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Fanbyte's dedicated video games podcast where Danielle Riendeau, Niki Grayson, Steven Strom, and merritt k discuss what they're playing, hear from listeners, and find the most bizarre deals at your local thrift store.

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You Love to See It Episode 002: Spider-Man: Int...
Just before the one-year anniversary of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, three members of the Fanbyte crew team up to discuss the movie that critics say "rules" and "is tremendous." Put another way, it's the first time Danielle has ever genuinely...
77 min
You Love to See It Episode 001: Super Mario Bro...
Welcome to You Love to See It, a movie and TV rewatch podcast from your friends at Fanbyte! In our very first episode, Danielle, John, merritt, and Steven tackle the 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. film. It was a critical and commercial flop in its...
88 min
Episode 042: Mono-game-ogamy
As one holiday ends, another quickly approaches. But we don't miss a beat in between! This week Danielle, Steven, merritt, and Niki kick things off by discussing their Thanksgiving vacations (merritt held a sword). We've also got your weekly...
113 min
Episode 041: Jeff Baseball's Pizza Reckoning
Even pleasure planet full of mandroid sex bots couldn't keep Fanwidth away this week! We're coming out you live (to tape) with the latest video game podcast goodness. Merritt finally played Disco Elysium! Danielle is deep in the interactive fiction...
110 min
Episode 040: Captain Rigor's Slam Squad
You never know where the conversation will take you on Fanwidth! Well, actually, you can probably guess we'll talk about bad 90s movies and Pokemon. Danielle, merritt, Niki, and Steven go over all that and more in a very video game focused episode of...
112 min
Episode 039: Son of Maclunkey
It's one jam packed week of discussion on Fanwidth, folks! Merritt, Niki, and Steven are finally here to report on Death Stranding. It sounds like merritt and Niki enjoyed it, at least! Meanwhile, Niki alone enters the land of virtual reality... three...
160 min
Episode 038: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Ditto
Niki is out this week, so Danielle, merritt, and Steven dive deep on games! Disco Elysium is the topic du jour. Although we also go over The Outer Worlds (now that Danielle has played a lot more) and the games we'd like to hit before the end of 2019....
101 min
Episode 037: A Very Boomer Halloween
It's (almost) Halloween and the gang is celebrating with another extra-long episode of Fanwidth: the Fanbyte podcast! Danielle, merritt, Niki, and Steven kick things off with a "live" viewing of the Death Stranding launch trailer, but things only get...
165 min
Episode 036: Here Comes a New Challenger
This week, we have ourselves an incredibly special, incredibly long episode featuring a brand-new co-host. It's time for Danielle Riendeau, the new Senior Editor of Fanbyte, to enter the ring! She surprises no one by bringing some fantastic energy and...
152 min
Episode 035: Maybe I'll Play Outer Wilds Again
Steven and Niki get together for a quick episode this week, as merritt deals with some dental issues. Don't worry, though! Steven also has some bad teeth what need drilling. So... Everyone is just super happy. Niki brings our spirits back up, though,...
54 min
Episode 034: Skins for Your Grenades
It's another exciting week in video games this week! Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and John Wick Hex are wonderful new releases that have captivated the entire staff. Naturally, we don't start by talking about either game, but go into Call of Duty Mobile...
128 min
Episode 033: The Tremors Cinematic Universe
The council of Merritt, Niki, and Steven convene this week to talk about the problem all three of them are facing: the Destiny 2 servers are down. At least they were when we recorded this podcast. We ruminate on that, how we feel about the new...
69 min
Episode 032: Chewy Gatorade
We get straight to the point on this week's episode of Fanwidth, the Fanbyte podcast. It's time to talk about edible Gatorade... Seriously, though, NBA 2K20 continues to sound like the wildest game of all time. Niki takes Steven and merritt...
68 min
Episode 031: Basketball Magic on Planet Moon
Niki, merritt, and Steven all get together this week to discuss the hottest new releases in games. No, really! It's a jam-packed episode of discussion about Borderlands 3, Control, Daemon X Machina, NBA 2K20, and... Well, the new DuckTales show isn't...
