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Why Did Gov. Newsom Veto a Drug Bill That Would...
Critics say Gov. Gavin Newsom’s national political ambitions moved him to veto legislation that would have allowed San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles to open supervised injection sites as a way to curb California’s overdose crisis. But as City Hall reporter Mallory Moench and host Joe Garofoli explain, the politics are more complicated than that.
15 min
How Conservatives Are Fighting the Culture Wars...
Suburban and rural school boards are among the few places Republicans can win elections and change policies in this deep-blue state. Reporter Ryan Kost talks to host Demian Bulwa about their efforts to push issues that energize conservative voters.
15 min
California High-Speed Rail's 'Hot Girl Summer'
The California high-speed rail line took a major leap forward when rail authorities approved a bullet train link that would zoom passengers from the Central Valley into downtown San Francisco.
13 min
Fixing Our City: Can San Francisco Learn From H...
Texas' largest city is getting national attention for its approach to homelessness. In this episode of The Chronicle's Fixing Our City podcast, host Laura Wenus explores what Houston's doing, and discovers that San Francisco is already trying to do many of the same things.
34 min
The Science Behind Bay Area Weather
Warming temperatures in the Bay Area have made for good small talk. The Chronicle's new weather team is here to level up those conversations. Weather science editor Heather Hagemann and the newsroom's first meteorologist, Gerry Diaz, join host Cecilia Lei.
19 min
San Francisco Students: Back to School and Back...
Summer's over for SFUSD students, who are returning to the classroom this week. After dealing with the pandemic and various school board controversies in recent years, what do students face? Education reporter Jill Tucker joins host Cecilia Lei.
18 min
S.F. D.A. Brooke Jenkins Calls Payment Controve...
Co-host and Chronicle director of news Demian Bulwa and crime reporter Megan Cassidy join host Cecilia Lei to discuss the San Francisco district attorney's defense of her six-figure consultancy work for a nonprofit linked to the Recall Chesa Boudin campaign.
21 min
Megafloods: California’s Next Climate Disaster?
California is in its third year of a historic drought but climate change also brings the risk of more severe storms that could cause catastrophic flooding.
19 min
Oakland's $50M Promise: “Students, Your City Lo...
Mayor Libby Schaaf's $50 million initiative will give secondary education scholarships to Oakland's low-income students and college savings accounts to every baby born to a low-income family. Mayor Schaaf joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about how the ambitious initiative will end generational poverty, and what it means for her legacy as mayor.
18 min
Secrets of Donald Trump’s Most Loyal Followers
Former longterm Republican strategist Tim Miller, a Never Trumper and author of the bestselling “Why We Did It: A Travelogue From the Republican Road to Hell," talks to Joe Garofoli about the state of the Republican Party, whether anyone can beat Trump, and his own journey out of the GOP.
23 min
How Brooke Jenkins Will Run the D.A.'s Office —...
In an interview recorded the day before the revelation she received more than $100,000 from a nonprofit tied to a backer of the Chesa Boudin recall, San Francisco’s new district attorney talks to host Cecilia Lei about her policy positions, and why she fired 15 staff members.
28 min
Home Restaurants Blossom, But Some Are Choking ...
Chefs serving food out of their homes isn't new in some communities, but pandemic lockdowns prompted a surge in interest. Reporters Elgin Nelson and Cesar Hernandez talk to Demian Bulwa about the sometimes burdensome licensing requirements that have followed.
15 min
What's Missing in the S.F. School Board Ann Hsu...
The San Francisco school board formally admonished a board for comments blaming Black and brown families for racial gaps in academic achievement. The debate over whether she should resign has been heated.
16 min
The Latest Battle for People's Park in Berkeley
UC Berkeley is constructing new development at People's Park in Berkeley. Protesters clashed with police as construction began on Wednesday.
13 min
New D.A., New Drug Crackdown in San Francisco
Brooke Jenkins has announced her plans to increase punishment for dealers while calling her predecessor, Chesa Boudin, too lenient. Chronicle reporter Megan Cassidy joins host Demian Bulwa to outline those plans and explain why many progressives are outraged by what they call a return to failed policies.
14 min
Why S.F.'s Laguna Honda Shouldn't Shut Down
After federal regulators decertified San Francisco's 700-bed nursing home because of mismanagement, it's dealing with botched patient transfers and the potential end of critical care to patients. Chronicle columnist Heather Knight joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what she calls a "draconian" response.
