about how it feels to be allowed to go maskless for the first time since the start of the pandemic — something few of them did.
10 min
An Admissions Freeze and a Housing War in Berkeley
As lawmakers scramble to reverse a court-ordered enrollment freeze at UC Berkeley, the debate is igniting the housing wars. The school and its neighbors are sparring over who is responsible for a central problem.
13 min
The Family By the Bridge: The Story Behind a Tr...
Reporter Carolyn Said and SE Ranking spokeswoman Ksenia Khirvonina share details of the life of Tatiana Perebeinis, the Ukrainian woman who was killed with her children by a Russian mortar. Their photo in the New York Times captured the world's attention.
25 min
Mayor Breed Says COVID Is Over, "San Francisco ...
In her first state of the city address to a live audience since the start of the pandemic, the mayor strikes an optimistic tone. Host Cecilia Lei talks to City Hall reporter Mallory Moench about the mayor's plans, and to health reporter Erin Allday about whether we really are past COVID-19.
22 min
The Zelenskyy Zoom Call: How Ukraine Affects th...
Rep. John Garamendi, who represents a district between San Francisco and Sacramento, talks to Joe Garofoli about Saturday's congressional Zoom call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
21 min
S.F. Steps Closer to a Permanently Car-Free JFK...
The Recreation and Parks department has released a report advising that the Golden Gate Park roadway remain closed to vehicles permanently. Now the matter goes to the Board of Supervisors. Ricardo Cano and Heather Knight join Cecilia Lei to talk about it.
19 min
Which Black Californians Should Get Reparations?
California's reparations task force is exploring compensating Black Americans for slavery, but the group is split over whether people should have to prove they're descended from enslaved people to qualify.
16 min
Newts Crossing: A Bay Area Biodiversity Crisis
Chronicle reporter reporter Tara Duggan joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss efforts by two Bay Area volunteer groups on a mission to save newts from wholesale road deaths, and why protecting these little salamanders is important for the environment.
17 min
Life After a Terrorism Conviction — a Wrongful One
Hamid Hayat, a California native of Pakistani descent, was wrongly convicted of being part of a terrorist sleeper cell after 9/11 and spent 14 years in "Little Gitmo" and other prisons. Jason Fagone tells host Demian Bulwa about being the first reporter Hayat's told his story to.
22 min
San Francisco Drug Crisis: Is It Time for an Ab...
Reporter Kevin Fagan joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about the city moving away from its decades-long emphasis on harm reduction in dealing with the drug crisis. That change is reflected in a new coalition called the Urban Vision Alliance.
16 min
The Fight for Ukraine: From Berkeley and Abroad
Maksym Zubkov was working on his PhD at UC Berkeley when Russia invaded his native Ukraine. He talks to host Cecilia Lei about what it's like to watch the war from the Bay Area. Plus: Four Ukrainians share what they're witnessing in their homeland.
24 min
Falling COVID Cases Change the Rules
Health reporter Erin Allday talks to host Demian Bulwa about the changes coming to the Bay Area as omicron fades. Also, reporter Chase DeFiliciantonio on San Francisco's push to get office workers back downtown.
14 min
Russia's Invasion of Ukraine: "We're Way Past a...
UC Berkeley political science professor M. Steven Fish joins host Cecilia Lei to explain why there are larger consequences for all Americans, what Putin’s motives are and how he might be stopped.
15 min
California Ready to Ditch School Mask Mandates
The fight is heating up as parents, teachers unions, district officials and public health experts all have different ideas about the best way forward. Education reporter Jill Tucker joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about the different views between and within districts.
16 min
Corrected: UC Berkeley vs. Its Neighbors in a H...
The California Supreme Court will decide whether the school will have to slash admissions after nearby residents leveraged an environmental law to try to stop campus expansion projects. Reporters reporters Dustin Gardiner and Nanette Asimov explain the drama. (Republished to fix an editing error.)
17 min
UC Berkeley vs. Its Neighbors in a Housing Fight
The California Supreme Court will decide whether the school will have to slash admissions after nearby residents leveraged an environmental law to try to stop campus expansion projects. Reporters reporters Dustin Gardiner and Nanette Asimov explain the drama.
17 min
Asian Americans' Complicated Political Power in...
The school board recall spotlighted how Asian Americans are flexing their political muscle, especially Chinese voters. Chronicle reporter Roland Li and activist Gaynorann Siataga talk about it with host Cecilia Lei.
19 min
Extra Spicy: How Chuck E. Cheese Teaches Immigr...