152 min
Episode 030a: The Iceborne Cometh
We're taking another week off as we prepare for cool new stuff in the future and hosts recuperate from illnesses. However, we couldn't let a week go by without at least something to listen to! That's why Steven stopped in to talk about Monster Hunter:...
20 min
Episode 030: Lebron James' Unregistered Arsenal
There is no podcast like a video game podcast, because a video game podcast don't stop... talking about video games. We really mean that this week! Our special co-host, John Warren, is here to talk about Final Fantasy 8 Remastered. Meanwhile, Niki is...
121 min
Episode 29a: Assuming Direct Control
Steven gives it their all this week with a solid 30-minute "check-in" episode. Niki and merritt are unfortunately on airplanes this today, on their way to Seattle for PAX West 2019. But don't fret! They will actually be back later this week with their...
30 min
Episode 029: Enter the Expanded Universe
Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Fanwidth: the Fanbyte podcast! It's your home for meaningless conversation about video games. This week, we dig especially deep on the expanded Matrix universe and its impact on video games... sorta....
88 min
Episode 028a: The Internet is Bad
We're sorry to say that we don't have a new, real episode this week! Technical issues kept Niki and merritt from joining Steven to discuss Monster Hunter and other things. But we'll be back next Wednesday with plenty to discuss. Until then, thanks for...
9 min
Episode 028: EVO-lution
You probably didn't need an excuse to listen to another episode of Fanwidth. We know you already love it! But if you did, here's the rundown. merritt and Steven dig into the latest news out of EVO 2019 (including a new Guilty Gear game) after dealing...
86 min
Episode 027: Three Houses, Three Kinds of Writers
The Fanbyte office is abuzz with one big game this week. Fire Emblem: Three Houses has completed dominated Steven, Niki, and especially merritt since Friday. That's why we dig deep on this strategy RPG that looks more and more like a dating sim every...
119 min
Episode 026: Hardtack in the Gummyworks
It's a beautiful week to talk about video games! Because... there aren't a ton of new video games to play. As such, Steven, merritt, and Niki dig into the world of old-school games and updates for newer ones! Then there's a quick diversion to talk...
116 min
Episode 025: Bone Tiddies
98 min
Episode 024: Star Wars Esports
Steven is back from a harrowing journey to the far flung fields of Canada! They come back with news about a little game called Warframe, and take Niki down memory lane through the game's long rise to success. Meanwhile, both hosts discuss the...
60 min
Episode 023: Only the Bad Pokemon, Please
Niki is unfortunately down with the sickness (i.e. laryngitis) this week. So merritt and Steven are back up to their old tricks with a two-person podcast. Of course, without any positive influences to keep them on track this week, things immediately...
65 min
Episode 022: Horny Mario Party
It's hot, it's humid, and it's the perfect time to stay inside playing games all day! And that's exactly what the Fanwidth hosts have been up to this week. There's a Final Fantasy expansion on the rise. Hades and "auto battlers" have found our...
116 min
Episode 021: The Thing That Came From E3 2019
The gang's all here for a double-length episode! Did you miss our usual antics at E3 2019? Well, hopefully this extra large slice of gaming goodness will feed your insatiable hunger for discourse... and knowledge. In all seriousness, we've got plenty...
111 min
Episode 020: E3 2019 Check-In
Hey folks! It's another short special today, because we're extremely tired. Even so, Steven is here to talk about the video games he saw, talked, and wrote about at E3 2019. Thanks for listening!
12 min
Episode 019: E3 Cometh for Us All
You smell that? That's the odor of E3, baby. It's right around the corner and ready to absorb us all into its sticky, awful, wonderful mass. That's why Steven and Niki are here again this week to get pre-E3 game chat out of their systems. Join them on...
77 min
Episode 018: The Soul Warriors
We're just days away from E3 (as Niki won't stop reminding us), but that doesn't mean there's no news! Merritt, Steven, and Niki dive deep into the Death Stranding trailer this week. Finally, we can decide which Hideo Kojima character has the best...
75 min
Episode 017: Back From the Rifts
WE'RE BACK, BABY! The whole crew has finally managed to escape bad internet, killer robots, and Australia to bring you the finest "video game" content money can buy. Except you don't buy it, because this podcast is still free. Can you believe...