18 min
Why San Francisco Rents Bounced Back to Sky High
The onset of the pandemic offered a brief silver lining — lower rents. But it didn't last. The average price of a 2-bedroom apartment means you need to make $61 an hour to afford one. Reporter Lauren Hepler joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what happened.
14 min
San Francisco Declares a Monkeypox Emergency. I...
While San Francisco declared a state of emergency, members of the LGBTQ community are furious at limited vaccine access — and fearful of discrimination.
18 min
First There Were Fires. Now, Residents of Oakla...
Residents of the Wood Street encampment in West Oakland are fighting a pending eviction after a two alarm fire broke out on CalTrans property in mid-July.
20 min
Is More Black Political Representation Leading ...
Chronicle columnist Justin Phillips joins host Demian Bulwa to discuss the promises and reality of Black leadership in S.F.
13 min
Why Are Napa Valley Cabernets Tasting the Same?
Wine consultants have become essential for Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.
18 min
How Reporting Sexual Abuse May Put California A...
The story of an Ohio 10-year-old rape victim who traveled to Indiana for an abortion spotlighted the potential risks of mandated reporting for out-of-state abortion patients and their health providers.
14 min
The Man Who Tried to Start a Civil War in Oakland
Chronicle reporter Joshua Sharpe tells the story of the radicalization of Steven Carillo, a member of the far right, anti-government extremist group the Boogaloo Bois. Carillo shot and killed a federal security guard during a Black Lives Matter protest in 2020.
18 min
Another San Francisco School Board Controversy
One of the three San Francisco school board members appointed after this year's recall is already facing calls to resign.
16 min
Food is Political at Oakland’s Most Radical Res...
Oakland’s Understory restaurant won a James Beard award. But can it change the industry?
24 min
How Anti-Trump Resistance Group Swing Left Is P...
The new leader of Swing Left, explains how Democrats have a path forward to hold the House in November's midterm elections.
20 min
Why LGBTQ Protestors Say Monkeypox Is a "Public...
On Monday, advocates protested outside the U.S. Health and Human Services office in San Francisco to call out the slow federal response to the monkeypox outbreak and the low supply of monkeypox vaccines.
29 min
Is Gavin Newsom Running for President?
As President Biden drops in the polls, some Democrats are shopping for a 2024 candidate. Newsom says he isn’t running, but the way he’s taking on high profile Republicans is making some wonder.
14 min
San Francisco School Board Goes Back to Basics
The board, once lambasted for infighting and focusing on issues like renaming schools, is vowing to pivot back to a core issue following a landslide recall — student performance. Reporter Jill Tucker joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about the challenges ahead.
14 min
California's Racial Profiling Problem Is Gettin...
Racial disparities in traffic and pedestrian stops by law enforcement have been a historical problem, but now California has the data to see how bad it actually is. Chronicle reporters Dustin Gardiner and Susie Neilson join host Cecilia Lei to discuss the most recent data.
18 min
UCSF’s Bob Wachter: How the BA.5 Covid Wave Is ...
The latest Covid-19 pandemic twist is the new Omicron subvariant BA.5, which evades immunity from vaccinations, boosters and previous infections. Dr. Bob Wachter, UCSF's chair of medicine, joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what makes this variant different, and offers guidance on future boosters and how to calculate risks.
20 min
How Alameda County's Mental Health System is Fu...
An Alameda County grand jury report has found that the local mental health system is making the area's homeless crisis worse. Among the findings is a lack of basic consensus on solutions, which cause mentally ill residents to cycle in and out of ERs and jails. Reporter Lauren Hepler has details.
17 min
Who is New S.F. District Attorney Brooke Jenkins?
Mayor London Breed appointed former Recall Chesa Boudin spokesperson Brooke Jenkins as S.F.'s new district attorney.
28 min
Total SF: The Castro Theatre's Organ Player Ris...
On this episode of The Chronicle's Total SF podcast: Longtime Castro Theatre organ player David Hegarty got a scare earlier this year, when Another Planet Entertainment took over operations of the 100-year-old cinema and the future seemed unclear. But the music will go on. Hegarty talks about his start as an organ player and the new digital organ for the theater that is close to reality. Fifth & Mission will return with new episodes on July 11.
27 min
Best of 5M: The Tenderloin Rooster
First published March 21: For months, a rooster living in a Tenderloin yard has been terrorizing the neighborhood with its all-day crowing. Longtime resident Adriel Lively wanted to do something about it, but she only found dead ends. Fifth & Mission will return with new episodes on July 11.
