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Total SF: Animal Twitter Star Officer Edith
Fifth & Mission is presenting episodes of other Chronicle podcasts this weekend. In this episode of Total SF, Peter Hartlaub and Heather Knight welcome Lt. Eleanor Sadler from San Francisco Animal Care & Control, who's been bringing joy to Twitter and Instagram as Officer Edith for years.
38 min
Extra Spicy: Roman Mars
Fifth & Mission is presenting episodes of other Chronicle podcasts this weekend. In the current episode of Soleil Ho and Justin Phillips’ food show, the author and host of the design and architecture podcast 99% Invisible talks about how the coronavirus pandemic has created an opportunity to make restaurant design more resilient through parklets and reclaimed outdoor space. He also digs into how delivery apps and contactless delivery are destroying people’s empathy toward restaurant workers.
39 min
Chronicled: Who Is Kamala Harris? Bigger Job, B...
Fifth & Mission is presenting episodes of other Chronicle podcasts this weekend. In Episode 2 of the biographical miniseries Chronicled: Who Is Kamala Harris? the former San Francisco district attorney is elected California attorney general, takes on Wall Street, and wins. It’s part of what she says is her career-long fight “for the people.” But there are times when Harris faces Wall Street and she's the one who blinks, and critics say her law enforcement record disqualifies her from being a true progressive. Reported by Tal Kopan and Joe Garofoli. Note: You don't have to have listened to Episode 1 for Episode 2 to make sense.
21 min
A First: San Francisco Cop Charged With Homicide
District Attorney Chesa Boudin has charged Christopher Samayoa with manslaughter for his role in the 2017 shooting of Keita O’Neil — the first time an SFPD officer has ever been charged with homicide in a use-of-force case. Reporter Rachel Swan has details.
14 min
The Man Who Counts San Francisco's Overdose Deaths
Dr. Luke Rodda, the city's chief forensic toxicologist, talks about the devastating surge in overdose deaths — 563 through October, triple the number lost to COVID-19 — and why it's important to release monthly tallies.
28 min
How to Think About Your Thanksgiving Plans
As coronavirus surges, experts are advising that your plans for the big day should be: Don't do it. Erin Allday and Annie Vainshtein join Heather Knight to talk about how realistic that is, and how to talk to relatives about it.
23 min
Newsom Orders a Curfew: Will It Work?
Californians in counties where the coronavirus is raging the most must change their behavior starting Saturday. Between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. anyway. Erin Allday and Heather Knight discuss Gov. Newsom's order for purple-tier counties. Scientists are dubious about its efficacy.
14 min
A New Supervisor Navigates the Pandemic
Connie Chan will represent the Richmond on the Board of Supervisors starting in January. She talks about fighting for cash for small businesses hit hard by the coronavirus shutdown, plus the push to reopen schools and other issues.
25 min
Crossing the Border Amid the Pandemic
The U.S.-Mexico border has been a major focus of the Trump administration. But for some American citizens, it's simply a part of their day. Erika Carlos talks to people who must endure short hours, long lines, and coronavirus fears.
14 min
Newsom Pulls the "Emergency Brake" — and Apolog...
Even as vaccine trials show promise, Gov. Newsom says many counties need to go to purple status, the most restrictive. Newsom also apologized for attending a crowded dinner at the French Laundry. Sacramento reporters Dustin Gardiner and Alexei Koseff are guests.
18 min
Catching up with new SF District Attorney Chesa...
San Francisco's DA discusses what could curb the city's rampant drug dealing, his idea for a new trafficking court and more.
36 min
The San Francisco Exodus is an Opportunity to Some
The coronavirus has emptied much of downtown San Francisco. But with rents in the city taking a rare plunge, some others are finding it's high time to move back and snag a relatively affordable loft or apartment.
15 min
The Election Is Over, But Divisions Remain
The election is over, but the political and cultural divisions in the country remain. If anything, they appear wider and starker than they were four years ago.
18 min
San Francisco Is Pausing Reopening. But at What...
San Francisco will shut down indoor dining this Friday and is pausing plans to reopen high schools after reporting an alarming spike in coronavirus cases.
19 min
Will Pfizer's Coronavirus Vaccine End the Pande...
Pfizer on Monday announced its vaccine is proving 90% effective in battling COVID-19 and President-elect Joe Biden is already planning his coronavirus response for what will surely be a tough winter.
17 min
Developing San Francisco’s West Side
Heather Knight talks with S.F.'s new member of the Board of Supervisors, Myrna Melgar of District 7.
27 min
It's Over: Biden Wins — What's Next?
In a combined episode of the Fifth & Mission and It’s All Political podcasts, Joe Garofoli, Tal Kopan and Demian Bulwa talk about the moment that put the Biden-Harris ticket over the top, the historic nature of their victory, and what to expect now from Donald Trump.
19 min
Elections Update: Where Things Stand
With Joe Biden having moved into the lead overnight in ballots counted in Pennsylvania and Georgia, a Biden victory over President Trump looks likely. But it's not quite assured. Political reporter John Wildermuth on where we are as the counts continue in those two states as well as Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina and Alaska.
6 min
Progressive Causes Turned Back at the Polls
The police killing of George Floyd energized liberals seeking to root out systemic biases. But in California, the election was a disappointment for reformers. Alexei Koseff and Otis Taylor Jr. size up the state of the state.
18 min
What Uber and Lyft's Ballot Win Means for Gig W...
The ride-hailing giants poured millions into a California ballot measure to keep their drivers as contractors, rather than employees with full benefits.
13 min
Elections Update: Trump Rallies in the Bay Area
Photographer Scott Strazzante talks about covering a Trump youth march in Danville on election eve and a watch party in Novato on election night. He was one of very few wearing a mask at the march, the only one at the party. He says covering Trump rallies reminds him of covering sporting events, with a similar atmosphere of team fervor.
7 min
Elections Update: The Maps Changed
Washington correspondent Tal Kopan talks about why Democratic voters who went to bed Tuesday night feeling pessimistic had more reasons for optimism when they woke up Wednesday morning — though nothing’s decided yet.
9 min
Election Night Wrap: What We Know
In a combined episode of the Fifth & Mission and It’s All Political podcasts, Joe Garofoli, Heather Knight, Alexei Koseff and Demian Bulwa sum up a tense, inconclusive presidential election day, plus state and local races.
25 min
Elections Update: San Francisco's Coolest Polli...
The city operated 588 polling places on Election Day — and some were very unusual. Hear from poll workers at the gay leather bar the SF-Eagle, the Museum of Ice Cream, the Geneva Car Barn and the Balboa Theater — one of San Francisco's last independent movie houses
9 min
Elections Update: The Excitement of First-Time ...
Reporter Nora Mishanec visits the Eritrean Community Center in San Francisco, where poll inspector Jessica Kuo says many of the in-person voters are casting ballots for the first time. She says they're excited to hear the ballot scanner go "ping."
5 min