92 min
Episode 016: Rage Report
12 min
Fanwidth Special: Thanks for the Momedge
We're doing a special thing this weekend! The staff wanted to experiment with some possible future formats and we're appropriately starting with a one-on-one interview between Editor in Chief of, John Warren, and his mother Beverly. John...
77 min
Episode 015: Randall's Boo Boos
There aren't a lot of video games coming out right now, but that doesn't mean there isn't video game news! We just wish it was better. Niki is out on vacation this week. However, merritt and Steven got together for a little bit to discuss the wild and...
33 min
Episode 014: Mega Man Needs More Skin
THE TIME HAS COME! Steven, merritt, and Niki all come together for the first time ever (on a podcast, anyway) to bring you all the news you need to know. Well... Actually, they mostly talk about Star Trek. But there are plenty of diversions into...
69 min
Episode 013: The Sound of Music
Hey, you. Yes, you! Do you like video games? Well, we've got them in spades this week, believe it or not. Niki and Steven open up with talk about this who "dubstep" thing the kids are raving about, but then they jump straight into chat about Mortal...
52 min
Episode 012: Thanks for the Knowledge
Due to technical issues, we couldn't have merritt on this week. She'll be back next week, though! In the meantime, Steven sat down with Fanbyte social media specialist Niki Grayson for a wonderful discussion about Overwatch, The Division 2, and next...
63 min
Episode 011: We've Got Wrestler Mania
WrestleMania 35 happened earlier this week and... it was mostly pretty good! Fanbyte Editor-in-Chief John Warren joins Steven and merritt to discuss the finer points of the show. Then we jump into some talk about Hades and Satisfactory -- two great...
80 min
Episode 010: That Sexy Science
Steven and merritt don't have a guest this week. Nor have they played many new games (that they haven't already gone over at length. So, instead, the dynamic duo dives deep on a different discussion! Specifically, they want to talk about books. Even...
74 min
Episode 009: The One All About Sekiro
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a helluva game. To explain exactly why, we brought on Fanbyte's resident fixer: Andrew "Ray Donovan" Whitmore. Steven has played a lot more of the game, but Andrew went and spoiled himself by watching a playthrough online....
79 min
Episode 008: Fanwidth on Bandwidth
The gang is at GDC this week! Although, sadly, merritt couldn't be with us as a result. So the rest of the crew -- including John Warren, Dillon Skiffington, and Ryan Stevens -- band together to discuss all the games they played in the early days of...
59 min
Episode 007: Did You Own a Gun?
The Division 2 is out, about, and ready to flout... its really bad politics. Again. Steven and merritt go over this and more with their special (and first-ever returning) guest: Sabriel Mastin. And while merritt hasn't been playing The Division 2,...
84 min
Episode 006: Devil May Kick High
You know who loves video games? We love video games! Specifically, we love having conversations about them for all to enjoy. That’s why we’re back yet again with another episode of the Fanwidth video game podcast. Won’t you please come and join...
81 min
Episode 005: What if Game Was Book?
Oh! Hey there gamers. It's lovely to see you again. Welcome back to your one and only official Fanbyte podcast. It's our show about fandom, culture, and a lot of video games (at least this week). No guest this week, we're afraid! It's just Steven...
76 min
Episode 004: Moms of Rage
Hello, lovely listeners. We're back again! It's your official Fanbyte podcast about fandom, culture, and (usually) video games. This weeks once again brings you Steven and merritt. And we have yet another new guest, Fanbyte Editor-in-Chief John...
88 min
Episode 003: Crank It Up With Apex Legends
Welcome once again to Fandwidth. It's your official Fanbyte podcast about fandom, culture, the world, and frequently even video games. It's a lot of fun and usually pretty informative. And this week, we really do our best to inform you about how we...
74 min
Episode 002: Apex Xehanort
Hey there everyone! Welcome to Fandwidth. It's our official Fanbyte podcast about fandom, culture, the world, and sometimes even video games. It's a lot of fun and very informative (if you like being informed about overly complicated lore and the...
72 min
Episode 001: This Weird Year of 2018
Fanwidth: it's a podcast... about fandom! Specifically, we're here to dive deep on the big topics affecting passionate communities online and in the world. This week, the editors of introduce themselves before talking about 2018's strange...
67 min