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Russell Wilson is the Seattle Seahawks quarterb...
Russell Wilson is now under contract through the 2023 season after agreeing to a $140 million four-year extension. Wilson was the first to announce the deal from his bed in the middle of the night after setting the deadline for negotiations at midnight of April 15th.
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Seahawks Draft Show: SB Nation NFL Writers' Moc...
Notre Dame defensive lineman Jerry Tillery is profiled by Michael STUFR Edwards as a player he thinks John Schneider would like to go ahead and take in that spot.
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Seahawks Draft Show: Options with Frank Clark a...
Brandan Schulze and Rob Staton discuss the range of options the team has over the next couple weeks with Seattle Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark. From paying Clark now, making a trade ahead of the draft, or allowing him to play 2019 under the franchise tag before making a decision next season, there are benefits and challenges with any of the scenarios under consideration.
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Seahawks Draft Show: Mock Draft Monday
With less than three weeks to go until the 2019 NFL Draft, Brandan Schulze and Rob Staton will be exploring different Seattle Seahawks mock draft scenarios every Monday.
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Russell Wilson's April 15 contract date is like...
Russell Wilson has set a deadline of April 15th to complete contract negotiations. But can it really be considered a deadline? If Wilson isn't planning to sit out offseason workouts or hold out into training camp, then the mid-April date should be called a goal rather than a deadline.
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Seahawks Draft Show: Trading down leads Seattle...
On this week's show we're talking about the tiers of players for the first three rounds and how the strength of the draft favors the Seahawks trading back for more picks in the second and third rounds.
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2019 Free Agency, Seahawks address needs at lin...
K.J. Wright and D.J. Fluker sign contracts to return the team, and the Seahawks bring in a former All-Pro guard in behind J.R. Sweezy. How should Seahawks fans remember Earl Thomas as he leaves for Baltimore.
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How much is too much to pay Russell Wilson?
The Seattle Seahawks used the franchise tag Frank Clark and the starting number for Russell Wilson's contract is expected to be around 35 million
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Russell Wilson is the latest offseason trade ta...
For three consecutive seasons now, Seahawks fans have been bombarded with trade talks that didn't happen. The latest rumor that Wilson may be destined for New York to take over for Eli Manning is at a completely different level.
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Super Bowl reactions, a new Seahawks Hall of Fa...
The Rams lost the Super Bowl last weekend. This was the outcome we were hoping for and it was also the easiest outcome to cope with.
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