Office Hours

Welcome to Office Hours, a show from Fanbyte where your favorite editors (and occasionally their guests) talk about everything under the sun. Pop in those earbuds and get ready to take a journey into our coastal salons.

West Coast Office Hours is hosted by John Warren, Nicholas Grayson, and LB Hunktears and recorded in front of a captive audience in Los Angeles, CA.

East Coast Office Hours is hosted by Danielle Riendeau and merritt k and recorded in front of a live, studio audience in Brooklyn, New York City, New York.

Society & Culture
Video Games
East Coast Office Hours 42: Night 2
The sequel to Night.
36 min
West Coast Office Hours: Friends Reunion
Shout-outs to Bear Fucker
64 min
East Coast Office Hours 41: Book Talk
Warm up some leftovers.
19 min
West Coast Office Hours: Notrub Burton
What's on YOUR snowboard?
92 min
East Coast Office Hours 40: Nothing Goes Right ...
Are you Porky Pig-ing it today?
40 min
West Coast Office Hours: Weird Sex Clam
West Coast Office Hours: Weird Sex Clam
61 min
East Coast Office Hours 39: Astroman's Playroom
The lovely smell of Cronenberg in the air~
41 min
West Coast Office Hours: All of My Dead Skin
RIP Niki's Disneyland Fish
96 min
East Coast Office Hours 38: Less Ethnic Than th...
I like your pepsi, kid.
37 min
West Coast Office Hours: Brought to You by Costco
61 min
East Coast Office Hours 37: Shades of Joker
Everything is horrifying! :)
39 min
West Coast Office Hours: Sex Race
Moon's wet.
60 min
East Coast Office Hours 36: Baby Blue Podcast
Please enjoy fine Podcast-brand podcasts.
43 min
West Coast Office Hours: The Bud Light COVID Bowl
74 min
East Coast Office Hours 35: History's Worst Meg...
No Sega Saturn talk this time, sorry everyone.
44 min
West Coast Office Hours: Whoville Hotel
Insert relevant and funny subtitle here.
80 min
East Coast Office Hours 34: Extinct Megafauna T...
Supporting the re-wolfification of England for over 100 years.
39 min
West Coast Office Hours: I Lived in the Eggslut
(Don't) Tell All Your Friends
50 min
East Coast Office Hours 33: 87 Copies of Tony H...
Free shipping!
29 min
West Coast Office Hours: Best Wishes to David F...
88 min
East Coast Office Hours 32: Resettiment
My 90s smell is "Stretch Armstrong filling."
24 min
West Coast Office Hours: Where Do Turkeys Live
This episode contains spoilers for the NBC series "This Is Us."
83 min
East Coast Office Hours 31: The Meat of the Trees
The Greens of the Sea
45 min
West Coast Office Hours: They Should Deplatform...
Is that code for his dick?
82 min
East Coast Office Hours 30: Whining Winston
"When I partook in Ron Weasley,"
62 min
West Coast Office Hours: 10-Minute Episode
10 min
East Coast Office Hours 29: Yoshi's Souls
... and I'm still scrolling ...
46 min
West Coast Office Hours: Bird Cost
"Being poor is good actually" -- Niki Grayson
97 min
East Coast Office Hours 28: Allergic to Stealth...
No Quake but what we make
32 min
West Coast Office Hours: You Were a Roommate in...
Giggity killed my parents.
92 min
East Coast Office Hours 27: Yoshi Eating a Dolphin
Really looking forward to this year's Game™!
56 min
West Coast Office Hours: Fanwidth: Everyone Is ...
Buckle in.
131 min
East Coast Office Hours 26: Her Famous Mouth
It's like Buzzfeed, but old!
21 min
West Coast Office Hours: Wet and Gushy
Wake Me Up When September Ends on repeat for 1 hour
77 min
East Coast Office Hours 25: Star Fox Beautiful ...
There's gotta be a barrel roll joke I can make here, hold on
47 min
West Coast Office Hours: Beak the Bluf
This will make your dick work different.
70 min
East Coast Office Hours 24: I Do Not Triangle C...
48 min
West Coast Office Hours: Bat Catching Instructions
Can you taste them when you put them in?
69 min
East Coast Office Hours 23: Chubb's Wharf
You can't keep a good poster down.
50 min
West Coast Office Hours: Niki Erases a Lesbian
74 min
East Coast Office Hours 22: Momcast
Danielle invites her mom on the podcast to chat about movies!