13 min
Best of 5M: Locked in Fentanyl's Grip
First published Feb. 3, 2022: Chronicle reporter Trisha Thadani takes us into the center of the city's fentanyl crisis — which has nearly double the death toll of COVID-19 — and introduces us to people who are suffering through it. Fifth & Mission will return with new episodes on July 11.
22 min
Fixing Our City: Why a Hole in the Ground Is “T...
The debut episode of The Chronicle’s new podcast seeking solutions for San Francisco’s seemingly intractable problems: A 2015 apartment building fire at Mission and 22nd streets killed one person and displaced 50. Seven years later, there’s an empty lot, gathering trash and growing weeds. In the midst of a severe housing crisis, why has nothing been built, and what can we learn from this hole in the ground? Fifth & Mission will return with new episodes on July 11.
25 min
California Gas Prices Get Even Higher, Thanks t...
California drivers will pay about 3 cents more per gallon in gas taxes after state legislators rejected a push to suspend the increase amid soaring costs at the pump. Fifth & Mission will return with new episodes on Monday, July 11.
10 min
How Digital Data Leaves Abortion Seekers Vulner...
Digital footprints, including Google searches and text messages, could leave abortion seekers vulnerable to prosecution.
12 min
The Fate of the Oakland A's Howard Terminal Bal...
15 min
What COVID-19's Evolution Means for Our Future
Will we ever be able to get ahead of this relentless virus? It's surpassed the expectations of health experts and scientists: With each mutation, it's been able to evade immunity and become more infectious. Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday explains the evolution of the virus to host Cecilia Lei.
17 min
Does the Supreme Court Have Too Much Power?
California Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis tells It's All Political on Fifth & Mission host Joe Garofoli that the six justices who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade have discredited the court, and that she's worried a national abortion ban would supersede California's laws protecting the right to choose.
20 min
The Anti-Abortion Movement is ‘Not Stopping Here’
In the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, there are countless questions about what comes next. Carole Joffe, a UCSF professor and an expert on the societal impacts of reproductive health care, joins host Dominic Fracassa.
19 min
Breaking: Roe v. Wade Is Overturned
For months, Fifth & Mission has been talking to health care workers, advocates and people who have had personal experience with abortion care about what a post-Roe world would look like. Now that we're in that world, listen to some of what they've said.
20 min
What's Tough About Pride for Emeryville's Gay M...
California has long been a pioneering mecca for LGBTQ politicians. But John Bauters, one of just eight out mayors in the state, says it can also be exhausting and scary as leaders like him face attacks and threats.
23 min
Is Getting COVID Inevitable?
Why have some people managed to avoid catching the virus despite the latest variants being highly transmissible? And will they eventually become infected? Chronicle reporter Danielle Echeverria joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss what health experts have to say about dodging COVID and why that is still worth the effort.
11 min
How Storytelling Drag Queens Became Right-Wing ...
A recent disruption of Drag Queen Story Hour by protesters at a San Lorenzo library has the LGBTQ community on edge. Chronicle reporter Ryan Kost joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss the anxiety among Bay Area drag queens, and drag queen storyteller Per Sia shares her perspective.
19 min
The Future of Central Valley Abortion 'Deserts'
With the Supreme Court expected to overturn Roe v. Wade soon, California is preparing for an influx of out-state patients who will be seeking abortion care. Chronicle reporter Lauren Hepler joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss the myth that the state is a post-Roe "sanctuary."
16 min
How The Chronicle is "Fixing Our City"
A new Chronicle podcast aims to find solutions to San Francisco's biggest challenges. As part of the SFNext initiative, Fixing Our City is tackling issues like housing and affordability by talking directly to community residents. Host Laura Wenus and producer Cintia Lopez join Cecilia Lei.
17 min
Key Takeaways From the Jan. 6 Hearings
Unlike impeachment or the Mueller hearings, the committee is putting on a show — with San Jose Rep. Zoe Lofgren taking a star turn — and ratings have been good. Washington correspondent Tal Kopan joins Joe Garofoli on It's All Political on Fifth & Mission to talk about it.
22 min
Big Vote for New S.F. School Board: Lowell High
A school board with three new members after this year's recall election must decide whether the prestigious public high school will stay with the lottery-based admissions system it adopted for 2021 admissions or revert to the old competitive system. Reporter Jill Tucker has details.
