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Why Georgia's Senate Races Matter to California
The results in Tuesday's runoffs — Perdue vs. Ossoff and Loeffler vs. Warnock — will have major ramifications Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Alex Padilla. It's All Political host Joe Garofoli joins Fifth & Mission host Heather Knight in this joint episode.
17 min
COVID-19 in 2021: What to Expect
2020 is behind us, but the coronavirus pandemic that's upended our lives and defined the past year is far from over. Health reporter Erin Allday discusses what’s in store in the first weeks and months of the new year.
16 min
2020: Listening Back on a Trying Year
Demian Bulwa hosts a review of the year that was, focusing on the four big stories of 2020: The coronavirus pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, the election and California's wildfires.
24 min
Bruce Bochy on His Past and Future
In this episode of Giants Splash, the former manager talks to John Shea about his life in the year since his retirement, which has included jumping out of a helicopter and managing the French team before the shutdown.
27 min
Hospital Crisis Eases, but Tough Times Ahead
California’s coronavirus numbers are showing signs that the worst of the post-Thanksgiving surge is behind us. Erin Allday talks about how soon is too soon to start getting our hopes up, and reflects on nearly a year’s worth of COVID-19 coverage.
15 min
Extra Spicy: 2020, What Was This Nonsense?
In the final episode of Season 1 of The Chronicle's food podcast, hosts Soleil Ho and Justin Phillips apply their “What is this nonsense?” segment to the year 2020, from a KFC movie to the politics of French Laundry dinners.
28 min
California at a Coronavirus Breaking Point
Coronavirus Warning: Do Not Gather for Christmas
15 min
Chronicled: Who Is Kamala Harris? Episode 3
"That Little Girl Was Me." In this episode of The Chronicle's 6-episode limited series profiling the vice president-elect, reporters and hosts Joe Garofoli and Tal Kopan explore how her childhood in Berkeley shaped her worldview. You don't have to have heard the first two episodes to enjoy this one.
20 min
California Is Driving the Holiday Surge
Vaccinations have begun, but COVID-19 is spreading so fast the state is opening makeshift field hospitals and bringing in hundreds of health care workers. If it gets much worse, doctors may need to ration care. Erin Allday on the crisis.
17 min
Best of 5M: One Man's Desperate Search for Help
In this episode from September, reporter Trisha Thadani tells the story of 23-year-old Will Andrews as he tried to kick his addictions to heroin and fentanyl while living on San Francisco's streets.
14 min
Are Shelter-In-Place Rules Working?
Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease doctor at UCSF, says some of the Bay Area's shutdown rules are too strict, and that schools and outdoor dining can operate safely with proper precautions.
26 min
To Catch a Fire-Setter
Cal Fire’s Mike Thompson suspected serial arson in a devastating string of blazes in Lake County. And he and his fellow investigators identified a suspect: Damin Pashilk, a former inmate firefighter. Lizzie Johnson tells the story of the chase.
25 min
Vaccination Drive Launches in Bay Area
Five front-line workers at San Francisco General Hospital were given their first doses of vaccine on Tuesday. The historic day opened up numerous questions.
16 min
The Vaccine Arrives in the Bay Area
Reporter Erin Allday talks about the historic moment and what you need to know about the massive immunization drive ahead. Plus: Annie Vainshtein on the psychology behind growing defiance of coronavirus lockdowns.
19 min
Will San Francisco Cancel Abraham Lincoln?
The San Francisco school board designed a process to take controversial names off of public schools, and 44 names could be ditched. One big surprise: The 16th president. Why? Education reporter Jill Tucker has a history lesson.
19 min
Far From Home, Far From Safe
California sent thousands of its most vulnerable children to out-of-state facilities run by a for-profit company. Allegations of rampant abuse and mistreatment have followed.
17 min
Coronavirus is Surging, So is Defiance
As California endures its worst wave yet of the pandemic, some residents and business owners are defying new shutdown orders. Plus, robot cars with no driver have arrived in S.F.
17 min
A Grim Milestone in California: 20,000 Dead fro...
As cases, deaths and hospitalizations surge, California medial experts warn that hospital beds will soon run out.
24 min
Becerra's Departure is Newsom's Opportunity
President-Elect Joe Biden's pick for a big cabinet job — Health and Human Services secretary — is California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra.
15 min
Making Sense of the New Coronavirus Shutdown
Nine months into the pandemic, coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are surging.
21 min
The Return of the Shutdown
Gov. Gavin Newsom announces new restrictions for regions where ICU capacity is under 15% — which isn't the Bay Area yet, but could be soon. Capital reporter Alexei Koseff and food writer Janelle Bitker join Heather Knight to talk about what to expect.
25 min
Bay Area Hospitals Brace for a Third Surge
Hospitals say they're mostly ready for the onslaught of COVID-19 patients expected to fill their beds in the coming weeks, but political leaders are warning they could reach capacity by Christmas. Reporter Nanette Asimov on their plans — and worries.
10 min
Now It's Breed's French Laundry Getting Aired
As Heather Knight first reported, San Francisco Mayor London Breed attended a party at the opulent Napa restaurant one night after Gov. Newsom did, amid coronavirus stay-home orders. Why does it matter? Knight and Joe Garofoli on practicing what you preach.
18 min
A Jewish Doctor Encounters a Nazi COVID-19 Patient
Emergency Dr. Taylor Nichols saw the swastika tattoo on the chest of a patient and paused. Reporter Jill Tucker says that hesitation, a product of coronavirus pandemic fatigue, made him question his own compassion. Plus: Erin Allday has a grim update on on the recent surge of the virus.
17 min
Entering the "Dark Winter" of COVID-19
Coronavirus hospitalizations in the Bay Area were rising even before Thanksgiving. The beginning of the holiday season has health officials bracing for the worst surge yet. Erin Allday explains why.
15 min