35 min
West Coast Office Hours: Funkgo to the Lols
So, in your relationship, which one of you is Hercules Mulligan and which one is the horse?
77 min
East Coast Office Hours 21: You Don't Wanna Hea...
44 min
Pivot To Chair: Episode 2
Is your bidet also uncomfortably strong?
63 min
West Coast Office Hours: Fiasco Pt. 2 - Enter J...
"A bunch of his stuff fell off?"
115 min
East Coast Office Hours 20: Magic Pancakes
We discuss Mario and Yoshi’s eating habits, Shin Megami Tensei, and bad queer movies.
33 min
West Coast Office Hours: Fiasco Part 1 - Teens ...
Ren leads Niki, John, & Jordo through a game of Fiasco that explores the most inept newsroom in Celebration, Florida
127 min
East Coast Office Hours 19: Coffee n’ Cats n’ P...
Wherein we discuss coffee, pets, and Paper Mario.
48 min
West Coast Office Hours: Desus & Mario
The gang attempts to come up with the perfect panel for PAX Online; also a visit to McDonald's
82 min
East Coast Office Hours 18: BabyCake Appreciati...
With Devilman Crybaby, running, and good sports logos!
44 min
West Coast Office Hours: Michael McDonald Click...
Air conditioning, a Doobie Brothers concert in 2021, Klei's games on sale, and more are on the docket
66 min
East Coast Office Hours 17: Coastal Elites
We talk radical conversations with family, game mechanics, and Sonic the Hedgehog.
39 min
West Coast Office Hours: A Vroom of One's Own
Cards Against Humanity implodes (again), some very good games are in the bundle, & drama in the BA Test Kitchen
62 min
Eric Thurm Makes merritt k Watch Anime 12: Keep...
We watch the HBO Max series by Masaaki Yuasa, the director of Devilman Crybaby.
97 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 8, 2020
PS5 reveal has a new date, Bloodborne on PC rumor machine, & PC Gaming Show's lineup
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Sunday June 7, 2020
Mike Pondsmith issues statement, PT in VR, & Dragon Age 2 is a best seller
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 5, 2020's huge bundle for racial justice, Madden 21 reverses course, and Roger Goodell makes a statement
4 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 5, 2020
Summer Games Done Quick goes digital & more digital events are delayed
2 min
Numbers Go Up 3: Exploring the Pyramids
Professional Destiny prognosticator Paul Tassi joins merritt and Collin to discuss Year 4 possibilities, Warframe, and more!
62 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 4, 2020
Guerrilla Collective is delayed, Elite: Dangerous getting FPS content, Bobby Kotick gets paid too much, & free Overcooked
3 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 4, 2020
More EA games come to Steam and EA Access is on the way
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 3, 2020
Kingdoms of Amalur remaster, Sega's Fog Gaming, Paradox's new CBA, Fortnite Season 3 delay, and Destiny 2 Year 4 info
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 3, 2020
We unpack Sega's Game Gear Micro details from overnight
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 2, 2020
SEGA making the Game Gear Micro & notes from today's ongoing efforts to end racist and violent policing
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 2, 2020
Valorant day one details & Pokemon Sword and Shield's first DLC is coming very soon.
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 1, 2020
Valorant 1.0 patch notes for this week's launch & a must-listen episode of Spawn On Me
2 min
Eric Thurm Makes merritt k Watch Anime 11: Hunt...
Eric and merritt experience the adventurous shonen series starring… Gon!
59 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 1, 2020
Detroit: Become Human compared to Black Lives Matter by co-CEO, Gang Beasts breaking out on their own, & several scheduled presentations have been delayed.
3 min
Fanbyte Daily Sunday May 31, 2020
An update on this week's police violence in the United States
4 min
Fanbyte Evening News May 29, 2020
Baldur's Gate 3 gets a teaser ahead of its reveal next weekend & Valorant brings in 3 million per day during the closed beta.
1 min
East Coast Office Hours 15: The Collin Effect
Introducing New Jersey’s own Collin MacGregor, aka, Fanbyte’s Guide Writer!
57 min
Fanbyte Morning News May 29, 2020
We're about to hear a lot more about the PlayStation 5 and Sony is telling developers their PS4 games will have to work for PS5.
2 min
Numbers Go Up 2: The Dad Gulag
With special guest, Fanbyte intern Renata Price!
99 min
Fanbyte Evening News May 28, 2020
PlayStation Plus games for June, Cate Blanchett in Borderlands, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is coming, & EA extends their exclusive NFL agreement.