17 min
What to Expect of Bay Area's Upcoming "Cruel Su...
Chronicle reporter Kurtis Alexander joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about our hot, dry, possibly burning immediate future. Plus: State Capitol reporter Dustin Gardiner analyzes why Gov. Gavin Newsom has been hesitant to issue statewide water restrictions.
22 min
The Hair Project: Black Representation and Disc...
A Chronicle special project looks at textured hair: How it’s represented in the media and why it’s so central to the Black community. Newsroom developer Katlyn Sofaea Alo Alapati and reporter Shwanika Narayan join host Cecilia Lei to talk about what they’ve learned.
24 min
Paxlovid Rebounds and Vaccines for Little Kids
Chronicle health reporter Catherine Ho joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what we've learned about the anti-viral pill Paxlovid. Plus: What should Bay Area parents expect once vaccines for kids 5 and under are authorized?
16 min
The New Generation of Asian American Activists
The Chesa Boudin recall has spotlighted the political power of Asian Americans, but the Bay Area already has a long history of Asian American activism. Justin Zhu of Stand With Asian Americans joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about his pivot from Silicon Valley to organizing.
20 min
Post-Boudin Recall: What Voters Want Now
Some of the most contested races of the California primaries have one central issue in common: how to deal with public safety. From the recall of San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin, to the state attorney general and governor's race.
27 min
Why San Francisco Recalled Its Progressive D.A.
Chesa Boudin was decisively voted out of office in a recall election Tuesday. Chronicle crime reporter Megan Cassidy and senior political writer/It's All Political on Fifth & Mission host Joe Garofoli talk to host Demian Bulwa about what went wrong for the district attorney.
20 min
LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE! With Warriors Hype Man F...
With Golden State back in the NBA Finals after a 2-year absence, the Chase Center emcee talks with host Demian Bulwa about how he got his job, what it means to him to be the only Asian American hype man in the league, and how he became a Warriors superfan to avoid bedtime as a kid.
23 min
Gun Law Expert: "We Are at the Worst Place Ever"
Stanford law professor John Donohue, who has studied the effects of assault-weapon bans — he says they work — tells host Cecilia Lei that gun lobby disinformation and a GOP that won't stand up to that lobby mean new federal gun safety laws are unlikely.
23 min
The Legacy of California's Assault Weapons Ban
California has some of the toughest gun restrictions in the country, including an assault weapons ban, which was passed in 1989. Former Assemblyman Mike Roos, who wrote the law, talks about why it remains at the heart of the state's debate over how to regulate guns.
21 min
Chesa Boudin on the Recall: "It's Scapegoating"
The embattled San Francisco district attorney, who could be recalled by voters Tuesday, tells host Demian Bulwa that he's just as frustrated with crime in the city as everyone else, but he says much of what ails the city isn't in his power to change, and his foes are offering no solutions.
36 min
The Post-Roe Future of Abortion in California
Joe Garofoli joins abortion-rights advocates Jodi Hicks, Assemblymember Buffy Wicks and Jessica Pinckney on Planned Parenthood's "Bans Off Our Bodies" bus to talk about how California would be affected if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade this month.
28 min
Is the Future of the Office the End of the Office?
Will the office ever be the same after COVID? Not likely. When San Francisco's TaskRabbit announced it would shut down all its offices, the company acknowledged reality: As the pandemic drags on, more and more employees want a hybrid workplace.
16 min
Extra Spicy: The Teenager Organizing Her Local ...
In this episode of the San Francisco Chronicle's food podcast, Soleil Ho talks to Ella Clark, a high school junior who's leading the organizing efforts at her local Starbucks in Mill Valley. Plus: UC Berkeley's Ken Jocobs talks about the wave of Starbucks unionization.
31 min
Going Back to Movie Theaters? Mixed Reviews
The pandemic has changed how people watch movies, and movie studios and theaters are trying to survive. Chronicle movie critics Mick LaSalle and G. Allen Johnson join host Cecilia Lei to talk about how the movie industry is faring and their summer movie recommendations.
19 min
What Chesa Boudin Has to Prove to Asian America...
Political scientist David Lee joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about the newfound political muscle of San Francisco's Asian American community, as seen in both the school board and DA recalls. Plus: Assistant DA Kasie Lee talks about how she's trying to reach AAPI victims of crime.
