Fiber Nation

Join host Allison Korleski as she talks with people from all corners of the yarniverse: designers and dyers, shepherds and spinners, publishers and pathfinders. From family farms in the American heartland to a woman’s cooperative in Afghanistan, each episode explores what connects us as knitters and makers.

Visual Arts
The Mystery of Gunnister Man
Allison seeks to unravel a mystery that starts in a shallow grave, then unfolds in an unexpected, woolful way.
31 min
The Socks that Won WWI
Explore the importance of the sock to the World War I soldier.
30 min
Fabric Fails & Textile Triumphs
40,000 years of textile history in 30 minutes
31 min
A Handmaid's Knit - Introducing the Knitting Ne...
Introducing the podcast for nerds who knit out on nerding.
35 min
The Deadliest Dyes: A Colorful History
Of all the dyes on the color wheel, which is the deadliest?
29 min
The Black Sheep of Wyoming Wool
In a twist of fate, one woman finds herself disrupting the Wyoming wool economy.
29 min
The Half-Knit Stocking: A True-Crime Tale
With Penelope Lister Hemingway
26 min
Coming Soon - A New Season!
A new season of episodes is arriving soon.
1 min
The Donner Party and the Doll
We bill Interweave’s podcast Fiber Nation as “a knitting podcast that goes beyond knitting.” Up to now, though, we haven’t strayed too far beyond, focusing on sheep, wool, and the survival of textile traditions in general. Our newest episode,
31 min
Fiber Nation Podcast: From Russia with Love
27 min
Fiber Nation Wants to Give You Yarn (Really)
Congrats to Anna T. of St. Paul, Minnesota! - Stay tuned to Fiber Nation for more opportunities to win goodies and get special coupon codes!
2 min
Fiber Nation Podcast: Country Life
A knitting podcast that goes beyond knitting.
27 min
Fiber Nation Podcast: Not What I Expected
Read the show notes on this podcast episode to learn more!
28 min
Introducing: Fiber Nation Podcast
Fiber Nation is the knitting podcast that goes beyond knitting. - Linda Ligon is the subject of the premiere episode of Fiber Nation. - The first episode of Fiber Nation is coming to your knitting podcast download queue on Friday, March 22, 2019.
0 min