As Season 3 of the Chronicle's food podcast approaches, we want to share one of our favorite episodes. Writer Liana Aghajanian talks about the role places like Chuck E. Cheese, Sizzler and IKEA play in the immigrant experience.
34 min
80 Years After Forced Relocation: A Japanese Fa...
A little boy smiles in the center of a photo of a Japanese American family as it's forced to leave San Francisco under Executive Order 9066. That boy grew up to be a judge. His son grew up to be San Francisco Sheriff Paul Miyamoto. Peter Hartlaub traces the family's history.
19 min
Oakland A's Ballpark Faces a Crucial Vote
The City Council will vote on whether to approve an environmental review of the $12 billion Howard Terminal project Thursday night. Reporter Sarah Ravani talks to host Cecilia Lei about what happens if the review passes — and if it doesn't.
13 min
Recall Landslide: 3 San Francisco School Board ...
Voters overwhelmingly recall board President Gabriela López and members Alison Collins and Faauuga Moliga. Reporters Joe Garofoli and Jill Tucker and host Demian Bulwa talk about the surprisingly decisive result and what it means for the attempt to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin.
15 min
Chesa Boudin Accuses SFPD of Mishandling Rape K...
The D.A. says his office has learned that a woman was connected to a property crime via evidence from a years-old rape examination. SFPD Chief Bill Scott says if an investigation confirms the allegation, "I’m committed to ending the practice.” Reporter Megan Cassidy has details.
9 min
Can Oakland Cut Murders — Again?
The annual homicide rate has jumped in the last five years. Reporter Raheem Hosseini talks to host Demian Bulwa about how the city is trying to rebuild its successful Ceasefire program, which the pandemic crippled. Note: This episode published in error Saturday.
16 min
San Francisco Crime Trends: The Data Reveals Wh...
Sensational news headlines don't tell the whole story. Data reporting can help. Chronicle reporter Susie Neilson joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about why digging into data is a critical component of understanding trends in the city.
16 min
Bay Area Suburbs: The New Eviction Battleground...
COVID eviction battles are moving to Bay Area suburbs, which don't have the same tenant protections as urban centers like San Francisco and Oakland. Who will be affected most?
23 min
Mask On, Mask Off: Will Mandates Come and Go Fo...
The state has announced that its indoor mask mandate will end on Feb. 16. Health reporter Erin Allday chats with host Cecilia Lei about how the latest in a long line of recalculations was made on the heels of the omicron surge, and how the Bay Area is approaching its own local directives.
14 min
Will Oakland Vote to Close 16 Schools?
The Oakland school board will decide Tuesday night whether it will close or consolidate 16 of the district’s 80 schools. Host Cecilia Lei talks to reporter Jill Tucker and an OUSD employee who's on a hunger strike against the closures.
19 min
Why California's Single-payer Bill Was Killed B...
AB 1400 was supposed to be the nation’s first government-funded health care system, but the legislation didn't even get a vote in the state Assembly. Assemblymember Ash Kalra, D-San Jose, tells Joe Garofoli why he pulled his own bill from the floor.
20 min
The War Between the SFPD and D.A. Chesa Boudin
An allegation of misconduct against San Francisco's progressive district attorney's office has prompted a bitter legal and political battle. Reporters Megan Cassidy and Rachel Swan join host Demian Bulwa to dig into the charge and Boudin's response.
15 min
Locked in Fentanyl's Grip
Chronicle reporter Trisha Thadani takes us into the center of the city's fentanyl crisis — which has nearly double the death toll of COVID-19 — and introduces us to people who are suffering through it.
22 min
The New Move Against Masks in Schools
Is it time to move away from school mask requirements in the Bay Area? Chronicle reporter Jill Tucker tells host Demian Bulwa why some previously pro-mask parents and doctors are urging health officials to make them optional — and why others call that effort too early and too dangerous. Also, reporter Annie Vainshtein explains the anger and the fallout over Oakland’s decision to close and merge some schools, which will disproportionately hurt students of color.
18 min
San Quentin's Dying Death Row
Gov. Gavin Newsom opposes the death penalty, but while he's shutting down death row and transferring condemned men, he's not commuting their sentences. Reporter Kevin Fagan talks about Newsom's political calculus, and the executions he's witnessed.
19 min
New Year, Same Troubles: S.F. Chinatown Struggles
Lunar New Year is typically the busiest time in Chinatown, but not in the omicron surge. Reporter Janelle Bitker talks about the neighborhood's future, and Janet Chan of @sfchinatown2021 on Instagram, talks about her crusade to save it.
19 min
Once Essential, Now “Unskilled”: Food Workers C...