32 min
Monkeypox: What You Need to Know
With a likely case detected near Sacramento, is it time to worry about this virus in the smallpox family? Health reporter Erin Allday joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about monkeypox, and about why the CDC is advising caution for gay and bixexual men.
14 min
Why SFPD and Mayor Breed Won't March in Pride
Mayor London Breed has joined cops in saying she'll skip the parade after SF Pride banned police uniforms, saying they make some community members feel unsafe. Suzanne Ford of SF Pride and officer Kathryn Winters join host Cecilia Lei to present their sides.
26 min
Squaring Up Against a Racist Massacre
Chronicle columnist Justin Phillips and Oakland activist Cat Brooks join host Demian Bulwa to talk about the racist "replacement" conspiracy theory that motivated the white supremacist mass killing in Buffalo last week.
21 min
Program That Keeps Teens Out of Jail Has Low En...
The Make It Right program, one of San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin's alternatives to incarceration, has proved effective at keeping juveniles out of jail. Reporter Joshua Sharpe joins Cecilia Lei to talk about why enrollment in the program is low. Plus: The dad of a troubled teen talks about how the program helped his daughter.
21 min
What's Next for Key California Politicians?
New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, authors of "This Will Not Pass," a bestseller that recounts the 2020 election and the political breaking point the country is approaching, talk about the near future with It's All Political on Fifth and Mission host Joe Garofoli.
34 min
What the Food Industry Faces Now
Bay Area restaurants are still facing staffing shortages, supply chain issues and Covid-19 infections.
13 min
The Latest Bay Area Homeless Count Might Surpri...
New data in six Bay Area counties includes some unexpected results, like a drop in San Francisco's homeless population. But there's also plenty of data that's not surprising at all. Reporters Sarah Ravani and J.D. Morris join host Cecilia Lei to talk about the uneven results across the region.
15 min
Why Vaccine Bills are Dying in the California L...
California once drew a hard line around potential vaccine mandates in places like schools, but now there's been a dramatic shift in tone as vaccine bills are being shelved or delayed in Sacramento.
15 min
How New COVID Treatments are Changing the Pandemic
Chronicle health reporter Catherine Ho joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about how anti-viral pills like Paxlovid are providing peace of mind. Plus, data reporter Susie Neilson discusses why San Francisco's wealthy neighborhoods may be hit hardest by the next surge.
19 min
East Bay Abortion Provider on a Post-Roe v. Wad...
Dr. Rebecca Taub, who travels to provide care to people who live in states where abortion protections aren't available, talks with host Cecilia Lei about what a world without Roe v. Wade will look like. It's a world she's already seen.
22 min
Does Chesa Boudin's Controversial Diversion Str...
The San Francisco DA's focus on diversion programs has become a focus of the recall campaign as opponents say the policy has made the city more dangerous. Reporters Susie Neilson and Joshua Sharpe join host Cecilia Lei to examine that claim.
17 min
SFPD Spokesman Is San Francisco's Newest Superv...
Mayor London Breed has tapped Matt Dorsey to represent District Six. He was sworn in Monday. Chronicle reporter Rachel Swan tells host Dominic Fracassa that the appointment signals the mayor doubling down on her new tough-on-crime image.
9 min
The Pandemic Wild Card: Long COVID
As coronavirus cases tick up in the Bay Area, most illnesses will be mild. But reporter Nanette Asimov has the story of the region's many long COVID patients, who've struggled with pain, fatigue and other symptoms of a mysterious disease.
15 min
Can Supervisor Dean Preston Fix the Tenderloin?
The neighborhood at the center of San Francisco's thorniest debates has a new city supervisor. It's Dean Preston, the staunch progressive, who takes over after a divisive redistricting process. Chronicle reporter J.D. Morris joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about the challenges Preston faces.
15 min
Why Selling Your Home for Half Its Value Might ...
Retired preschool teacher Bobbi Loeb decided to sell her Point Reyes home to a land trust for $550,000 — only about half its $1M value.
14 min
If Roe vs. Wade is Overturned, Is California Re...
With Roe vs. Wade in jeopardy, here’s how California is seeking to protect abortion access in the state
15 min
Why California's Revenge Porn Law Isn't Enough
Prosecution of the state's 2013 law has been uneven. Chronicle reporter Tal Kopan joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about what was revealed during a Chronicle review of the state law, and how an effort to make revenge porn a federal crime could strengthen it.
