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GOTY 2020 Day 3: Next Year's Games
Take it to the chorus:
76 min
GOTY 2020 Day 2: Most Surprising Games
OwO what's this?
62 min
GOTY 2020 Day 1: Comfort Games
Snuggle up!
79 min
Episode 96: Pears for Him $34.99
82 min
Cyberpunk 2077 Review
I only had to bleep two worse-than-usual swears!
121 min
Episode 95: Bloodrayne 2 Instead of a Million D...
Has Bayonetta ever been in Playboy? I didn't think so.
83 min
Episode 94: Daniel Kong
That Mew-Two was so chewy ...
80 min
Episode 93: Live From the Clown Dimension
feat. Jad the Taff
101 min
Episode 92: Hacko Bracko
84 min
Episode 91: Horse Eggs
It's PlayStation 5 day!
103 min
Episode 90: The Jack Black Stack
I'm always pervert.
86 min
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review
Does next-gen power come with next-gen responsibility?
42 min
Episode 89: How Many Colors Is Darth Maul
Every time Jordo says "Gals Panic" he means "Gals Fighters."
91 min
Episode 88: Alex "Memes" Johnson
It's free ice, Steven.
89 min
Episode 87: Ball Balls's Balls
"I never licked one." -- Jordan Mallory, on his deathbed
84 min
Episode 86: Scott Cyborg
It's just like Picross!
86 min
Episode 85: Metal Gear Solid 2 Was Basically Right
Start your free trial goblin today.
84 min
Episode 84: Competitive Child Racing
Get jiggy with it, thousands of times.
72 min
Turbografx-16 mini Review
It's turbo time!
113 min
Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review
Plumbers ... in 3D!!!!
64 min
Hades Review
Please remember to pet the dog on your way out.
52 min
Episode 83: Pizza Molyneux
What's in your spherical pizza?
80 min
Paradise Killer Review
Love dies.
61 min
Episode 82: I'd Kill Sonic for a Grilled Cheese
Also featuring merritt's origin story!
79 min
Marvel's Avengers Review
How many spines can you fit in the Hulk?
66 min
Episode 81: Happy Birthday Jaxon
Oof, right in his footies.
106 min
Episode 80: Dick Blurry
Look at this weird dog:
88 min
Madden NFL 21 Review
Is Madden NFL 21 worth having all your rowdy friends over tonight?
48 min
Episode 79: Pauly Shore Got Trapped in the Joke...
Disregard the Nard!
73 min
Marvin's Asians of S.H.I.E.L.D.
105 min
Episode 77: It worked for Stadia!
Maybe Master Chief is less OK than we thought.
92 min
Episode 76: Sexy Frog Palpatine
This scorpion's actual name is Clu'plothklon.
96 min
Episode 75: Fully Jokerfied Cat
Feet are the funny version of the hand.
85 min
Episode 74 Gaiden: Xbox Games Showcase
We finally have confirmation that Master Chief is OK.
55 min
Episode 74: Big Nasty Dingers
Go Steaks!
113 min
Episode 73: Modern Warfare 3 Jeep Wrangler
Living life a quarter shit at a time.
95 min
Episode 72: Ambush Clown
What if Santa was also an EMT?
106 min
Episode 071: The Danny Phantom Incident
We talk about games eventually!
86 min
Episode 070: The Aggro Crag Illuminati
This is a totally normal episode.
89 min
Episode 069: You're Still the One
The Fanwidth crew celebrates an important milestone
0 min
The Last of Us Part II Spoilercast
Let's mosey on over and get ready to cry.
116 min
Humankind Preview: A New Kind of Civilization
We played an early build of Amplitude’s Civilization-style game.
31 min
Episode 068: Putting an End to Higher Education
Get ready to learn.
99 min
The Last of Us Part II Review
Don't worry about spoilers on this one!
81 min
Fanwidth: PS5 Reveal Special
Niki, Steven, and John dive into everything we saw today at Sony's PS5 reveal event
88 min
You Love to See It 28: Horror Noire
We watched the spectacular documentary about black folks in horror film.
