Friends Reunion

Every Friday, join the Fanbyte Thinktank to cackle over internet obscurities, semantic debates, and really anything else that comes to mind. Hosted by LB Hunktears, Niki Grayson, and John Warren, this one’s for the discerning listeners. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Discord:

Society & Culture
East Coast Office Hours 17: Coastal Elites
We talk radical conversations with family, game mechanics, and Sonic the Hedgehog.
39 min
West Coast Office Hours: A Vroom of One's Own
Cards Against Humanity implodes (again), some very good games are in the bundle, & drama in the BA Test Kitchen
62 min
East Coast Office Hours 15: The Collin Effect
Introducing New Jersey’s own Collin MacGregor, aka, Fanbyte’s Guide Writer!
57 min
West Coast Office Hours: Paul Hollywood's Summe...
Niki and John compare baking stories and Ren releases pent-up energy discussing the onslaught of summer games announcements.
75 min
East Coast Office Hours 14: Convos with Cats
On Super Mega Baseball 3, the biological diversity of our apartments, and horror podcasts.
33 min
West Coast Office Hours: We Should Talk...About...
Niki, Ren, and John talk about Charles Entertainment Cheese. Then, John talks to the developers of We Should Talk. Finally, Valorant chat.
77 min
East Coast Office Hours 13: Therapy For Janeway
On negative space in games, Star Trek Voyager, and people who steal packages.
40 min
Pivot To Chair: Episode 1
80 min
West Coast Office Hours: This Podcast is 4.5 Qu...
John & Niki talk about Quibi in the wake of a New York Times article published about the struggling streaming service. Also Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.
44 min
East Coast Office Hours 12: Herman Miller Gamer...
On professional stress dreams, gamer chairs, and the Pathologic series.
35 min
East Coast Office Hours 11: Pizza and Old Soda
On Sonic’s look through the years, Final Fantasy podcasting, and discontinued soft drinks
38 min
East Coast Office Hours 10: Baseball and Sisko ...
We talk Deep Space 9, college life, and good podcasts.
44 min
East Coast Office Hours 9: Keeping Our Spirits
This week: Final Fantasy Movies, Fallout 76, and getting through the bad times.
52 min
East Coast Office Hours 8: Resident Friday
On Resident Evil 3, Good Friday, and playing with cats during the pandemic.
31 min
East Coast Office Hours 7: Coffee Talk
Wherein we discuss New York groceries and the best coffees.
46 min
East Coast Office Hours 5: New York John
On wiping doggies clean, re-rolling Animal Crossing, and staying sane in these times.
47 min
East Coast Office Hours 4: Yodas, Goblins, Roald
We check in on the wild week in Fanbyte and monster theories.
29 min
East Coast Office Hours 3: Were You Cool?
We talk PAX, podcasting about Animal Crossing, and having a secret musical past.
44 min
East Coast Office Hours 2: Wrestling with Digim...
We still need a good sign-off.
41 min