3 min
Fanbyte Morning News May 28, 2020
Fortnite's Season 3 delayed a week, Samurai Shodown 5 Perfect lives, & Xbox Series X explains backward compatible improvements.
3 min
Fanbyte Evening News May 27, 2020
Borderlands the Handsome Collection will be free on the Epic Games Store & a look at HBO Max's launch lineup of content.
2 min
Fanbyte Morning News May 27, 2020
Street Fighter V is getting one more season of content and a Kingdom Hearts Disney+ series is in the works.
2 min
Fanbyte Evening news May 26, 2020
BlizzCon 2020 has officially been canceled and details about Arkane's involvement in a long-canned Half-Life spinoff emerge.
2 min
West Coast Office Hours: Paul Hollywood's Summe...
Niki and John compare baking stories and Ren releases pent-up energy discussing the onslaught of summer games announcements.
75 min
Fanbyte Morning News May 26, 2020
A quick roundup of the Wholesome Direct showcase and a rundown of all showcases between now and the end of June (there are too many).
4 min
Eric Thurm Makes merritt k Watch Anime 10: Skul...
We watch the anime series on a skeleton who works at a bookstore.
66 min
Fanbyte Sunday Edition May 24, 2020
The wrestling world is stunned and saddened at the sudden and tragic passing of Stardom prodigy Hana Kimura. She was 22 years old.
1 min
Fanbyte Evening News May 22, 2020
Risk of Rain 2 update, Outer Worlds for Switch coming soon, Yoko Taro's mobile battle RPG open for registration, & Fanbyte podcast roundup.
3 min
Fanbyte Morning News May 22, 2020
Xbox Live and Microsoft experience wide outages, original Xbox source code leaked online, & Tuca & Bertie revived for season 2.
2 min
East Coast Office Hours 14: Convos with Cats
On Super Mega Baseball 3, the biological diversity of our apartments, and horror podcasts.
33 min
Numbers Go Up 1: Good Night (For Now) EDZ
Good Morning EDZ is now Numbers Go Up!
81 min
Fanbyte Evening News May 21, 2020
TENET trailer debuts in Fortnite, Iron Man VR demo, Civ 6 free on Epic Games Store, Danganronpa mobile launches, & Twitter's new feature.
2 min
Fanbyte Morning News May 21, 2020
Valorant leaving beta next week for release on June 2, Artifact 2.0 Hero Draft revealed, & Sea of Thieves is coming to Steam June 3.
2 min
Fanbyte Evening News May 20, 2020
The Snyder Cut of Justice League is coming to HBO Max in 2021, Serious Sam 4 comes to Stadia soon, and Tencent working on System Shock 3.
3 min
You Love to Scream It 1: Belzebuth
We watch the haunting Shudder exclusive that goes hard on demonic possession.
52 min
Fanbyte Morning News May 20, 2020
New Game+ Expo announced with impressive list of studios attached & ex-WWE star Shad Gaspard dead at the age of 39.
2 min
Fanbyte Evening News May 19, 2020
Overwatch Anniversary event brings new skins, Epic Games Store improves refunds, and Gen Con canceled for first time in 52 years.
2 min
Fanbyte Morning News May 19, 2020
Apex Legends deals with some server outages and Mafia: Trilogy is available today with an interesting catch.
2 min
Fanbyte Evening News May 18, 2020
The Umbrella Academy is back for round two, a fifth Scream film is coming, and Mileena makes her (brief) return in Mortal Kombat 11.
2 min
West Coast Office Hours: We Should Talk...About...
Niki, Ren, and John talk about Charles Entertainment Cheese. Then, John talks to the developers of We Should Talk. Finally, Valorant chat.
77 min
Fanbyte Morning News May 18, 2020
Respawn is opening a new studio to focus on Apex Legends alone & we take a look at Season 5 tier lists for legends and weapons.
2 min
Eric Thurm Makes merritt k Watch Anime 9: Mobil...
The crew tackles the classic 1979 anti-war mecha series.
90 min
Fanbyte Sunday Edition May 17, 2020
Steven Strom talked with the developers of Scorn about the Giger-inspired shooter we saw a few weeks ago at the Xbox 2020 event.
2 min
Fanbyte Evening News May 15, 2020
Star Trek is getting another few CBS All Access series, Anthem 2.0 update from BioWare, and Tony Hawk remasters missing some tracks.
2 min
Fanbyte Morning News May 15, 2020
Halo Infinite will officially be part of July's Xbox 2020 presentation and Guilty Gear Strive is being delayed until 2021.
2 min