The omicron surge has made it hard for restaurant owners to operate safely, and steep declines in revenue are threatening permanent closures. Workers are being sidelined because of COVID-19 exposures and risk losing their critical health care coverage. Producer Caron Creighton reports on the struggles of the food industry and how once-celebrated workers now feel forgotten, despite still being on the front lines of the pandemic.
13 min
Doodler Serial Killer Case: A Breakthrough?
The SFPD says it's "closer than ever" to solving the case of a serial killer who terrorized San Francisco's gay community in the 1970s. Reporter Kevin Fagan, who reported and narrated the podcast The Doodler, talks about a probable sixth victim and a doubled reward.
19 min
What Big Sur's Winter Wildfire Means For Fire S...
On this episode of Fifth & Mission, Chronicle reporter Kurtis Alexander discusses why a rare winter wildfire along the Big Sur coastline may indicate a more regular problem facing California
13 min
One Man's Tragic Battle Against Addiction
Who are the people at the center of the Bay Area's epidemic of drug addiction and fatal overdoses? Columnist Heather Knight discusses her three years following a man named Jeffrey Choate through the ups and downs of painful addiction and hopeful recovery, from his teenage years getting hooked on painkillers to his time as a prison firefighter to his worst days on the streets of San Francisco's Tenderloin. Knight tells host Demian Bulwa that Jeffrey's story ended tragically but carries lessons about how we should respond to the crisis.
16 min
Sen. Alex Padilla's First Year: "We Don't Give Up"
The debut episode of It's All Political on Fifth and Mission features a conversation between senior political writer Joe Garofoli and Sen. Alex Padilla. The first Latino U.S. senator from California reflects on his first year in the Senate.
20 min
Can the Magic of the Castro Theatre Survive?
After 100 years, San Francisco's beloved Castro Theatre is getting a major makeover. How will it affect the cultural landmark? Host Cecilia Lei talks to reporter Tony Bravo, events producer Marc Heustis and drag performer Peaches Christ
22 min
S.F.’s Special Election: What you need to know
Voters will determine the fate of three San Francisco Board of Education commissioners on Feb. 15, and make their picks for the city’s assessor-recorder and in a primary for its newest Assembly member. Reporters Jill Tucker and Mallory Moench have the lowdown.
19 min
How Do Vaccines Affect Long COVID?
Not a lot is known about whether vaccines prevent long COVID, a condition whose symptoms can range from shortness of breath to psychosis. But as reporter Nanette Asimov tells host Cecilia Lei, researchers are starting to learn how the shot can help prevent and lessen the disease.
12 min
COVID Evictions: Could a Law Keep California Re...
A bill to change the controversial Ellis Act is making its way through the Legislature. But for some tenants, it's already too late. Reporter Lauren Hepler joins host Dominic Fracassa to discuss what the new bill would do, where it would apply and who could still be left behind.
13 min
Lift Every Voice: Bay Area Black Elders Share T...
To honor the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Fifth & Mission offers this encore presentation of the June 18, 2021, episode. Black Bay Area leaders including Betty Reid Soskin, Harry Edwards, Rev. Amos Brown and Barbara Rodgers share stories of the past and visions for the future.
20 min
What Will Happen To Oakland's Unvaccinated Stud...
Oakland Unified School District is requiring students ages 12 and older to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Chronicle education reporter Jill Tucker discusses what's at stake or the district, as well as families choosing not to vaccinate their children
14 min
Has Policing Increased in the Tenderloin?
Last month, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a police crackdown in the Tenderloin to combat rampant drug use and crime. Chronicle reporter Megan Cassidy checked in with the mayor to see how it's going.
10 min
Tools to Manage the Pandemic: Covid Pills and S...
With the omicron variant breaking daily COVID-19 case records, reporter Catherine Ho joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss a new antiviral pill. Plus: Erin Allday on Sonoma County's new shelter-in-place recommendation.
19 min
Newsom Outlines California's 'Existential Threats'
California's governor unveils his budget proposal. Chronicle reporter Dustin Gardiner and senior political writer Joe Garofoli join host Cecilia Lei to chat about what Newsom's priorities are, and what he wants to do with a $46 billion surplus.
17 min
What "Milder" Omicron Means for the Pandemic
UCSF's Dr. Bob Wachter joins host Cecilia Lei and Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday to offer clarity during this record-breaking omicron surge, including isolation guidelines, advice for parents of kids under 5 and when the pandemic might become endemic.
25 min
Omicron at School: Sickness and Sickouts
Pandemic tension is exploding again in schools — including in San Francisco, where public campuses were down nearly 900 teachers and aides on Thursday. Chronicle reporter Jill Tucker joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about fights over masks, tests and more.
17 min