75 min
Episode 067: Gary Larson's Skyrim
108 min
You Love to Scream It 2: Possession
We watch the 1981 horror/drama starring Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani
64 min
You Love To See It 27: Attack the Block
We watch the pre-Star Wars sci-fi flick starring John Boyega
43 min
Episode 066: A Four-Trick Pony
We discuss a couple of games, lots of music, and what we can do right now.
66 min
You Love To See It 26: Austin Powers: Internati...
It’s a very special episode on Austin Powers, with special guest Patrick Gill of Polygon!
96 min
Episode 065: Midwestern Chief
Video games do come up eventually.
118 min
Saints Row: The Third Remastered + Minecraft Du...
34 min
You Love To See It 25: Scoob!
We watch 2020's animated comedy Scoob! and go to hell with the Mystery Machine!
72 min
Episode 064: Raymond Trafficking
A smaller, tighter crew convenes to dive surprisingly deep this week!
94 min
You Love To See It 24: Stay Alive
We watch the 2006 thriller about a haunted video game.
56 min
Episode 063: Condensed and Protein Rich
Strap in for a wild ride down memory lane.
72 min
You Love To See It 23: Kingsglaive: Final Fanta...
We watch the Final Fantasy 15 tie-in feature.
69 min
Streets of Rage 4 Review
39 min
Episode 062: I Just Remember Yabbos
132 min
You Love To See It 22: Final Fantasy: The Spiri...
We watch the inexplicably expensive 2001 Final Fantasy movie.
64 min
Gears Tactics Review
44 min
Episode 061: A Coat Full of UMDs
106 min
Fanwidth Interviews: Edmund McMillen Wants to I...
The Binding of Isaac developer talks board games, weird body stuff, and art.
29 min
Final Fantasy VII Remake Spoilercast
120 min
Fanbyte Island Life 4: The Lone Bunman
63 min
You Love To See It 21: The Unauthorized Bash Br...
We watch The Lonely Island’s Sports Parody
54 min
Episode 060: How Many Points is a Dab?
133 min
You Love to See It 20: Final Fantasy VII: Adven...
We’re feeling Final Fantasy 7 fever, but this ain’t it!
64 min
Episode 059: A Monument to Ourselves
We've got an anime heavy episode this week for all you listeners. Although it doesn't take the form you might expect... Besides that, though, we've also got some hot, old games to talk about as Niki, merritt, Danielle, and Steven all four got into...
105 min
Final Fantasy VII Remake Review
Square Enix has returned to Midgar with Final Fantasy VII Remake: the first in a multi-part stab at the beloved game for a modern era. But is it any good? That's what we're here to ask with our FF7 Remake review. Steven and John sit down to discuss...
94 min
Fanbyte Island Life 3: Pietro, Our Prince
Featuring Fanbyte Weekend Writer Natalie Flores!
49 min
Resident Evil 3 Remake Review
Today we've got a couple of staaaaaaars in the studio (i.e. their bedrooms) to review Resident Evil 3! Steven Strom and Merritt K take to the streets of Raccoon City to find out just what is up with this Umbrella Corporation. Does Jill Valentine want...
44 min
You Love To See It: Tiger King
We fall a little bit in love with Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.
65 min
Episode 058: Back in Your Sack
We've got video games galore on this latest episode of Fanwidth, the Fanbyte podcast! You won't believe your ears when we regale you with news of Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 3, and other PlayStation 1 games. In all seriousness, though, it's a...
103 min
Valorant Pre-Beta Impressions
Dillon, Niki, and John had the opportunity to play Valorant, Riot's new tactical shooter, and learn a ton about the team's philosophy when it comes to design. Come hear our thoughts about the game, learn a bit about the upcoming beta, and feel the...
35 min
Fanbyte Island Life 2: We’ll Give You $100 to G...
Wherein we discuss Animal Crossing’s terrifying rabbit, Zipper T Bunny
54 min
You Love To See It: Batman Forever
Never before has a movie had this much “gay chad” energy.
53 min
Episode 057: THE TIME OF DOUG
We'll give you five guesses to figure out which 90s Disney cartoons we talk about this week! Or maybe you want to know why it's raining ash in New York City? And should you, or should you not, want to fuck a cartoon? Find the answers to life's...