16 min
New York Has a "Better Answer" For Drug Addiction
New York was the first city in the country to open supervised consumption sites for people using drugs. Chronicle columnist Heather Knight and photographer Gabrielle Lurie traveled there to see how the facilities operate.
23 min
What Would You Do With an Extra $68 Billion?
That's the question Gov. Gavin Newsom and California legislators have to answer after Senate Democrats announced their estimate that the state’s budget surplus has more than doubled to that amount. Reporters Sophia Bollag and Dustin Gardiner join host Cecilia Lei with details.
14 min
Bay Area Cases Up Even as Pandemic Recedes
People all over the Bay Area are getting COVID again at increasing rates, but as Dr. Anthony Fauci says that America is "out of the pandemic phase," far fewer people are getting seriously ill or dying. Reporter Erin Allday talks to host Demian Bulwa about what to make of it all.
19 min
"Nurses Need to Be Supported"
Stanford ICU nurse Brittaney West joins host Cecilia Lei to talk about why nurses throughout the Bay Area are staging job actions and preparing to strike if they don't get what they say they need from the hospitals they work for.
12 min
San Francisco SROs: A Housing Crisis Hidden fro...
San Francisco has long depended on single room occupancy units, or SROs, to house its most vulnerable populations. A year-long investigation by Chronicle reporters Joaquin Palomino and Trisha Thadani reveals that many of these buildings are unsanitary and unsafe.
31 min
A Teacher, a Cotton Prop, and a Lesson on Slavery
When a San Francisco teacher recently handed students cotton plants in a lesson about the hardship of slavery, it ignited immediate controversy at the school. There was an investigation, a debate among parents and an apology.
20 min
How an Ugly Incident Led to Police Reform in Ti...
Chronicle reporter Joshua Sharpe joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss how a Black couple leveraged a viral moment when police insisted they prove they owned their own store. Two years later, they've led the effort to implement police reform in the wealthy coastal town.
13 min
What Matt Haney's Win Means for San Francisco H...
The San Francisco supervisor defeated David Campos by positioning himself as the pro-housing candidate for the state Assembly seat. Chronicle reporter Dustin Gardiner joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss why Haney's win is a coup for YIMBYs.
15 min
No Masks on Planes? Dr. Bob Wachter Weighs In
Bay Area transit agencies are scrambling to figure out their mask requirements now that the federal mandate for travel has been lifted. UCSF's Department of Medicine chair shares how he's thinking about masking, and when he thinks you should wear one.
15 min
S.F. Man Wins Freedom After Three Decades
San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin's Innocence Commission has exonerated its first person. Joaquin Ciria has been behind bars for more than 30 years. Chronicle reporter Joshua Sharpe joins host Demian Bulwa to talk about the case and what it means.
14 min
Has Mayor Breed's "Tough Love" Approach to the ...
After Mayor London Breed declared a state of emergency in the Tenderloin and pledged to bring in more police, critics feared she was criminalizing drug users. Months later, Breed maintains her position.
17 min
Understanding San Francisco's Redistricting Mess
The task force tasked with drawing the city's new supervisor districts has missed its deadline, and it's not clear how the process — marked by protests and outbursts at public meetings — will play out.
19 min
Is Dianne Feinstein Mentally Fit to Serve?
Five members of Congress — including four Democrats — have told The Chronicle that they're concerned that the 88-year-old's memory is rapidly deteriorating, and that it appears she can no longer represent the state without her staff doing much of the work.
23 min
What an Oklahoma Abortion Ban Means for California
Republicans across the country are moving to restrict abortions in their states, including in Oklahoma where a near-total ban on abortion was signed on Tuesday.
19 min
California Public Schools Face Enrollment Decli...
Shrinking populations mean school districts are facing long-term financial instability. Chronicle reporter Jill Tucker joins host Cecilia Lei to explain what's causing the enrollment declines and how the state might help.
15 min
Why Scientists Want the 'Holy Grail' of COVID-1...
Covid-19 vaccines and boosters have allowed many people to return to their pre-pandemic activities, but they still don't appear to provide long-lasting protection against Covid infections.
13 min
Fentanyl Test Kits: Now Available In Local Bars
Bay Area residents are being confronted by fentanyl in places you might not expect. A local organization is making fentanyl test kits available in bar bathrooms, just one element of a larger harm reduction strategy fighting the fentanyl crisis.
14 min