96 min
Fanbyte Island Life: The Wrong Way to Fish
Hello island villagers! The Fanbyte crew is fishing, rancho-hunting, and vibing through Animal Crossing New Horizons and we wanted to talk to each other about our experiences, fashions, and creations in the game. Join us every week for the foreseeable...
56 min
You Love To See It: Doom
It’s a bad movie full of good actors! And a BFG!
52 min
Episode 056: That Deep Nook Lore
The Fanbyte gang may be afraid to go outside, but the same can't be said of our Animal Crossing villagers! This week, while one of us recovers from a real-life illness, the rest took a virtual vacation to the island of Tom Nook. The latest and...
132 min
DOOM Eternal Review
Danielle and Steven convene to review DOOM Eternal: the latest, greatest demon killing simulation this side of Dante's Inferno. Earth has gone to Hell and it's up to the Doomguy to stop the invasion. But besides a fresh coat of paint, what makes this...
48 min
You Love to See It 16: Birds of Prey (and the F...
This week, our hosts actually went out and saw a somewhat recent movie in theaters, for a change! It's time to talk about Birds of Prey -- a Harley Quinn vehicle with a splash of other DC Comics characters in the mix. The film is a joyful, messy ride,...
52 min
Episode 055: Medieval Brian is Dead
We're all going just a little stir crazy this week, as the L.A. team moves to a work from home schedule during the outbreak of COVID-19. But that just means more mayhem in the usual Fanbyte way. Plus games are finally coming out, which is perfect...
94 min
Persona 5 Royal Review w/ Steven Strom & Kennet...
John sits down with Steven Strom (Fanbyte's official reviewer) and Kenneth Shepard (Fanbyte news reporter and reviewer for Gayming Magazine) to discuss Persona 5 Royal, the definitive edition of the 2017 social sim/JRPG. Check out our tips guides and...
64 min
Papal Bull Resurrection 10: The New Young Pope
Examining The New Pope as a whole.
54 min
You Love To See It 15: Hail Satan?
We discuss the 2019 documentary on the founding of the Satanic Temple.
59 min
Episode 054: Water Slides Across America
Horse crimes abound in this latest episode of Fanwidth. After that, though, the gang is ready to discuss some of the big news today: from the NFL license to Sega and VR games. Eventually we find the time to sneak in discussion of plenty of games, too!...
96 min
Nioh 2 Review
We've got a lot to say about Nioh 2 on this special episode... That's because it's our Nioh 2 review! John and Steven sit down to discuss the Souls-like prequel by Team Ninja. What does the game do different than its predecessor? What does it do the...
44 min
Papal Bull Resurrection 9: Pope Emeritus
We pull out all the stops for The New Pope finale
85 min
Fanfyte 3: Chaotic Good Babyface
With Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara and Uriah Faber vs. Petr Yan
71 min
You Love To See It 14: Playing With Fire
We jump into John Cena’s comedy firefighting shenanigans.
62 min
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Preview
Danielle Riendeau and Nicholas Grayson sat down to chat about their time with Animal Crossing: New Horizons at PAX East 2020! The pair talks about new features, their hopes and dreams, and they ask a big question: What if Tim was one of us?
32 min
Episode 053: The Decompression Chamber
Your regular Fanwidth podcast crew is back again this week after a very, very long trip to PAX East. It's a short and pretty relaxed episode this week, as we let our brains recover from the absolute hell we put them through during the Boston show. As...
62 min
Papal Bull Resurrection 8: Papal Somersaults
Lenny comes back, Gutierrez is a king, Voiello is a boss.
62 min
Final Fantasy VII Remake Preview
Steven Strom sat down with John Warren to discuss Final Fantasy VII Remake, which John got to play for over three hours at a recent press event. This near-final build of the game has a lot the general public hasn't seen yet, so let's dive in!
40 min
Fanbyte Does PAX East 2020: Day Four
We played more Fuser, SoundSelf, Maneater and more!
42 min
Games and Great Performances with Sarah Elmaleh
The actor and advocate has starred in everything from Gears 5 to Anthem to Gone Home.
46 min
Fanbyte Does PAX East 2020: Day Three
We played Moncage, Everspace 2, Fuser, and more!
53 min